1. TresGriffin

    Atlanta Solo/Adult Disney Travelers Meet-up?

    So, I was thinking that maybe it'd be a good idea to organize a meet-up of solo and adult travelers who live in the Atlanta area. Given that "The World" is either a not-so-bad drive or a short flight away ("Delta's ready whenever you are!") away, I imagine that there are quite a few of us here...
  2. beccy1606

    Adults trip - Pop or AoA?

    Hi, We will be 6 adults (myself and my fiance, my parents, my Nan and my fiance's mother!) coming over from the UK in April 2020 for a big 14-night trip! My Mum & my Nan will probably want to chill quite a bit, while the rest of us will be in the parks dawn til dusk! Which hotel will be more...
  3. brad813

    H20 Glow Nights(Typhoon Lagoon) - August 24th Solo Adult Meetup

    I am looking for other solo adults that are planning to attend the H20 Glow Nights at Typhoon Lagoon on August 24th to hang out with. Obviously, I don't need a huge group, but am really just looking for a few people to do the slides with and chill in the adults only area throughout the night...
  4. D

    4 Adults in 1 Stateroom?

    Hi all, First time cruiser here, so forgive me if this question seems obvious. My SO and I are attending a wedding on a Disney cruise this fall (a 3 day cruise on Disney Dream). Two friends of ours, also a couple, want to split one room between the four of us in order to save money. How...
  5. Bellechin06

    Disney Lovers Do Disney World - May 2017

    Hello everyone :) My name is BelleChin06 but you can call me Chin ^_^ This my first ever Pre-Trip report so I hope you enjoy, and I will do my best to keep it fun and informational! I guess to introduce myself, I'm 28, a Filipino-Canadian hailing from the island of Cebu, Philippines and is...


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