Adults trip - Pop or AoA?


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Nov 22, 2012

We will be 6 adults (myself and my fiance, my parents, my Nan and my fiance's mother!) coming over from the UK in April 2020 for a big 14-night trip!

My Mum & my Nan will probably want to chill quite a bit, while the rest of us will be in the parks dawn til dusk!

Which hotel will be more comfortable for them do you think? Ideally we would stay at one of the Port Orleans moderates, but they are out of our budget so it's between AoA and Pop!

Thanks for your help guys!

PS: My fiance, his Mum and I have all stayed at the All Star Movies, All Star Music and AKL (dream come true!) in the past so are familiar with staying on property, but just not sure about these two resorts when it comes to comfort for my Mum, and especially my Nan, if they want to laze around the pool more!
Jul 23, 2017
The big question is whether you want to get 2 rooms at Pop Century or 1 of the suites at Art of Animation. There are pros and cons to both. You probably have a good sense of how well everyone would be in the same room together or whether you'd want a little space at times. :)

As for the resorts, I think they're very similar. I think Art of Animation has the better food court and more over the top "Disney" theming, but only by slight margins. At the same time, I think the theme of Pop Century might be more fun for adults and I like the renovated rooms.

Tough call...

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Aug 4, 2019
I'd go with POP personally. Have stayed there twice and have another 2 trips book for there next year. AoA is just across the lake so you can use their food court if you fancied something different in the 14 days. I found AoA had more families than POP.


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Aug 26, 2010
I'd go with Pop as well. I've never stayed at AoA, but from I've seen on these boards the LM rooms are a bit of a walk from the main building/bus stop.


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Feb 6, 2018
We just got back from the POP and loved it (again). We did eat at the AoA food court once after coming back from the parks. We stayed in the 50's section and the pool was very nice......pretty calm and had a little volleyball going on once in a while at one end.

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