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Your Favorite/Least Favorite Disney Movies?

Discussion in 'Disney Movies, Books, TV and Music' started by funky monkey, Aug 24, 2012.

  1. Ellsbells

    Ellsbells Member

    I thought I could pick a fave but as soon as I typed one out another one popped to mind. Though my top five are
    1. Bugs Life
    2. Cinderella
    3. Cars
    4. Little Mermaid
    5. Monsters Inc/ Lion King
    Ahh like I said to hard to pick one!
    Though my least fave is Bambi and that is only because its the only film that can make me sob my eyes out. My friends like to blackmail me with it!
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  3. Aladar2004

    Aladar2004 Member

    Favorite: The Nightmare Before Christmas
    Least: A Bugs life
  4. DonaldDuck80

    DonaldDuck80 Member

    Favorite: A Goofy Movie
    Least Favorite: Ratatouille
  5. MeganKniveton

    MeganKniveton Member

    Favourite lion king

    Least favourite :up
  6. waltdavinci

    waltdavinci Master Disney Collector

    Favirote: Emperors New Groove

    Least: Alice in Wonderland (Old and new)
  7. RebeccaUC

    RebeccaUC Member

    Faves: Tangled, Beauty and the Beast, Mulan & Little Mermaid

    Least liked: Up, Aristocats (those Siamese cats are creepy)
  8. BelleMaria

    BelleMaria Member

    Favorite: Beauty & the Beast , and Tangled

    Least favorite: LILO and Stitch, Hunchback of Notre Dame
  9. Gantu

    Gantu Oh,,,,,blitznac!

    Favorite: Meet the Robinsons

    Least: Brother Bear
  10. acbshada

    acbshada Member

    Favorite: The Lion King
    Least Favorite: The Nightmare Before Christmas (for some reason, the movie just freaks me out. I admire Tim Burton's vision; just not my style. :))
  11. PrincessBri12

    PrincessBri12 Spider-Man and Little Mermaid Aficionado

    I have a bunch of favorite Disney movies, but if I had to choose...

    Most Fave: Little Mermaid (Loved it since I first saw it as a kid!)

    Least Fave: Lady and the Tramp (Mostly felt mean-spirited and unpleasant for me, but I'll give it credit that the villain cats were awesome and 'Bella Notte' is such a good love song. :3)
  12. nelsonjj304

    nelsonjj304 Member

    fave: Beauty and the Beast, least fav: James and the Giant Peach
  13. JillaMagilla

    JillaMagilla Learned My Ears

    My favorite is what Walt considered his masterpiece: Pinocchio. It is inarguably the peak of the golden era of hand drawn animation, the combination of characterizations and artistry is just staggering; in every respect this is the "Citizen Kane" of animated filmmaking. :goodvibes

    My least favorite is tricky (plenty of candidates). Many are from the bottom of the barrel era of the late 60s to late 70s, when Disney was floundering in terms of film direction. The absolute worst that period delivered were live action family comedy horrors like "Million Dollar Duck" and "The Computer Wore Tennis Shoes." :crazy2:
  14. EsmeCullen

    EsmeCullen Member

    Fav: Aladdin, Hercules, Tangled, Newsies

    Least Fav: Treasure Planet, Home on the Range, Brother Bear
  15. pixi3ness

    pixi3ness Member

    This is so difficult!

    Favorites (in no particular order) :
    Peter Pan
    Beauty and the Beast
    The Little Mermaid
    Lilo and Stitch

    Least Favorites (once again, in no particular order) :
    I'm not a fan of a lot of the live-action movies, though I love Hocus Pocus.
    Most of the sequels, though there are exceptions to this.
  16. Cravens86

    Cravens86 Member

    Favorite: Toy Story trilogy, Alice and wonderland, Aladdin, Hercules, Peter pan, lion king and most underrated for me emperors new groove

    Least favorite: hard to choose since I don't really have a least favorite but If I had to choose it would be bugs life
  17. funky monkey

    funky monkey Member

    Pinocchio was cool too. I liked the donkey scene.
  18. Miss Negative

    Miss Negative Earning My Ears

    Favorites: Cinderella, Peter Pan, Mulan, Atlantis: The Lost Empire

    Least Favorite: Pocahontas 2, The Little Mermaid 2, (Sequels basically).
  19. hburke01

    hburke01 Member

    Favourites: Pocohontas and Mulan...I can quote the whole movie!!
    Least Favourites: I HATE Snow White. I don't know why I just do:confused3. Snow's voice really irritates me. I also am not a fan of Bambi or Pinocchio, for some reason the early years are not my forte.
  20. waltdavinci

    waltdavinci Master Disney Collector

    So much dislike towards Brother Bear:confused:..I love it and the second one. Surprised no one has said Monsters Inc.:thumbsup2
  21. goback2FL

    goback2FL Can't Wait to go back to Florida!

    Favorite: Tangled, The Rescuers, Mulan, 101 Dalmatians

    Least Favorite: Bambi, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Hercules

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