Why purchase BCV over BWV?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by mommyarewegoingback, Nov 21, 2012.

  1. AllieV

    AllieV DIS Veteran

    Jul 30, 2007
    He'll def walk. And grumble about it :-)
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  3. jennypenny

    jennypenny DIS Veteran

    May 11, 2000
    Both resorts are beautiful and similar in styling. I think the location of BWV is slightly better because it's a closer walk to HS. (although BCV is about as far as I can walk from the Pub in England at the end of the night :)).

    We like BCV because...
    * It's near everything but much quieter than BWV. It's used to be quiet at the pool too, but now they've started that wedding-reception music and accompanying crap that I find really annoying when I'm trying to relax and read a book.
    * The parking is much better.
    * There are more places to sit out near the pool but undercover when it rains.
    * The Marketplace is really close to the Villas and you can get there without getting wet.

    Things we like about BWV...
    * Community Hall
    * Closer to HS
    * Boardwalk views
    * Belle Vue Room
  4. mikron

    mikron Donald Pin Collector

    Mar 1, 2006
    IMO BC is only good for the pool system. BW would be my choice with BWview. You get the same location on the other side of the lake. No view at BC and great view at BW.
  5. KSL

    KSL Mouseketeer

    Apr 13, 2011
    I realize the OP asked about choosing BCV over BWV, but we did the opposite and I thought maybe it would still be OK to comment.... :goodvibes
    Our first contract was for BLT, which we love! :lovestruc But we also (and DH in particular) really like EPCOT and once we saw how fantastic it was to be in such close proximity to the MK with BLT, we became completely spoiled and wanted similar proximity to EPCOT (and, to a lesser extent, DHS). Choosing between BCV and BWV was easy for us: BWV! The two biggest factors were (1) the savings on points with the standard category and (2) the cheaper per point price. Also weighing in BWV's favor for us is the increased activity level of the boardwalk area (which is great for our girls who are fast approaching teenage-hood - yikes!), closer to DHS, the option for a GV, and that it has a community hall. Detractors were lack of quick service (a minor inconvenience since we get groceries and might never need it) and the slightly creepy clown pool. None of us have a clown-phobia, but that pool clown might just give me one!
  6. Mississippian

    Mississippian DIS Veteran

    Nov 16, 2001
    The higher price at BCV has little to do with the limited number of contracts and everything to do with Stormalong Bay and being within a few feet of the entrance to EPCOT. Replace Stormalong with a Clown pool and move the whole resort to where the Dolphin is and prices would be much lower regardless of how few units there are.
  7. SpaceMountain77

    SpaceMountain77 Kidani Villager & Victorian Gentleman

    May 3, 2012
    I wholeheartedly agree with the sentiments provided by the previous poster. Ever since I became a DVC member, I have wanted to know what makes BCV so popular. So, during the first week of December, I parted with 45 points and stayed in a studio from December 3 - 6, 2012. Although I enjoyed my stay, I felt that I needed to use the location, not the room and resort amenities, to justify the points.

    If your Disney vacation is defined by Epcot and pool use, then this is the perfect villa for you.
  8. Caren90

    Caren90 DIS Veteran

    Jan 19, 2002
    I agree with you Space Mountain. We primarily stay at BWV and except for the pool, which is very important for many (but not us), we prefer BWV over BCV and this is mainly because of the Boardwalk view which is of interest to us.

  9. disbound09

    disbound09 Mouseketeer DVC Gold

    May 23, 2009
    I just purchased 320 SSR at a good price and will add BCV at a smaller buy in to get the 11 month window. Just a matter of time before a desireable contract becomes available.

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