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who loves their guide?

Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by Lisa Poppins, Aug 20, 2013.

  1. GOOFY D

    GOOFY D Mouseketeer

    Have absolutely no idea who my guide is and have never received a courtesy call or email or voice mail from he/she.
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  3. rosanab1031

    rosanab1031 Member

    Well I am in California so I'm not sure that this will help but my guide is Tony Tatad and he is amazing! He has been so helpful and was willing to happily answer my questions when I was considering buying in the first time. I literally called him everyday for almost a week. BAHA!

    He worked with me to plan my first big vacation and when we realized I didn't have enough points to do exactly what I wanted he never even mentioned adding on. I did! :) He has never been pushy or pressured me at all. HE'S WONDERFUL!
  4. gray52

    gray52 Member

    We're on our third guide... Anyone know if Tony Heard is still there?
  5. chrisaman

    chrisaman Member

    I placed a call to my guide 3 days ago and still have not gotten a call back. No very pleased thus far with her.
  6. chrisaman

    chrisaman Member

    Is your guide based out of Disneyland? What is his number, I do not like the one I am dealing with now, can't get a hold of her. Seems like unless I am buying Aulani she doesn't want to deal with me.
  7. rosanab1031

    rosanab1031 Member

    Yes he is :) We actually go and see him from time to time when we are in the area. Baha. I will PM you right now with his number :) He has helped us with out trip to Europe through RCI and we are planning a cruise and WDW trip in 2016 so he said when we are ready to book that to come see him so he can walk us through the whole process! You will love him! :)
  8. quirty30

    quirty30 Mouseketeer

    This may very well be the case, but our "old" guide, Derek Deboer, never missed calling to welcome us home. And it never struck me as a sales pitch. Since DVC closed Doorway to Dreams at Woodfield, and assigned us a new guide, we don't get welcome calls on vacation anymore. So just the fact that the guide gets an automated reminder, doesn't mean they'll take the time to call. I always appreciated it. Oh and our new guide is Lisa something or other...she's based in CA, and I heard from her once when I was considering a VGF purchase.
  9. Kimmielee

    Kimmielee <marquee><font color=blue>The first person to repl

    Todd Beardon rocks!!!! He's always prompt in returning calls, getting questions answered and helping us with many different scenarios. We have closed 6 contracts with him and not one hiccup!!!

    I also will add he calls to greet us while at WDW and has never given us a sales pitch!!

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  10. cindymouse6

    cindymouse6 "Remember, it all started with a Mouse!"

    Been a member since 1994 ... gone thru several guides, but the best and longest has been Mr. Cook..... amazing man.....
  11. amandaC

    amandaC Member

    Bernard Lebeaupin- he's been my guide since 2003. He's great!
  12. UGAFan0829

    UGAFan0829 Mouseketeer

    We've never received a call from our DVC guide after check-in either, but I do still really like him. We actually got to meet up with him when we were down there last month for the open house and I was reminded of how great he is!
  13. Nancy F

    Nancy F Mouseketeer

    My guide is Linda Scolaro.:thumbsup2 I wouldn't use anyone else. She ALWAYS returns calls right away. Even Sat. and Sun. Very nice to work with.
    Nancy princess:
  14. mikron

    mikron Donald Pin Collector

    My family has been working with Gibb for over 15 years. We have bought over 4,000 points with him without a hitch.
  15. bzzelady

    bzzelady Mouseketeer

    Not loving my guide so much this week-won't divulge his name here because I don't believe in trashing people on open forums. I actually came to this forum to see who people are liking :)

    I added myself to the waitlist for 100 BCV points before the March price increase-he told me in an email that I was first in line for my use year (which I found out here on the boards not to be true and confirmed this information during my July cruise with the DVC guide on board). I thought I would wait it out until the six month price guarantee was up (which was two weeks ago) and tomorrow starts my new use year. That means that not only did I not get the 2012 points, but now would pay the increased price. In my eyes this decreases the value of that direct add-on significantly (by approximately $2700 when I calculate the price increase and place a value on the 100 points that did not come with the deal).

    I knew that the wait might exceed six months, but I didn't expect to have my place on waitlist significantly misrepresented. I sent him an email yesterday but do not expect any resolution. Calling member satisfaction in the morning to change guides and putting my add on purchase on hold for now until I cool down.
  16. Hunclemarco

    Hunclemarco Mouseketeer

    We also have Linda Scolaro...excellent person to work with! :thumbsup2
  17. DisK

    DisK Member

    Our guide is also Todd and we LOVE him. He is super nice, calls us back promptly. Even called us back the other day to make sure the people he transferred us to were able to get the question we had answered. We have had an hour long conversation going over EVERYTHING and he was just superb. Without him, we'd be lost!
  18. AnnaS

    AnnaS <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Same here since 2000. She is great, nice and efficient. She has called a few times over the years to say hello or right before a new DVC resort was set to go on sale. Never any pressure and a professional. Would recommend her to anyone anytime.
  19. GOOFY D

    GOOFY D Mouseketeer

    How can you go about finding out who your guide is?
  20. DisK

    DisK Member

    I don't know about the rest of them, but when we called for the first time, we just happened to get Todd. We talked to him for an hour, and he answered all our questions, and then gave us his DVC number to call him back directly. Every time since then, we just called his personal number. When we got our paperwork, he was listed on it as our DVC rep. He's been phenomenal!

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