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Who is single

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by Stupeo, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. kingdom74

    kingdom74 Earning My Ears

    I am a single man who loves everything Disney.
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  3. tinker~bell

    tinker~bell Member

    Some of us have tried that and had no luck :(
  4. tinkerbell87512

    tinkerbell87512 <font color=green>I would love to hear all about t

    25 year old single female here! I live in New Hamspshire and been to WDW many times solo since my friends just don't seem to understand my love for Disney. Hoping to find my prince charming.
  5. SenecaWolf

    SenecaWolf I let my mind wander and it didn't come back!

    I'm 36, single, 2 kids 14 and 16. Recently just had my first trip to WDW and am officially addicted (Been in love with Mickey forever though)!!! Second trip already planned for next year and seriously considering doing some house/condo hunting when I'm down there :hyper: With my kids off to college in a few years it's time to start planning where I want to be :thumbsup2

    My interests are walks on the beach (Martinique Beach at CBR preferably), unlimited desserts under fireworks and learning new things (like Spaceship Earth has 11,324 triangles on it) :lmao:
  6. Ilivetogo

    Ilivetogo <font color=royalblue>I really DO want to live the

    So far, I'm in the same boat. No luck. (Actually, only one within driving distance from me - and not what I'd call "close".) sigh

  7. KingK12

    KingK12 <font color=red>No boo boo, but Yes, I wanna get s

    Well just recently I found myself in this boat so HELLO!!! :thumbsup2
  8. CamoMama

    CamoMama Active Member

    Wow, we're almost the same person! I'm 36, have two teenagers (16 and 15, youngest turned 15 in March) and have been considering relocating to southern California in order to be near a Disney park once they graduate. Funny! (Oh, and I also love walks along the beach at CBR)
  9. DisneyLady56

    DisneyLady56 Member

    Hello Singles...single female...55...and I love Disney World!!
  10. CptJackSparrowsGirl

    CptJackSparrowsGirl LOKI'D [Kailey]

    Never a bad thing :thumbsup2
    I see your from Indiana, I was born there :goodvibes
  11. 3PrinceMom

    3PrinceMom Member

    37y/o single mom will be at WDW 5/30-6/3, last minute trip not meant to correspond with the happenings in the area. 9/16 -9/30...and the next is TBD. Anyone want to meet up?
  12. countrygrl4

    countrygrl4 Member

    I'm single (hate saying that) and 23 (24 in july). Going back to the world fo my second trip ever and first ever solo trip!!
  13. tellemarie

    tellemarie Mousejunkie!

    I don't mind being single actually...but it never hurts to say hi!

    I'm a 24 year old female that resides in NC. I get to WDW as much as possible but my number of upcoming trips is slowly dwindling since I'm in the process of getting a passport :cool1:
  14. DCTooTall

    DCTooTall <MARQUEE BEHAVIOR=ALTERNATE><img src=http://www.em

    I've seriously been slacking on my DIS....

    technically single here.... although currently seeing someone so not really available at the moment. :goodvibes:goodvibes

    :p I still say you need to start hitting on all those College Program Guys. maybe even some of the International ones around the World Showcase? If you need help, Just invite them to my next tour.

    ...and we're Walking... and walking....




    Don't be afraid of the Singles Social Club.... We don't Bite.....hard.....unless you ask nicely. ;)

    As it is... It's looking like the Singles Social Club group is planning a meet this summer at Hershey Park around July 21st. Anyone and Everyone is welcome to join us if you want.

    (We are also planning a meet at WDW on Oct 13th.)
  15. bellanotte10

    bellanotte10 <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    24 and single here! Woo!
  16. chinarider

    chinarider Active Member

    Oh noo.... sounds like I'm a senior here.... 52 year old ( I'm not as young as I act)" tired of being " single mom ( daughter is 17). Going on first trip in 6 years to WDW and then on to the Fantasy for 7 days. This will be our 5th Disney cruise but, last time my daughter had just finished elementary school. We get out to Disneyland every year or so but, prefer Florida more. Trouble meeting people at this stage of my life and would love to find someone that shares the Love of all things Mickey as well.
  17. shannon1219

    shannon1219 Active Member

    Single as well. I'm a 36 year old female. I too am on disdates.com
  18. wereallwet

    wereallwet Member

    I'm single, too! I'm 24, male. I'll probably be in WDW later this year. I want to go down for a Disney Institute class.
  19. MICKEY88

    MICKEY88 <font color=purple>if you keep falling off of the

    54 year old single male, just thought I'd introduce myself so chinarider, can feel like one of the youngins.pirate:pirate::cool1:
  20. Birdman1511

    Birdman1511 Don't listen to that guy. He's trying to lead you

    hey:) checking in...im single too and looking for my Disney princess! 26/m Orlando, FL here
  21. 15isto2

    15isto2 Active Member

    38 Single Male form the UK here

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