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Where is my FAVORITE DCL cast member?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by sdlong329, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. jfahome

    jfahome Mouseketeer

    I know that sometimes guest will get email addresses for some crew members. I was curious if anyone happened to have one for our server Sergio, from Montenegro? We sailed with him in May and just recently in August. It was his last sailing for a while and I meant to get a contact but forgot. Figured it was worth asking here...just in case someone might have it.
    Thanks in advance.
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  3. kindsoul73

    kindsoul73 Member

    Love Harry!
  4. kmitchel

    kmitchel Mouseketeer

    Pierre (head of food services) on the Wonder!
  5. DMMarla07860

    DMMarla07860 DIS Veteran

    New Favorite is DJ Justin who was on Magic on August 17th-August 25th cruise, he is going to Wonder sometime soon
  6. mmouse37

    mmouse37 <font color=009933>Mickey for Me!<br><font color=9

    Yes, several times...as well as sweets when we board.

  7. sandals421

    sandals421 It is never to late to enjoy your childhood!

    How do you know if they are still on that ship? I recently had an excellent experience with Roberto Da Silva - Portugal on the August 25th sailing on the Fantasy. I would love to send him something. Also, what is allowed to be sent?
  8. minie_meese

    minie_meese Mouseketeer

    Luciana from Brazil was our server on the Fantasy Aug 25 sailing. We loved her. Our girls loved the different crayon games she had for them each night. She celebrated her birthday and her wedding anniversary the Thursday night of our trip and we made arrangements with Disney to give her a bottle of champagne. We all sang happy birthday to her at dinner.
  9. ibouncetoo

    ibouncetoo <font color=009999>I get excited by the little thi

    :thumbsup2 Isn't he a delight? Now there are two Food & Beverage Service Managers that I adore.
  10. LivinADream

    LivinADream Member

    Last year in Sept was our first cruise and the person that made our time on the DREAM special was our Asst Server, Coy he was from Jamaica. On our last day after we ate breakfast my DW & DD were having a little trouble carrying some stuff they bought and my hands were already full, well anyways he seen them and came running over grabbed the stuff from them and proceeded to lead us out of the dining area and all the way out to the ships exit. Just surprised us at that point but we had just hit it off with him from day one. We are cruising on the Fantasy on 9/22 and would be curious if he is still with DCL and maybe even on the Fantasy??
  11. gigi1313

    gigi1313 DIS Veteran

    Do you know for sure if Tina is on the Wonder? I read a report that she was on the Fantasy as of 8/30/12... She was our favorite!
  12. DMMarla07860

    DMMarla07860 DIS Veteran

    She was only on for a short time, right now she is on vacation
  13. sdlong329

    sdlong329 "Life is just a Fantasy!"

    Ideally, before departing the ship, I would ask them when their current contract expires (most will share the info with you). I also ask if they are on Facebook (not all cast members communicate with guests on Facebook). I find more cast members are willing to communicate via Facebook versus e-mail, as it is easier to access Facebook, and/or change e-mail accounts, while still maintaining privacy. If you did not ask while on the ship, try searching for them on Facebook. Remember, cast members PAY for their internet, have limited free time, and limited access (my server is often online at 2AM Eastern). If you cannot find them online, send them a short letter ... remind them of who you are (include when you sailed, any memorable moments, and a picture, if possible ... remember ... there are THOUSANDS of new guests EVERY WEEK). Ask them if it is okay to contact you via e-mail or Facebook (include your e-mail address and/or Facebook contact). Allow ample time to receive your letter, and respond.

    As for shipping ... keep packages small ... under 12" x 12" x 12" +/- should be fine. Do NOT ship any homemade foods, or anything which can spoil. Once packages are received in Lake Buena Vista, they are put in a storage facility, then scanned for security purposes (including sniffer dogs). Accordingly, if you ship something on Tuesday, and it does not arrive in Florida until Thursday or Friday ... it will not pass through security until the next week ... which means it cannot be loaded onto the ship until the following Saturday. I try to send a private message to someone when I am shipping a package. Sometimes it can get to the ship within one week ... sometimes it misses the initial security screening, and takes another week.

    Disney Cast Members are NOT permitted to have spirits / hard liquor in their stateroom. They ARE permitted to have wine. I would not suggest sending a 6-pack of beer ... it's not cost effective, and most beer fairly inexpensive. On the other hand, if you know your cast member likes a special wine which might not be available in the Caribbean, or on the ship, it might make a great gift idea. Here's an example:

    Cast members from Hungary or Slovakia tell tales of an extremely popular (and not inexpensive) wine (Tokaji). It is not a brand name ... think of how CHAMPAGNE is for bubbling wine in France ... or Bordeaux refers to a wine coming from the Bordeaux region. Tokaji is not served on the ships, and not typically available on the islands. This might make a fabulous gift, especially if your cast member is from Hungary or Slovakia. You'd be surprised at how many items are available in the US, which may remind the cast member of their homeland.

    Remember that cast members likely will not have room for souvenirs ... so anything consumable may work best. On the other hand, I recently sent a PM to one of my cast members, telling them I was going to send several t-shirts ... just after they returned to the ship, from vacation. In this example, the cast member will not need to pack as many clothes to board the ship. You would not want them to have to pay an extra $50 (baggage / weight fee) merely to return home with a souvenir t-shirt.

    I typically also ask my favorite cast members to let me know when they are returning vacation, and also, to which ship they are returning. When I know a cast member is returning from vacation, I will often ask if they want me to ship anything to them (to the ship) ... ANYTHING they may want from the US. Remember, the retail atmosphere in the US is unlike most European countries ... so do not be surprised if they ask for a pair of jeans (be specific as to size, cut and manufacturer) ... a battery charger for their laptop or netbook (they generally cannot order US-powered chargers to be sent to their home).

    When I am visiting New York City, Walt Disney World, or Disneyland ... if I see something with those locations imprinted ... I try to pick up something for them. I have sent oversized Hershey's chocolate bars from Times Square, "I LOVE NY" t-shirts (mickey-head used in lieu of a HEART.

    When you ship something ... I almost always remind them ... if they do not like the taste / do not like the fit ... either give it to someone else on the ship, or throw it away. I *also* ask them to let me know if they like something a lot, and if they would like more (they may feel awkward to ask for gifts ... but they will usually communicate with you when received).

    Sending them a hand written note with the gift ... telling them how much they mean to you is ALWAYS a moral booster. It provides a warm feeling to cast members who are working THOUSANDS of miles away from home, and away from their families for extended periods of time. *** Remember, if you like them enough to send them a gift ... remember to send an e-mail or letter of appreciation to Disney Guest Communications ... referencing the cast members first / last name ... date of sailing, etc. Cast members often receive acknowledgement when a letter is received.

    Feel free to shares your story or experiences! :grouphug:

  14. gomagic

    gomagic Go Bucks!

  15. sdlong329

    sdlong329 "Life is just a Fantasy!"

    My DW thought I was writing a book!

    FWIW - We typically provide our cast members with treats from suburban Philadelphia (where we live). This would include Hershey's Chocolates (Hershey, PA), and Tastykakes (Philadelphia, PA). We often use the same goodies as FE's, as well!

  16. gomagic

    gomagic Go Bucks!

  17. Momma2Jax

    Momma2Jax Mouseketeer

    We were talking with our servers, and they said that most of the CMs jump at opportunities to take shuttles to Walmart in ports, to stock up. They were talking about it like Walmart was a mecca! :) then sure enough, the next day i was sitting on my verandah and saw a whole line of CMs boarding with tons of Walmart bags! Im not sure, but maybe a Walmart gift card would be appreciated!
  18. sandals421

    sandals421 It is never to late to enjoy your childhood!

    I live in Upper Bucks and I work in Horsham. It's a small world (after all)!:wave2:
  19. artemis908

    artemis908 EPCOTnaut

    Woh! i work in Newtown and live in Hatboro lol
  20. sandals421

    sandals421 It is never to late to enjoy your childhood!

    Thanks, based on your suggestions, I have started a care package, with snack sized candy bars, prepackaged Goldfish, and a gift certificate to the Hard Rock Cafe. I checked HRC's website and they are located in Nassau, St. Maarten, as well as one in Portugal. He should be able to use or barter these anywhere!:yay:
  21. rays2001

    rays2001 Earning My Ears

    My family and I have been on a number of Disney cruises on the Magic and have had Toto as our head server. Earlier posts have said that Toto switched to the Fantasy this year. We are considering booking a cruise in late October, possibly the 10/27 sailing. Does anyone know if Toto will still be on the ship or if he may be on vacation at that time?

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