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Where In The World #7

Discussion in 'Photography Board' started by SunDial, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats


    To Where in the World #7

    Hard to believe that we are up to #7 already.

    For those of you that are new to this thread, This is a game in which you take any photo that you have taken and crop a small piece of that photo out. Then you use photobucket or flickr and place it in Where in the World thread for everyone to guess the WHAT, WHERE and /or WHO the pic is.

    The photo can come from anywhere "ON" Disney World property, everything is fair game.

    Special note there are a few of us that are older than 16 so when you create your crop image please make it large, light, and clear enough for us 16year olds to see.

    If you are going to put a small dark image up please coordinate it with all of our Opthamologists so we can get dialated to see it :lmao::lmao::lmao:

    I will start Where in the World #7 off with my favorite...an eye

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  3. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

    I will also add that since tomorrow is Halloween please remember

  4. goopysolelady

    goopysolelady New Member

    ...and, might I add,:flower3: we kindly ask that you solve our crops by memory or direct knowledge of Disney World from recent visits. The "object" of our game is to test the memories of all...especially those of us "over 16"! :rotfl2: :tink:
  5. goopysolelady

    goopysolelady New Member

    G-R-O-S-S ... you've just ruined my desire to eat the left over candy! :lmao:

    Why am I not surprised that you start off with an EYE???:eek: The frog from the Rainforest in DTD? :tink:
  6. disneyboy2003

    disneyboy2003 New Member

  7. Diane♥Disney

    Diane♥Disney New Member

    I'll go with a crocodile?
  8. disneyboy2003

    disneyboy2003 New Member

  9. goopysolelady

    goopysolelady New Member

    :welcome: ... to WITW #7! Hope we see some crops...and guesses from you! :thumbsup2

    FUNNY video :rotfl2: ... but I don't need to eat the Halloween candy to get those reactions from DGD's ... rather the youngest DGD (the Drama Queen :rotfl:) I've seen them ALL from her with just one little word ...NO :lmao:! :rotfl2: Can't wait to show her that clip :rotfl2:! Fiddlesticks :eek:...you just reminded me ...I've got to get my Halloween candy ready for tomorrow night! :tink:
  10. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

    It is a good thing that will not be at my house tonight :lmao:

    The EYE is not in DTD so no Rainforest Cafe.
  11. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

  12. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

    The eye is not from a crocodile.
  13. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

  14. Mel522

    Mel522 New Member

    Don't worry I'm not going to play or anything. But I do like the game so I pop in every now and then. I was just wondering why you make such a big deal about the memory being from a "recent visit" and "direct knowledge"? If the game is the test if you remember where something is in Disney World, what does it matter if the memory is from standing in the park or a knowledge of the park gained through years of keeping up on the park, it's expansions and additions? And why does it matter if it's a recent visit? A memory is a memory regardless of when you made it.
  15. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

    Wish i was home to see. At a stress test now. :rolleyes1
  16. Diane♥Disney

    Diane♥Disney New Member

    Is your eye from a park? AK?
  17. goopysolelady

    goopysolelady New Member

    YOU WILL LOVE IT! :rotfl2::rotfl2::rotfl2:

    You have to go someplace special for a stress test? My LIFE is a "stress test"! :lmao: (Good luck!) Off now to a Memorial Service for a very dear family friend. Having to wear my "suit of armor" to this one. Siblings do not get along...could be an "interesting" service. :rolleyes1 :tink:
  18. goopysolelady

    goopysolelady New Member

    Since Diane has AK taken care of I'll go with MK. :tink:
  19. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

    It is not from a park so no to AK.
  20. Diane♥Disney

    Diane♥Disney New Member

    Resort? POFQ?
  21. SunDial

    SunDial Where Are The Umbrella Hats

    :lmao: Yes and Yes from POFQ. Had to for Goopy :lmao:

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