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What's the weather like mid-February in Orlando?

Discussion in 'Resort Community Threads & Photo-Video' started by fairytalelover, Dec 26, 2013.

  1. fairytalelover

    fairytalelover New Member

    We will be at WDW on Feb 14th. We went to WDW many years ago at the beginning of February and was wondering if there is a big difference a couple of weeks later or the same.
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  3. fairytalelover

    fairytalelover New Member

    Anyone :confused3:flower3:
  4. kapoof

    kapoof New Member

    It can be iffy....some days you can swim, some were chilly, not cold mind you. Were are you from? We are from chicago and found florida in February to be delightful.
  5. MsThumper

    MsThumper Member

    In all honesty, it can be anywhere from 90 degrees to 20 degrees. Fronts come through and can change the weather dramatically within a few days.

    February can be our coldest month. I've lived here for 31 years, and I can't tell you what it will be like.

    Check the weather forecast before you pack.
  6. annieb727

    annieb727 New Member

    we were there in Feb of 2009. It was SO COLD!! We were bundled in hats, scarves, gloves, and LAYERS. I didn't know it could get so cold in Florida. Others have said that it can get warm then....so I guess it can REALLY vary.
  7. Huff

    Huff New Member

    Looking at the weather this month I've seen chances for rain almost daily. Is this normal for Jan.-Feb.? Thought this should be the dry time of year for FL.
  8. AR81

    AR81 New Member

    We went at the end of Feb this year; I think the exact dates was the 19-24. It was hot! What was funny is the week before there were constant threads on the boards about it being freezing and to pack jackets. Well apparently there was a cold front that went through right before we came but was gone by the time we got there. It started out mild on our first night and only got warmer and warmer while we were there. My son swam every day. I had warned him beforehand it probably wouldn't be hot enough for us to swim. I only packed his suit and not mine thinking there probably wasn't going to be a chance to swim. I was completely wrong. I found a spot in the shade and watched him lol wishing I had brought my suit. The high one day was almost 90!
  9. pookie10

    pookie10 Looking for my Prince....again :(

    We went the first week in march last year, and are going Feb 24th this year. Last year we had one day that was semi warm enough to swim (note i said semi) One other day was chilly, light jackets all day. The other days were all shorts and t shirts (70s). Living in Colorado I appreciated the 70 degrees!
  10. shell8558

    shell8558 Active Member

    We were at Disney last year from 2/9- 2/15. The temp was around 80 degrees all week- the kids swam everyday. I have heard that the weather can be hit or miss though.
  11. taterheads

    taterheads New Member

    We are going the 8th-15th this year. I would LOVE to get a repeat of some warm sunny weather!
  12. MSUmom

    MSUmom MSU mom

    We are also heading down on February 14 - February 22. After one "artic Vortex" and the possibility of another coming in 2 days. 50s degrees would be warm. :goodvibes

    I will just be watching the weather channel to see what clothes to pack.
  13. Susiequsie60

    Susiequsie60 Member

    I know. I know.

    There's no way that "vortex" can work its way down to Orlando, is there? It's scaring me a little. (We'll be there February 1-8.)
  14. Steve690

    Steve690 New Member

    We were there last year the third week in Feb, we had a couple days in the
    60's, one day in the high 50's and a few days in the 70's, not a drop of rain the whole week. We are going this year 2/14-2/21, coming from NY where it is 5 degrees now, anything in the mid 60's and up feels nice and we go swimming.
  15. AJPPGH

    AJPPGH New Member

    One year we went around that time and there were some seriously cold days. Its strange but, to me, a 55 degree day in WDW felt freezing whereas it would have felt good at home. I would suggest getting one of those packable down jackets that reduce down into a little bag but are super warm. I am taking one for my end of Feb trip as well as a pair of tights. I remember wishing I had them so bad last time. It is better to be prepared and not to have to wear it than be without. And the sweatshirts/jackets at the gift shops are expensive and not usually warm enough.

    The good thing is it can easily swing 20 degrees between days so there will usually be a swim day somewhere...if at least not for the kids who I have found to not be too bothered swimming in the cold.
  16. GovieMom

    GovieMom New Member

    We're going the last week of February, so I checked the Farmers Almanac forecast for February of 2014. OMG ... the weather is predicted to be below normal temps, above level rain, along with a freeze in Florida during the week we'll be there! We had to put up with that in January of 2010; now this again. Aagghh!!
  17. Miriade

    Miriade New Member

    I'll be hitting Orlando in NINE days :cool1: but it's my first time there at this time of the year.
    And with the temperatures doing a very crazy turn to polar almost in everywhere in the U.S. I reaaally don't have a clue what to pack!? :confused3
    Pants, regular sleeved T-shirts and sweaters? Just a light coat and the usual 'hotter weather garb' under ir? flipflops? sneakers? socks? no socks?
    This should helps me but it is not :(

    Any thoughts?
  18. Miriade

    Miriade New Member

    sorry, it ended up posting twice
  19. AJPPGH

    AJPPGH New Member

  20. momof3littles

    momof3littles New Member

    We leave in a few days and it is now supposed to be low 80s the first few days. I had us semi packed (some things packed, some clothes set aside but not officially packed) for temps in 50s/60s, with hats, gloves, etc. I had to tweak things as we didn't have enough stuff for warm weather. That said, I expect mornings and evenings to still be fairly cool, and by the end of our week long stay it is supposed to be like 60s or so. I have a mix of layers, threw in some sundresses and a denim jacket for the hotter days, I have skorts and skirts that can be worn alone or with fleece lined leggings under them, short sleeved tees, jeans, a few jackets, and a cardigan or two that can go over short sleeved shirts. Kids are bringing tees, jeans, zip off pants and polo shirts (my boys), a hoodie, a rain jacket or windbreaker type coat, etc. Definitely a mix of layers that can be mixed and matched. I'm excited to see that we are going to have warmer weather than we anticipated, but it threw our packing for a loop.
  21. TheWire727

    TheWire727 New Member

    I'll actually be there with my fiancé for one night on the 15th, since it's just an hour and a half drive for us. As others have said though, it can be anywhere from 80 to 40 degrees, with a possibility of rain. You have the best chance of it being in the 60s and 70s but if a front comes in then it messes it up. However, even with said fronts, this time of year the rain isn't so bad. The summer is when the big storms come through. Just don't expect some great pool weather, but if you're going to parks just bring some rain protection and you'll be set :)

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