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    When renting a mobility scooter / ECV (electronic conveyance vehicle) for the first time it's hard to know what to ask for to ensure it best suits your needs. There are many options available that people may not think to ask for. Hopefully, by reading this post when it come time to rent a mobility scooter, it will meet all your needs.

    • The weight of the person is a key factor on the battery life, comfort, and the performance of an ECV. When booking a mobility device make sure it is one that is suited to the riders size and weight, this will help to ensure a more comfortable and trouble free experience.

    • While on vacation, are you using public transportation that accommodates scooters, or will you be using your own transportation? Another important topic when renting a mobility device is ease of transport, not all scooters are created equally. What that means is that some scooters are easier transported than others. If you will be transporting the scooter yourself, ask if the device your renting dissembles and how much the heaviest parts weigh.

    • Often, people who rent mobility scooters have important items they need to carry with them, such as canes, oxygen tanks, crutches, etc... Most ECVs have attachments to accommodate important items like these, but you do have to ask for them. Not every company has these attachments, so make sure to ask for what you need before booking.

    Asking these few questions before renting will help you receive a mobility scooter / ECV that best fits your needs while you're on vacation.
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    Very good points!

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