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VWL Lovers & Groupies thread: It all started with a Moose

Discussion in 'DVC-Mousecellaneous' started by eliza61, Jun 18, 2010.

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  1. eliza61

    eliza61 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    …You know the feeling; it usually starts building right after you make your reservations. A slow excitement kicks in, a happy anticipation that soon (although, not soon enough) you’ll be back.
    You can’t explain it; logically you know there may be more exotic or beautiful places out there. Heck, some folks think it doesn’t even compare to its name sake but all that doesn’t matter to you. All you can think is soon, so very soon you’ll be there.

    And then it comes, the moment you turn onto Timberland Dr. You smile a quiet smile full of joy that says YES!! Finally, I’m here & in the tiny amount of time it takes to pass through the gates until you finally see her, you are completely, blissfully happy. Is it your imagination or do you think she smiles back at you, a feeling that no matter how long it’s been since you last visited, she is glad to see you, welcomes you home, whispers to you of a week full of good times.
    Yes, you definitely know the feeling, All the previous weeks, months and even years of waiting, all the times real life dropped an anvil on your head, have all been worth it for this feeling.

    Welcome to the Wilderness lodge groupies Forum. Come on in and say hello! We’ve got a moose mom, wilderness Dad and a Granny (yep, he’s a guy), we’ve got a Teapot and an Inkman, a Muushka and Iowan that really loves Disney. A whole host of folks who love the Wilderness lodge. We share pictures, trip reports birthday wishes and stories and when you start to feel like a flat cartoon character from real life dropping all those anvils on ya, we’ve got well wishes to pump you back up.

    Come and sit a spell!!

    Oh, let us know when you’re traveling and your bday. We’ll eat cake with ya too!!

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  3. Cee

    Cee New Member

    I couldn't have said it better myself. We'll be there Oct. 31-Nov. 7 and believe me, I'm counting the days! I hate to wish my life(and the summer) away, but I can't wait to be there! :goodvibes
  4. Muushka

    Muushka <font color=red>I usually feel like I just stepped

    Pixie Dust List (You know what we mean) :hug:

    For new visitors, we hope that you can see throughout our thread that we have a love for our Lodge.
    But more importantly, we care about each other.
    We have decided that it would be good to keep track of pixie dust requests.
    Not really the fun, fluffy kind, but the more serious.
    If you want to be placed on this post, can you let me know? I don't want to be presumptuous. :flower3:

    My hope is that all pixie dust requests will have a good ending. If you are on this list, please know that you are in our hearts. And please feel free to PM me to give updates for this post.


    Her mom is going through chemo and having a difficult time. But thankfully she is a woman of hope! :hug:
  5. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Our Groupies Vacations List

    Whenever you are ready with a new vacation that you would like added to the list - please just PM me and I'll take care of adding it. IF you post it in the thread itself... it might get missed. I'm just sayin' - I do try to read it all, but sometimes when I'm traveling or away for a bit, it might just get missed. So if you just PM me, that'd be your best bet for getting your special trip included on the list.

    2011 VWL VACATIONS and the other DVC vacations

    Don't forget...if you'd like to be included on this list - please just PM me!

    Cheer4bison 9 VWL..(cruise)...13-18 VWL
    Inkmahm 18-25 AKV followed by 26-27 Universal Studios' Royal Pacific Hotel
    jimmytammy 21-26 OKW
    wildernessDad 23-26 OKW

    stopher1 4-9 OKW
    tea pot 3-10 BCV
    Granny 6-13 BLT
    bobbiwoz 13-17 AKV Concierge!
    MiaSRN62 30-May3 AKV

    Meriweather 1-8 VWL
    MiaSRN62 3-5 VB
    DiznyDi/Dad 5-14 VWL
    wildernessDad 7-14 VGC
    Nicoal13 7-14 VWL
    brenbrady 8-10 BLT / 10-13 BWV
    KAT4DISNEY 17-25 AKV Jambo in a GRAND VILLA! :banana:
    eliza61 24-30 Disneyland Paris!
    Corinne 28-30 SSR (hoping for wl pixie dust so they can be at BWV) / followed by 30-June 4 BWV
    BWV Dreamin 28-Jun 3 HHI

    DFD 1-5 VWL
    Berta 24-July 1 VWL

    brenbrady 9 VWL followed by 10-15 Disney DREAM

    kid-at-heart 13-20 VWL - First stay at the Lodge!
    MiaSRN62 21-25 AKV
    eliza61 24-27 BLT and then 27 - September 1 VWL

    DHar 2-6 VWL
    MiaSRN62 29-October 1 BLT followed by DCL Magic (Oct 1-8)

    MiaSRN62 8 BLT (preceded by DCL Magic 1-8)
    DiznyDi 9-14 VWL - a Mom & Daughter trip! The husbands are staying home!
    jimmytammy 16-28 OKW
    Inkmahm 19 BLT followed by 20-25 BWV
    Muushka 30-Nov 2 VB :confused3

    Muushka 2-5 BLT
    KAT4DISNEY 5-9 BWV followed by 9-14 VWLmikamomof3 19-24 VWL
    wildernessDad 23-27 AKV Kidani followed by 27-Dec 4 VWL
    stopher1 26-28 VGC

    Meriweather 1-14 VWL
    Granny 3-9 BWV
    brenbrady 5-10 BLT
    Inkmahm 7-13 VWL
    helenk 8-10 VWL
    DiznyDi/Dad 8-17 VWL
    bobbiwoz 9-16 VWL
    horselover 20-27 VWL
    Disneybuckeye 22-23 VWL
    ladytink75 22-29 VWL

    2012 VWL VACATIONS and the other DVC vacations

    Don't forget...if you'd like to be included on this list - please just PM me!

    Meriweather 7-21 OKW

    And for our CRUISING Groupies........

    2011 Cruising Groupies

    If you'd like to be on this list, please PM me!

    lisah0711 26-May 1 DCL - Wonder... West coast repo cruise

    horselover 1-5 DCL - Dream (followed by 5-7 BWV)


    brenbrady 10-15 DCL DREAM

    BWV Dreamin 13-21 7-night Mediterranean DCL Cruise
    Inkmahm 16-23 ALASKA DCL


    MiaSRN62 1-8 DCL Magic
    horselover 6-9
    Muushka 23-30 Freedom of the Seas



    2012 Cruising Groupies

    If you'd like to be on this list, please PM me!





    BWV Dreamin - May 12-19 on DCL Fantasy



    bobbiwoz - 19-24 - DCL Dream





    And again - to be included on any of the above lists - PLEASE - just PM me! Thanks.
  6. stopher1

    stopher1 <img src=http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/images

    Here are a few links that are NOT Wilderness Lodge related, but rather related to all of our sister resorts within the greater DVC family, just for fun, but also in case anyone has specific questions about another resort, all of the DVC resort threads are in one place here...

    Animal Kingdom Lodge: ***Official AKV Owners and Lovers Thread***
    Aulani, Resort & Spa: Aulani Owners Thread - Aloha!
    Bay Lake Tower: ***Bay Lake Tower Owner's Thread***
    Beach Club Villas: "STORMIN THE BEACH" BCV Owners - and GROUPIES WELCOME HOME!
    Boardwalk Villas: The I Love BWV (yes, Hallways and Clown Pool, too!)
    Grand Californian: The Villas at Disney's Grand Californian Owners & Lovers Group - 2.0
    Hilton Head: HHI Roll Call, Adoration & Information Thread 2010
    Old Key West: OKW Lovers Thread !!!
    Saratoga Springs: SSR Lovers & Owners Part 2
    Vero Beach: Vero Beach Adoration 2010 Thread... We Need New 2011 Thread...Somebody?
  7. Muushka

    Muushka <font color=red>I usually feel like I just stepped

    Groupie Birthdays!!!

    Eliza61.........................January 1 Our favorite New Years Baby!!
    Mr deebits AKA Ed..........January 5
    SantaRay and Elvis!!.......:santa:January 8
    Blossomz......................January 13
    Twokats and Claire_ont...January 25.....Two-fer!
    JimmyTammy ...............January 28
    Disney Loving Iowan.......January 29

    WildernessDad.......... February 4
    Cheer4Bison..............February 14

    Muushka...............March 1
    ladytink75.............March 7
    Inkmahm..............March 19
    Horselover.............March 26
    LeslieLou...............March 28

    Granny..........................April 12
    Tea Pot & DisneyNutzy....April 18
    DiznyDi.........................April 23

    franandaj .....................May 1
    Loribell.........................May 3
    DiznyzDad!!! .................May 7
    Maria (MiaSRN62)...........May 23

    Corinne..........................June 6
    KAT4DISNEY....................June 11
    SlimpLaw .......................June 26
    magicalmcwho.................June 30

    Oshawa ....................July 6
    deebits AKA Deirdre...July 17
    DaveH......................July 26
    BWV Dreamin...........July 31

    TammyNC.......August 15
    DODIE!!..........August 31

    I Book He Pays..September 29

    stopher1 ........October 4
    Berta..............October 20

    MaryJ.....................November 10

    twinklebug.................Dec 6
    Mickeymorse..............Dec 15

    How to steal a Moosie for your very own!

    Please, he is yours for the taking!


    1. Click on "User CP" at the top left of the page.
    2. Click on "Edit Avatar"
    3. Add the above stuff and paste him in (don&#8217;t need to use the insert image thingy)
    4. I removed the left bracket so that you can copy him, just add the [ to the left of the IMG].
    5. Click the SAVE button, and you're done.
  8. jimmytammy

    jimmytammy <font color=purple>Swivel, it's a hard habit to br

    Hey guys, love the intro. Eliza! What a great way to truly describe the Lodge and our love for it.

    I am a bit under the weather, so posting a little later than normal for a workday. This is the only time in my life, all 45 yrs of it that I have missed work 3 straight days. Missed 2 before, twice, but never this much. But today seems the meds are finally kickin in!

    Anywho, dont mean to bore you and bring this thread down, but helps me dream of my happy place, the Lodge:lovestruc
  9. lisah0711

    lisah0711 <font color=red>♥ <font color=royalblue>her Disney

    Ooooo! Brand new, shiny thread! :goodvibes

    Hello Groupies! Hope that you are all doing well and enjoying your summers. :sunny:

    Haven't been here much as we started a new Biggest Loser Challenge -- we've lost almost 200 pounds in just the first two weeks of the challenge!

    stopher, hope you had a good time on your most recent trip. I will be at VGC 6/23/10-6/26/10 -- will come back with a WOC report from the Villas. I have a birthday on 7/11. I also have a WDW trip 2/25/2011-2/28/2011 for the Princess Half-Marathon (don't know the DVC resorts yet) and a Disney Cruise on the Wonder West Coast Repo 4/26/2011-5/1/2011. I'm a lucky moose! :yay:

    Have a great day all!
  10. horselover

    horselover I've been bitten by the travel bug & there is no c

    Well done Eliza! :worship: Love the intro. Had to read that one to AnniversaryGuy. He was very impressed. I don't think he totally got it but still impressed.

    I'll look for some pics to start us off later. Awaiting 2 new mattresses being delivered within the next 30 min. or so. Today is my last day of work & I need to be back for my last shift at 10:40. Woo hoo summer is here!!! :cool1:

    Later my groupie friends! :goodvibes
  11. Meriweather

    Meriweather <font color=blue>Maybe we will have an arrival or

    Just completed a purchase for VWL....so excited!
    So thought I would pop in and say "Hello"

    Booked our first stay at the Villas for next May 1-8....can't wait.
  12. emacek

    emacek New Member

    I'm here....with a quick intro.

    After constantly using my mom's AKL points, my husband and I just closed on 175 VWL points. Since we want our first trip home to be at Christmas, we'll be hitting other resorts this year:
    SSR for his 60th birthday (Tgiving week)
    OKW or AKL for Valentines Day--our 20th wedding anniversary
    BWV for my 50th (September)

    But I have my calendar ticklers set up for the day after Christmas this year to book sometime in late November/December 2011 for our first stay home.

    Im a Florida native--first trip to WDW was probably in 1975 or so but after I left the state in 1979 didn't come back for 10-15 years.

  13. Muushka

    Muushka <font color=red>I usually feel like I just stepped

    Well ya'all looky here! Our first new Groupies!!! Welcome emacek and Meriweather!

    And the BOTH just bought at VWL!!! Our kind of people!!!

    Grab yourselves a rocker and a Moosie Siggy (I'll bet he will look very handsome on both of you!).
  14. tea pot

    tea pot New Member

    Oh eliza !
    What a wonderful intro :cloud9:
    You said it All
    I just feel so lucky to be apart of this group of kindred spirits :grouphug:
  15. Inkmahm

    Inkmahm Disney nut<br><img src="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis

    Welcome to the new groupies! :yay:

    A nice new thread...yay!
  16. tea pot

    tea pot New Member

    Giving a Picture Shout Out to a Treasured Groupie Friend :goodvibes


    And a Big Welcome Home to our New Groupies

    Meriweather and emacek
  17. Muushka

    Muushka <font color=red>I usually feel like I just stepped

    Right you are!

    Thanks E for another great beginning.:goodvibes
  18. Disney loving Iowan

    Disney loving Iowan New Member

    Beautiful intro Eliza!!! You really did a great job of summing up how it feels to stay at the Lodge. You sure have a way with words.

    Hope you feel better JT!

    Meriweather and Imacek welcome to the friendliest thread on the boards!!! How exciting to have new groupies and our new thread is only hours old!!!

    Muushka, Eliza and Stopher thank you for starting the new thread and being the care takers of it. I appreciate you putting your time into doing this for us!!!!:thanks:
  19. Granny

    Granny <a href="http://www.wdwinfo.com/dis-sponsor/index.

    Just checking in on this new VWL thread.

    Eliza...a very eloquent introduction indeed! :thumbsup2

    And to make sure that everyone (members and guests) feels welcome to join in on this thread...

  20. Dizny Dad

    Dizny Dad New Member

    Whoa - GREAT Intro!

    It is good to see we have new friends jumping in (Meriweather: 114,276 post :scared1:)

    Outstanding picture of Ranger Stan!

    One last thing -

    Loribell...........................May 3
    Maria (MiaSRN62)...........May 23

    How did THAT get in there? (Must have been DiznyDi)

    WDWRR_ENGINEER WDWRR Engineer in training! All Aboard!

    Wow new thread time does pass quickly these days.

    Oh well enjoying sounds of the lodge and eating my bagged lunch what more could I wan't! Yea I could be at the lodge oh well next best thing.


    Joe :surfweb:
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