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    I am MALTOO,Malthe Dragon,BlueFairytoo,Malika

    I wish to thank everyone on the DIS and VMK.net forums who have directly or indirectly helped with this Guide without your help it would not be possible.-Mal

    you will find all up to date codes below

    http://vmk.disney.go.com/vmk/en_US/index?name=VMKHomePage]DISNEYS VIRTUAL MAGIC KINGDOM[/URL]


    click above to play full screen then when it loads press F11

    DIS players list thread


    Experience the awesome magic of Disney Theme Parks from home! Live inside of Disney's newest virtual world to create your own experiences, control your online Character and interact with Players from around the globe!
    Visit a Disney Theme Park for your chance to win cool gear, magic spells, and fun surprises. Play in-park Quests at Disneyland® park at Disneyland® Resort or Magic Kingdom® Park at Walt Disney World® Resort to help you rule the virtual Kingdom!

    Disney's Virtual Magic Kingdom is a new game, and we're still testing and reviewing the way it works. To get the most out of this time, we need to limit the hours we're available and the number of Players in the Kingdom. We want you to seize the moment and explore the game before anyone, but we're still under construction, so some things will change — most likely in response to what you tell us

    :wizard: TO REGISTER

    Use your ABC, Disney.com, espn login because if you try to use the email address you are registered at any Disney affliciated website with you will get the error"member already exsists"

    :wizard: SPECIAL PERKS for setting up your Character at a Disney PARK
    1. the Disneyland Pin 5/9
    2. regular Black Mickeyears
    3. you get a VMK logo and the tag Born at the Park
    4. Retro Penny Press( I did not get the Penny Press when someone made my Character at DL I got a Retro Turnstile)
    5. clothes Pick the Mickey Head T-shirt,white shirt with red cicle and mickey face inside it is the same shirt you get when you purchase a shirt at Sir Mickeys(thanks tip provided by lovethattink)
    6. 200 credits
    7. All 4 available rooms + the one you choose 5 rooms total

    IN PARK CODES for Item Purchases

    :wizard: to enter codes:

    Click the chair button, then on the 'Codes' tab, then enter the code and hit OK

    this just posted by a cast member on VMK.net forums
    Walt Disney World
    1.buy a hat at the Chapeau you get a VMK card for golden mickey ears.
    2.buy a shirt at Sir Mickeys in Fantasyland, you get a VMK card for a t-shirt but you can also get theis shirt when you make your in Park Character
    3.buy a photo from Splash Mountian or Buzz Light Year, you get a VMK card for a wanted poster.
    There are two other merchandise shops (one is the Trading Post and I forgot the other shops name) in Frontierland that you can buy a pin and you get a VMK card for a pin, and buy candy or other edible item and you get a VMK card for a penny press machine. That is what a Cast Member at the VMK Shop on Main Street told me today when I popped into the Kingdom on my lunch break

    Special "gift with purchase" cards:

    Series 1 (6 cards)

    1 - Fantasyland Magic Mirror (only available at Disneyland) (Purchase any magic trick at the Main Street Magic Shop)
    2 - Happiest Celebration on Earth Pin (Purchase any pin at the Astro Blasters store in Tomorrowland or buy pin in Frontierland pin shop )
    3 - Golden Mickey Ears (Purchase gold mickey ears at any Disneyland hat shop except the one in the Star Trader)
    4 - Retro Mickey T-Shirt (Purchase any T-shirt in the Star Trader in Tomorrowland)
    5 - Disneyland Retro Penny Press (Purchase candy at the Pooh Corner Honey Spot in Critter Country)
    6 - Wanted Poster (only available at WDW) (purchase an after-ride photo at Splash Mountain or Buzz Lightyear)

    :wizard: ****BE sure and ask for your VMK card if CM does not give you one at purchase time

    :wizard: WDW...The candy shop for the penny press is practically beside the country bear jamboree. The hat store is on Main St just past Tony's restaurant. The pin store is in Frontierland beside the shooting arcade.


    :wizard: be sure and print some extras in case you run into a DISer or A VMKer that does not have one!


    :wizard: STORES

    Once you have made your Character you need to unlock your stores.

    There is a total of 6 stores right now(not counting VMK Central where the Camera and film, and additional film can be purchased). To activate your stores except clothes you will need to double click on the cashregisters in each store.

    1. Clothes( which you get when you create your character automatically)

    2. Shrunken Neds

    3. Emporium

    4. StarTraders

    5. It's A small World Imports

    6. Golden Horseshoe Mercantile

    The Three Stores that are that are not with the Dailey characters are available through the Emporium just go there and hop on the teleporters.

    "StarTraders" is the first Teleporter to the left of the door. And the most tricky to activate. It is the Alien hanging from the ceiling on the right of the room. Drag you curser over the Alien's left side until you see the hand then double click.

    "It's a Small World Imports" is available through the teacup teleporter on the right of the door.

    "GoldenHorseshoe Mercantile" is available through the Train Teleporter.

    :wizard: GAMES


    *Pirates of the Caribbean

    *Airlock Lock Escape
    level help here

    Blast into Space


    1. when asking if you are a DISer use diser or dis
    2.use you disney.com id to register

    3.CODE for 500 points from Disney Adventures Magazine MAY CODE- QNEL-NTBW-KLDU-GB2C

    4.Originally Posted by kareneast
    When I got to 10 wins it did come up saying I could move on to level 3 and gave me the extra credit for completing level 2. Then when I went to play level 3 it wouldn't let me. Kept saying I didn't have enough wins at level 2. Won at level 2 a few more times, but still wouldn't let me play level 3.
    If you didn't already do this, make sure you go to Pirate's Treehouse -- I think he'll give you your doubloon pin and permission to play level 3.

    5.for those who have been playing for a while. Go back and double click on the cash registers again. There are new items since I first did it that didn't show up until I went back and double clicked again.

    6.Buried in Treasure Code KLS9-R569-9RJK-CLUG

    7.LAB9 RR3K EBSK B9D3 quest wrist band code for t-shirt

    8. EUF8 B5BL 9RKC Y9ZW - Kellogg's - now buried in treasure

    9. MTNQ JDL9 AKT7 99BE -Pirate Costume Code (Taximomfor4)

    10. 62RH TFR5 773V AEYM- 100 credits from a disney email(thanks to kaitykatz7 & disneyange)

    11. L55H VB5U L6JY 68CA- 50 credits-Disney Store Flyer(thanks ElectricLime)

    12. 4jvu 7BJ3 BK69 EEDQ - 100 credits DVC-(GBshorts)

    13. YBAX-KBHB-CRJB-8Y5R - Flyer at WDW VMK Central - 50 Credits (Lorelai71)

    14. A8TM-5VAM-FTNB-EYXE - 50 credits -email code

    15. GQYM-EBVX-FAEG-QHH6 - 50 credits - In Park map code

    16. BL5Z-PBFC-2SCB-7GHT - 50 credits - In Park Map Code!

    17. LTDB-MZBK-G65V-WBVX - 50 credits expires 6/30/06 DisneyStore-MommyKateCODE NO LONGER WORKING

    18. 4CJ4-2XVH-RLLB-W3N3 - Disney Remix Mania CD- 50 credits - Fairy Dust

    19. QWKF-YTWF-69Z9-YLQN - Disney Brochure- 50 credits - MiakodaCODE NO LONGER WORKING

    20. http://www.kelloggs.com/funktown/minisites/vmk/ConquerTheSea.swf

    Playing this game generates a one time use code,(that said you can, at the time I posted this, close out the window and open a new window for a new code)with this code you get the Pirate Skull Rock Room, Pirate Map table, Treasure Chest blue(it says brown in the email but I got blue), and Pirate Skeleton at the helm. You may also play multi games at the same time(I open 4 windows and downsize so I can see all four on the screen at once, just let the games play out and get to the screen that says get code but do not click on get code until all four screens say get code...then click on get code in each screen as fast as you can...if you are fast enough you will get four codes.)

    Also, I don't remember getting 100 credits for the first song I mixed at the Music Game. However, I went in & created a new mix on Friday and got 100 credits for creating it and then another 100 for playing it. Maybe a new feature?

    In addition to getting 10 credits every hour in the Music Game for playing a song, you can get 10 credits every day for mixing a new song or editing an old one


    Fireworks TIPS

    I did get the third pin and free room. I had to score 200,000 or over and come in second place at the end of the fifth round! So you need to be playing with someone who is good at the game too.

    The bronze level, or first fireworks pin, is obtained by making it into the fourth level of the game, but then losing and not going on to the last round.
    I just made sure I was in the fourth level and then didn't even shoot at any fireworks the whole round.

    As far as being able to score 200,000 +, learn the order of the icons at the bottom so you don't have to look , and make sure you have a good mouse!
    I can get over 200,000 most of the time on one computer we have, yet struggle to do it on another! Has to be the mouse. LOL Try to wait as long as you can to shoot, but yet you don't want to miss it either!

    Good luck, and I hope some of what I wrote makes sense!

    Lori aka mickeysmagic


    Click the chair button, then on the 'Codes' tab, then enter the code and hit OK

    1.Disney Adventures Magazine-
    - 500 each code once per player character

    2. Kelloggs Cereal Codes

    "You can find special codes for magical pirate powers inside specially marked packages of kelloggs- fruit loops, cinnamon krunchers, rice krispies and apple jacks to see a sample of the pirate powers Just click on the treasure chest and walk the plank. Then get the cereal and unleash the magic."

    to get the Pirates room start here:(probably will not be functioning until Monday June 27th)


    full screen version


    -Buried in Treasure- KLS9-R569-9RJK-CLUG

    To get the Buried in treasure pin using the pin code:

    1) click on the "Chair" button
    2) select the "Codes" tab
    3) enter the code; you will now have the pin added to your inventory

    Next you need to wear the pin:
    1) click on the "Chair" button
    2) select the "Pins" tab
    3) select the Treasure magic pin and click "wear"; now you are wearing the pin

    In the game, you have two ways to activate the pin:
    1) Click the "magic wand" button and then double-click the magic pin, OR
    2) Say the magic word the way you normally say things in the game; it is case and punctuation sensitive

    3. The IN park Quest WristBand code- LAB9-RR3K-EBSK-B9D3 - shirt in a special color

    Music Mix
    10 credits per half hour when you play your mix on stage.
    100 credits for playing your mix for the first time.
    200 credits at 50 times on stage
    500 credits at 100 times on stage

    100 credits for saving your first mix
    100 credits for playing your mix the first time
    10 credits per day for your first save after that mix
    10 credits every hour for playing a mix

    Finding all 50 Hidden Mickeys will score you 500 Credits but it will cost you about 2000 to get this one now


    Double Clicking on:
    Esmarelda(Emporium), The Dragon (Dungeon), The Yeti (Matterhorn), Shrunken Ned (Shrunken Ned's Shop), and Blackheart (Pirate's Playhouse) will give you 100 Credits in Total every day. 20 each after the first time you doubleclick which gives you a pin and 40 credits

    *Clicking on the above characters early in the day and again late will sometimes get you 20 more points each character.

    Also in each of the above rooms to activate your shops doubleclick on the cash registers and in StarTraders dbl click on the Alien hanging down from the sky when you see Mickey's hand instead of the arrow.

    Fireworks Game
    100 credits for the 1st highscore you get
    150 credits for ending 1st place at fireworks
    40 credits for reaching 5th level at fireworks
    30 credits for reaching 4th level at fireworks
    20 credits for reaching 3th level at fireworks

    15 credits for winning a pirates game
    100 credits for your first win at pirates game at level

    Jungle Cruise

    50 credits first time you play
    20 credits each time you play


    To start collecting your MICKEYS you need to go the VMK central double click on the "Dead Men" Poster and you will get a shop pop up you then need to purchase your camera and film. Do not buy extra film after you capture 10 you will get more free. To take a picture click on the camera icon and then when you get the pop up you click on take pic and drag your camera to where you want to take the picture. then hit save or ok.

    NEW INFO : when you buy your camera now you only get 3 pics and you do not receive film when you hit the milestones.

    [Main Street Monorail Station]
    [Monorail Train 1]
    *01* upper-left beside the front monitor
    [Castle Forecourt]
    *02* left-center, Bottom-left of the left castle spire.

    [Central Plaza]
    *03* Lower-left corner of the screen, on the square tree. [fixed]
    *04* Upper-right corner of the screen, on the brick wall. [fixed]

    [VMK Central]
    *05* On floor of stage below "Hidden Mickey Quest"

    [Main Street]
    *06* To the right of the VMK logo, on the red brick wall.

    [Town Square]
    *07* Beside tracks above entrance to Monorail
    *08* On wall above "Emporium" sign

    *09* On Tarot card above coffin
    *10* extreme Upper-Left wall [fixed]

    [Street Party Music Game]
    *11* on the roof of the store, at the top left
    *12* on the wall behind the sign above the stage
    [Coming Soon FrontierLand]

    [Golden Horseshoe Mercantile]
    *13* Upper-Center, on wall left of window
    *14* Upper-Left balcony, [fixed]
    [Coming Soon TomorrowLand]

    [Star Trader's Shop]
    *15* Upper-right corner of the screen, above the alien on the wall. [fixed]
    [Castle Fireworks Game]
    *16* upper-left, on the right side of the #1 tower
    *17* middle-right, near the base of the tower

    *18* Balcony above the fireworks sign by the right tree
    *19* In the upper right corner

    [Banquet Hall]
    *20* upper-center, in a spider web
    *21* left-center, on the cross decoration

    [Castle Gardens]
    *22* Just to the left of the left castle spire, on the green patch of land.
    *23* To the right of the waterfall on the right

    *24* Above the rightmost torch, on the wall.
    *25* upper-left, left side of the passage

    [Spell Room]
    *26* To the left of the rightmost torch, on the broken wall.
    *27* Lower-left corner of the screen, right of the book. [fixed]

    *28* Above the mine entrance
    *29* upper-right, in the Direction Tree: the "Up" sign almost points at it

    ["it's a small world" Imports]
    *30* Behind the metal chairs on the left crate
    *31* extreme Lower-Left crate

    [Snow White Hide 'n Seek Forest]
    *32* Above the top cave on a tree in the backround

    [FANTASYLAND in The Sky]
    *33* on the tip of the Matterhorn [fixed]

    *34* Above the frozen waterfall
    *35* Above the green cave that leads to the Yeti
    [Pirates of the Caribbean Game]
    *36* extreme upper-left on the sail

    *37* to the left edge of the Pirates of the Carribean pavilion arch [fixed]

    [Shrunken Ned's Shop]
    *38* Lower right corner of the Skull flag

    [Pirate Treehouse]
    *39* upper-left, Look straight up from the plank onto the sail

    [Jungle Cruise Game]
    *40* To the right of the door on the top level
    *41* lower-left, on the dock

    [Elephant Bathing Pool]
    *42* to the left of the big stone face, on the steps

    [Tiki Tiki Tiki Island]
    *43* To the upper-left of the cave
    *44* top-right on cave

    [Forbidden Temple]
    *45* on the beam spanning the river [fixed]
    *46* upper-left, side of temple around the corner from the door [fixed]

    [Explorer's Tent]
    *47* on the rocks at the upper-right of the screen
    *48* to the right of the waterfall

    [Lost Safari Party]
    *49* just outside to the right of the cave, on the rock
    *50* to the right of the guy who is at the top of the tree trunk

    :wizard: Furniture/Item Guide

    Want to thank SpinMarty for the following Furniture Guide I will add the prices for reference.He also asks that:NOTE: Do not copy my list for any other purpose, website, forums or board without 1) asking permission first and 2) giving me credit (personal check-lists are exempt from this.)

    The Key:
    D= Disney credits
    S=In store Special
    X=Out of circulation (at the moment)
    Q= Quest item or available at the Parks only (Such as purchases. At the moment)
    K= Kellogg's online game item

    Emporium (Main Street)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Blue (D800)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Gold Edition (Q)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Green (D800)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Purple (S/D800)
    Disneyland Retro Penny Press Red (Q)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Blue (D300)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Gold Edition (Q)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Green (D300)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Purple (S/D300)
    Disneyland Retro Turnstile Red (X)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Blue (D300)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Gold Edition (Q)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Green (D300)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Purple (S/D300)
    Disneyland Ride Operator's Scoreboard Red (X)
    Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider (D50)
    Disneyland Velvet-rope Room Divider Gold Edition (Q)
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Blue (D300)
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Yellow (D300)
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Blue (D500)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Blue (D50)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Gold Edition (Q)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Green (X/D50)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Pink (D150)
    PhilHarmagic Chair Red (S/D50)
    Random Number Generator Blue (X)
    Random Number Generator Gold Edition (Q)
    Random Number Generator Green (S/D2000)
    Random Number Generator Purple (X)
    Random Number Generator Red (X)
    Disney's Animal Kingdom Pin (D25)
    Disney's California Adventure Pin (D25)
    Disney-MGM Studio Pin (D25)
    Disneyland (5/9) Pin (Q)
    Epcot Pin (D25)
    Happiest Celebration on Earth Pin (Q)
    Hong Kong Disneyland Pin (X/D1000)
    Hong Kong Main Street USA Pin (D250)
    Nightmare Before Christmas Pin (D25)

    Disney's California Adventure Poster (D40)
    Happiest Celebration on Earth Poster (D40)
    Hong Kong Disneyland Poster Green (X/D1000)
    Hong Kong Disneyland Poster Red (D150)
    Candy Cauldron (X/maze event prize)
    Chernabog Carpet (X/D250)
    Hong Kong Disneyland T-Shirt Blue (D100, clothing section now)
    Mickey Ear Pumpkin (X/D300)
    Mickey Ears Black (Q - create your character in the Parks)
    Mickey Ears Gold (Q - purchase a hat in the Parks)
    Musketeer Hat (S/D500)
    Pirate's Treasure Rug (was D300 now D250)
    Skeleton Chair (X/D300 then D500)
    Sorcerer Mickey Hat (1st and 2nd release) (X/500)
    Spider Web Wall Divider (X/D300 then D200)
    Vote: Dragon Shirt (Black 50th) (S/D25)
    Vote: Esmeralda Shirt (Brown 50th) (S/D25)
    Vote: Ned Shirt (Light Blue 50th) (S/D25)
    Vote: Pirate Shirt (Grey 50th) (S/D25)
    Vote: Yeti Shirt (White 50th) (S/D25)
    Shrunken Ned's Shop (Adventureland)
    Bamboo Floor Beige (D150)
    Bamboo Floor Blue (X)
    Bamboo Floor Green (S/D50)
    Bamboo Floor Red (D50)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Blue (S/D200)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Green (X)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Red (D200)
    Bamboo Wall Divider Yellow (D300)
    Barrel Seat Blue (D150)
    Barrel Seat Brown (D50)
    Barrel Seat Green (X)
    Barrel Seat Red (D50)
    Camp Fire (D300)
    Camp Fire Frying Pan (D50)
    Coffee Table Crate Brown (S/D50)
    Coffee Table Crate Gray (D50)
    Coffee Table Crate Green (D150)
    Coffee Table Crate Red (X)
    Evil Queen's Candle Holder (D150)
    Expedition Supplies (D50)
    Explorer's Carpet (D150)
    Explorer's Lantern (D50)
    Explorer's Suitcase Sofa (Q)
    Galleon Room Divider (D250)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Black (X)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Brown (D100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Green (D100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Purple (S/D100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Red (D100)
    Haunted Mansion Ballroom Candlestick Yellow (X)
    Head Hunter's Island Torch (D100)
    Hippo Rug (D400)
    Jungle Cruise Teleporter (pair) (D500)
    Karo Tiki Chair (D100)
    Parrot Palm Tree (D300)
    Pirate Map Table (K)
    Pirate Player Piano Black (D750)
    Pirate Player Piano Green (S/D500)
    Pirate Player Piano Purple (X)
    Pirate Player Piano Red (D500)
    Pirate Throne Black (D300)
    Pirate Throne Blue (D150)
    Pirate Throne Green (X)
    Pirate Throne Purple (S/D150)
    Pirate Throne Red (D150)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Brown (K)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Green (D150)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Purple (X)
    Pirate Treasure Chest Red (D50)
    Safari Lifestyle Collection (Q)
    Skeleton at the Helm (K)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Cyan (S/D50)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Pink (X)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Red (D50)
    Tangaroa-Ru Tiki Idol Yellow (D150)
    Tiki Tiki Tiki Fountain (D800)
    Adventureland (4/9) Pin (Q)
    The Enchanted Tiki Room (3/9) Pin (D25)
    The Pirates of the Caribbean (6/9) Pin(D25)
    Jungle Cruise Talking Toucan Pin (X/D250)
    Jungle Cruise Lounging Lion Pin (X/prize)
    Jungle Cruise Zebra Stripes Pin (X/D1000)
    Hong Kong Adventureland Pin (X/D250)

    Buried Treasure Map (D40)
    Crocodile Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (D40)
    Gorilla Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Q)
    Jolly Roger Flag (D40)
    Jolly Roger Fridge Magnet (D40)
    Jungle River Poster (D40)
    Lion Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (D40)
    Rhino Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (Q)
    Toucan Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster (D40)
    Treehouse Poster (D40)
    Explorer's Jacket Green (1st release) (X/D500)
    Explorer's Jacket Green (2nd release) (X/D1000)
    Explorer's Jacket Yellow (X/D500)
    Explorer's Jacket With Camera Green (1st release) (X/D550)
    Explorer's Jacket With Camera Green (2nd release) (X/D1100)
    Explorer's Jacket With Camera Yellow (X/D1000)
    Explorer's Shorts Green (1st release) (X/D200)
    Explorer's Shorts Green (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Explorer's Shorts Yellow (X/D250)
    Explorer's Boots (1st and 2nd release) (X/D500)

    Golden Horseshoe Mercantile (Frontierland)
    Ace of Spades Carpet (Q)
    Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter (pair) (Q)
    Big Thunder Ranch Shower (D400)
    Cactus Arm Chair Green (Q)
    Cactus Arm Chair Sea Green (X)
    Cactus Lamp (D400)
    Coffin Couch (D50)
    Coffin Teleporter (pair) (D500)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Beige (D100)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Green (S/D100)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Purple (D200)
    Davey Crockett's Canoe Couch Red (X)
    Glow in the Dark Tombstone (D300)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Black (D250)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Blue (D50)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Red (Q)
    Golden Horseshoe Saddle Seats Yellow (D100)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Blue (D400)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Green (D550)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Magenta (Q)
    Grand Ballroom Ghostly Organ Orange (X)
    Madame Leota's Books(D500)
    Madame Leota's Crystal Ball (D2000)
    Madame Leota's Table Blue (X)
    Madame Leota's Table Green (D300)
    Madame Leota's Table Purple (D150)
    Madame Leota's Table Red (D800)
    Master Gracie's Grandfather Clock (Q)
    Roulette Coffee Table (X)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Beige (S/D300)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Green (D300)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Purple (D500)
    Tom Sawyer's Island Tee Pee Red (X)
    Tombstone Room Divider (D200)
    Wanted Poster (Q)
    Water Trough (D1000)
    The Haunted Mansion (1/9) Pin (D25)
    The Haunted Mansion Gravedigger Pin (X/D500 - sold during maze event only)
    The Haunted Mansion Madame Leota Pin (X/D500/also maze event prize)
    The Haunted Mansion Master Gracey Pin (X/D500/also maze event prize)
    The Haunted Mansion The Bride in the Attic Pin (X/D500)
    The Haunted Mansion Hitchhiking Ezra Pin (X/D500)
    Cow Skull Souvenir (D1000)
    Critter Country Hunting Trophy Poster (D40)
    Make Your Own Shooting Gallery Target (D40)
    Sitting Duck Vulture (D40)
    Cowboy Hat (1st release) (X/D500)
    Cowboy Hat (2nd release) (X/D1000)
    Cowboy Pants (1st release) (X/D200)
    Cowboy Pants (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Cowboy Shirt Black (1st release) (X/D200)
    Cowboy Shirt Black (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Cowboy Shirt Brown (1st release) (X/D200)
    Cowboy Shirt Brown (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Cowboy Shirt with Vest Black (1st release) (X/D200)
    Cowboy Shirt with Vest Black (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Cowboy Shirt with Vest Brown (1st release) (X/D200)
    Cowboy Shirt with Vest Brown (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Haunted Mansion Jacket Black (X/D500)
    Haunted Mansion Jacket Grey (X/D500)
    Haunted Mansion Shoes Black (X/D500)
    Haunted Mansion Shoes Grey (X/D500)
    Haunted Mansion Tophat (X/D1000)
    Haunted Mansion Trousers Black (X/D500)
    Haunted Mansion Trousers Grey (X/D500)
    Native American Boots (1st release) (X/D200)
    Native American Boots (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Native American Headdress (1st and 2nd release) (X/D1000)
    Native American Vest (1st release) (X/D200)
    Native American Vest (2nd release) (X/D500)

    "it's a small world" Imports (Fantasyland)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Blue (X)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Green (D150)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Purple (Q)
    Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair Yellow (D150)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Cyan (X)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Pink (D50)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Red (D150)
    Ariel's Treasure Chest Yellow (X)
    Bubbling Cauldron (D600)
    Glass Slipper Seat Black (S/D100)
    Glass Slipper Seat Blue (D100)
    Glass Slipper Seat Pink (X)
    Glass Slipper Seat Red (D250)
    Glass Slipper Seat Yellow (X)
    Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree (D250)
    Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Blue (X)
    Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Green (D150)
    Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Purple (D50)
    Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair Red (X)
    Hearts Playing Card Carpet (D50)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Blue (X)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Green (D50)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Pink (Q)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Purple (S/D50)
    Huntsman's Heartless Hamper Chair Yellow (D250)
    Lumiere (D150)
    Maleficent Stone Throne (D200)
    Prince Phillip's Briarstone (Q)
    Queen of Hearts Stretch Throne (D200)
    Spades Playing Card Carpet (D50)
    Sword in the Stone (D50)
    Tea Cup Seat Cyan (D100)
    Tea Cup Seat Green (X)
    Tea Cup Seat Orange (S/D100)
    Tea Cup Seat Pink (D250)
    Tea Cup Seat Red (D100)
    Tea Cup Seat Yellow (D100)
    Tea Cup Teleporter (set) Blue (D500)
    Aladdin Pin (D25)
    Alice in Wonderland Pin (D25)
    Cinderella Pin (D25)
    Dumbo Pin (D25)
    Fantasyland Castle (2/9) Pin (D250)
    Hong Kong Fantasyland Pin (D250)
    it's a small world (9/9) Pin (D25)
    Snow White Pin (D25)
    The Matterhorn (7/9) Pin (D25)
    Lady and the Tramp Bumper Sticker (D1000)
    Magic Mirror (Q)
    Maleficent's Wall Lamp (D40)
    Prince Phillip's Coat Hook (D40)
    Storybookland Poster (D40)
    Princess Bodice Blue (X/D500)
    Princess Bodice Pink (1st release) (X/D250)
    Princess Bodice Pink (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Princess Bodice Yellow (1st release) (X/D200)
    Princess Bodice Yellow (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Princess Hat (Ears) (X/D1000)
    Princess Hooped Skirt Blue (X/D500)
    Princess Hooped Skirt Pink (1st release) (X/D250)
    Princess Hooped Skirt Pink (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Princess Hooped Skirt Yellow (1st release) (X/D200)
    Princess Hooped Skirt Yellow (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Princess Slippers Blue (X/D500)
    Princess Slippers Pink (1st release) (X/D250)
    Princess Slippers Pink (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Princess Slippers Yellow (1st release) (X/D250)
    Princess Slippers Yellow (2nd release) (X/D500)
    Princess Tiara (1st, 2nd and 3rd release) (X/D500)

    Star Trader's Shop (Tomorrowland)
    Aquarium Water Cooler (D50)
    Asteroid Chair (D75)
    Astro Orbiter Lamp (D400)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Blue (S/D500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Cyan (D500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Gray (D500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Green (D>500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Pink (Q)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Red (D500)
    Captain Nemo's Chair Yellow (D500)
    Crater Couch (D150)
    Flying Saucer Chair Black (D250)
    Flying Saucer Chair Cyan (X/D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Dark Blue (D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Green (X/D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Light Blue (S/D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Magenta (D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Orange (S/D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Purple (D100)
    Flying Saucer Chair Yellow (D100)
    Rocketship Couch Black (X)
    Rocketship Couch Cyan (X)
    Rocketship Couch Dark Blue (X)
    Rocketship Couch Green (X)
    Rocketship Couch Light Blue (X)
    Rocketship Couch Magenta (Q)
    Rocketship Couch Orange (X)
    Rocketship Couch Purple (X)
    Rocketship Couch Yellow (X)
    Stitch's Teleporter (pair) (Q)
    Underwater Organ Blue (X)
    Underwater Organ Brown (D400)
    Underwater Organ Green (D550)
    Underwater Organ Pink (D400)
    Autopia Pin (D25)
    Hong Kong Tomorrowland Pin (D250)
    Rocketship Pin (D25)
    Tomorrowland (8/9) Pin (Q)
    Tomorrowland Flying Saucer Retro Pin (1/5) (X/D1000)
    Tomorrowland Motor Boat Retro Pin (4/5) (X/D1000)
    Tomorrowland People Mover Retro Pin (2/5) (X/D500)
    Tomorrowland Skyway Retro Pin (3/5) (X/D1000)
    Tomorrowland Submarine Voyage Retro Pin (5/5) (X/D250)
    20,000 Leagues Poster (D40)
    Flying Saucer Poster (D40)
    Monorail Poster (D1000)
    Space Mountain Poster (D40)
    Baseball Cap (D500, clothing section now)
    Deep Sea Diver Helmet (D2000)
    Deep Sea Diving Boots (X/Airlock Escape game prize)
    Deep Sea Diving Jacket (X/Airlock Escape game prize)
    Deep Sea Diving Trousers (X/Airlock Escape game prize)
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Yellow (X/Blast in Space prize)
    Spacesuit Gold (Helmet, Top, Bottom, Boots? (X/D2000/Blast in Space prize)

    VMK Central (Main Street)
    Camera and 3 Film (D200)
    Film (Pack of 5) (D200)
    Photo Album (D100)

    Boot Hill Shooting Gallery (D500)
    Explorer's Tent (Q)
    Haunted Mansion Conservatory (Q)
    Mad Hatter's Tea Party (D500)
    Maleficent's Evil Fortress (D500)
    Nautilus Submarine Room (D500)
    Pirate Prison (Q)
    Skull Rock (K)
    Space Mountain Guest Room (X)
    Tiki Tiki Tiki Room (D500)
    Tomorrowland Outerspace (D500)

    No Store Yet
    Adventureland Quest Pin (Q)
    Captain's Quarters Couch (Q)
    Crow's Nest Barstool (Q)
    Crow's Nest Barstool Pole (Q)
    Fantasyland Quest Pin (Q)
    Flaming Ransacked Window (Q)
    Frontierland Quest Pin (Q)
    Herbie Couch (X/DVD promotion)
    Herbie Jacket (F) (X/DVD promotion)
    Herbie Jacket (M) (X/DVD promotion)
    Herbie Pants (X/DVD promotion)
    Herbie Poster (X/DVD promotion)
    Herbie Shoes (X/DVD promotion)
    Pirate Insider Tour Pin (Q)
    Pirate's Treasure Small Rug (Q)
    Seagulls Nest Pirate Hat (Q)

    some items that I was able to discover recently
    50th Chair Blue (X)
    50th Chair Green (X)
    50th Chair Red (X)
    50th Chair Yellow (X)
    50th Lamp (X)
    Bandana (X)
    Bear Rug (X)
    Contemporary Hotel Pin (X)
    Cowboy Shirt Grey (X)
    Cowboy Shirt Red (X)
    Cowboy Shirt With Vest Grey (X)
    Cowboy Shirt With Vest Red (X)
    Disney Cruise Travel Chest Cyan (X)
    Disney Cruise Travel Chest Green (X)
    Disney Cruise Travel Chest Red (X)
    Disney Cruise Travel Chest Yellow (X)
    Disney Travel Pin (X)
    Disney Travel T-Shirt Blue (X)
    Disney Travel T-Shirt Green (X)
    Disney Travel T-Shirt Red (X)
    Explorer's Jacket Khaki (X)
    Explorer's Jacket With Camera Khaki (X)
    Explorer's Shorts Khaki (X)
    Grand Californian Hotel Pin (X)
    Haunted Mansion Jacket Brown (X)
    Haunted Mansion Shoes Brown (X)
    Haunted Mansion Trousers Brown (X)
    Hong Kong DL Hollywood Hotel Pin (X)
    Hong Kong Hooded Pullover Blue (X)
    Hong Kong Hooded Pullover Green (X)
    Hong Kong Hooded Pullover Red (X)
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Cyan (X)
    Hong Kong Paper Lantern Magenta (X)
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Cyan (X)
    Hong Kong Ship Chair Magenta (X)
    Hong Kong T-Shirt Green (X)
    Hong Kong T-Shirt Red (X)
    Jungle Cruise Golden Giraffe Pin (X)
    Jungle Cruise Laughing Hyena Pin (X)
    Mission Space Helmet (X)
    Mission Space Pants (X)
    Mission Space Shoes (X)
    Mission Space Vest (X)
    Moderator Exclusive Blue Mickey Ears (X)
    Moderator Exclusive Green Mickey Ears (X)
    Paradise Pier Hotel Pin (X)
    Peter Pan Hat (X)
    Pirate Boots (X)
    Pirate Costume (X)
    Pirate Hat with Parrot (X)
    Pirate Hat (X)
    Pirate Jacket With Vest (X)
    Pirate Jacket (X)
    Pirate Pants (X)
    Pirate Shoes (X)
    Polynesian Resort Pin (X)
    Skate Shoes (X)
    Superhero Mask (X)
    Superhero Pants Green (X)
    Superhero Pants Pink (X)
    Superhero Pants Purple (X)
    Superhero Pants Teal (X)
    Superhero Shirt Green (X)
    Superhero Shirt Pink (X)
    Superhero Shirt Purple (X)
    Superhero Shirt Teal (X)
    Superhero Shoes (X)
    Thrill Seeker Chair (X)


    place the crate then add a rug or a chair to it, you can also group crates together and place rug(s)on top to create a dance floor


    WINDOWS XP(try with other versions may work)

    Click on the Print Screen button on your keyboard
    then open up Paint, go to start-all programs-accessories-paint
    then when paint opens go to Edit and click on paste
    you should then have your screen shot ...you can edit it now and save it to your pictures. Then you can upload it to:

    and then hyperlink to post

    when you posting you click on insert image tab and when the screen pops up you paste your link to the site that is hosting your photo. Like imagestation.

    :wizard: QUESTS

    You now get a Quest Tour Voucher when you find all 50 Mickeys you will need 1 voucher for every 2 people going on the tour. Go to VMK Central as soon as the Park opens to book your Tour.

    :wizard: VMK CENTRAL DisneyLand

    right outside Innoventions
    :wizard: VMK CENTRAL WDW

    Main Street Cinema shop on the right side of Main Street between Town Square and Center Street.(thanks Bob Richman)

    Other Tour and Quest FAQ's

    :wizard: You need to get to VMK Central as soon after the Park opens as possible...the Tour's fill up fast.

    :wizard: Tour cards and Vouchers are now only good for TWO people so if you have more than two you will need the approiate number of vouchers or tour cards for the amount of people doing the tour.

    :wizard: you can only do the Tour and the Quests once every 90 days per person per ticket this applies to AP's if you have a day ticket or another type of ticket media it is still once evey 90 days but if you use a different ticket technically you could tour/quest sooner.(although some have been reported to have been turned away by the Tour Guide)

    VMK QUEST ANSWERS and Prizes
    thanks Mousefan for help with the Questions and Answers

    List of Quest prizes(thanks SpinMarty and Loweyan)Disneyland or Disneyworld

    Quest and Tour Cards
    Series 1 (30 cards)
    01 - Disneyland Golden Show Designer Collection (all Gold: "D" Rope, Turnstile, Penny Press, PhilHarmagic Theater Chair, Scoreboard, and Random Number Generator)Obtained by taking the VMK insider tour (earned by completing all 4 quests in park) Each tour participant gets one of these.

    02 - Madame Leota's Crystal Ball Collection (Leota's red table, crystal ball, candle set) (obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    03 - Aladdin's Flying Carpet Chair (purple) (Adventureland quest level 1 prize)

    04 - Haunted Mansion Ghostly Organ (magenta)(obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    05 - Invisibility Magic Spell(obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    06 - Haunted Mansion Conservatory Guest Room(obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    07 - Stitch's Tomorrowland Teleporter (Tomorrowland quest level 2 prize)

    08 - Tomorrowland Rocketship Couch (Magenta)(Tomorrowland quest level 1 prize)

    09 - Tomorrowland Teleportation Magic Spell(Tomorrowland quest Level 2 prize)

    10 - Captain Nemo's Nautilus Chair (pink) (obtained by achieving a high score in the castle fireworks game)

    11 - Adventureland Retro Pin (Adventureland quest level 2 prize)

    12 - Adventureland Explorer's Suitcase Sofa (Adventureland quest level 3 prize)

    13 - Master Gracey's Grandfather Clock (obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    14 - Jungle Cruise Explorer's Tent Guest Room (obtained by achieving a high score in the Jungle cruise game or by answering trivia on the jungle cruise portion of the tour)

    The following 5 cards are given out on the jungle cruise portion of the VMK insider tour.
    15 - Adventureland Jungle Cruise Hippo Rug
    16 - Adventureland Safari Lifestyle Collection (safari hat, canteen, binoculars - The set hangs on the wall)
    17 - Adventureland Safari carpet (purple)
    18 - Gorilla Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster
    19 - Rhino Jungle Cruise Photo Safari Poster

    20 - Frontierland Ace of Spades Carpet (Frontierland quest level 1 prize)

    21 - Frontierland Cactus Armchair (light neon green) (Frontierland quest level 2 prize)

    22 - Frontierland Saddle Seats Sofa (red) (Frontierland quest level 3 prize)

    23 - Big Thunder Mountain Teleporter (obtained on VMK insider tour - Once again a trivia question during the tour )

    24 - Haunted Mansion Rocking Chair (purple) (obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    25 - Fantasyland Castle Retro Pin (Fantasyland quest level 1 prize)

    26 - Prince Phillip's Briarstone (Fantasyland quest level 2 prize)

    27 - Huntsman's Heartless Hamper (pink) (Fantasyland quest level 3 prize)

    28 - Haunted Mansion Graveyard Tree (obtained on VMK insider tour - each person gets one for completing the Haunted Mansion quest on the tour)

    29 - 500 VMK credits(obtained on VMK insider tour - Once again a trivia question during the tour - the vmk employee was not certain of this one)

    30 - VMK Insider Tour (prize for completing all four quests; awards a VIP badge)

    :wizard: BE SURE AND ASK FOR YOUR CARD(S) when you make a purchase the CM may or may not give them to you
    Special "gift with purchase" cards:
    Series 1 (6 cards)
    1 - Fantasyland Magic Mirror (only available at Disneyland) (Purchase any magic trick at the Main Street Magic Shop)
    2 - Happiest Celebration On Earth Pin (Purchase any pin at the Astro Blasters store in Tomorrowland)
    3 - Golden Mickey Ears (Purchase gold mickey ears at any Disneyland hat shop except the one in the Star Trader)
    4 - Frontierland Wanted Poster(only available at WDW) (see below))
    5 - Retro Mickey T-Shirt (white) (Purchase any T-shirt in the Star Trader in Tomorrowland)
    6 - Disneyland Retro Penny Press (red) (Purchase candy at the Pooh Corner Honey Spot in Critter Country)
    Disney World
    Special "gift with purchase" cards:
    Series 1 (6 cards)
    1 - Fantasyland Magic Mirror (only available in Disneyland) (see above)
    2 - Happiest Celebration On Earth Pin (MK: buy a pin from the Trading Post in Frontierland)
    3 - Golden Mickey Ears (MK: buy a hat at the Chapeau on Main Street)
    4 - Frontierland Wanted Poster (only available at WDW) (MK: buy a photo from Splash Mountain or Buzz Lightyear's Astro Blasters)
    5 - Retro Mickey T-Shirt (MK: buy a shirt at Sir Mickey's in Fantasyland)
    6 - Disneyland Retro Penny Press (MK: buy candy from the Trading Post in Frontierland)

    :wizard: to see these you must left click and hold down your mouse button then drag your curser down.

    WDW in-park Quests:WDW in-park Quests:

    -------------------------Adventureland Answers---------------------------

    1. When explorers leave their tent to roam, which jungle cruise
    animals make themselves at home?

    2.High in Agrabah's desert skies, how many
    of Aladdin's magic CARPETS rise?

    3.In the pirate fortress, keep to the right. What game do the dead men
    play day and night?

    4.Of all the animals the pirates set free, which are the two you will
    not see?
    (A)Ducks and Geese

    5.Three swiss brothers live high in a tree.
    What are the names of the adventurous three?

    6.Some pirate swabs got locked away, but man's best friend will
    save the day! How many KEYS hang beneath the ring clenched in
    our hero's teeth?

    7.This skipper of the junior jungle boats is the master of anything
    that floats. (Hint: he's also the skipper on the jungle cruise photo
    safari boats in the VMK online game.)
    (A)Shrunken Ned

    8.Several persons are missing from the jungle cruise, whom
    should you tell the news?
    (A)The Governor General’s office

    9.Now multiply the CARPETS by the number of KEYS, by the
    number of SHIPS on Zanzibar seas?

    -----------------------Frontierland Answers-------------------------------

    1.Most Folks say this was the year the hardware store came to the

    2.Before you enter big thunder mine,
    What letters make up the overhead sign?

    3.How many diamonds sparkle and shine WITHIN the letters of the
    "Diamond Horseshoe" sign? (Most of the time!)

    4.Tom and Huck sailed many a raft, but which of these AIN"T one of
    their craft?
    (A)Aunt Polly

    5.At tellin' Tall Tales, Pecos Bill's the best.
    Which rule AIN'T part of his code of the west?
    (A)Don't brand another man's cattle

    6.Before you end your quest and stake your claim, what's Texas
    John's famous last name?

    7.Ol' Tom Hubbard loved the west, so this is where he's laid to rest?
    (Hint: In the VMK you can own this Wild West location as your Guest room)
    (A)Frontierland Shootin' Arcade

    8.Old Curley McKay's in an outlaw gang. Where does his wanted
    poster hang?
    (A)The waiting room of the Frontierland Railroad Station

    9.Brer Fox has been know for to swindle a pin...what's the reward for
    turnin' him in?
    (A) $1000

    --------------------------Fantasyland Answers----------------------------

    1.Beyond the castle's mighty gates, La Fontaine de Cendrillon
    awaits. Six animals greet the princess when you arrive, but which
    one is different from the other five?
    (A)The bird in her hand

    2.Outside Peter Pan's Flight, what is Tick Tock
    the Crocodile holding tight?

    3.Even Sir Mickey may become a knight, but which weapon
    would a tailor fight?

    4.Seek the sword that stands alone, the one that's buried in the
    stone. Search the stone and you can tell, which enchanter cast this

    5.Every Haus has a chimney, but how many
    on Pinocchio's can you see?

    6.Which topiary characters stand outside the mad tea party spinning
    (A)Alice, March Hare, Mad Hatter

    7.When you begin the adventure of snow white, study the mural
    within your sight. As the princess in peril waits nearby, count the
    daggers that meet your eye...

    8.Visit the castle gallery before you depart, and discover the
    name of this ancient jewelry-making art.

    9.Find Lucifer lurking in the castle hall by counting the black cats
    on the mosaic wall?

    -----------------------------Haunted Mansion Answers (WDW)-------------

    1. Along hte path to this ghoulish dwelling, look to see what Leota's selling. She offers her services from a travelling show, but which one's missing from the list below?
    c. Tarot cards
    prize: madam leota's crystal ball collection

    2. To become a ghost you must explore, the portrait gallery without window or door. Each death revealed is quite grisly to the core, but which end is not among the ghastly four?
    d. an electric shock
    prize: invisibility magic pin

    3. This rocking chair has a mysterious print, look at it closely and you'll see a hint. For online players this object's forbidden, but you can win it by spotting what's hidden?
    b. hidden face
    prize: haunted mansion rocking chair

    4. If you can find this cadaverous clock, this riddle is yours to easily unlock. It's little hand is a severed finger, but at which hour does it linger?
    d. 13 o' clock
    prize: Master Gracey's grandfather clock

    5. Within the Grand Hall there's a swinging wake, it's an otherworldly party make no mistake. But if you can guess this ghostly occasion, you'll win the virtual organ for your own celebration
    b. a "death-day" party
    prize: haunted mansion ghostly organ

    6. Beneath the graveyard's spooky trees, a terrified caretaker has shaking knees. THe familiar expression on his frightened face, you've seen today in which other place?
    d. The explorer getting the Rhino's point on the Jungle Cruise
    prize: haunted mansion graveyard tree

    Tomorrowland Rocketship Couch
    1. From surface to skyline, from border to border, Tomorrowland is home to which Loyal Order?
    *Little green beings

    2. On which colored line did you board, if Tomorrowland you "glided-toured?"
    *The Blue line

    3. The Robo-News boy never leaves his position. What's the price of the Earth edition?
    *75 cents

    Stitich's Tomorrowland Teleporter
    4. While the claw is descending, time seems to be frozen...how many aliens wait to be chosen?

    4. From the Tomorrowland Terrace, make some stops, to see who conducts the Martian Pops?
    *Leonard Burnedstar

    6. The Cool Scanner Interptrets Galactic Code, and reveals the Cool Ships are in which mode?
    *Intercept mode

    Tomorrowland Teleportation Magic Spell
    7. Where in Tomorrowland might you find, Marble sculptures from Mercury that are one of a kind?
    *The Space Collectibles Convention

    8. If you're a part of the Galactic Federation, you'll know that this is not a rule of teleportation.
    *Multi-headed prisoners are allowed visitors only during visiting hours

    9. Now multiply the number of Aliens by the cost of the news, by the number of rockets with astro views.

    ------------------------------Some WDW Tour Trivia----------------------

    Trivia questions for out tour included:
    M.T.Lott Real Estate - how much did Walt buy WDW for? $80,000
    What is the first animal u see on the jungle cruise?
    *In VMK-
    *In WDW-Butterfly
    Which two lands are left to open?
    Who skippers the boats?
    *Shrunken Ned
    Which park does not have a Jungle cruise?
    Name all of the teleporters.
    Which park's castle is the inspiration for the virtual castle?
    Name all the trains on Big Thunder Mountain.
    *The names of the six trains are: U.B. Bold, U.R. Daring, U.R. Courageous, I.M. Brave, I.B. Hearty and I.M. Fearless.

    The Pirates of the Caribbean Quest WDW
    1) As you weigh anchor and set sail from the pier, remember the sights you see and the sounds that you hear. "Dead men tell no tales," an eery voice calls. But how many times does it echo off the walls?

    Three Times

    2)As you enter the marketplace ye scallywags beware! Of musket lead flying through the air! One sign is the target of a bullet's aim, but what exactly does the sign proclaim?


    3) Yo-ho, ye landlubbers who don't give a hoot, watch for pirates stealing the loot. They carry their plunder as they chase round and round, and all of these objects - EXCEPT ONE - can be found?

    Barrel of rum

    4) As he steps to his boat he's unsure of his tread, perhaps this pirate has too many hats on his head! This buccaneer's hat tower teeters into the sky, but exactly how many has he piled high?


    5) Where pirate swabs are locked away, man's best friend will save they day! Only the dog keeping watch can he set them free, but with which three objects do the scallywags plea?

    Bone, Rope, Mug

    6) This next question is quite hard you know, and will keep me hearties searching HIGH and low! Look ABOVE the entry to the Treasury room. Over the coat of arms, which of these does loom?

    Knight's Helmet

    Disneyland Park Quest Answers
    Question #1
    26 (answer box #1)
    Question #2
    1845 (answer #2)
    Question #3
    The Assay office (answer #2)
    Question #4
    $750 (answer #1)
    Question #5
    A hangman's noose (answer #2)
    Question #6
    Brer Bear with a fishing pole (answer #4)

    Question #1
    Sleeping Beauty (answer box #1)
    Question #2
    The Evil Queen (answer #1)
    Question #3
    May 27, 1978 (answer #1)
    Question #4
    Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella (box #3)
    Question #5
    The Loch Ness Monster (box #2)
    Question #6
    As a topiary in front on "it's a small world" (box #4)

    Question #1
    Gorillas (box #2)
    Question #2
    WH11204 (box #1)
    Question #3
    Maui (box #2)
    Question #4
    Rajah'sMint Penny Press (box #1)
    Question #5
    Stung by a scorpion (box #4)
    Question #6
    A toucan (box #4)

    (Thx Pharoah6905)

    Disneyland Haunted Mansion Quest Answers:

    (Thx echo42)

    Question 1#
    An Electric Shock

    Question 2#
    Hidden Face

    Question 3#
    13 O'Clock

    Question 4#

    Question 5#
    A 'death-day' party

    Question 6#
    The Gravedigger

    TomorrowLand Quest1
    Tomorrowland Rocketship couch
    1. What is the name, can you recall...of tomorrowland's rocketship standing tall?

    2.Which Star Tours flight has our quests dismayed, Because its departure is slightly delayed?

    Flight 7 Coruscant

    3. The Carousel of Progress in circles does spin, But in which year did the spinning begin?
    Class of 67

    Stitch's Tomorrowland Teleporter
    4. In this attraction you become a Space Ranger, Saving the galaxy from evil and danger.(But do you know what makes the targets light up?)
    your online partner who's helping you score extra points

    5.If you can find the Treehouse of Technology, then you'll know the occasion for the party you see.
    A birthday

    6. Which of these attractions came alive, on July 17th nineteen fifty-five?

    Tomorrowland Teleportation Magic Spell
    7. Count up the neo Space Mickeys, spinning rockets and then, Add this to the sum of StarTraders' little green men.

    Original question #7 was Mickeys + Rockets + Green Men, 33 (9+12+12). Now it's Mickeys + Rockets, 21

    8. They were all once part of Tomorrowland, But which one was the first to stand?
    House of the Future

    9. These futuristic vehicles travel by land, sea, and air, but on the Tomorrowland posters, which one's not there?
    Rocket Rods

    TomorrowLand Quest 2

    QuestionsFrontierland and Critter Country Quest 2 DIsneyLAnd

    #1 Count how many rubies sparkle and shine, on the Golden Horseshoe sign (most of the time)?

    #2 Most folks say this was the year the Fireworks Company came to the Frontier?


    #3 Locate Rainbow Ridge around this rock formation, and find which building is at this destination?

    The Assay Office

    #4 Signs give direction to the brave pioneer, but which WON'T you find on this frontier?

    Sedona Mining Supplies Co.

    #5 In CRITTER COUNTRY find Tom's lookout point, where the view across the river won't disappoint. But what WON'T you see HANGING on Tom Sawyer Island?

    A hangman's noose

    #6 In CRITTER COUNTRY creatures abound, but which wooden animal can NOT be found?


    Pirate Insider Tour Pin

    1.As ye Landlubbers weigh anchor, and set sail at twilight, lean back and relax in the calm Louisanna night. In this tranquil bayou with twinkling fly, what other creatures can you spy? Alligator

    Crows nest bar stool

    2. These swashbuckling buccaneers are rascals ofthe oceans, ravaging ships and causing explosions, In the battle scene with the large Pirate boat, how many wrecked ships no longer float? 2

    Seagull's nest Pirate Hat

    3. This next question is quiet hard you know, and will keep me hearties searching high and low! Of all the animials that the Pirates set free, which are the two you will never see? Ducks and geese

    Flaming Ransacked Window

    4. Where Pirate Swaqbs are locked away, man's best friend will save the day!
    Only the dog keeping watch can set them free~~but with which three objects do the scallywags plea? Bone, rope and a mug

    Pirates Treasure Rug

    5. Heaving and ho-ing to get the job done, the plundering pirates Flinch gold by the ton. One of them has an impressive tatoo, name the design and your quest is nearly through. Anchor

    Captain Quarters Couch

    6. Before you abandon ship for shore, Take a look around once more. Yo-Ho!
    We're returning to where our ship started! What is the name of the dock from which we departed? Lafitte's Landing

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------Series #2 answers please someone get me the questions thanks

    Adventureland Quest:

    1. WH11204
    2. Rajah's Mint Penny-Press
    3. Maui
    4. Stung by a scorpion
    5. Mrs. Potts & Chip
    6. A Hornbill

    Frontierland Quest:

    1. 40
    2. 1845
    3. The Assay Office
    4. Sedona Mining Supplies Co.
    5. A hangman's noose
    6. Coyote

    Fantasyland Quest:

    1. Sleeping Beauty
    2. The Evil Queen
    3. as a topiary in front on "it's a small world"
    4. Beauty and the Beast & Cinderella
    5. The Loch Ness Monster
    6. May 27, 1978

    Pirate Quest: NOTE: Leaving Disneyland Resort Near Thankgiving

    1. Alligator
    2. 2
    3. Ducks and geese
    4. Bone, Rope, Mug
    5. Anchor
    6. Lafitte's Landing

    Tomorrowland Quest:

    1. moonliner
    2. flight 7 coruscant
    3. class of 67
    4. Your online partner
    5. A birthday
    6. Autopia
    7. 21
    8. House of the future
    9. Rocket Rods


    1-Indiana Jones Adventure awaits
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  3. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam Dexter: Takes Life. Seriously.

    Jun 3, 2000
    DH had his character born in MK and received nothing extra for it.
    Are the extras only once it officially begins? Or maybe just in DL?
    I even asked the CM at the time and she did not hear of anything extra.
  4. liznboys

    liznboys <font color="red">I wish upon stars!<br><font colo

    Jan 30, 2004
    Wow, all the info, in one place! Great job, thanks!! ::yes::
  5. Laurajean1014

    Laurajean1014 <font color=blue>WISH Biggest Loser/Blue Team<br><

    Jun 28, 2001
    Am I the only one who cannot get in?

    Ok. Downloaded the shockwave (although I have many already :sad2: )
    Now I have black screen? Is this a game or a joke? :teeth:
  6. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999

    No he should have gotten them all...have him report it he can use the help tab.

    hope they clear that up...

  7. Luv2Roam

    Luv2Roam Dexter: Takes Life. Seriously.

    Jun 3, 2000
    Will try. Thanks.
  8. bengalbelle

    bengalbelle Geaux Tigers!<br><font color=blue>Will post anywhe

    Jan 10, 2005
    Mal, sent you a PM :)
  9. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    try reloading by this I mean going back to the sign in page and resigning in...sometimes I have to do this numerous times to get in.

    hope that helps

  10. princessash2323

    princessash2323 Mouseketeer

    Jul 1, 2003
    what do you mean set your character up in a park??
    is that the Born in PArk stufff
  11. JeanJoe

    JeanJoe <font color=red>VMK Community Leader!</font color>

    Apr 27, 2005
    Yes, there are places in the real-world parks where you can create Virtual Magic Kingdom characters. Those characters get some goodies, like black mouse ears and a unique VMK badge when you click on them.
  12. goofyandplutoluver

    goofyandplutoluver <font color=deeppink> Pick <img src=http://photopo

    Mar 4, 2005
    lol a game!!

    thanks for all of that stuff up there

    Emma ^_^
  13. Haluci

    Haluci <font color=blue>Don't bother me, I'm trying to ty

    Jun 24, 2005
    May I add some stragety for the Pirates game?
    Stragety is miles apart from playing against PirateShip computer players and playing with humans. I'll start with stragety against PirateShip computer players first.

    PirateShips are not very smart. First, at the start of the game, they just sit where they started until you come close to them. Take this oppurtunity to gain good positions for shooting. Second, they don't shoot very well. When the PirateShips shoot, they shoot directly at you, making no adjustment for your speed or direction. That being said, if you keep moving, they will more often than not miss you. Try circling around the PirateShips, shooting all the while. You might also try bunching the PirateShips together, so if one shoots, it will most likely be blocked by the other. If you practice doing this, PirateShip battles will end fairly quickly everytime.

    Battling with human players is very different. Unlike PirateShips, humans make precise adjustments for speed and distance. To beat human players, you have to take a shot at them when they can't shoot back. Try making it so their front or back faces you, so you can shoot at them and they can't shoot at you.

    NOTE: Ammo pickups are very common in this game, so don't be stingy with your ammo! And don't worry about hitting your teammates, it does no damage.

    Have fun and good luck! pirate:
  14. iNTeNSeBLue98

    iNTeNSeBLue98 DIS Veteran

    Jun 6, 2000
    I'm having a hard time with the Hidden Mickeys. I got the camera and 3 film. I missed taking the monorail picture first, and spent my first three photos at the castle, the one on Main Street by the VMK logo and the music game roof (didn't have another to take the picture behind the stage when I found it.) I didn't earn 10 pitcures. Was that only during a certain time period? I found a code and bought more film (5 pics for 200 credits).
  15. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    I need to change this in the guide the game no longer gives 10 pics you have to buy your film. That really bites because the price also went up and you get less film.

    When you say you found a code is it different from the ones posted in the guide above?
    If so please post.

  16. iNTeNSeBLue98

    iNTeNSeBLue98 DIS Veteran

    Jun 6, 2000
    Thanks for the update. I used the codes already posted on the "multi-use" codes thread.
  17. dash

    dash Mouseketeer

    Oct 18, 2004
    Thanks for the tips and list of hidden mickeys! Film is too expensive, bu I am enjoying the game.
  18. princess-rn

    princess-rn <font color=magenta>"Why, it's like a dream. A won

    Mar 21, 2004
    thanks so much for all the info. This is great!!
  19. SpinMarty

    SpinMarty World's #1 Spin and Marty Fan

    Jul 2, 2005
    Great idea to put all the info in one thread.

    I would, however, suggest that you give people on the vmkforums credit as that is where most of the information came from :teeth:
  20. Maleficent2

    Maleficent2 DIS Veteran

    Sep 15, 1999
    alot of it I complied myself since the Beta started. If you look over the post carefully I did give credit to alot of people.

    One that I failed to was the Hidden Mickey List which did come from VMK and I beleive I gave credit to the first time I posted it.

    I do not mean to step on anyone toes...alot of info is out on the net and available when playing VMK...if anyone feels I did not give them credit I am sorry.

    Just like the furniture post guide I was working on I got that directly from VMK while playing not from another board. It was quiet labor intensive and time consuming and if someone else wanted to post it on another forum I would not mind I posted it to help players play VMK better.

    Again if you feel I stepped on your toes someway I am sorry.

  21. SpinMarty

    SpinMarty World's #1 Spin and Marty Fan

    Jul 2, 2005

    LOL Please don't misunderstand me - you have done a marvelous job. There is alot of information out there and you, and many others, have done a lot of work. Keep up the enthusiasm and I apologize if I seemed arrogant because that was not my intent!
    a truce :wave2:
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