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Villas at Disney's Grand Californian - Room Views

Discussion in 'DVC Resorts' started by bigAWL, Apr 6, 2012.

  1. bigAWL

    bigAWL New Member

    I thought I would start a new thread dedicated to room views from the villas at the Grand Californian. Please post your photos here, and I'll do my best to keep this list up to date. I've started by searching through the other VGC threads looking for photos and found a few, but we've got a LONG way to go. [Update 1/30/2014: we now have at least one photo from just over half of the room numbers. Not bad, but I hope we can continue to grow the list, and even continue to get updates. So please keep posting your new photos even if your room already has some listed here. I think we've already seen some views change with the growth of the trees.]

    Note that the view I listed for each room is based on the direction the villa faces. But lower floor rooms may or may not have an actual view of that location.

    H/A indicates that the room is handicap accessible.

    (Resort Maps and Floor Layouts)
    (Room Numbers From the Outside)
    (Room Layouts and Descriptions)

    Villa - Villa type - View - Pics link

    1502 - 1BR - Paradise Pier
    1504 - STU - Paradise Pier
    1505 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool
    1506 - 2BR - Paradise Pier
    1507 - 1BR - Mariposa Pool
    1508 - 1BR - Paradise Pier
    1509 - STU - Mariposa Pool
    1510 - STU - Paradise Pier
    1514 - 1BR - Redwood Creek H/A (Pics)
    1516 - STU - Redwood Creek H/A
    1518 - 2BR - Redwood Creek
    1520 - STU - Paradise Pier
    1522 - 1BR - Paradise Pier

    2500 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    2502 - 1BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    2504 - STU - Paradise Pier
    2505 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool
    2506 - 2BR - Paradise Pier
    2507 - 1BR - Mariposa Pool
    2508 - 1BR - Paradise Pier
    2509 - STU - Mariposa Pool
    2510 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    2513 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool
    2514 - 1BR - Redwood Creek (Pics)
    2516 - STU - Redwood Creek (Pics)
    2518 - 2BR - Redwood Creek
    2520 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    2522 - 1BR - Paradise Pier

    3500 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics)
    3502 - 1BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    3504 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    3505 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool
    3506 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics)
    3507 - 1BR - Mariposa Pool (Pics)
    3508 - 1BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    3509 - STU - Mariposa Pool (Pics)
    3510 - STU - Paradise Pier
    3513 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool H/A (Pics)
    3514 - 1BR - Redwood Creek (Pics)
    3516 - STU - Redwood Creek (Pics)
    3518 - 2BR - Redwood Creek
    3522 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)

    4500 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    4502 - 1BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    4504 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics) (Pics)
    4505 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool
    4506 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics)
    4507 - 1BR - Mariposa Pool
    4508 - 1BR - Paradise Pier
    4509 - STU - Mariposa Pool
    4510 - STU - Paradise Pier
    4513 - GRV - Mariposa Pool
    4514 - 1BR - Redwood Creek (Pics)
    4516 - STU - Redwood Creek (Pics) (Pics)
    4518 - 2BR - Redwood Creek
    4522 - GRV - Paradise Pier H/A (Pics) (Pics) (Pics)

    5500 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics)
    5502 - 1BR - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics)
    5504 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    5505 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool (Pics)
    5506 - 2BR - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    5507 - 1BR - Mariposa Pool
    5508 - 1BR - Paradise Pier
    5509 - STU - Mariposa Pool
    5510 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics)
    5514 - 1BR - Redwood Creek (Pics) (Pics)
    5516 - STU - Redwood Creek (Pics) (Pics)
    5518 - 2BR - Redwood Creek (Pics)

    6500 - 2BR - Paradise Pier
    6502 - 1BR - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics) (Pics)
    6504 - STU - Paradise Pier (Pics) (Pics) (Pics)

    View from the Paradise Pier Viewing Deck: (Pics)
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  3. monami7

    monami7 New Member

    Thanks for this we are headed for our first trip home in January. I booked a 1br and it doesn't look like there are any bad views!
  4. Homemom

    Homemom New Member

    Our new "home" this week! Thanks so much for this info!!!
  5. las3888

    las3888 New Member

    You have great timing! I was scouring the GCV thread to decide on a view request and found it overwhelming. You have put just what I needed all in one place! Thank you oh so much!!!! I really enjoyed browsing all of the views. I do wish more people would share their pool views. I think there was only one total. Maybe going forward.

    Thank you!!!!
  6. franandaj

    franandaj <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I've got a few that I can add! I will be back over the next who knows when to start posting pictures from my various stays, mostly one bedrooms and studios, but only one bedrooms from now on.
  7. the donut

    the donut New Member

    Additional views from 5500 - the one posted was to show the Goofy's sky school queue when it was brand new, which doesn't really give the room its due. It's a room with a really great view (though perhaps not so great for WOC).


  8. darby888

    darby888 DVC Member

    Here's a few from April 2010. A pool view studio, I believe it's room 3509:

  9. franandaj

    franandaj <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Here are some pictures from room 3514

    Directly out the window of the Master bedroom


    Looking to the left


    Looking to the right

  10. bigAWL

    bigAWL New Member

    Thanks for the contributions. I've updated the first post with links to the new photos. I hope people find this useful.
  11. ValpoCory

    ValpoCory New Member

    I do. It helped me make an informative and detailed room request. Thank you!
  12. mac_tlc

    mac_tlc New Member

  13. taaren

    taaren "There is more treasure in books than in all the p

    View from Room 4500 taken October 2010. This is from the Master bedroom balcony.
  14. Chereya

    Chereya New Member

    Thanks so much for starting this thread! It's a great resource!

    Would you mind including the links to the following 2 posts on the main post? That way you can reference where the room is in relation to the rest of the resort and what the room layout is.

    Resort and floor by floor layouts

    Layouts of the room types

    Both were authored and contributed by DmaxHawk.

  15. mrsmith9

    mrsmith9 New Member

    Which rooms are handicapped accessible?
  16. Chereya

    Chereya New Member

    If you check the list on the first post closely, there are only a few rooms marked as H/A - Handicap Accessible; one of each room type:

    1514 - 1BR - Redwood Creek H/A (Pics)
    1516 - STU - Redwood Creek H/A
    3513 - 2BR - Mariposa Pool H/A
    4522 - GRV - Paradise Pier H/A (Pics) (Pics)

    The active links are above in the first post. I just copy pasted the room number info.
  17. mrsmith9

    mrsmith9 New Member

    View by day:

    View at night:

    The view was better then I thought only being on the 2nd floor.
  18. darby888

    darby888 DVC Member

  19. ToodlesRN

    ToodlesRN Always Dreamin Of Disney

    This is a great room we stayed in it a couple of times!
  20. lowe@massed.net

    lowe@massed.net I live for Disney vacations!

    I am standing on the balcony of 5504 right now, and OMG, what a view! Thanks to this board, I knew what room to request. It's a fantasy come true!
  21. franandaj

    franandaj <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    I'm jealous! If I haven't stayed in that room I can imagine the view! Enjoy! I'm sure it's awesome!

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