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UPDATE! Imagineers Unveil Portrait as a Hint to Upcoming WDW Project

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by crazy4wdw, Nov 15, 2012.

  1. crazy4wdw

    crazy4wdw DIS Veteran

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  3. wiigirl

    wiigirl DIS Veteran

    Awesome! :thumbsup2
  4. Max Rebo

    Max Rebo Active Member

    Is it supposed to look like Donald Sutherland?
  5. Mac4life30

    Mac4life30 Active Member

    Tony Baxter :thumbsup2
  6. kbsmall84

    kbsmall84 Member

    Is it about the new BTMRR series?
  7. Mac4life30

    Mac4life30 Active Member

    Looks like it. I think is in regards to the BTMRR Queue line
  8. LockShockBarrel

    LockShockBarrel Pudge controls the weather.

  9. Peter Pirate 2

    Peter Pirate 2 <font color=red>I may be a Disney curmudgeon but I

    I am really beginning to see why non Disney people laugh their butts off at us...:sick:
  10. karliebug

    karliebug Active Member

    I thought the same thing!
  11. Disneyfreak44

    Disneyfreak44 Active Member

    Ya thats what i thought when it said he loves gold because the first part of btmrr is in a goldmine" so it makes sense.
  12. Pumbaa7287

    Pumbaa7287 <font color=red>I am the great Stone Dragon!<br><f

    Agree with all of you above. Could be an interactive queue element telling the story of his life.
  13. lockedoutlogic

    lockedoutlogic Active Member

    I agree...

    There's just too many seconds, minutes, hours, days, years to pass for something like "News and Rumors" on this board.

    Disney's construction schedule has becoming ridiculously LONG and SLOW....and they don't do as much as they probably could/should with 1.9 Bazillion dollars laying around (they do buy every third party character they can find though :) )

    So sometimes...the straw grasping around here is quite humurous
  14. hygienejean

    hygienejean <font color=blue>Are we still trying to figure out

    A lot of people on that link are guessing Tony Baxter.... I thought it looked like Donald Sutherland too! But after looking at pics of Baxter.... It's a toss up!:confused3
  15. dgundry

    dgundry Disney's In My DNA

    My guess is that it is references to the Western River Expedition and the planned Thunder Mesa expansion...

    First Fantasyland gets its expansion... next up, Frontierland gets an expansion and refresh...
  16. karly05

    karly05 Active Member

    I looked at the link before reading any other posts in this thread, and my immediate reaction was, "It's Donald Sutherland!"
  17. Bob NC

    Bob NC DIS Veteran<br><font color="red">I am a trained pr

    Here’s one hint to the identity of this fine fellow: “His obsession with gold will ultimately lead him to ruin.”

    Maybe it's a new deluxe resort with all gold fixtures. Gold lamps, gold sinks, gold toilets, even a golden shower.
  18. reelmom

    reelmom <font color=blue>If I don't get tagged, I am gonna

    I'm curious so I will follow along.
  19. MJMcBride

    MJMcBride Barely lost is barely found

    clearly it has to do with Big Thunder, interesting

    BTMRR has always needed help at queue so I look forward to this
  20. yooperfan

    yooperfan Active Member

    I think DH has it. He says it is Donald Sutherland, and believes he will star in the Big Thunder Mountain tv series ABC is producing a pilot for. We read about the pilot in the Chicago Tribune. :cool1:
  21. mm1971

    mm1971 DIS Veteran

    I would guess it is related to the BTMRR show as well. It looks like they will be starting to promote it soon to get a buzz going.

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