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*****UK Spending Money Game No1*******

Discussion in 'UK Trip Planning Forum' started by diddldonna, Sep 8, 2012.

  1. diddldonna

    diddldonna DIS Veteran

    Added £3 today after getting some Christmas bits :)
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  3. Wills Mom

    Wills Mom DIS Veteran

    Added another €65 yesterday after another online sale! Woohoo! Ok now that really is the last big amount until after Christmas!
  4. Beep

    Beep My heart and soul live in Florida!

    My neighbour makes beautiful cards so I have bought our Christmas cards fro her rather than the shops. I reckon I saved about £12 so that went in the tin.

    Also saved £21 on three tops I needed for work so that went in too.

    Got a £23 cashback payment from Quidco so,that went in too.

    £56 in one week!
  5. Wills Mom

    Wills Mom DIS Veteran

    Well done!! I added ¬13.40 this morning which was surplus from the grocery budget!
  6. catherine

    catherine <font color=red>Hey not fair, you guys already hav

    Just added £14.35 that I had left over from the week!
  7. baylie666

    baylie666 DIS Veteran

    Added another £13 from a recent shopping trip.
    Been adding all change left in my purse at end of each day and it is ading up. No idea how much though.....:confused3
  8. diddldonna

    diddldonna DIS Veteran

    Went out last night and put in £5.40 that I had left over.
  9. saddler andy

    saddler andy DIS Veteran

    I have been booking the pitches for my Saturday team, so £28/week has gone into the pot.

    I am now at £198.

    Hopefully, in August I shall have all my spending money!

    I also have a tax rebate for my fuel used at work;

    30p x 5000 miles = £1,500 Thanks Mr Taxman!
  10. diddldonna

    diddldonna DIS Veteran

    £20 birthday money going in today xx
  11. Tinkerbell1989

    Tinkerbell1989 DIS Veteran

    Is it too late to join in? I have a tiny little piggy bank with pennies in but i have big plans for our december 2013 trip! I shall getting tin decorating and will start when i finish work!

  12. newlittleminnie

    newlittleminnie DIS Veteran

    Hello :)

    I'd like to join in please :)

    I'm saving for a trip July 2013!

    Today I saved £8 using vouchers on Christmas shopping so that's gone in the tin! :)

    Also found £1 road kill and some loose change in an old coat! Haha

    I have a tip for people too, if you have a large collection of handbags or purses that you haven't used in a while (which I definitely do) have a root around in them and you might be surprised what you find. I found a £20 note in one of mine last month!
  13. diddldonna

    diddldonna DIS Veteran

    Just added £40.60 which is more birthday money and some winnings :)
  14. saddler andy

    saddler andy DIS Veteran

    Won £15 on a scratchcard.

    Bang pot into!
  15. bex7583

    bex7583 DIS Veteran

    my nana donated £30 from her copper jar today !! £10 for each grandkid woo the kids have put that in there tin though ( fuller than mine)
  16. OhanaSam

    OhanaSam DIS Veteran

    Put a couple of pound in the other day and it's my birthday tomorrow so any money I don't spend will go in too, if I have any left :rotfl:

    Not put much in lately as I've been putting any extra money in my savings account, which now has enough to pay off the balance of the holiday:cheer2: So just spending money left to save now, although we might have to change the dates of our trip and therefor will possibly have to pay more for the holiday :sad1:
  17. Wills Mom

    Wills Mom DIS Veteran

    Happy birthday for tomorrow :goodvibes Sorry to hear you might be changing dates for the trip :( Will you be going earlier (yay!) or later (boo!)?

    Added &euro;5.17 yesterday after grocery shopping.
  18. diddldonna

    diddldonna DIS Veteran

    £1.70 added left over from purse, both my tins are getting very heavy :)
  19. Wills Mom

    Wills Mom DIS Veteran

    Woohoo DH was generous this evening and put &euro;15 in my tin that was supposed to be going in his! :) Happy out!
  20. thestevied

    thestevied DIS Veteran

    My wife won £10 on a free scratch card she got from work so that went in.
  21. OhanaSam

    OhanaSam DIS Veteran

    Thank you :) And I've no idea haha I have an interview for an apprenticship at the Leeds Dental Institute and if I get it they have set holiday dates that I would have to go during but I won't know when they are until the interview:confused3

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