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TWILIGHTAHOLICS PART 4!!!!!~*~Lions, Lambs, and Lunar-tics!!!!

Discussion in 'Community Board' started by Caribbeanprincess, Apr 7, 2009.

  1. Caribbeanprincess

    Caribbeanprincess Princess of the Caribbean Seas



    :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome: :welcome:

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  3. MontanaZoo

    MontanaZoo Sup?

    Perfect title! Great pic choice too. :)
  4. Eeyores Butterfly

    Eeyores Butterfly <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Yay for the new thread! Did anybody see the thread on the CB for Twilight Haters? I have never understood that mentality. Why start a clique over something you hate, especially something as silly as a book? Don't people have better things to do with their time?
  5. Caribbeanprincess

    Caribbeanprincess Princess of the Caribbean Seas

    There's a hater thread? I haven't seen it and thank god because if I go in there God knows what I may say. lol
  6. travelmel

    travelmel Blue Banana Vacation Club

    I love the new Anarchy Edward!

    Thanks CP!!

    P.S. Could you please add an icon graphic thingy to the community board so I can find us quick-like a bunny?

    Thanks again!
  7. belle&sebastiansmom

    belle&sebastiansmom New Member

    You picked my title again. I'm so proud. You like me. You really, really like me!:banana:

    But you know we're going to have to keep posting on thread 3 until it's "officially" closed. I can't leave things unfinished. Drives me bonkers.:rotfl:

    How SM sleeps at night knowing MS is incomplete is beyond comprehension!!

    Anyway, welcome to Part 4 of the insanity. I like it here.:cutie:
  8. MontanaZoo

    MontanaZoo Sup?

    I did see it, I think it's an extension of the I hate the Twilight movie thread. I'm thinking ok, more Rob/Edward for us.... :banana:
  9. disneyworldluvr349

    disneyworldluvr349 <font color=purple>Hello, I'm a Twilightaholic<br>

    Yay our new home :-)

    The title is awesome!
  10. Eeyores Butterfly

    Eeyores Butterfly <img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/data/500/509

    Very true!

    It was so funny. I went out to dinner tonight by myself and had New Moon with me. Well, the table next to me they were talking about Twilight. The girl was saying how she saw the movie before reading the books. She loved the books but hated the movie, said the acting was horrible (although did say that Rob was hot).

    I can kind of see it. It's certainly not academy award material. But I figure for many of them this is their first big movie and they had a director who just did not understand it at all. Hopefully with more experience and a new director things will be better.
  11. MontanaZoo

    MontanaZoo Sup?

    Don't you think SM secretly has MS finished at home on her own pc but just won't share....;)
  12. avalon451

    avalon451 Errrr... what?

    Woo Hoo! I'm here! :cool1: GREAT title page, CP! :thumbsup2
  13. My2E's

    My2E's Meanwhile, in a town called Spoons...

    Just wanted to say HI! to everyone on the new thread!

    Got a new ride this weekend. I ended up getting a GMC Acadia. I LOVE it! Took it back to the dealership tonight cause they are installing a DVD player for me tomorrow. I told DD10 that tomorrow afternoon on the way home from picking it up we will have to make sure and bring a DVD to try out.

    Can yall guess what she said she was bringing? :rotfl::lmao::woohoo::banana:

    TWILIGHT!!!!!!! I have created a mini-me monster Twilightaholic!
    (we just watched it again last night by the way!)
  14. MontanaZoo

    MontanaZoo Sup?

    Really, I didn't love (but I liked) the movie until it came out on DVD and I no longer had any expectations of it other than what it is. I only saw it twice in the theater and the first time I was just thinking of what was different and the second time I was distracted. The first time I saw it on DVD, I was really able to appreciate it for itself and Kristen's blinking all the time actually made sense. :)
  15. MontanaZoo

    MontanaZoo Sup?

    I hadn't read Midnight Sun until after I saw the movie either....I think MS makes the movie make a lot more sense.
  16. Mrs. The King

    Mrs. The King Jiggler Owner

    Peeing on the Cullen Tree to make my spot. :cheer2:

    Great Pic and Title!!!!

    Someone stop me from going over to the haters thread. :scared1: Maybe I will infiltrate like a spy and then turn on them!
  17. ArelysAdriana

    ArelysAdriana New Member

    Holy hotness Batman, that picture is niiiiice...way to start the thread off with a bang. :love:

    :rotfl: Best tree to pee on, that's for sure :thumbsup2
  18. Joanna71985

    Joanna71985 <marquee><font color=green>Characters are my frien

    Yay new thread!!
  19. lizbeth374

    lizbeth374 Tagless

    marking my spot!

    love that pic of Rob and those tight jeans...yum!! :cloud9:
  20. Tonya2426

    Tonya2426 <marquee><img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/dat

    LOL I thought the same thing when I saw that picture. :rotfl2::rolleyes1
  21. pooh_bear.614

    pooh_bear.614 New Member

    Just saying hi and how thrilled I am to have found all of you lovely ladies to share my obsession with :rotfl2:

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