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Trip report with the Royal Sea Package in it?

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by KateMW, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. KateMW

    KateMW New Member

    Somebody mentioned they read a trip report where somebody had the Royal Sea Package? My DD is desperately saving her money for this and I wanted to see what people thought about it.

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  3. racingfandj

    racingfandj New Member

    Are you looking for the BBB on the Fantasy? I haven't posted a TR, but we did the Royal Sea Package last summer and can answer questions if you have any.
  4. KateMW

    KateMW New Member

    Yes! First off, did your child enjoy it? How old are they? I know value is all relative, but did you feel like it was "worth it"? Any pictures you have that you would be willing to share, we'd love to see!:cool1:
  5. racingfandj

    racingfandj New Member

    My daughter was three weeks shy of 5 at the time of our cruise and she loved it! She loves all of the extras that came with it too. She uses the trunk for everything. She gets noticed a lot pulling it through airports and gets comments from girls and women of all ages asking where she got it. When we travelled this month with it, we made sure to carry it with us. Although it's nice, sturdy leather, it's irreplaceable to her, so damage to it would be heartbreaking.

    I would say if your budget allows, it was wonderful to do once. Here's some pics. I left some bigger so you could look in the mirror reflection for the trunk and outfits. Others I shrunk for size.



    The hairdos are super gel to get all the baby hair up into them. Hers stayed in through 2 naps, 2 bedtimes, swimming, the aquaduck and zip lining on St. Maarten.

    This was the pirate dress from BBB. We had pictures taken that night from one of the ship's photogs.
  6. hardingk

    hardingk DVC Member since 2007 AKV & BLT

    My DD just turned 4 the week before we sailed and LOVED it! I think it's worth it if your DD wants more then 1 of the packages. The suitcase is really nice! The glass slipper and frame are really cute too. Def worth the money!!
  7. Poohcandi

    Poohcandi New Member

    Sounds amazing... I didn't realize there was anything extra besides the glass slipper and invitation, so I wasn't understanding the value. I was going to just book three separate makeovers. I'm not sure who is more excited, my DD or myself. Is the trunk/ luggage they can actually use?
  8. racingfandj

    racingfandj New Member

    The trunk is almost a full-size roller suitcase (taller, and a little skinnier). An attendant on our last flight home last week even commented it might be too tall, but it fits wheels in like carry-ons are supposed to and we've used it as a carry-on for 5 or 6 flights now. We did a 4-night Dream and were gone 7 nights total and packed her for the week in it including 3 princess dresses.

    On the Fantasy when we got it, she received the extras from each appointment - combs, makeup, sunscreen, backpack, sword. Extra stuff was a slipper necklace, the glass slipper, a picture frame, the trunk, a scroll...seems like more, but I can't remember now. She really enjoyed it all.
  9. Ginner

    Ginner New Member

    Does anyone have pictures of the glass slipper necklace and glass slipper and do they ingrave the glass slipper like you can have done in the park?

    Thanks for any info!
  10. hardingk

    hardingk DVC Member since 2007 AKV & BLT

    I can take pictures for you, if you want to give me your email adress. Don't know how to post pictures here.

    The necklace is just a plastic slipper on a pink ribbon. The slipper isn't more then 1 1/2 inches on a pink ribbon. The glass slipper is about 4inches long.
  11. racingfandj

    racingfandj New Member

    I don't have any photos that show the slipper on the necklace, but would agree with how PP has described it. They receive it on the night they get their formal gown and updo. Here are a couple of pics of the slipper which was delivered at the end of the cruise to our stateroom. As you can see, she was in love with it as we happened to be in the cabin when the FGMIT came by. I do not know anything about engraving as nothing was offered.

    silk-lined structured box it comes in

    glass slipper
  12. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    Just found this trunk and am also contemplating this. Hadn't heard about the trunk until this thread so thank you! Still trying to decide if the extra $100+ is worth it for the extras versus just booking all 3.

    Also curious about the zip lining. Didn't see that excursion while researching.

    Thanks so much!
  13. racingfandj

    racingfandj New Member

    If we leave the house for 1 night, 3 nights or a week, DD packs her clothes in her princess trunk. :cloud9:

    Zip lining was not a Disney excursion. We went to Loterie Farm. It was a blast. They have a kids course, an adults course and an extreme course. Grandma even enjoyed just hanging in the preparation area where there were some benches. She could hear and see the nature and occasionally see us go by. There is a minimum height for the kids. I think it is 47". DD at 4/almost 5 was right at the minimum mark. She is a daredevil and had a ball! That is one of the main reasons we are repeating the Eastern in 2014.

  14. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    Thanks so much! We are always a bit nervous about going outside DCL. How did you get there? Do they provide transportation? This is exactly what we were looking for!
  15. hardingk

    hardingk DVC Member since 2007 AKV & BLT

    The Royal Sea Package is great! Def worth the money, IMHO.
  16. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    Since the package can't be booked online, did you find they held times back for those who wanted to book it? Can we submit form prior to the date we can start booking excursions?

    Thanks again!
  17. hardingk

    hardingk DVC Member since 2007 AKV & BLT

    Yes, and if you book 2 of the 3 packages, they try to sell you the package on the ship. You are going to have a blast!
  18. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    I'm not surprised. Was thinking of just doing th basic pirate package instead of with the dress since we have pirate wardrobes, but the extras I've read about sound really cool especially while DD is young enough to appreciate.
  19. racingfandj

    racingfandj New Member

    We had booked a private tour with Capt Bob for the day. Oliver, our guide, was awesome! He took us around showing us the sites and different areas. We're not water people, so going to the beach or back out on a boat wasn't appealing to us.
    We made quick passes by Orient Beach and then to Loterie Farm. Our stop there was a couple hours. We did more sight-seeing and then went to Maho Beach in time for lunch and to see some planes.

    I'm sure it would be easy to get to with a cab from the pier if that is all you wanted to do. I would also give a strong recommendation for Capt. Bob and Soualiga Destinations if you were looking for a tour.
  20. poohj80

    poohj80 Got Hunny?

    Thanks again for the tips! I'll check them out!
  21. tinyteen19401

    tinyteen19401 New Member

    Thank you for all this info and photos. My husband was not going to let me book this but now seeing the trunk, slipper and all the extras he is good with it.

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