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Discussion in 'Purchasing DVC' started by JaimeA, Jul 31, 2012.

  1. twoj

    twoj New Member

    Our contract closed 8/31 and was posted to the county website the same day. I called member administration today and still not set up... I guess they have been having some computer problems... They told me to try back on Monday... So it will take mine over the 10-14 days to be set up :(
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  3. moobar25

    moobar25 New Member

    My timeline

    Found listing & made offer & accepted 7/26
    Signed contract by both (S&B) 7/30
    Submitted to Disney for ROFR 7/31
    ROFR waived 8/28
    Closing documents received & sent back overnight 9/6
    My documents received by title company (still waiting on seller) 9/7
    Name showed up on OCC website 9/11
    :yay:Almost there!:yay:

    I would call the resale office to check on things.

    I used Fidelity and worked with Sharon & Evy (when Sharon was on vacation). This is what I did - maybe it helped expedite things:

    8/28 ROFR waiver
    8/31 email Sharon and ask if there is any way to expedite things because I was going on a trip to WDW at end of September.
    9/6 received an email with closing docs from title company
    9/6 sent an email to title company requesting confirmation when docs received & politely asked if there is any way to expedite the process (due to the upcoming trip)
    9/7 confirmation from title company that docs were received and waiting for seller's docs, also stating they will request an expedited process from Disney as soon as we close.

    Thanks to the posts here I learned a lot on how to push things along without being pushy - or at least very polite pushy:lmao: I know if I pester any of the parties involved they may get annoyed and take twice as long to finish the process.

    Good luck to both of you on the closing and becoming members. We're almost there :yay::yay::yay:
    Lots of pixiedust: to everyone!
  4. ercrbc

    ercrbc New Member

    I feel much better seeing I'm not the only one! We closed on 8/27 and no points and no record of the contract either. I called Monday and was told they load new points on Tuesdays, but yesterday came and went and I still have no new points in my account :(
  5. belias21

    belias21 DIS Dad's Club Member #717

    I'm actually right between these two steps at the moment. My docs were received back on 9/11 and was told I'm just waiting on the seller.

    So you didn't get notice that you had actually closed - you just showed up on the OCC site? Or did you just not list that step?

    I'm eager to be done with this process.......
  6. moobar25

    moobar25 New Member

    As of right now I didn't get a notice of closing. I'm so impatient that I keep checking the OCC website and happened to find it in there. Yesterday my DH's name showed up and today my name is there too. But it still says "info is being processed" so maybe at end of day it will be complete and then get the notice. If I don't hear anything by Monday then I'll call.
    Look on the site and search for your sellers name - in a few days you should see your name pop up.
  7. belias21

    belias21 DIS Dad's Club Member #717

    Nothing there yet, but apparently the same seller just closed on another deal a few days ago. At least I know they're responsive by looking at the dates on that deed.

    Like you, I'm sure I'll be checking frequently now... popcorn::
  8. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    Our BCV contract passed ROFR 9 days ago and still no closing documents. I'm getting antsy waiting. I thought I would have had them by now...such a long process.
  9. moobar25

    moobar25 New Member

    I received an email from both Fidelity and the title company this afternoon - telling me we closed. So I guess once you're on the site it means closing. I was told by both that it will take 5 to 7 business days for me to be in the DVC system. :banana:Yay!
  10. moobar25

    moobar25 New Member

    I would call the broker and inquire about it. They should be able to contact the title company and find out what is going on for you.
    Sending pixiedust:
  11. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    Got an e mail today that my closing docs have been approved and I should receive them within the next few days. I am so anxious to make my first reservation!
  12. twoj

    twoj New Member

    HI All, I have found that seeing people's timelines was very helpful in the resale process... so just wanted to post mine :)

    7/11 - Offer placed on Contract #1 and accepted
    (300pts, Mar UY, @$67pp 50/50 maint fees and buyer pay closing)(asking: $69pp)
    7/18 - Deal fell through due to points not as stated
    7/19 - Offer placed on new Contract #2, seller contered, we stoped negotiating (350pts, Dec UY, @$66pp 50/50 maint fees and buyer pay closing)(asking: $73pp)
    7/19 - Offer placed on contract #3, seller accepted but we cancelled due to UY (same offer as contract #1 but with an April UY)
    7/19 - Contract #4 offer placed, seller accepted offer
    (400pts, Mar UY, @$66pp seller pays maint fees and buyer pay closing)(asking: $69pp)
    7/20 - Contract received from broker
    7/20 - Sent signed contract to broker and title co.
    8/13 - Passed ROFR
    8/21 - Received closing documents
    8/30 - Purchase closed
    8/31 - showed up on conty website
    9/12 - Received first e-mail from Disney but not in their system with points
    9/15 - Received letter from DVC with membership number. Called member services and was set up online using my disneyworld.com login
    9/16 - Booked first DVC trip - Yea!
  13. belias21

    belias21 DIS Dad's Club Member #717

    Thanks for posting. This is definitely helpful for those of us in the final stages (I'm currently waiting on closing - title company has all paperwork).

    I don't think your post says anywhere... what resort did you buy? Based on the pricing, I'm thinking BWV, MCV, or AKV.
  14. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    I am one step closer. Received my closing documents yesterday morning via email. Signed them and returned with a certified bank check, via overnight US Priority Mail. Getting so close. Now I can only hope that the sellers act promptly and return their part. Few more weeks and it will be official....YIPEEE!
  15. twoj

    twoj New Member

    We bought at BCV... The more I have read these boards I was having some buyers remorse but after being on the site this weekend, I am very glad we bought at our favorite. BCV was the only resort over spring break where I couldn't book my stay... Glad to know I have a booking advantage in future years.
  16. PhillyCPA

    PhillyCPA New Member

    Going to post my timeline for reference and so I can continue to keep track...

    8/9 - Sent offer to TSS
    8/10 - Offer accepted by buyer and we received the contract
    8/13 - Mailed contract along with deposit
    8/14 - Contract sent to Disney for ROFR
    9/12 - Received waiver of ROFR
    9/13 - Received closing documents
    9/17 - Closing documents and final payment sent off

    Now we're in the waiting game to hear that we closed and to get entered into the system. Hoping we can be in the system by 10/8 so we can use our 7 month window for an upcoming trip :rolleyes1
  17. nala1128

    nala1128 Huge Disney Fan!

    CONGRATS to you :) Thanks for posting this, It gives a good idea of what to expect at the end of the process

    The Title company received our closing docs and payment on 9/12. As of yesterday, they were still waiting for the seller to get their closing docs back. Looks like I have a few more weeks before I will be set up an able to book. Resale is a long process, but I am glad that we are almost at the end of it too!!
  18. belias21

    belias21 DIS Dad's Club Member #717

    Now that we're on the victory lap, here's our timeline.

    7/27 - Offer presented (100 OKW)
    7/27 - Offer accepted and all paperwork signed and returned
    7/30 - Sent to Disney for ROFR
    8/28 - Disney waives ROFR
    9/6 - I receive closing docs
    9/7 - Signed and returned with payment
    9/17 - Seller's documents received at title company
    9/18 - Closed!!
    9/18 - Already listed on the OCC website

    Looks like we have another week or two until I can call MS, right?
  19. GOOFY D

    GOOFY D New Member

    Still waiting on seller to return information to title company.
  20. DannysMom

    DannysMom New Member

    Give it a week and then call. Mine took a week from closing. There have been recent reports of it taking longer, in the 10-14 day range.

    Sent from my iPhone using DISBoards App please excuse any typos.
  21. michelleiada

    michelleiada New Member

    Im almost there...BCV 250 points, March UY. Ok so here is my official timeline thus far:

    July 26 - offer made and accepted.
    August 1 - received contract
    August 3 - contract returned with deposit
    August 7 - went to Disney for ROFR
    September 4 - informed of ROFR waiver
    September 16 - received closing documents
    September 17 - closing docs and certified check overnighted to closing company

    WAITING......I have no idea what to expect now...I've e mailed the closing company and never got an answer. Can anyone enlighten me?

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