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These are NOT the rooms that I paid for! 3 Resorts in 10 days - Trivia Answers 9/3

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by emmysmommy, Mar 15, 2013.

  1. rachel09985

    rachel09985 New Member

    How cute she wanted to awake to the sun streaming in! My idea of a wake up!
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  3. DaveinFallsChurch

    DaveinFallsChurch New Member

    So sad to see your last night in the awesome suite. But also looking forward to seeing your new digs at BLT!
  4. DonaldDoleWhip

    DonaldDoleWhip New Member

    You're back! The last set of room pics is incredible - what a great way to ensure you'll remember all the magical details of that suite. :thumbsup2

    And I have some good (and some interesting) news to share with you, but I'll do that via PM.
  5. livsmom04

    livsmom04 New Member

    So sad that it was your last night at YC but exciting that you will be at BLT for 5 nights! That's one place I want to stay at either next year or the year after. I think it's sweet that Em wanted to sleep in the sunroom to get a peek of the morning sun! What a nice memory for her! I'm sure that is something that Olivia would do!
  6. Linda67

    Linda67 <font color=magenta>Has a Masters in Margaritas<br

    I don't think I could ever grow tired of looking at pictures of your amazing room :)
  7. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Wednesday February 27, 2013: Day 5, Part 1

    I had set my alarm to awake before 6:30 since I was hoping to take some photos of the sunrise. I was thrilled to see the weather cooperating with the most glorious of sunrises this morning. Sometimes it is hard to capture on film what you see in life. (Unless of course you are DaveinFallsChurch) This was one of those mornings that I couldn’t have taken enough photos to reflect the beauty at that moment.






    We opted to have a light CL breakfast supplementing our left-overs instead of Kouzzina, which had originally been booked. We definitely wanted to spend the last few hours in the room.

    As is typical, Em was still sleeping when I was ready to eat so I went to the lounge to grab a bagel and danish.

    YC CL breakfast options:




    Seeing as how the day was sunny and beautiful, I decided to dine on the balcony. I set the food on the patio table and left to go retrieve my bread pudding. (I know, such a healthy breakfast!) When I returned, it was to a flock of crows enjoying my breakfast. Ack!!! I shooed them off but I wasn’t interested in eating their left-overs so I had to toss the food.

    Note to birds, this was MY food!

    Feeling a bit silly going back to the lounge for more food so quickly, I returned to replenish my bagel – thankfully I didn't notice anyone staring at me or asking why I was back so soon for another plate of food. ;) After all that I ended up eating only the bread pudding in the dining room while Em ate her left-over rib-eye steak. We’re odd. I ended up having the bagel later in the morning.

    Let's try this again without unwanted breakfast guests

    The one and only time the Kurig was used


    Next up: Moving on to BLT

    Continued Next Post
  8. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Hi Rachel! It was cute! I wish I had thought of it. I have some adorable photos of her sleeping in the sunroom but I don't think she would appreciate me posting those.

    Hi Dave. Our last resort change is coming up! :)

    I'm hopelessly behind everyones TRs and I'm looking forward to getting caught up with yours.

    I hope you and your family are enjoying the holiday weekend!

    Mr DDW! I think I have a total of 499 photos of the room - a little crazy even for me!! ::yes::

    YOUR'E KILLIN' ME (in a good way)!!! Got your PM.... :banana::cheer2::yay:

    Hi Charlotte! It will be like starting a whole new vacation the next day! But yeah, it's pretty hard to leave that room. And like we won't be staring up at the turret wondering who is occupying the room every time we pass by there now!!! :laughing:

    I do like BLT but AKL is a new favorite as well. I see you'll be back there in less than 3 weeks! How exciting!!

    Hi Linda! Ahhhh me too. :)
  9. smile4stamps

    smile4stamps New Member

    I think I would want to remember all those details as well! It's not something likely to happen again!

    I hope the birds enjoyed your breakfast!!
  10. teekathepony

    teekathepony New Member

    How nice of you to feed the crows! :rotfl:
    Beautiful sunrise! What a gorgeous view. I'd get up early to see that any day!
  11. natebenma

    natebenma New Member

    Finally made my way back here!!!

    I was also going to comment about T-Rex being in KC, but as you pointed out other smartypantses and early birds beat me to it!!!

    Congrats on making the Top Ten list!!! Totally deserved. This is an awesome report.


    Thanks for the CL pictures- already posted the link on the Y&B FAQ.

    OLIVE-it! One for every finger. :rotfl:

    That is hilarious about the ADR "Not connected to our system" Maybe I will mosey on over to Be Our Guest with a fake reservation number and see if I can get in.

    Priceless photobomb!!! I love your embellishments. My last photobomb made me cry. :sad1:

    I have heard great things about that amazing bread pudding! I just looked at the Cookes of Dublin menu to see if maybe they had the bread pudding on the menu. They don't. But you can get a "Doh-bar" donut battered fried Snickers or Mars bar. Nope- don't think that is the same.

    What a bittersweet last morning. At least the sadness of leaving was balanced by a gorgeous sunrise, amazing sunroom and balcony, yummy breakfast of leftovers- my favorite.

    The picture of the Keurig brewing is beautiful!!! says the coffee addict.

    Wonder what the BLT will hold for you.
  12. KristinAnne

    KristinAnne New Member

    What beautiful pictures of the resort as the sun was rising. It must have been very hard to leave! Did Em have a bed to sleep on, or is she good on a chair or floor?
  13. WDWaddictt

    WDWaddictt New Member

    Awesome pictures!

    That was nice of you sharing your breakfast with the Disney birds! Lol
  14. DisneyKid4Life

    DisneyKid4Life New Member

    :yay: Brenda you're back!

    Gawd I still can't get over that room, so beautiful. So glad you got to stay there.

    And more King of Queens!!! Seems appropriate in a room of such royal beauty.

    I think you did pretty freakin' awesome with those morning photos. :thumbsup2
    Absolutely stunning.

    And using some of the free food to feed the birds... so sweet of you. I know that's what you were doing. :hug:
  15. DaveinFallsChurch

    DaveinFallsChurch New Member

    What a gorgeous sunrise! You had some great thin layer of cloud cover to bounce off those beautiful lights as well! Just beautiful.

    One of the things I want to take a picture of for my solo trip in October is a sunrise over Crescent Lake. I was using online tools to figure out where the sun will rise during the week I will be there (first time looking up "azimuth!") and was looking on the map to decide where I should position myself. I know, such a nerd. :lmao:

    And I had decided to put myself between the "shipwreck" of Stormalong Bay and the lighthouse which is the same angle you have for your pictures! :goodvibes

    Those Florida theme park birds do swift work when it comes to food. We once had a seagull at Sea World who swooped in and snatched an entire paper bowl of feeds for the Dolphins that we had purchased for DD at the Dolphin Feeding Area. :eek:
  16. GoofySon'sMom

    GoofySon'sMom New Member

    Love the sunrise pics! Stunning! So sorry to see that you will be leaving that wonderful room but looking forward to the next part of your adventure!
  17. KatMark

    KatMark Active Member

    Beautiful pics of your last day at the YC. And what a beautiful sunrise.

    I'm sorry...but I had to :rotfl::rotfl::rotfl: at the crows enjoying your breakfast.
  18. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    Trying to read from my phone, in the car (not driving lol), so it's hard to get pics to upload. But I bet the sunrise was awesome. I don't blame you one bit for enjoying every last second in that room. Nice!

    Stupid birds!
  19. deenbrad

    deenbrad New Member

    Beautiful sunrise pics! I agree it's so hard to capture what you are actually seeing but it looks like you did a very good job!
  20. marDgreen88

    marDgreen88 New Member

    I would say BOO for your last night at the YC but I mean... Bay Lake Tower! :woohoo:

    There were BIRDS eating your breakfast? Oh how gross! :eek: On a happier note, your sunrise pictures that morning are beautiful!
  21. emmysmommy

    emmysmommy DIS Veteran<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Yes, it appeared the crows loved bagels and apple danishes! :)

    My photos are pathetic compared to what you would be able to photograph! But I was glad to get up early to enjoy it. :)

    Hi Dee! Thanks for dropping by and getting caught up!

    Thanks Kristin Anne! Em slept on the sofa. She said it was comfy.

    Ha! Thanks! And yes, so very thoughtful of me to feed the birds. :rotfl2:

    Hi Rob! ha ha.. no, those birds were evil! I think they were the related to Maleficent's rascally pet in Sleeping Beauty! They should be glad that I just shooed them away and didn't have any spinning wheels handy.

    I know you are a huge The Office fan but are you also into Arrested Development? Em recently got me hooked on that show. (That was random. :rolleyes:

    I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

    Dave, well done with the research! You should knock on the door of room #4157 the morning you wish to take sunrise photos and tell the occupants that you understand their room is the perfect angle for your photos. :laughing:

    Those birds are fearless. I hope the seagull that stole the entire bowl of feed got a stomach ache from eating too much!

    Thanks Vicki! Our time at YC was perfect! But time to move on and BLT is quite nice so we were happy to return to one of our favorite resorts. :)

    Thanks Kathy! You may be able to tell that I'm not a bird lover (no hate mail please) but those birds were like Heckle and Jeckle. Ack!


    Hi Mary Ellen! It was a glorious sunrise. And YES, stupid birds.

    Thanks Denise! Exactly, I just couldn't translate what you see to a picture. But it was perfect.

    You know first hand how awesome BLT is so yes, we were looking forward to checking in there.

    I could have asked the birds if they wanted me to add some cream cheese to the bagel for them. Sheesh, they were fearless.

    Happy travels to you Marissa!!!! Enjoy your WDW trip. :banana:

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