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The Wizarding World of Harry Potter

Discussion in 'Universal Studios/Islands of Adventure Forums' started by Caribbeanprincess, Jul 2, 2009.

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  1. armstrong80

    armstrong80 New Member

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  3. oliver200137724

    oliver200137724 New Member

    Ok, I was just checking my facebook account and i had signed up as a fan on the UO fan club and it had this video on its comments. The video is saying that March 25 is when they are going to release the date for the openning.

    So, my question would be why if they are going to open in May, would they announce so early.... could they be openning sooner? Any thoughs?

    Im leaving on the 28th, three day's after the announcement keeping my fingers crossed:worship:

  4. Rags

    Rags New Member

    Woo Hoo!! Can't wait to find out when the grand opening is!!! :cool1::cool1::cool1:
  5. Natasha&Matt

    Natasha&Matt <font color=royalblue>I fancy Prince Eric<br><font

    So exciting!! roll on next thursday!!!
  6. Cdn Friends of Pooh

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  7. Don Pacho

    Don Pacho Uncle Frank

    Cortesy of samuraiblue, Orlando United

  8. Don Pacho

    Don Pacho Uncle Frank

    Courtesy of Disneyhead, Orlando United

  9. Don Pacho

    Don Pacho Uncle Frank

    Courtesy of Disneyhead, Orlando United

  10. Don Pacho

    Don Pacho Uncle Frank

    Courtesy of hatetofly, Orlando United

  11. yaytezIOA

    yaytezIOA ioacentralveteran

  12. melly

    melly New Member


    When I wrote the same I get my posts deleted, accused of starting trouble, jumped upon by a clique of people and warned by the mods.
  13. rie'smom

    rie'smom <font color=green>"Always let your conscience be y

    Thanks for sharing the pictures! Talk about over the top fabulous!!!!
  14. nefer

    nefer New Member

    Not everyone visiting Potterland goes home to a hot environment. Can someone say great White North?

    Not if one does one's research. My bro, sis and I grew up reading HP and we're thrilled to drop our money buying up Honeydukes and getting an expensive piece of wood... Okay that last part sounded a bit wrong but you know what I mean!
  15. rie'smom

    rie'smom <font color=green>"Always let your conscience be y

  16. MonkeyDishwasher

    MonkeyDishwasher <font color=teal>Yes!!! I got the first non-topic

    I know it's already been posted as new threads, but for those who only really check when their CP tells them there's something new on this thread.....


  17. Don Pacho

    Don Pacho Uncle Frank

    Courtesy of Dr. Raymond Holmes, Orlando United

  18. tttessa

    tttessa New Member


    I know what you mean - we are from the UK and need a scarf all winter, but I wouldn't really be thinking of them on hols in Florida....

    Your bit about doing your research really is the key though :thumbsup2- when we said we were going to friends - they were on about the Universal HP PARK, where you get to "fly on a broomstick" and go through the forbidden forest on a hippogryph etc.... don't know where the info comes from, but lots of people do think it is a whole new park and it has tons of rides... Obviously, using the DIS, Dibb, TGM and others, I do my research and won't be disappointed by it at all. But the "general public" might be.:confused3
  19. Latel

    Latel New Member

    According to Visit Orlando Universal will be releasing the opening dates on March 25th.:cool1:
  20. mindyd

    mindyd New Member

    I really hope so, we are leaving on the 26th for Disney and was planning on one day at Sea World if this does open we might do Universal instead.
  21. Disneyhappy

    Disneyhappy New Member

    OMG!!! Being able to visit the first half of this year was out of the question for us so I wasn't even following the progress of HP - I would have mademe even more depressed. We had a rough winter for serious health reasons and we couldn't even think about a US vacation but DS is on the mend and I received an unexpected bonus from work. So we are heading to US this summer! :cool1: After reading most of this thread and looking at the pictures, it is evident the theming will be unmatched to anything in any other themepark! Can't wait!!!
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