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The Royal Voyage: Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Nov. 3 10, 2012!!! (with Pictures!!!)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by SrisonS, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thanks, everyone!!!!
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  3. jen1098

    jen1098 Earning My Ears

    Looking forward to the rest of your report. We have 9 months before we cruise. We'll also be sailing with a toddler so I love reading reports with the young child perspective.
  4. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    [​IMG]IMG_0622 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    After unpacking, we relax a bit before having to go to the emergency drill at 4:00. On the Magic, I used to hate the drill. I honor its necessity; but it was terribly uncomfortable. You had to don your life vests, head to a packed Deck 4, and brave the heat until the proceedings were finished. This time around, you’re required to take the steps down; as before. But instead of going outside on Deck 4, we met in the Walt Disney Theatre. You also didn’t have to wear the life vests. Thinking on all of that now, I realize that other people were directed elsewhere. The theatre definitely wasn’t full; and everyone on the ship couldn’t fit in there anyhow. But I’m not sure where they had to go.

    [​IMG]IMG_0640 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    After the drill, we head to Deck 11 for the Sail Away Party. We had a really great spot for the show. And our daughter was able to stand in the very front, until some lady’s camera kept hitting her in the head. The worst part was that the lady even looked down at her, and pretty much didn’t care. Non-jerks would see a super little one next to them, and maybe step back or to the side, so that the kid could have a good view (and yes, the lady was standing, and she wasn’t a dwarf). We ended just pulling our daughter back and holding her. She seemed to be a little bit tired anyway. So at least she could get off her feet a bit. Note: Never mess with a photographer’s daughter. Your picture could end up on the internet, and you could be put on blast!!! ;)

    [​IMG]IMG_0623 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    [​IMG]IMG_0628 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    All-in-all, the party was still fun. There was also a VERY enthusiastic Cast Member dancing to Baby, by Justin Bieber. He wasn’t just dancing, but doing literal movements to the lyrics of the song. He was also a great MC to the baby crawling race I saw a few days later.

    Part of his dancing…..
    CM Dancing to Bieber!!!
  5. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Before we knew it, dinnertime was almost upon us. Our first stop in the rotation was Animators Palate. As much I loved the look in the Disney Magics version, this one absolutely trumps it!!!! There are a ton of clay models and conceptual drawings to decorate the room. And the various screens constantly show a number of visuals for your eyes to feast upon (pun sort of intended). If they had a restaurant like this in one of the parks (i.e. Hollywood Studios), I think it would be an instant hit. The atmosphere alone has a great inspirational Disney feel. So luckily for us, we would be eating here for 3 nights. :)

    [​IMG]IMG_0648 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    As much as I look forward to getting to the meal, theres always a little apprehension during the first night. You never know who youll get for tablemates. Its a little awkward being literally face-to-face with, and being forced to eat/communicate with complete strangers. But as it turned out, we had a terrific pairing. We were with one other family (from Australia), and they had a 3 year old boy. They were on vacation for a few weeks straight; comprising of a trip to Disneyland, this cruise, and then Disney World. It was also fairly easy for all of us to warm up to one another. I think the fact that the little ones (mainly our daughter, this night) werent super perfect darlings, helped to put us in an understanding mode for the whole trip. So we didnt have judging eyes looking at us during all of the dinners; and us adults could still be sort of normal.

    As I sort of touched on before; this dinner would be the end of our night. Our DD was a nightmare. She was so freakin tired, and just became impossible to deal with. And there was nothing we could do to settle her down. We probably couldve gotten her to relax by giving her her blanky; but of course, we forgot it in the room. I almost wanted to leave during the entrée portion. And I didnt even get to completely finish my dessert. So we were PRAYING this was only a one night thing (which it was).

    [​IMG]IMG_0644 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    The food was great though. I had a pasta truffle thingy, which was excellent!!! My wifes Rock shrimp with cheesecake was quite unique, but still very good. I also very much liked the beef tenderloin, and my pineapple dessert I got 3/4 of the way through. ;) It was also nice that the servers would cut up the food for the kids. Our DD only ate the French fries, but it was still a nice gesture. And they still did it every single night. Our dinner team for the cruise was Jessyca (from Peru), and Fiona (from the UK). They were both great; as were all of the servers we interacted with throughout the week.

    Our Animators Palate entertainment tonight would be provided by the characters of Finding Nemo. The main attraction of course was being able to talk to Crush. Crush appeared on the screen, and would interact with the people in your area. If youve ever seen the Turtle Talk With Crush show as EPCOT, this is basically the same thing. Its still pretty cool though.

    My Disney Pics on Flickr!!!
  6. LisaHK

    LisaHK Member

    Great report so far and your pictures are wonderful. My daughter will be 2 when we cruise and I am a little worried. :)
  7. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    What has you worried???

    After this first day, we were almost regretting the trip. But all of the other days, she was great.
  8. iloverags2

    iloverags2 Mouseketeer

    Ok, the woman with the camera? Just plain rude! So sorry your little one kept getting hit in the head with the camera...hopefully she was ok.

    That truffle appetizer ROCKS! So loved it, and would definitely get that one again!
  9. LuvEeyore

    LuvEeyore Mouseketeer

    Can't wait for more especially your pictures. We leave Dec15. Your daughter is a cutie!!!
  10. Couchy

    Couchy Mouseketeer

    great report so far... love the pictures
  11. pjstevens

    pjstevens <font color=royalblue>Had our DFTW Vow Renewal on

    woohoo!!!! Another installment! Thanks so much!
  12. Sereina

    Sereina Member

    Great TR so far! Animator's Palate look so neat. Oh, and your pictures are fantastic. I can't wait to hear more!
  13. jjiillee

    jjiillee Member

    great review so far! Did you have main or late dining?
  14. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    I had the main dining. So we started at 5:45.
  15. Andianna

    Andianna Member

    Loving your report and your pictures. We are leavin in a week so looking forward to it. So glad you got good table mates we are hoping that works out for us as well.
  16. karaintn

    karaintn Earning My Ears

    These are some of the best pics of the kids' area I've seen. You're also a great writer! Can't wait to read more. So do you recommend the particular dining rotation you had?

  17. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    I really enjoyed our particular rotation. The main reason being that we were at Animator's Palate on Pirate Night. There was a lot of art being displayed on the screens that had to do with Pirates of the Caribbean. So it was the perfect place to be, to really help set the tone for everything.

    And for anyone that enjoys looking at all of the conceptual art, you'll totally be glued to the screens. It was truly amazing,
  18. WonderlandsMostWantd

    WonderlandsMostWantd Actively enhancing my muchness.

    Loving your TR so far! We sail in 10 days, so this is VERY exciting for me! ;)
  19. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    [​IMG]IMG_0653 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    Because our DD wasn't behaving, we decided to skip that night's show. We were hoping we could catch it on the TV, seeing as there was a channel for Walt Disney theater shows; but nothing ever aired (I eventually realized that they dont air the shows Live). This is always a great show to attend. Not only is there a true Disney piece in there; but you also get introduced to some of the other performers thatll be on the cruise (i.e. comedians, ventriloquists, etc&). And of course, you get to meet your Cruise Director. I had no idea who ours was until a couple of days later. Even after we did find that out; I remembered seeing him a couple of times the days previous.

    She was reading the Birnbaums book quite a bit this trip&
    [​IMG]IMG_0659 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    So my wife and DD went to bed, while I went out to explore. One of the improvements this ship has over the Magic is the expanded outdoor adult area. On the Magic, people with kids could easily (and with reason) walk through to get to the other side. But on this ship, there's an additional section that isn't a pass-through&. Satellite Falls. Located on Deck 13 Fwd, this is your spot if you don't want to see kids at all. I might not have even have found it if I wasn't on a search to find a vantage point to where I could look off the front of this ship (I love taking pictures of that view). And Satellite Falls is the only area where you can get that view.

    [​IMG]IMG_0669 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    On my journeys, I also stopped to admire some of the Enchanted Art that can be found on various walls throughout the ship. What looks like a normal picture/poster, surprisingly has an element of it that comes to life. One of my favorites involved a picture of Walt Disney. Initially, the picture shows Walt looking at a blank canvas. But when you stand at a certain spot in front of this display, animations start to appear; either showing Pluto in action, or a scene from Steamboat Willie. I was absolutely blown away at how cool that was. Kind of reminds me of the talking portraits in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I still give the edge to those talking portraits though. ;) (and yes, Im a Harry Potter geek)

    [​IMG]IMG_0721 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    [​IMG]Disney Fantasy Enchanted Art: Walt Disney does Steamboat Willie by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    I eventually made my way over to the where the nightlife is; Europa. Whatever your late night interest, you should be able to find something back there to help end the night right. Theres La Piazza, which has a laid back Jazzy feel (but is also the only real pass-through). Theres Ooh La La, that I have no idea what its supposed to be. Theres OGills Pub (didnt go in there, but it seems self-explanatory). Theres The Tube; which is definitely the hip dance spot. And the Skyline Lounge is back there; which is a dimly lit swanky kinda spot. It also has a VERY cool back wall that makes it look like youre looking out of a window, seeing the nighttime of a bustling city.

    [​IMG]IMG_0674 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    The last place I tried to visit, before heading to bed, was the Outlook. Located on Deck 14 Midship, theres only 1 elevator to this lounge. I had a feeling that this would be a very classy adult area. But as chance would have it, I never found out. When I went up there, there was a sign on the door saying a private event was being held. And there were no windows on the door, or anything in the corridor that would let you know the vibe to that place. It actually felt kind of weird while standing and waiting for the elevator to come. That area I was in was small and dark; and there wasnt any life at all. It was almost like I got lost in some deserted part of the ship. Im sure it was nice on the other side of that door though. ;)

    [​IMG]IMG_0707 by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr
  20. klass3

    klass3 Member

    Really enjoying your TR. Your pictures are amazing!
  21. Love the pic of your daughter in her jammies, laying on the pillows... maxing and relaxing and reading. So cute! :)

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