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The Royal Voyage: Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Nov. 3 10, 2012!!! (with Pictures!!!)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by SrisonS, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. BowMom

    BowMom New Member

    Awesome trip report! Thanks for sharing. My youngest will have just turned 2 when we get on Dream in nov14. :)
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  3. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thanks!!!! I hope it was of some help. Just remember... naps aplenty!!!! :thumbsup2
  4. plannermom

    plannermom New Member

    Thanks for sharing your great shots! I will also be on the 10/25 sailing, if I spot you or you gorgeous family, I will say hello (and ask for photo tips!)
  5. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    That's great!!!! Definitely feel free to come say hello. :)

    Do you follow the Thread for our particular cruise???
  6. wiigirl

    wiigirl New Member

    Great pics! :)
  7. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thank you!!!!
  8. Jadryx

    Jadryx New Member

    Stumbled upon this report and just read every page. Wow! Amazing pics! Just makes me more excited to go on our cruise on the Fantasy coming up in about a week! I was really surprised at a lot of the pictures where it looked like the ship was empty. Great work! Like others have said, you could put those in Disney Cruise brochure!
  9. Lepidoptera

    Lepidoptera New Member

    Gorgeous photos! Thanks for sharing. I'm getting very exciting about my first DCL cruise next month! :)
  10. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thanks!!! I'm glad I could help to get you all excited. It's amazing how much the ship clears when it's not even super late at night. Works for me and my picture taking obsession though. ;)
  11. jilliusc

    jilliusc New Member

    Waiting for October 2015 dates to come out for our first cruise. Loved your report and pictures!!! Thank you, its helpful for knowing what to expect!
  12. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

  13. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Just started a Facebook Page for my Disney Pics... Check It Out!!!!

    More pics from our cruise.................

    Atrium Elegance by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    The Water Cannon by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    For some reason, this just says "Disney Cruise Geek" to me. ;)

    Oh, Donald by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    A Little R&R by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    It's almost eerie to be in this area late at night, with not a soul around...

    Break A Le.... errr... Sleep Pattern by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr

    A view from the St. Thomas Skyride.....

    The Port of St. Thomas by Scott Smith (SRisonS), on Flickr
  14. ironwill1979

    ironwill1979 I'll be doing whatever snow does in summer...

    I just stumbled on this trip report and thoroughly enjoyed. Everyone else has said and I will too: you have an amazing talent for photography and a beautiful family! I've been on Wonder, Dream and Magic; I hope to sail on Fantasy sometime soon.
  15. disneyfanbecky

    disneyfanbecky New Member

    Loved your trip report - such beautiful pictures! Thank you for sharing! :goodvibes
  16. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thanks a lot!!!!

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