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The Royal Voyage: Fantasy Eastern Caribbean Nov. 3 10, 2012!!! (with Pictures!!!)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by SrisonS, Nov 14, 2012.

  1. NoodlesMom

    NoodlesMom Member

    I absolutely loved your trip report. I was debating on booking my next cruise and was a little hesitant about San Juan. After seeing you pictures, I'm sold.
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  3. KCmike

    KCmike <font color=green>Never have fallen asleep on any

    Nice Job on the report Scott. Loved you photos and composition. Your the King of Composition sir!
  4. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thank you both!!!! :thumbsup2

    And I think that San Juan is a good destination for the cruise line. If we ever get back, I'd probably think of just doing it on foot (not sure if my wife would go for that or not). But there were plenty of sights in walking distance of the ship. With the somewhat glimpse we got of the hotel/tourist/beach area, that looked very nice as well. Couldn't walk there; but I'm sure it would be worth the time to visit.
  5. Princess Michelle

    Princess Michelle <font color=red>Kissing Bandit<br><font color=navy

    I really enjoyed your trip report! My husband and I are getting ready to sail on the Fantasy this November, so reading about your trip and seeing all of your pictures was wonderful! :thumbsup2
  6. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thanks!!! Enjoy your trip!!!
  7. Cruiselady

    Cruiselady Member

    Loved you TR. Your little girl is so cute.
  8. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

  9. lynnea6

    lynnea6 Earning My Ears

    I wanted to add my thanks for your detailed report and pictures too. We're going on the Fantasy in December for our first ever cruise, and your pictures were absolutely gorgeous.
  10. texasgirl29

    texasgirl29 Member

    Enjoyed your photos so much. We were on the Fantasy last summer and just got off the Magic in the Med four weeks ago (seems like 6 months ago!). This withdrawal into real life and working is hard but at least we have trip reports to keep us going!

  11. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    You definitely can't go wrong with being on the Fantasy for your first cruise. Just a word of caution to your wallet though... you'll be hooked!!! ;)
  12. ldeninge

    ldeninge Member

    terrific TR - thanks for sharing! We'll be on the Fantasy in January (different ports) but loved to see the differences between the Magic and the Fantasy.
  13. pikaboo27

    pikaboo27 <font color=teal>I knew I could count on you!<br><

    Awesome TR and amazing pics. Do you know what cruise you are doing in October 2014? DH, DS and I will be on the October 4th sailing of the Fantasy.
  14. momof2disprincesses

    momof2disprincesses I love my INCREDIBLE family!!!

    LOVED reading your TR! Thanks so much for taking the time to share. Your photographs are amazing and beautiful and your little girl is adorable!!!

    We will be on the 7 night Eastern Fantasy next June and reading your report gets me so very excited!!! Thanks again!
  15. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    We'll be on the Oct 25 sailing!!!!!!
  16. kileybeth

    kileybeth Mouseketeer

    Just spent 30 min composing a really nice reply and it disappeared :badpc:

    So suffice it to say, I should not still be awake at 2:30am but I hardly had a choice with such an excellent trip report and pictures in front of me!?

    Thank you Thank you! We have now been properly introduced to both the Fantasy and our soon to be room, yup same room!

    You've made it seem so much more real!! How will we ever wait to begin this adventure!?

    And answered so many questions!! Many Thanks and a shout out to your beautiful girls!

    Many Many thanks!
  17. Texas lady

    Texas lady Member

    Thanks for the report, enjoyed it !!
  18. napleskid

    napleskid Earning My Ears

    Thank you for your incredible TR. It really helped us plan for our successful, magical cruise 2 weeks ago!
  19. 263a2879

    263a2879 Member

    I honestly feel like I was on the cruise with you (I wasn't) reading this amazing detailed TR and seeing all of the beautiful pictures. Thanks!!
  20. SrisonS

    SrisonS ... and that's 'ess-ryzun-ess' (play on my name)

    Thank you all for the great comments!!!!

    Same room?!?! What a small world!!! We really enjoyed that room location. My wife wanted to book that same room for next year; but we'll be a few rooms away I think. It's also in a good spot if you plan on doing a lot of laundry or ironing. You won't be far at all from that room.
  21. choppee

    choppee Member

    I have inadequate words to describe my admiration for your cosummate skill in photography! And yes, I do believe your pix are better than the ones in the brochures. Beautiful family--your daughter reminds me of my oldest when she was little (sniff). You are right to enjoy and capture these years...they go so fast. Thanks for sharing the gift of your experience--it was wonderful! :wave2:

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