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Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by Chip 'n Dale Express, Dec 17, 2004.

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  1. Chip 'n Dale Express

    Chip 'n Dale Express Can't stay put!<br><font color=purple>I met lots o

    Jul 29, 2002
    Welcome to the ALL NEW Pop Century GROOVY FAQ thread! Please take the time to read this first post -- It has the answers to many of your questions! :)

    What is Pop Century?

    Classic Hall will be the main building. Although the outside of the building is brightly colored, the insides of Pop Century are very subdued. Lots of browns, blues, grays, and mustard. It works well. It houses the front desk area, the arcade, and the merchandise/food court area, named "Everything POP." You walk into this area, and it starts off as the Merchandise Shop. Walk further, and it becomes the Food Court. The food court itself is HUGE. Tons of tables, lots of soda fountains, and it looks like there will be a very eclectic selection of food.

    The Front Desk area is called "Memory Lane" because on the walls are covered with shadow boxes containing all sorts of pop icons from the past 50 years. As you walk down Memory Lane, you can regale the memories of yesteryear with your family. Behind the front desk are enlarged photos from the past 50 years. Very nicely done.

    The front desk will have thirty stations, which include Guest Services, and Check In/Out. There is also a separate kids room in the lobby, with couches, toys, and a cartoon themed big screen TV.

    Just outside the main area are the 60's buildings, and the Hippy Dippy Pool. There are two other pools, one shaped like a bowling pin, and another as a computer monitor.

    Everything is VERY close to the main building. The furthest building might be a 5 minute walk to the front, if that.

    The rooms themselves are similar to the All-Stars - but modified. They looked at the All-Stars, and made them better. A few changes include:
    • Lowered night stand - so that you won't hit your head on it when sleeping
    • Data port near the table for your laptop
    • BAR SOAP with separate shampoo
    • Redesigned sink area
    • In-room safe that can hold a laptop
    • Fitted bed sheets
    • Modernized climate control panel
    • Beds are mounted on pedestals, so that you can't loose things under them.
    • Curtains overlap, so that NO light will get in.

    Q: How big are the rooms? How do they compare to the All-Stars?
    The rooms are the same size and basic layout as the All-Stars - 260sq ft with either a King bed, or two Doubles. The dresser has been redesigned, is slightly bigger, and looks much nicer. Also, rooms come with a 25” TV, versus the 19” found in the All-Stars. The night stand has been lowered, so that one will not hit their head on it while sleeping. A data port has been installed by the table and chairs for easy access. Room colors are very subdued. Browns, blues, grays and a few mustards are the prominent colors. All rooms are identical in decoration, with the exception of a framed artwork and a wallpaper border depicting whatever decade the room is located in.

    Q: What’s a Preferred Location Room?
    Preferred Locations refer to the location of the room, and nothing more. They do not refer to views or amenities. Preferred Location rooms will be within a 500 foot radios (as the crow flies) of Classic Hall. Guests may upgrade from a standard room for only $10 per night (plus applicable tax).

    Q: Will Pop Century have ADA accessible rooms?
    Pop Century will have a plethora of different options for those guests traveling with wheelchairs, or guests with hearing impairments. There are a few different bathroom options for those guests using wheelchairs. For those guests with hearing impairments, we offer TTY phones, visual signals for fire alarms, phones, wake up alarms, and door knocks. There is also a bed shaker accessory. These items are available for use at no cost.

    Q: What is the room mix?
    King Bed Accessible 63
    King Bed Typical 81
    Dbl/Dbl Bed Accessible 115
    Dbl/Dbl Bed Typical 2621

    Q: What amenities will be available upon request?
    Non-smoking rooms
    Rooms accessible to guests with disabilities
    Hearing-impaired TDD telephones
    Visual smoke alarms
    Bed boards and bed rails
    Refrigerators (additional charge, unless for Medical Reasons only)
    Hair dryers (Standard in all rooms)
    Iron and ironing board (Standard in all rooms)

    Q: What are the big icons going to be of?
    Stairwells will be Brunswick Bowling Pins
    Pool – The 10th bowling pin
    Building 1 – Lady
    Building 2 – Jukebox
    Building 3 – Tramp

    Stairwells will be Duncan Yo-Yos
    Pool – Hippy Dippy pool, and kiddie pool
    Building 4 – Play-Doh
    Building 5 – Mowgli & Baloo

    Stairwells will be 8-Tracks
    Pool – Goofy’s Pop-Jet pool area
    Courtyard will feature giant Foosball players
    Building 6 – Mickey Mouse Phone
    Building 10 – Big Wheel cart.

    Stairwells will be Rubik’s Cubes
    Building 7 – Roger Rabit perched upon some Dip
    Building 9 – Sony Walkman

    Stairwells will be Cell Phones
    80s/90s pool will be a giant computer monitor
    Building 8 – Giant Laptop Computer

    Q: What will the buildings look like? How many floors will they have?
    The buildings will be similar to the All-Stars. They will be the standard T shape, with 4 floors. Each floor will have 72 rooms. Each building will have 2 elevators in the center by the giant icon.

    Q: How can I send my preferences to the Room Assigner?
    You may call Central Reservations at 407-WDISNEY.

    Q: Will we be able to move the beds closer to the wall for more space?
    No. Beds are on a pedestal, and are not moveable.

    Q: Will there be a safe in the room?
    Each room will feature an in-wall safe big enough to hold a standard sized laptop computer.

    Q: Will 5 people fit in a room at Pop Century?
    No. Pop Century rooms are limited to 4 persons, plus one infant in a crib. However, we do offer connecting rooms. This is a great option for larger families, as it allows for two bathrooms.

    Q: What color are the room carpets at Pop Century?
    They have a blue/gray base color, with a small mauve pattern.

    Q: The 80s/90s look so far away from Classic Hall on the map. Are they really?
    No! They are actually closer than they look. No room is more than 5 minutes from Classic Hall.


    Q: What is “Everything POP” ?
    Instead of having a separate food court, and gift shop, it's now combined into one. Sort of at least. When you walk into Everything POP, you're in the gift shop. Walk further, past the Gift shop registers, and you'll be in the seating area of the Food Court. Walk through the seats, and you'll be in the food area. It's an all in one area, but they are somewhat separate. (They will have separate registers) The food court will have 10 dedicated registers.

    Q: Will they have a character breakfast at the resort?
    No. Just like the All-Stars, there will only be a food court. No sit down restaurant. However, transportation will be provided to other resort and theme park character breakfasts.

    Q: Will Pop Century have Refillable Mugs? How much do they cost and with what and where will we be able to refill them?
    Mugs will be available in both the large and cup holder size. Prices are currently around $12 per mug per stay.

    Q: What kind of food will be offered at Everything POP?
    All kinds! Breakfast items will feature the standard fare, as well as Pop Waffles, and marshmallow fluff stuffed french toast. Lunch will feature sandwiches from the bakery, pizza, burgers, as well as selections from the Ethnic area. Dinner will feature comfort food from Mom’s kitchen. Entrees include meatloaf, fried chicken, pot roast, and other treats. Desserts include Twinkie Tirimisu, Tie Dyed Cheesecake, and moon pies.

    Q: Do they have cappuccino in the food court?
    Yes! Real cappuccino and expresso will be sold. Also, hot chocolate and coffee will be at the beverage stations.


    Q: Will there be any watercraft rentals?
    Because Pop Century is a Value resort, there will not be a marina.

    Q: How many pools will Pop Century have?
    3 full sized pools, 1 kiddie pool, and 1 pop-jet pool.

    Q: Will Pop Century feature an Arcade?
    Yes! The Fast Forward Arcade is located in Classic Hall, across from Everything POP.

    Q: Will there be towels available to use at the pools or do we need to bring our own?
    You may bring the towels from your room. Should you need more towels, simply touch the Housekeeping button on your telephone to request more.

    Q: What is Goofy's Pop Jet Area?
    This is one of those water jet areas that kids seem to love. It's large, and has that padded foam ground. It can be found in the 70s area. It is a big hit with the kids. There is also a kiddie pool area, but I'm sure some kids will prefer the pop jets.

    Q: What about transportation?
    Transportation from Pop Century should be very good. Because of the anticipated demand, buses will be running more frequently than some other resorts. During peak times, buses could potentially run every 5-8 minutes. Pop Century will be a “Magic On Demand” resort. (MOD will be based out of Zone 5)

    Q: Where are the bus stops located?
    In front of Classic Hall. A very short walk from ANY building!

    Q: How many bus stops are there?
    Currently, only one. However, once the Legendary Years opens up, both the Classic and Legendary Years will each have their own bus stop.

    Q: How far is it from the parks?
    There will be only one stop, so all buses will be direct. Pop Century is in a great central location so travel times will be great.

    Estimated Times (may vary by driver)
    MK - 12 minutes
    EC - 8 minutes
    ST - 5 minutes
    AK – 6-12 minutes
    BB - 6 minutes
    DTD - 10-15 minutes
    TL - 6 minutes or 16 minutes, depending on routing.

    Q: Do the buses make any other stops at other resorts?
    Currently, no. Once the Legendary Years open up, it is conceivable that during non-peak times, the routes might be shared. However, judging by occupancy, this will not be happening during peak morning times.


    Q: Will Pop Century have Valet services?
    No. As a Value resort, this amenity will not be provided.

    Q: Will Pop Century have Bell Services?
    Upon arrival, Pop Century will offer Luggage Assistance for our guests. Not to be confused with "Bell Services" found at Deluxe resorts, Luggage Assistance will take your luggage, and store it while you enter the lobby and check in. Your luggage will then be automatically delivered to your room within an hour of it becoming available. You do not need to be in the room for luggage to be delivered, so you can go off and play in the parks. When you get back, your luggage will already be there. They will have refrigerators for food and medical usage. (All food *MUST* be factory sealed) They will also have a locked area for valuables such as laptops, cameras, and other electronics.

    When checking out, they can come and pick up your luggage, and store it until you are ready to depart. We do ask that you give us a call the night before, to arrange a pick up time. If you call day of, we may not have any availability left. We require a minimum of one hours notice. Those of you who opt for Express Checkout will receive a voice mail reminding you of this option, as well as other Express Checkout info. By the way, the voice of Express Checkout is the same voice that does the Monorail Spiel.

    You do not need to be in your room for drop off or pick up.

    Should you wish to handle your own luggage, they offer the use of our hand carts. (Not the "bird cages," but push carts) Usage of the carts is free, however, they will require a credit card on file, should you decide to take one home as a souvenir. They also do ask that guests limit cart usage to 30 minutes, so that other guests may use them as well.

    Q: Do you know when the Legendary section will open? Will it have it's own check in area, food court ...?
    No one really knows when the Legendary Years will be finished, or open up. However, when it does, it will be a separate resort, with its own front desk, food court, and bus stop.

    Q: I had heard a rumor you could walk to MGM from Pop Century. Is that true?
    No. Pop Century is not within walking distance of anything, including Caribbean Beach. (Unless you use the Cast Only tunnel)

    Q: Where exactly is this resort located?
    Pop Century is located next to Caribbean Beach, and near the Disney-MGM Studios. There will be a lake called Hourglass Lake separating the Legendary and the Classic sections.

    Q: Is the Generation Gap bridge across Hourglass Lake open?
    The bridge is open, but does not go anywhere

    Q: Can I fish at Pop Century?
    Yes, but only from the shorelines. Fishing is not permitted from the Generation Gap Bridge. Shorelines are very steep, please use caution.

    Q: Can you see any fireworks from Pop Century?
    You might be able to see some of the high level fireworks from Illuminations from Buildings 2, 3, and 4.

    Q: Will Pop Century be getting those large groups? (Cheerleaders, Pop Warner, etc)
    All large groups will be booked at the All-Stars. The All-Star Resorts have a special large group check in and luggage area designed specifically for this purpose. However, there is the chance that Pop might be getting any overflow that will not fit at the All-Stars, or any groups that specifically request Pop Century.

    Q: Will there be Pressed Penny machines at Pop Century?
    Yes! They will be located in the Fast Forward Arcade, as well as Everything Pop

    Q: Will there be laundry facilities?
    Yes. At each pool area, there will be a laundry room with washers and dryers.

    Q: What are some local internet dialup numbers that I could use?

    UPDATE: It has been brought to our attention by another poster that some of these numbers may no longer be local. Please double check with the front desk upon check in for local access numbers. Once you've tried out the number, give the front desk a call to find out if it really was local or not.

    AT&T Phone #

    AOL Phone #

    MSN Phone #

    Bellsouth Phone #

    Remember, there is a modem port under the desk!

    Q: Does Pop Century have high speed or wireless internet?
    All rooms will have wired ethernet ports under the table for high speed internet. The cost is $10 per 24hr period. A credit card must be on file at the front desk, along with charging privledges.

    Q: Are there any charges for phone use?
    There is no charge for local numbers. Please refer to the phone information card for Long Distance rates.

    Q: What is the address and phone number for Pop Century?
    1050 Century Drive
    Lake Buena Vista, FL 32830
    Phone: 407-938-4000

    Q: Can I hook up my video device to the TV?
    Probably! There are RCA inputs for stereo audio and video on the front of the TV. There is no s-video input available.

    Q: Will Pop Century be decorated for Christmas?
    Yes. Pop Century will be decorated for Christmas. We have a few Christmas trees, and some garland around Classic Hall. Christmas music will also be playing around Classic Hall.
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  3. ChairborneRangr

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    Nov 18, 2002
    Be sure to ask TREKKER to change the link in the stickied RESORT FAQs links thread. :)
  4. Chip 'n Dale Express

    Chip 'n Dale Express Can't stay put!<br><font color=purple>I met lots o

    Jul 29, 2002
    Here is the newest property map of Pop Century. Please forgive the markings, bet you can't guess what building I stayed in! I'll see what I can do to get a new clean map.


    Notice that the parking assignments have changed. The 90's were moved to the smaller parking lot, and the 70's were moved to the enormous parking lot shared with the 80's. The 50's also have thier expanded parking lot.

    Also, the playground and Goofy's Pop Jet area have been officially added to the map. (The playground is the red kid stick figure, and Goofy is, well, Goofy!)

    Here are some links to my personal pictures of Pop:
  5. insmom

    insmom Mouseketeer

    Apr 26, 2004
    I am heading out next Thursday and can not tell you how helpful this thread has been to me. I have learned more things from it. :wave:
  6. spiceycat

    spiceycat <font color=blue>Own at BWV, VWL and BLT<br><font

    Oct 26, 2000
    thank you for this thread!!!

    the Turtles in the lake are cute!!!
  7. bride03

    bride03 Mouseketeer

    Sep 25, 2003
    I see on my papers that I got that they are going to try and put me in the 70's. I wonder how close to the busses I'll be and I wonder if they can put me in the 60's really close to the Classic Hall?? I want to be a little closer than we were last year. I'm so glad that this thread got started up again! I was going to be really upset!
  8. spiceycat

    spiceycat <font color=blue>Own at BWV, VWL and BLT<br><font

    Oct 26, 2000
    the 60's are the preferred.

    go for the 50's - unless you are young - then the whole resort is fine....
  9. Chip 'n Dale Express

    Chip 'n Dale Express Can't stay put!<br><font color=purple>I met lots o

    Jul 29, 2002
    The 70's are still close to the buses and Classic Hall... but of course, remember, its just a request. Upon checking in, just let the CM know you wish to be close to Classic Hall, and they will try and find the most suitable room.
  10. Kitty-chan

    Kitty-chan Cheese is always the answer

    Nov 13, 2004
    Anybody have any details about the laundry service (as opposed to coin-op machines)? I'm wondering if it's an "in by 9, out after 5" sort of thing.
  11. 2BoysMum&Dad

    2BoysMum&Dad Mouseketeer

    Feb 5, 2004
    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for starting a new thread on Pop Century! I will be there between 3rd and 10th February. Looking forward to going very much. I was at CBR for three weeks this year so know the area very well.
  12. funkbucket007

    funkbucket007 Incinerate

    Sep 27, 2001
    I'll be making my reservations this week for my second stay @ Pop Century & had a couple of questions.

    First, I've heard wonderful things about 4th floor of the 50's building. I've heard you can see Wishes, Illuminations, Spaceship Earth & ToT from there (assuming you're on the front of the building I guess) & that appeals to me greatly. Does anyone have any room numbers that are in this particular section of the building? If so, how hard is it to request & actually get a room in a particular section of a particular building? I'll need three non-smoking rooms in close vacinity to each other (side-by-side would be a plus).

    Thanks in advance for any advice &/or answers. :D
  13. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana Dreams do come true!

    Feb 20, 2004
    Just returned from 5 nights at the POP on Tuesday. Once again we had a perfect room location and quite a view for a value resort! No noise (even tho the POP Warner overflow was in our section, in mostly pool side rooms), lovely view of the Lake and Generation Bridge. A bit of a problem upon check-in with the room - had not been properly clean (bathroom was disgusting and the room had not been really cleaned in a very long time). Manager came up and had everything taken care of that evening while I was at MVMCP (my first and fantastic!). Even got our first towel display one day!

    We walked right into the 5 pm candlelight processional, Osbourne Lights had a good amount of folks, but comfortable. Enjoyed everything and Disney is definitely extra magical at Christmas!!

    Not much good at trip reports but am happy to answer any questions about POP. Was my second stay. Buses were fine on both ends (went to BW and the bus was awful - took forever to get anywhere due to all the stops as always). POP food court was fine, busy but not long lines.

    POP Christmas decorations are nicer than I expected - very pretty and homey. Wish they had more, but Everything POP, the Food Court and Lobby were very nice.

    By the way, some the 70's buildings feel closer to the food court because the doors to the Food Court are so close, but both 50's and 70's (non-preferred) are very close and 50's has easy parking.

    Adjusting to being home...
    PS We could see all of the above from our room (had to walk outside to see Illuminations) - we were in Tramp building room 3413, but 3428 would be great as would any along those two corridors), as well as 2456 , building 2. Excellent views of all the fireworks (in the distnace, of course) but you also see the parking lot - it did not bother me, but I liked our room this yr better (3413 OR 3428). I requested a 4th fl room, lake view in Tramp building. Hope this helps. :) Have a great trip!!
  14. chesirekate

    chesirekate DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2004
    Hey Baci Becky, we were there 12/5-12/10 and we stayed in the same building. I think we were in room 3349, with a view of the lake and one of the 60's buildings. The packs of Pop Warner kids in the pool and on the walkways was annoying, but once I shut the door to the room it was dead quiet. The only noise we ever heard was in the morning when you could just make out the sound of the shower in the room next door. And that was only if you were in the bathroom.

    We had a slight room snafu as well (nobody's fault, the handicap accessible bathroom just wouldn't work for us) and our original room number was 3303, which faced the pool. I am now sooooooo glad that we moved, as whenever we got off the elevator and started heading towards Classic Hall it just got so much louder all of a sudden. And there were several groups on the ground floor with their room doors propped open, chairs out on the sidewalk, drinking and yelling at each other or their kids in the pool. I think it might have been rather louder on that side of the building so I'm glad we ended up elsewhere.
  15. Minnie&Nana

    Minnie&Nana Dreams do come true!

    Feb 20, 2004
    Hey, Angela!

    Yes! The ground floor was full and we saw the same, everyone out with their chairs - loads of teens. All having a grand time (good for them!), but I was very happy we were on the lake side.

    We enver heard a peep - not even any other loud toilets! We were in an end room (not facing the 60's, but on the other side). One morning I did hear voices directly opposite the mirror, but it was brief and not bothersome at all. Last yr we were not in an end room and still heard no one.

    I'm sure we must have passed one another :) We did meet several DIS folks (mostly in the parks) when my friend wore the DIS pin.

    What did you think of the POP Christmas decorations?
  16. blanq

    blanq <font color=red>A 42 year old fan of Peter Pan's F

    Jul 12, 2000
    I have never stayed at a value resort before (I have to admit that the deluxes have sucked us in!), however I do like the photos of the rooms at Pop Century and was realizing that two connecting rooms might be a nice option for our family. There are only three of us (one child and two adults), but for the price we sure would get a lot of space with two rooms, plus two TV's, two bathrooms, etc. So, my questions for Tyler (or anyone else who might be in the know) are: How many connecting rooms are available at Pop Century? Is is possible to get a King Typical connected to another King Typical, or a King Typical connected to a Double Typical? Also, do you think the Room Controller is more likely to honor a connecting room request if a child is going to be in one of the rooms and parents in the other? I would feel uncomfortable getting two rooms, only to find that our child was in a room by himself, with no connection to our room.

    Also, can anyone tell me the times during the year when the Pop Warner kids take over this place, as I want to make sure to avoid those times of year.
  17. chesirekate

    chesirekate DIS Veteran

    Sep 12, 2004
    blanq, I think if you're splitting your family (with kids) up and want connecting rooms then you are guaranteed connecting rooms. I can't remember if there are kings that connect or not, but there should be a map around here somewhere, maybe in one of ChairborneRngr's links?

    You only have to be concerned about Pop Warner one week of the year. I think it's traditionally the first full week in December?

    Christine, I'm much too shy to say anything to any of the Dis'ers I saw last week. I did point out several though, to my husband as we came across them. I figured nobody would no who the heck I was so what's the point? :) I would have said hi to you though, because I would have recognized your name from all of the Pop Century threads:)

    I did like the decorations, they were subtle but pretty. I even took a pic of the one in the lobby between the gift shop and front desk. Really I thought the decorations were lovely all over the property that we managed to visit!
  18. Chip 'n Dale Express

    Chip 'n Dale Express Can't stay put!<br><font color=purple>I met lots o

    Jul 29, 2002
    Pop Century does have a laundry service. It's a local cleaner contracted through Disney. Drop it off by 8:30am at Luggage Assitance, and it should be back by 6:30pm that day. They do washing and dry cleaning. Be advised, it is a 'per item' basis with the average item being $4...
  19. Chip 'n Dale Express

    Chip 'n Dale Express Can't stay put!<br><font color=purple>I met lots o

    Jul 29, 2002
    Requesting room numbers is a good way to not get what you want. A better idea is to request items, and prioritize them. How you wrote it out would be just fine... "would like non-smoking, 50's, high floor, illuminations view, would be great if rooms are all together, possibly even connecting, but it would be okay as long as they are all in the same area."
  20. ChairborneRangr

    ChairborneRangr <font color=blue>Has never seen CoP<br><font color

    Nov 18, 2002
    All the info you need...

    This and other cool stuff is available via the links in my sig...

  21. Chip 'n Dale Express

    Chip 'n Dale Express Can't stay put!<br><font color=purple>I met lots o

    Jul 29, 2002
    Pop Century was designed with connecting rooms in mind. 50% of our rooms are connecting rooms. If you check out the above FAQ, there is a listing for exact room count for king typical and king accessible. All king rooms will connect to a double room with a tub.
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