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Ten Sleeps in Disney World!! - An Aug Trip Report *5/9 Departure Day & Final Thoughts

Discussion in 'Completed Trip Reports' started by Mickey_Mom, Aug 28, 2009.

  1. bluejasmine

    bluejasmine New Member

    AHHH! Where is the next post??LOL I was really enjoying your TR!
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  3. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie New Member

    What a wonderful day at MK!

    Seriously, just reading about it put a huge smile on my face. You had some good pixie dust with you all day. :wizard:

    The pictures you got of Wishes are beautiful! Kudos.
  4. MinnieNurse

    MinnieNurse New Member


    I love Splash Mountain. What a wonderful day!!!
  5. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    I did a lot of practise shots with my camera before leaving home and really liked how the continuous mode pictures came out. With the ones I got from Wishes, if I move thru the pictures quickly, its like I'm there watching it again! :rotfl2:

    We made a big effort not to try and cram so much in. We could have stayed longer with the EMH but I'm glad we ended things "early". It was midnight by the time we turned in for the night and any later than that we would have started getting grumpy with one another.

    :rotfl: I'm trying to make it last as long as I can. Welcome aboard!

    Thanks :hug: and yay for your smile! Our first day at MK was wonderful.... too bad our second day wasn't. :sad2:

    It was really :cloud9:
  6. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Now I need to figure out if my camera has a continuous mode or not...I know it has a fireworks mode...but continuous I'm not sure and to make matters worse I'm not sure where I put the user manual CD...so its on my list to find LOL!!

    I loved your update!! What great pictures!!! I'm glad Demetri was able to not only enjoy his favorite once but twice!!!!! Part of the fun of Disney is being able to say you know what I'm going to do that next time!!! I can't wait to read more!!
  7. PracPerfPatricia

    PracPerfPatricia New Member

    Just lovely fireworks photo in front of the castle...:goodvibes

    I agree that Buzz seems less crowded since TSM-which is ashame-its still a really fun ride...I love spinning in the ships too...

    So you got nailed by the spitting camel too huh?:lmao:

    Love the HM at dusk...extra creepy...:eek:

    Sounds like you all had a fabulous day...:thumbsup2

    (Not liking the sound of your next update...Missing kids...:scared1:)
  8. luvdumbo

    luvdumbo New Member

    popcorn:: Great updates!
  9. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    So true.... my list for next time keeps growing the more trip reports I read! :rotfl:

    Double eek! :eek: :eek:

    Thanks! :goodvibes
  10. jenjolt

    jenjolt Loves All Things Disney!

    Oh...you have the same camera as me....or at least close enough!!! That makes you a very valuable asset!! :rotfl: I just PM'd you some questions I hope you don't mind!
  11. wdwgirl03

    wdwgirl03 <font color=red>I'm just a big Disney Freak! :-)<b

    Another great update and lots of fun pics. How fun Demetri got to be part of the show on the JC!

    I still love Buzz Lightyear but the thing that annoys me is the triggers are so hard to use! Dad mentioned something about how it seemed like his gun would work once every three shots. :confused3 I seriously wish they would redo it so they are like the Disneyland ones. There your guns are attached to a cord so you can pull them out and they light up/vibrate so you know you hit a target. It works a LOT better!
  12. ZeroToHero

    ZeroToHero New Member

    Argg! Can I steal your Fireworks shots? They're so great! I need to figure out how to get my camera to do that - my fireworks shot leaves the shutter open for about 5 seconds, which means they turn out awful...

    I love Splash Mountain too! So much more than it's Animal Kingdom counterpart... :sad2:

    (you'll see why soon.)

    And I'm glad you're all having a good time - although I am a little leery of the next update. :(
  13. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh New Member

    You got soo much done!

    They are doing a pretty major rehab of Space Mountain, but not as extensive as the one at DL. SM at DL was closed for over a year.
  14. mickeystoontown

    mickeystoontown New Member

    Absolutely great firework shots! I have a fireworks setting on my camera but they still don't turn out very well.:confused3
  15. DisneyFairy66

    DisneyFairy66 I love my Bichon Frise, Dixie Mae! Fan of Daisy Du

    Great update! Love the Haunted Mansion Pics!!!!
  16. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    Happy practising! ;)

    I wonder why they would have done it differently? The DL version DOES sound better! I thought I was doing really well picking off targets left, right and center..... but my score says otherwise.:sad2:

    I can't wait to see the finished product. I've heard rumors of what the changes are and they sound great.

    That's why I like the continuous option. Out of six shots, on or two are bound to be good! :thumbsup2

    Thanks! I loved how creepy and dark the ride looked when everything else was so bright and cheery!
  17. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh New Member

    the rumored changes to SM do sound great.

    Have you seen the pics of the demolition they are doing right now to the old skyway building--CRAZY.
  18. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    I hadn't seen the pics but looked them up. Wow. I had no clue WDW used to have a Skyway! That stroller parking area by IASW makes more sense to me now. Hope they make it a restaurant but its a shame they couldn't have just converted the existing building.
  19. jordanyosh

    jordanyosh New Member

    I wonder why they're demolishing it? If they weren't going to do something with the space why not just leave it? Hopefully, something new is coming.
  20. So, we just got back from Disney yesterday, and I have loved reading through your trip! I need to start my TR soon! Can't wait to see more!
  21. Mickey_Mom

    Mickey_Mom New Member

    Hey! Welcome back! Thanks for joining in ... I'll be watching for your TR!

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