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Sorry Gaston, They are MUCH More Interesting Than You!*6/8* NEW Trip Report Link p154

Discussion in 'Disney Trip Reports' started by MEK, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    I didn't feel a thing. No lie! :rotfl:

    If only I could have found one!!!!!

    Sad, but obviously true!

    I tried not to let my DH see the evidence. :rolleyes1

    Thanks! It was a gorgeous day. I would have loved for our room to be ready a couple hours earlier, but we made out just fine so no complaints!

    I will definitely be going back to the Captain's Grille! It was a very enjoyable meal and a great way to get away from it all.

    If you never had, you really should check it out. It's a wonderful area and I love staying in the vicinity.

    It its definitely on the list of my top 3 quiet pools. Love it!

    Who me??? :rotfl: Guilty as charged.

    RnR is always my number one ride. I like the adrenaline rush so its great to get that out of the way. Plus the line usually gets longer than ToT so it makes sense.

    I totally agree!

    Commission - I tell you they out to be paying her commission! ;)

    Thanks....and....well.....my TSM was less than stellar. I want a rematch, but it won't be until 2014!

    He's tall, thin, and never disagrees. He's got the the perfect vibe going on.

    We really enjoyed our walk. I'm not often there when I can really enjoy a walk mid day with perfect weather. Usually its just too blazing hot. Today - perfection. :thumbsup2
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  3. DisMomAmy

    DisMomAmy New Member

    I absolutely love the Boardwalk area!! :cloud9: I'm glad you had a nice lunch at Captain's Grille - it really is a hidden gem! I've only been there once but will definitely be back!
  4. englishrose47

    englishrose47 New Member

    I have been reading along just no time to post on all my threads !!!
  5. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    I am very disappointed that the price is being raised to $100. I really think that's a little steep. But I am going to purchase one this summer because I will use it for three trips again, so I guess it's worth it.

    Oh that Chelsea!

    Shocking? NOT!!!!!!!

    I think you summed it up just perfectly. Right on Sister!

    I know the first time I walked that path I really wasn't sure what it looked like, how long it was, or where to find it. So I am glad that the pictures helped!

    I'm pretty sure she went back to MK and bought some for her boys so I suspect more pictures are in the works.

    You're welcome!

    :rotfl2: He is all that and so much more! :rotfl2:

    I would love to see some old Bo pictures, but packing definitely comes first. Sorry I missed your send-off. Right now I hope you are having an absolutely awesome first night in the world and don't forget to say "hi" to Bo for me!

    Ashley - these pictures are awesome!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for posting them!!!!!

    It can! I can always count on you (and Glen) for keeping it real with the editing.

    Hmmmmmm........I guess you'll have to wait to find out!

    You know - there is something I realized this trip and that is that the clown is not nearly as creepy when you are actually sitting on the pool deck.

    I knew you would be proud! :rotfl2:

    :rotfl2: Yeah - I have to admit that changing the main ingredient to meat really did help.

    There is always that opportunity for a vow renewal. Just sayin'

    I was having trouble with quotes a couple weeks ago. I couldn't copy anything. If you are still having a problem trying resetting the cache or clearing the cookies - clear the history off your browser and see if it works.

    As expensive as it is, broken crystal would NOT be good. Better to avoid.

    Yes - its zero entry. I did not go down the slide so I can not attest to its fun factor.
  6. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    It really is a special resort and I am also relieved that Joe that will consider staying at VWL. Now that you belong to DVC you definitely have to try all the resorts. Its a right of passage!

    We really did luck out several times during this trip. I'm thrilled that we got a great parade spot.

    As far as the back of the float - I don't think they are real people. Maybe just statues. I guess I better look again.

    It's totally the BEST part of the parade!

    :lmao: Too bad no one gives out that prize. We did have a lot of luck with the DIS meets. That was a big fun factor in our trip. I mean, after all, Cynthia and I are a DIS meet!


    Sway to the music??? Good for you. I want to see CoP with you. It sounds like fun!

    I do too! Hopefully she just fainted and after some rest and some food she was as good as new.

    I think that room is really cool. Heck - I love the entire queue. It's awesome.

    I don't know - that's actually a really good question because I'm sure they have to do something to maintain the look.

  7. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    He IS the master! No doubt about it! :rotfl2:

    We did have a great morning. It was great to get a early start and get all the big rides under our belt.

    Glad you like our Bo pics!

    Thanks! It really is an awesome resort area. I love all the Epcot resorts. YC is especially fun to take pictures of.

    I know you are a big boardwalk fan. Seriously - what's not to like. It's an awesome place.

    I agree that the Captain's Grille is a hidden gem. It will definitely be a new "go-to" place for me.

    I am glad you are still hanging with us Rosie! :thumbsup2 I know all about the limited time! I'm right there with you.
  8. petals

    petals Irish Princess because Cinderella said so!

    In Disney my favourite policy is See, Want, have (Sulley would have come home with me lol)

    Luvin all the Boardwalk pics. I haven't made it to Boardwalk yet.. next time.

    I also need a man to marry me in Disney World :)

    I'm happy to see the stupid stage is gone from the front of the Hat in HS
  9. scottny

    scottny <font color=blue>You better have crackers<br><font

    I am so far behind but will catch up this week.
  10. rachel09985

    rachel09985 New Member

    I need the meet the monsters inc characters! The wazowski character looks so short but i think its an illusion from that hat! Your knees look to be in the same spot as his :) Funny!

    That outfit you are wearing with that white tank is super cute and looks comfy!
  11. eandesmom

    eandesmom I'm with Beast

    You can't miss it, promise! You can however get turned around if you try to cut through and don't have your bearings...but that's within the BW itself

    Not even close to done. You will all be quite sick of T shirts by the end.

    He doesn't talk back, snore, or forget to to unload the dishwasher :rotfl:

    I hadn't either, thank heavens it moved quickly

    I'm really not sure anyone would want to meet up with either of us before coffee

    I'll remember that and stash the E's there

    Yes, you'd fit right in with the target audience

    Or end up in a sling

    He is surprisingly un creepy when close up.

    The E's would love that slide too, maybe we can hop at the end of our trip, hopping is blocked out for most of it...:sad:

    Joe cracks me up, why is he "mad" at the WL?

    We really had a ton of wonderful meets. It was really fun to dress for dinner most nights. Very girly :thumbsup2

    Good point on the cobwebs, I wonder! That line was nuts.

    Only a couple of CS, it's almost 100% TS only.

    Not sparkly, that would have been cooler, lots of white dots basically. I did buy the boys a Tee, as did Santa and a couple for myself. Whether any of what I ended up with has been seen yet in the trip...remains to be seen

    :lmao: priceless

    Gotta love Bo!

    I'd go back to CG, someday I would like to try it for breakfast. Maybe we will do that instead of Kouzzina on arrival day after the red eye in Dec.

    I feel your pain Rosie!

    LOVE your Policy! I'm glad the stage is gone too.

    Me too

    I'm glad we found them, I'd never done a photo with them before.
  12. GoofyFan1515

    GoofyFan1515 Member

    Did you consider you always know where to find him because all he does all day is hang out on the street and never works? And has he actually ever given you that refreshment, or does he always keep it for his own enjoyment?

    Just askin'................ :rolleyes2

    What about stiff, unwilling to change, and really if you look at him overall, he's quite shallow! :scratchin

    And none of you ladies seem to consider that Bo is a playah! He stares and smiles at every woman that walks by, and he will let any woman that comes along hug and kiss and hang all over him.

    Of course I know some women fall for that sort of thing.......... :rolleyes1

    Okay, okay........but has he ever actually UNLOADED the dishwasher? Or loaded it??? :confused3
  13. Mndisneygirl

    Mndisneygirl New Member

    Okay, I'm back catching up! You guys had a great morning at DHS! Lots of cool pictures too, as usual.
    I'm so excited to see your BW pictures of your room - we were "this close" to calling on a resale contract there the other day. I've yet to stay there though, probably should try it once! Both of your resorts this trip are on my list for next trip!

    I have been :rotfl2:with the exchange about Bo and Mike. I needed a good laugh today! Maybe now I can go get some work done.

    Always nice to see my girls' smiling faces on someone else's TR.

    Think I might do one with an abridged October TR and then roll it into one for HHI. Not sure if I want to do October or not. I better get my a$$ in gear if I'm going to!

    Great T-shirts and resort specific merch! That makes me very happy!:goodvibes
  14. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    That's a great policy to have, except that I am certain it would put me over my weight limit. But this summer when we are driving - well, then all bets are off. :rotfl:

    You must - it's a great area. I do think its more fun to stay there then just visit, but if you like it then you put the Epcot resorts on your bucket list for a future stay.

    Hmmmm ........I hope you can arrange that! A Disney wedding sounds like so much fun!

    Me too!

    Welcome Back! HOpe you had a great visit to the world. The way you crank out the Trip Reports its a wonder you ever have time to catch up!!!!!

    :rotfl2: I was thinking the same thing. Like - is there a midget in that costume? I am a tad curious as to whose actually in there.

    Thanks! I bought that shirt on clearance right before we left so I wasn't sure whether I really liked it or not. But I do like the way it looks in pictures, so thanks!

    I know he would share....if only....he could!

    Shallow! :lmao: Yup - I'll have to agree with that!

    He is clearly a playah, but I have decided to overlook that small fault. :rolleyes:

    That would be me! :rotfl:

    Somehow, I doubt it!

    Welcome Back!!!!! Hope you had a wonderful time. I know you loved Charleston, but I'm dying to know what you thought about HHI.

    I toyed with an add-on at BWI before I ever stayed there and I regret that I didn't follow up on it more activity before I purchased VWL. It's an awesome resort. You MUST stay there. I have a feeling you will love it.

    We always aim to please with our antics over here.

    Your girls are adorable and I always enjoy seeing them as well!

    You definitely should. I really want to read about both of your trips, but specifically the HHI trip!

    Shopping makes us all very happy. Even window shopping is fun at Disney.
  15. Leshaface

    Leshaface New Member

    Yay! I'm officially all caught up:cool1:

    I noticed that you're going to HHI. My DH really wants to go there next Summer (since there was no availability this Summer) but what is there to do for a non-golfer (aka me)?

    I love all the artistic shots you got of Gaston's fountain. Very nice!

    :rotfl2: Yes, Mike is definitely trying to cop a feel it looks like!

    Ooh I can't wait to see what your view is like! :cool1:
  16. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    :thumbsup2 Thanks for reading!!!!!!

    HHI is amazing. I am used to the midatlantic beaches and the beaches in Florida. HHI is home to the most amazing Spanish Moss on all the trees. The beach itself is very, very hard packed and you can easily ride bikes on it. The island has a very, very upscale feel because of very strict regulations on building and signage. The landscaping is impeccable.

    HHI has the greatest tide fluctuations along the entire east coast except for the Bay of Fundy in Nova Scotia.

    HHI is 45 minutes from Savannah - which is an absolutely amazing city. Even more beautiful is Charleston - which is about 1 1/2 to 2 hours away. Definitely both cities are day trip worthy. There is a lot of history in both cities. Wonderful carriage rides and historic house tours.

    The resort itself has plenty of activities including a marsh walks, bird walk, and kayaking - which is super easy and fun. The beach house is about 1.5 miles away. There are activities scheduled all day long every day of the week.

    There a ton of great places to eat.

    Should I go on?

    Another DISer said to me before I went "Disney's HHI is a special place" and that about sums it up. I have a lot of pictures from my last trip there in the TR below called "Why Not Queue Up Another Disney Trip?"

    Thank you.

    That Mike! :rotfl2:

    Coming very soon.
  17. Leshaface

    Leshaface New Member

    Wow! Thanks so much for your review of HHI! I'll definitely be checking out that TR then, since I haven't seen any TR's for HHI. Thanks! :thumbsup2
  18. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    You're welcome. There are a few HHI TRs but you have to search for them. I am sure I will write about this year's trip to HHI as well. I will probably combine it with my June TR.
  19. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    So - I just have to say that it's two weeks until HHI! Very excited. I am hoping that Nick will have his college choice firmed up by then.

    We visited WVU on Monday and he really liked it. He is going back to the engineering open house at Rowan University (South Jersey) today where he was offered a complete academic scholarship and then we attend University of Delaware decision days right before we leave for HHI.

    Unfortunately, I think he is going to decide against Virginia Tech because of the expense compared to these other choices. WVU, UDEL, and Rowan would make it possible for him to attend without any loans. Nick is practical. Almost too practical sometimes. There are a couple WVU programs that he is interested in that are part of the academic common market. This would make him eligible for instate WV tuition plus scholarships.

    One of the things I like about WVU is its a university that really gives back to the community. WV is probably one of the most impoverished states in the country. Even though its only 4.5 hours from the East Coast, there is an entirely different vibe there. I think it might be good for Nicholas to get involved in projects for underserved kids and there are plenty of opportunities like that. Some involve reduced tuition and stipends.

    Nick also applied to Georgia Tech back in October. This was his reach school and he ended up wait listed there. Honestly - I feel like that is so much better than getting DENIED! I am very proud of him.

    So, I digress, but this college choice stuff is really pre-occupying me right now.

    A Room With a View

    I know you are going to find this hard to believe, but I barely have any pictures left for this update. Yup, that's right - I actually didn't use my camera for the rest of the day. Well, I used it for a couple room shots, but then I gave it a rest.

    Is that possible?

    Apparently so.

    But don't worry - I definitely have pictures of our room view. We exited the elevator on the 4th floor and walked in the same direction as during my stay in June (remember - standard view, ground level). The anticipation was building as we approached the room - Apparently enough so that I did not take a picture of our room number. I was just so excited to have a high floor and it was obvious it was going to be a pool view.

    Upon arrival to our room I took the necessary bed picture


    Cynthia and I took turns on who would sleep in the beds during this stay. She got the bed for VWL and it was now my turn to get the bed since I was staying one night longer than her. Woo hoo for an extra bonus day!

    Necessary Vanity Picture


    and kitchen picture


    Picture on the wall


    Another bed picture


    And now...drum roll please...what you've been waiting for...the first of many view pictures.

    View straight ahead



    View to the left



    When we walked out on the "verandah" and saw this, well&&you can just imagine the response. Better than a Boardwalk view, IMHO! I was in love, for sure. And I know Cynthia was too!

    View to the right


    Tired of the view yet. How could you be?




    I took this picture later in the evening before dinner because I see the lights coming on


    So, honestly, in all the views I have ever end (with the exception of my spectacular view in Vero Beach) this was hands-down the best ever. I could have lived on that balcony. Ok, so I am exaggerating, but you get the idea.

    Hi Swan. You are so close.


    Hi Dolphin


    Hi Clown Pool


    Oh - and just in case you were wondering - We did get a towel animal


    Once we were unpacked and showered it was time to get ready for dinner. Checking myself out in the mirror. So serious.




    I wasn't sure which pic I liked better, so I posted all of them. See what happens when you are short on pictures for an update - you get to see me three times. Yikes!

    Continued In Next Post........
  20. MEK

    MEK Active Member

    Continued From Previous Post......

    Dinner tonight was extremely convenient. We needed only to walk outside and head straight to the Flying Fish. Once our wait list for BWV came through we switched our ADRs so that we ate at Citricos while still lodging at VWL and FF once we arrived at BWV. Always thinking! Yes, we are!

    I decided that a wine flight was in order


    Here's what I drank


    I think Cynthia, my personal sommelier, picked my flight and she was right on the money!

    The first time I ate at FF I wasn't a big fan of the interior, but from a slightly different seating angle I developed a different opinion. I found our table to have a cozy feel to it and I felt right at home. I loved the restaurant. Funny how a table location can change your opinion of a restaurant's interior.

    Our view of the rest of the restaurant


    Now - On to the Food!


    Fresh Mozzarella di Bufala - Florida Yellow Beefsteak, Ugli-ripe and tiny grape Tomatoes, aged Balsamico, Exotic Peppercorns, Petite Basil, and Sicilian Olio Verde $15.00


    Very tasty!


    Ginger and Teriyaki Char-Crusted Yellowfin Tuna - bok choy, Asian mushrooms, carrots, snap and snow peas, with a lightly curried carrot-coconut lemongrass infusion $38.00


    If I am not mistaken, and you know I definitely could be, I think Cynthia and I ordered the same thing.

    I really enjoyed my meal here. There is my second visit to the FF and the food has been very, very good both times. FF - I will be back. One of my favorite signature restaurants - for sure.

    We passed on dessert - or at least I did since we were heading into Epcot to watch Illuminations. Time wise, we had ample time to grab dessert there.

    Now, here's where I might give you a little TMI. On the way into Epcot I started to feel my stomach "rumble", shall we say. I do have a touch of IBS that is really well managed with probiotics, but the occasional change in diet can sometimes cause a bit of havoc. So when we hit the IG entrance (Christine's private entrance) I told Cynthia to head on in without me. I ducked into the restroom.

    And...well...nothing.....Just stomach cramps.

    OK, maybe I am OK, I thought.

    So I went into Epcot and decided to head over to the champagne booth. I don't really recall what type of champagne I had except that it was the most expensive one on the menu. Big spender that I am!

    After I got out of line, which seemed to take forever (who knew it was so hard to pour glasses of champagne) I met up with Cynthia and we started to walk back towards England to find a spot for Illuminations.

    Just as I had finished my champagne and as Illuminations was about to begin, that all-too-familiar stomach "rumble" came back again with a vengeance and I suddenly found myself hustling to the restroom right at the beginning of Illuminations. Talk about terrific timing.

    Oh well, I consoled myself by the memory that I had since Illuminations not once, not twice, but three times in June.

    Fortunately, I did catch the end of the show. But all I have to prove it are crappy cell phone pictures. And when I say crappy - I mean it.

    See for yourself




    Actually -This next one isn't half bad for a cell phone pic


    To make up for my lackluster photos here are some real pictures from June (in reverse order thanks to Photobucket)






    The craziest thing about Illuminations is there were tons of drunk people around. It reminded me of the crowds that hang out in Dewey Beach in the middle of summer. Everyone was having a great time. Clearly no one was feeling any pain - at least not until tomorrow.

    See what I mean - Group shot


    AT the conclusion of Illuminations we walked home. And I am here to tell you that there is NOTHING better than walking out of Christine's private entrance and heading back to the Boardwalk.

    It was a great day and now it was time to hit the hay and get up and do it all over again tomorrow.

    Up Next - 3 parks in one day!
  21. englishrose47

    englishrose47 New Member

    What a view !!! Fabulous !!!Sorry about the IBS kicking up !!!Timing is always the worest with it !!! Loved the room pix too !!

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