Sept 18 2010 WB TransAtlantic Pirates/Capt Jacks Re-Repoing Repossession Cruise Pt.10

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    DisneyVegas1 <font color=blue>That's Captain , Captain Ja

    Mar 2, 2006


    Cruise Itinerary 14 day West Bound Schedule


    Our website is officially up and running!!!

    If you haven't signed up for roll call - please do! And don't forget to send a photo to us at


    Our DIS group will have custom lanyards and name badges for our exciting voyage. These lanyards are FREE to all those who signed up prior to the deadline (a gift courtesy of the generous donation from members of the "lanyard team"). To view the most current list of those who've signed up to receive lanyards (along with their names and staterooms), click here.

    Didn't get your lanyards ordered prior to the deadline but still think you might like one? Or did you just join our cruise and are hoping to get in on the lanyard fun? NEVER FEAR!! There are a limited supply of extra lanyards that have already been ordered for folks just like you! If you'd like to get in on the lanyard fun, simply send Erik (tig82174) a PM on the DIS or send an email to to see if we can accomodate your traveling party (first come, first serve....while supplies last!!).


    Matching Mickey Mouse Club T-Shirts


    On a casual dining evening (date yet to be determined), we are planning our own Mickey Mouse Club Night to make us very disguisable to other Magic guests and to one another! It’s also another great photo opportunity! So if you would like to participate, you can purchase your t-shirt(s) at either or

    There are variations of t-shirt styles that you can purchase (especially at Zazzle) for the whole family in a wide range of sizes. So choose your favorite style and don’t forget to personalize it with your name on the back in a LARGE font. Some DISers are choosing Impress as their font of choice, but feel free to use whatever you like best!

    On a final note, pack your Ears if you have them to go with your MMC shirt!

    Note that Zazzle DOES ship internationally, where DisneyStore does not.


      One point to mention is that on Zazzle's site, they have two circular-looking graphic versions of the Mickey Mouse Club t-shirt. One looks like the one Todd posted, which is identical to the one on Disney's site, and Zazzle also has a second, a less dazzling one, that does not have the "Member" and "1956" reference. The screenprint is also different in color. So please make sure you select the correct one.

      We will be wearing the MMC shirts on Night 11 of the cruise

      Pirate Night

      Characters of POTC on Pirate Night

      Actually , if anyone has any interest in doing a Character On Pirate Night from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean Movies please let me know , as we did this on the last cruise and it was great ... So far we have Capt Jack of course , Elisabeth Swan from Dead Mans Chest - Tia Dalma - Teague Sparrow (jackies dad lol ) - Capt Sao Feng - and Capt Davey Jones ....

      So we have LOTS of characters open , plenty versions of Elisabeth Swann , commodore Norrington - Will Turner - Barbossa - Mr.Gibbs - Mr . Cotton - Pintel - Regetti - Beckett- Scarlet- Giselle - BootStrap Bill-my personal fave Anna Maria - and a host of others including just being a swabbie and or Wench , me likes the Salty Wenches if you have any questions or interest please let me know ....



      WB TransAtlantic Pirates Google Map

      Add yourself and or see your Fellow cruise mates from all over the world

      WB TransAtlantic Pirates Google Map


      Kids Thread ( This is for Kids Only)

      Kids of the TransAtlantic Pirates


      Okay all you Pirates,Princesses,Wenches,Swabbies and just you regular folk , I just got done talking to my T shirt printer (He does all the uniforms and Tees for my 6 Football teams) and He has cleared our design for the Cruise Embarkation T shirt - These will be silk screened and will look wonderful ... We will only be doing White as it will be Hot Hot Hot when we leave Barcelona , ( I was going to do Black but we opted against it)

      So , below is the design for the Front and Back of the Official TransAtlantic Pirates Embarkation T-Shirt - - . So without further ado , Here is the Design

      T-shirts have been ordered , if you didnt get in on the order scroll to just below the shirts for updated information


      Tshirts have been ordered, Soon the logos should available on the website for you to download and you can print on transfer paper and do the Iron on yourself thinngy...We will have a limited and I mean limited supply of extra shirts, they will be sold on a first come first serve basis , the cost will be 16 dollars plus your shipping ....I dont know what sizes we will have but I will keep you updated ......

      That is all , now back to your daily duties ...



      Lanyardpins whit Cruiselogo

      Me and Noel have wrote before of making our one landyardpins. To do this i must now how many people want to buy one, so i can get a price quote.

      I have seen that this company has also maked landyards for Disney.

      Send me a PM if you have interest in a landyardpin and how many.
      And if you have a idea what you want on it let me now, so we can see what the most of us want on it.

      There are about 22 people who are intrest in a pin, if anybody likes to have one send me a PM or put in on this board.

      On monday i get from two other company's a pricequote.

      I think this will be a good desgin for a pin, maybe whitout the cuts. And i don't now if we can put Mickey on it?


      Cruise Banner (logo) for signature lines

      Thar be many a crew asking me if they can be adding the cruise banner to there signature , And I figured I wouldnt keep it all to me onesies so here be three different sizes you can be adding to your signature line , Beware , those crewmates that dont be adding it could find themselves walking the plank come Sept 2010 ...Savvy ??

      Instructions to add Banner to signature line Thanks Tia

      Right click the size logo that you want and select properties. Copy the link then go to User CP and Edit Signature. Using the little yellow square (looks like a picture of mountains) above the signature box, paste the link that you copies from the photo properties. Make sure you don't get 2 http entries. Instead of using the yellow box, you can just type [​IMG] - no spaces in between the brackets and the link.









      pirate: pirate:

      A Brief Photo History of Your Captain pirate:

      Captains Transformation Pics

      Where to get Adult Beverages before the cruise in Barcelona

      Before the 2007 TA, we discovered the wine shop in El Corte Ingles, which is a department store located at the top of Las Ramblas. The wine department is on the lower level, in the grocery store. The selection is fabulous, and the prices incredible!

      Pirates doing B2B

      pirate: meaning the last Med cruise and the TransAtlanticpirate:

      Bear's Mates - Linda & Frank
      cruiseletters - never seen a name to go with this one
      DisneyCruisin - Jen
      DisneyVegas1 - Todd, Helen,Dylan and Destin
      gofenmom - Georgiana & her friend Melody (my tablemates on EBPC)
      OCD for WD - Kimberly
      OKW93 - Michael & Susan
      Pluto, - Glenn & Edna
      renegade7 - Johanna
      tig82174 - Erik & Jason

      Morphing Cruise Logo's for those doing B2B



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  3. birkner

    birkner DIS Veteran

    Jan 22, 2006
    2011 Cruise Plans:

    01. Birkner
    September 10, 2011 - 14-Night Transatlantic Sailing from Barcelona to Port Canaveral
    April 7, 2012– 7 Night Maiden Voyage of the Fantasy

    02. Dolphingirl47
    January 6th to 21st 2011 Panama Canal Cruise on the Wonder
    October 2nd to 9th 2011 Mexican Riviera Cruise on the Wonder (Vow Renewal)

    03. Su_Kraft
    September 17 - 23 2011 - Carnival Dream - Western Exotic
    DCL Dummy Date
    To be used for September 15 - 21 2012 - DCL 7 night somewhere.

    04. UkAngel
    B2B - 6th Nov 2011 - 13th November 2011 (Dream)

    05. AlexandMaddie
    8/23/11 - 8/30/11 Alaska (Wonder)
    11/12/11 - 11/19/11 Western Caribbean (Magic)

    06. TheDisneyGirl02
    August 9-16 Alaska cruise on the Wonder

    07. Grayfal
    11/10-13/11 Dream

    08. MagicMe
    8/9/11 - 7 day Alaskan cruise on the Wonder
    10/23/11 - 4 day Bahama cruise on the Dream
    and...hope to join Sue on her 9/15/12 September cruise on the Fantasy!!

    09 BoosGram
    Feb. 27-Mar. 3, 2011 Dream cruise

    10. Granmaz
    Jan 6th to 21st 2011 on the Wonder WBPC.
    Sept 10th to 24th 2011 on the Magic WBTA

    11. Steamboat Will (and Abby)
    7 day Med Cruise on the Magic 3rd Sept 2011

    12. Mdwoodman
    Michele and I and our two younger DDs are wait listed for the 18 Sep 11 Dream DVC Member cruise.

    13. Dizneyholic
    Gus and I are booked on the April 10th, 2011 Mexican Riviera and the May 19th, 2012, Fantasy - Eastern Caribbean.

    14. Roseburghuges
    Kathy and I are doing the Sept 20, 2011 repositioning, Vancouver to LA, with our oldest daughter (30).

    15. Disney Sweetie
    Pam, Mike, Katrina, Leissa and Charlie
    7 night Sept 25 - Oct 2, 2011 to the Mexican Riviera

    16. HallsofVA
    8/16/11 - 5nt Dream
    8/21/11 - 4nt Dream
    6/23/12 - 7nt Fantasy Western
    8/18/12 - 7nt Fantasy Western
    8/25/12 - 7nt Fantasy Eastern
    Our 2012 plans will depend on the kids school schedules, and on the rest of the 2012 schedule still to come.

    17. Con5421
    January 30, 2011 on the 7 Night Mexican Riviera Sailing on the Wonder.

    18. LittleDisneyLovers
    September 10, 2011 - 14-Night Transatlantic Sailing from Barcelona to Port Canaveral on the Magic

    19. Bareacuda
    5 May 2012 7 Night Eastern 7 Night Eastern Caribbean on the Fantasy.

    20. Ebony
    September 10, 2011 - 14-Night Transatlantic Sailing from Barcelona to Port Canaveral on the Magic

    21. Steffy
    September 20, 2011 – 5 Night Repositioning Sailing from Vancouver to Los Angeles

    22. jsails
    January 6th to 21st 2011 Panama Canal Cruise on the Wonder

    23. pilk
    April 7, 2012– 7 Night Maiden Voyage of the Fantasy

    24. M4travels
    Sept 20 - 25, 2011: Vancouver to Los Angeles
    Sept 25 - Oct 2, 2011: Mexican Riviera
    April 7, 2012: Fantasy Maiden Voyage

  4. dolphingirl47

    dolphingirl47 In Search of the Tag Fairy

    Dec 25, 2007
    I will be running four jewellery making workshops during the cruise. All are now full.

    Workshop 1: September 19th 3 to 4 PM at Promenade Lounge
    Workshop 2: September 21st 2 to 3 PM at Promenade Lounge
    Workshop 3: September 21st 3 to 4PM at Promenade Lounge
    Workshop 4: September 21st 11AM to 12PM at Cove Cafe


    Timings are subject to change due to potential clashes with the tastings and location will be advised later.

    List of participants:


    We will be working on three projects in each workshop:

    For the necklace, we are going to use Swarovski crystals in various different shapes and sizes. For the Villain theme, we are going to use purple and black crystals, for the ship theme black, white, red and yellow crystals and for the Champagne girl theme pink crystals.

    For the cell phone charm, there are two options. The Champagne Girl version will have a silver Tinkerbell charm dangling from the end and will have pink crystals. The Pirate version will have silver skull beads at either end with black, white, red and yellow crystals in the middle.

    For the bag charm, there will only be one version. This will have lime green Mickey beads at either end with metal beads spelling out DIS in the middle.

    I will update the spreadsheet on here once I have the last of the room numbers. You can find the most up to date spreadsheet with some additional information here:

  5. mdwoodman

    mdwoodman Once a Marine, Always a Marine!

    Mar 6, 2010
    17 September @ 1700

    Hard Rock Cafe Barcelona
    Plaça de Catalunya, 21.
    08002 Barcelona, Spain

    mdwoodman (2)
    birkner (2)
    KermitRocks (2)
    TotallyAngellic (2)
    MrsMork (2)
    nacho1337 (4)
    1DisneyQueen (6)
    Dizneyholic (2)
    orlandothebeagle (2, maybe 4)
    dolphingirl47 (2)
    su_kraft (2+2)
    epcot1stfave (2)
    coconut1 (2)
    Walt & Di (2)
    acourtwdw2 (2)
    sezmo (2)
    grmmybtty (2)
    paulasillars (3)
    granmaz (2)
    roseburghughes (2)
    Bareacuda (2)
    Disney Sweetie (2)
    mm4mm (2)
    BibbidyBobbidyBoo (2+3)
    tweety0227 (2)
    LittleDisneyLovers (2+2)
    Woody73 (2)
    adamspest (2)
    vakamalua (2)
    yogitxtx (2)
    jaxjags (4)
    GrayFal (2)
    Yukongirl123 (2)
    JluvsC (4)
    valbob89 (2)
    TA2 (2)
    AlexandNessa (2)
    kr444 (2+2)
    LuvsTheSun (2)
    mickeymom923 (1)
    poohbear26 (1)
    Jiminy and Jane (2)
    rsauer (2)
    Steffy (1)
    tinker1bell (1)
    jsails (4)

    3€ beer, wine, soft drinks, water, juices
    6€ long drinks (vodka, gin, whisky, RUM)
  6. su_kraft

    su_kraft If I plan it, will you come?

    Sep 21, 2008

    Here are the FINAL FE groups, including cabin numbers.

    And without further ado...

    Group Papaya

    Group Kiwi

    Group Pineapple

    Group Pomegranate

    Group Coconut

    Group Strawberry
  7. su_kraft

    su_kraft If I plan it, will you come?

    Sep 21, 2008
    Tasting signups are closed.

    DCL will be doing ticketing on Monday 9/13.

    Tasting Event Schedule:

    Tasting Groupings:

    Wine Seminar:

    Cognac Seminar:

    Beer Seminar:

    Martini Seminar (9/25):

    Martini Seminar (9/26):

    Tequila Seminar:

    Mojito Seminar:

    Mixology Seminar:
  8. su_kraft

    su_kraft If I plan it, will you come?

    Sep 21, 2008
    Dining Rotations
    Below are the dining rotations and dress theme of the evening. These were confirmed on July 12 by DCL and the DCL Concierge, and more recently through reservations, so as of now we still *think* these are it.

  9. su_kraft

    su_kraft If I plan it, will you come?

    Sep 21, 2008
    The lanyard pins will be available to pickup in the Barcelona terminal from 11:30 AM until boarding time.

    If you can't pick them up them, you have two options. First option is to pick them up at the DIS meet on boarding day at 3:00 PM. Second option is to PM me and make arrangements to have them delivered to your stateroom.

    Please let me know now if you need me to deliver them to your stateroom so I will know how many pins I need to deliver.

    Here is the list of pins purchased:

  10. su_kraft

    su_kraft If I plan it, will you come?

    Sep 21, 2008
    place holder - master list
  11. cquick

    cquick DIS Veteran

    May 12, 2005
    just popping in to say "hi" Hi!:yay:
  12. paulasillars

    paulasillars <font color=green>Body in New Zealand, mind in Wal

    Jun 11, 2001

    This is the final Candy Swap list - there will be no further changes or updates.

  13. TotallyAngelic

    TotallyAngelic Disney Addict

    Aug 14, 2005
    DIS Scavenger Hunt:

    is anyone out there who would like to partake in our Disney Magic Scavenger Hunt, could you please send me a PM with your name, number of copies and your room number .... just so I have a vague idea of how many copies to bring. I will bring these to the DIS meet on the first day and for those who don't make the meet I will drop it off in your FE / Fish on the first sea day.

    The scavenger hunt will involve finding things out about the Magic, photographing items and finding items and should be a lot of fun. Participants should hand in their completed forms and show us their photos and items collected on the last sea day in the morning, before the Farewell Lunch, as that is when we will be giving out the prizes. Location and time to be finalised for dropping off the sheets etc.

    So far I have the following people on the list ( could you please confirm how many copies you will need ie. if you are doing it as individuals or together. Thanks.

    Candy Apple - 2 copies
    Tinker1bell cabin 8040
    Tweety0227 - 2 copies
    Gizmo1554 - 2 copies
    KCs Princess
    Birkner - 2 copies
    maxsGM cabin 6532
    Reanst cabin 6041 - 2 copies
    Steffy cabin 8040
    acourtwdw2 cabin 6632 - 2 copies
    paulasillars cabin 6641
    renegade7 cabin 2631 - 2 copies
    Steamboat Will
    AlexandMaddie cabin 7625
    coconut1 cabin 2570 - 2 copies
    Con5421 cabin 6503
    dizneyholic cabin 2130
    terapin - 2 copies
    bearfan cabin 5640 - 2 copies
    Caimee cabin 7064
    Sparky47 cabin 2052 -2 copies
    TheDisneyGirl02 cabin 6101 - 2 copies
    Got2travel cabin 7563
    jsails cabin 2101
    Belle1997 - 2 copies

    Farewell PrizeGiving and general get-together Lunch : Parrot Cay 30th September (last sea day)

    Sarah and Tony ( TotallyAngelic)
    Paula plus 2 (PaulaSillars)
    Pam and Mike ( Disney Sweetie)
    Linda and Mike ( PrincessSchmoo
    Noel and John (Birkner)
    Cheryl, Dan and Daniel (thecooksluvdisney)
    Corinna (dolphingirl47)
    Ann and Howard (bareacuda)
    Terry (tinkerbell)
    Kimberly (buckyeye gal)
    Sue and family (sue kraft)
    Mandy and Mark ( UKAngel)
    Joanne and Wayne ( Boosgram )
    Melisa & Mike (luvdamouse91 & mm4mm)
    Carolyn, Paul and family (Terapin)
    Try and Rachel (Tru)
    Janice and Trevor (Yukongirl)
    Brenda and Brian (coconut1)
    Lynne and Terry (luvsthesun)
    Bev and Lindsay (mickeymom923)
    Kristi and Gerald ( alexandmaddie )
    LisaMarie and Paul ( Bearfan )
    Glenn and Ruth ( Belle1997)
    Jon and Candida ( Pilk )

    Please send me a PM if you wish to attend this lunch, although this will be very flexible and informal, it will help to know how many tables to reserve in one area.

    Late Seating Linked Dining

    I need to close this list now as I have sent the information to my TA and she is working on it as we speak.

    Our DIS group late seating will be requested to be ROTATION 3 as this was the most requested rotation from those wishing to link. This is the PLA rotation, which puts us in Lumieres for the first formal night.
    If you would prefer a different rotation please let me know asap. Also any requests to sit at tables with particular DISers are needed asap. The coloured groups are already sharing a table.

    Birkner ( Noel and John )
    UKAngel ( Mandy and Mark )
    CustardTart ( Karen )
    Bareacuda (Howard and Ann)
    Ebony ( Jan and Carl )
    Sue L ( Sue and husband )
    Goiu family (Geoff, Lisa, Emma, and Logan)
    acourtwdw2 ( Annette and Amanda)
    Renegade 7 (Johanna and Kimmy ),
    Cinderbear ( Michelle and Jim )
    Tig ( Erik and Jason )

    KC's Princess ( Casey and Stephanie )
    Nordkin ( Donna and Joi)
    OrlandotheBeagle( Lynne, Len, Gus and Morag)
    MDWoodman ( Mike and Michele)
    TotallyAngelic ( Sarah and Tony)

    vakamalua (Andrea & Greg )
    steamboat will ( Warren & Abby )
    ValBob89 ( Val and Bob )
    Paulcrsb ( Paul )
    Grayfal ( Tom and Pat)
    lyn9856 (Lyn and Robert)
    epcot1stfave (Tricia and Michael)
    m4travels (Michael and Marc)
    Sezmo ( Sarah and Elizabeth )
    ftmill ( Norma and Vinnie)
    Magicme (Melodie )
    disneygirl (Amy and Dave )
    BuckeyeGal (Kimberly)

    Su Kraft ( Sue, Glenn and family) and LittleDisneyLovers ( Hayley, Terry and family ) ALREADY LINKED ON ROTATION 3

    Secret Mickey


    Welcome to the WBTA Secret Mickey:

    This works along the same idea as a Secret Santa. Each participating stateroom will be matched with another stateroom, and the idea is to buy or make a gift or gifts, with a total cost per cabin of no more than $25. The gift (s) can be one big joint gift for all those in the stateroom, or small individual gifts for each person. The gifts can be left in the FE during the cruise, or you can have the room attendant put the gift in the room. You should have a tag/card that designates it as a gift from their Secret Mickey.

    At the farewell lunch you can reveal yourself to your Secret Mickey recipient. If you do not plan to attend the lunch, it might be a good idea to reveal your identity by popping a card in your recipients fish towards the end of the cruise.

    You will all by now have recieved your Secret Mickey recipients so I hope you have fun :yay:

    Secret Mickey Participants:

    su kraft and buckeye goofy
    tru and Rachel

  14. LittleDisneyLovers

    LittleDisneyLovers DIS Veteran

    Apr 20, 2009
    PJ Breakfast
    @ Lumiere’s, sea day 27th September, 8:30am

    LittleDisneyLovers - Terry, Hayley, Lucy and Bella
    tinker1bell - Terry
    orlandothebeagle - Lynne and Len
    birkner - John and Noel
    Bareacuda - Ann and Howard
    Steffy - Stephanie
    TheCooksLuvDisney - Dan, Cheryl and Daniel
    alexandmaddie - Kristi and Gerald
    tig82174 - Jason and Erik
    Disney Sweetie - Pam and Mike
    Buckeye Gal - Kimberly
    OCD for WD - Kimberly
    acourtwdw & acourtwdw2 - Annette and Amanda
    ReAnSt & Nacho1337 - Becky, Stephen, Linda and David
    Su_Kraft - Glenn, Sue, Stephen and Becca
    cquick - Chuck, Patrick, Connie and Susan
    paulasillars - Paula
    TheDisneyGirl02 / DBK1029 - Amy and Dave
    MagicMe - Melodie
    luvdamouse91 / mm4mm - Melisa and Mike
    Futurist - Richard
    mickeymom923 - Bev
    poohbear926 - Lindsay
    pilk & Photogrpher Goofy - Candida & Jon
    caaimee - Amy
    Belle 1997 - Ruth and Glenn
    Ebony - Jan & Carl

    Please PM me if you want to come, Thanks!
  15. bob_and_dawn

    bob_and_dawn Mouseketeer

    Oct 9, 2005
    Welcome to part 10 everyone :goodvibes

    No doubt I will only be able to keep up with threads for a few hours :rotfl:

    See you all real soon .

  16. mickeymom923

    mickeymom923 <font color=red><b>"Someday my prince will come"</

    Jul 29, 2004
    Wow, I went to bed last night finishing page 165 and I wake up and we're on part 10. :thumbsup2

    Two weeks from today, at 7:35 am, DD Lindsay and I will be arriving in Belgium. Sure hope they have a place that serves Belgium Waffles for breakfast. :rotfl2: We have a 5 hour layover there before we change planes and arrive in Barcelona at 2:45 pm. Oops, I almost forget-gotta get some Belgium chocolate too. :banana:

    For those leaving soon, have a safe flight.

  17. dolphingirl47

    dolphingirl47 In Search of the Tag Fairy

    Dec 25, 2007
    Part 9 is still open and nobody should post on here until Part 9 has been locked. The captain just started a new thread as he is leaving soon and also to give people who are organizing various things the chance to add their info posts to the first couple of pages. Please come and join us on Part 9.

  18. gismo1554

    gismo1554 DIS Veteran

    Jul 11, 2005
    Didn't make it to page 1!

    List is now Closed!

    A chance to participate in an exchange of postcards during your voyage.

    The idea is that people buy postcards of their area/country/town/city etc and deliver a postcard to each person on the list. They don't need to be written on or anything but I'm sure people would like to have something on there to let them know who it was off. If people do want to write a little note on their about their country or town then thats OK too.

    So far we have around 15 people taking part and you don't have to be in the Fish Extender Exchange to join in - but please let me know if you don't have an FE as then I can make a note on the list so people know not to expect one and can place the cards directly in the Fish Holder (they are built to hold letters etc anyway).

    If anyone would like to take part that isn't on the list let me know.

    Current Participants:
  19. gismo1554

    gismo1554 DIS Veteran

    Jul 11, 2005
    If anyone would like to be added to this list please PM. Basically it is a list of people who would like Disers to stop by if they get a second to help them out with something. This was suggested by Kimberley (Buckeye Gal) and is a way for people to remember the trip. Some previous uses were:

    Signing personalised scrapbook pages for people
    Marking maps for children so they can use them either in a school project or for scrapbooking

    • Kimberley (Buckeye Gal) - Scrapbooking
    • Stefffy (Steffy)
    • Sue (Su_kraft) -> after day 10
    • Sandi (Hoagie Pie)
    • Melodie (MagicMe)
    • Jon & Candida (pilk)
  20. gismo1554

    gismo1554 DIS Veteran

    Jul 11, 2005
    Navigator Final Version

    Electronic version for any pdf reading electronic device

    GROUP PHOTO SHARE ACCOUNT - For before, after and during the cruise

    Schedule of Activities going on and who to contact for further information:

    5pm 17th Sept - Predrinks at Hard Rock Cafe (mdwoodman & KermitRocks)

    8:30am 18th Sept - Shared Transport from Barcelona hotels (nacho1337)

    3pm 18th Sept - Dis Meet Promanade Lounge

    3pm 19th Sept - Jewellery Class (dolphingirl47)

    2pm 21st Sept - Jewellery Class (dolphingirl47)

    3pm 21st Sept - Jewellery Class (dolphingirl47)

    8am 22nd Sept - Madiera Private Tour (Birkner)

    3pm 24th Sept - Room Tour plus Bring Your Own Bottle (Orlandothebeagle)

    3pm 25th Sept - Ladies Afternoon Tea (sandiedvc)

    8:30am 27th Sept - PJ Breakfast (LittleDisneyLovers)

    1pm 30th Sept - Farewell Prize Giving Parrot Cay Lunch (TotallyAngelic)

    ? 1st Oct - Castaway Cay 5K (Orlandothebeagle)

    Geezers & Geezers in Training Drinks in Cove Cafe every night after late dinner and last show (MrsMork & granmaz)

    Dis Door Tag - (Tink Rules)

    Mini Scavenger Hunt (TotallyAngelic/Sue_kraft/Corrinna)

    Fish Extender Competition (alexandmaddie & Terrapin)

    Ice Cream Eating Contest (TheCooksLuvDisney)

    Drink of the Day Tasting (su_kraft)

    Mojito Tasting (su_kraft)

    Wine Tasting (su_kraft)

    Cognac Tasting (su_kraft)

    Beer Tasting (TotallyAngelic)

    Martin Tasting (KermitRocks)

    Tequila Tasting (KermitRocks)

    Mini Navigator (Gismo1554 & PJPoohbear)
    Also a ipad/itouch/iphone version thanks to PJPoohbear

    Book Exchange Bag outside room (paulasillars)

    Designated Update White Board (su_kraft)

    Combined Late Dining (TotallyAngelic)

    Combined Early Dining (MrsMork)
  21. Buckeye Gal

    Buckeye Gal Beach Girl Deep in the Land

    Apr 29, 2007
    If you have any modifications or want to be included on the lists, please send me a PM!

    Barcelona Accommodations List

    Color Coding Translation:
    • The first five columns are grouped into colors based on the specific location of a night's accommodations.
    • The Arrival Date column is color coded by date. This same color coding is used on the Inbound Barcelona Flight Schedule List for dates of arrival into Barcelona. This makes it easier to cross-reference for whatever coordination you want to work out with fellow DISers, if it be to meet up for ground transportation, dining, or whatever else comes to mind that's legal! :rotfl:


    Color Coding Translation:
    • Where applicable, the first five columns are color coded in groups of travelers who have close to or exact departure date/times at the same airport. In some cases, these DISers may be on the same flight, or at the very least, you will likely be at the airport at the same time. So if you are in the same terminal, you may want to hook up for a mini-DIS meets! :grouphug:
    • The Arriving Airport column only has coloring (of DIS green) for Barcelona. Used with the Arrival Date/Time fields, this will to help identify those who will be at the BCN airport around the same time.
    • Arrival Date and Arrival Time fields have a color that corresponds to the color of Arrival Date on the Barcelona Accommodations List. This is to more easily cross-reference who will be headed to the same place on the same day when you arrive to our embarkation city. :woohoo: Again, this is to help facilitate anyone wanting to coordinate ground transportation :car: or if they simply want to give a hello :wave2: down at Customs/baggage claim.

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