SeaWorld Tips with almost 5 yr old?

Discussion in 'Southern California' started by ImarriedGrumpy, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Apr 26, 2005
    DS4 (turns 5 in Dec) is obsessed with all things Ocean related, but especially sharks. We've decided to do a quick trip down to San Diego to take him to SeaWorld, and I was wondering if anyone has any tips or advice to pass on.

    We're flying into San Diego on Thursday evening, renting a car, and have a hotel booked in Hotel Circle (Days Hotel). We have all day Friday set aside for SeaWorld, and will spend Friday night at the same hotel. Saturday we're driving up to LA to visit Mission San Juan Capistrano before we fly back home from SNA. DH and I have been visiting all the California Missions since we got married almost 9 years ago, and we only have a couple left to visit, so we wanted to add on San Juan Capistrano while we're there. DS likes the missions, too, so it will be fun to see this one with him.

    It's killing me to be so close to DLR and not go, but we only have this short window, and for this trip our priorities are SeaWorld and the mission. Hopefully we'll be at Disneyland in February!

    DH and I have both been to San Diego before (saw the mission, zoo, wild animal park, old town, beaches, wandered balboa park, etc), but neither of us has been to SeaWorld, so we'd appreciate any hints and tips you can pass on.

    TIA! :)

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