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Robbed at BWV

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by ariel5884, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. ariel5884

    ariel5884 Mouseketeer<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    So we decided to rent a car in november for the first time. When we pulled into the resort the valet asked if we needed assistance, my husband said no but I said yes since we had grocery bags with us as well as luggage. Well I put this plastic bag from a store in the airport on the hook along with all our bags. The valet had taken my pocketbook out and put it on the cart, but I didn't feel comfortable with that so I took it off. Anyhow we get to the room and we call to have the luggage brought up. It was really late by then so we left to get dinner, and when we got back i passed out. In the morning I asked my husband to get my plastic bag I had gotten from the airport. It was gone. I totally lost it bc our disney gift cards were in there. Checked the room like 5 times and the car. Somewhere between the valet storing the cart to the bellman bringing it, it dissappeared. There was a yankee hat in the bag that I had bought from the airport so my husband thinks they grabbed the hat and threw the bag out. Since I had a bunch of magazines in there I am assuming that the cards were mixed in with the magazines so they did not see the gift cards. Here is the real kicker, the valets are subcontracted so they are not Disney employees. So the manager tells us to get in touch with "cars" the valet company since we were not sure exactly when the bag was taken. Cars tells us to get in touch with the hotel manager, catch 22. I had receipts for some of them so we needed to drive to target to get them replaced. We eventually got compensation from the hotel manager. But a whole day was wasted and my expectations and any any admiration I had for disney was gone. As a true disney fanatic and dvc and annual passholder i was absolutely crushed. I felt like a fool for not holding that bag along with my pocketbook. I would normally carry the cards in my little travel pouch that I got from Liberty travel but they had fallen out of there and I quickly threw them in the bag I had gotten at the airport. I just never thought in a million years that I would have to worry about that. Just so you know most of the valets on property are subcontracted and do not go through any backround check like the disney employees do. What really sucks is that I suffer from manic depression and I go to Florida to revitalize myself. I can tell you I think that is the most depressing trip of my life. Between being robbed and the hotel manager blowing us off at first I feel so betrayed by everything that Disney stands for. So keep an eye on your stuff if you use valet. I'm not talking suitcases but plastic food or merchandise bags. I thank god that I took my pocketbook off of the hook bc it could have been worse.
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  3. ariel5884

    ariel5884 Mouseketeer<br><a href="http://www.disboards.com/s

    Ohh yeah forgot to mention that the valet has times of pickup and dropoff but didn't have the car logged in until 10:30, when we got back from dinner that night. No entry for when we checked in to the hotel.
  4. Sammie

    Sammie DIS Veteran

    So very sorry this happened to you, but even at Disney one has to be travel savvy.

    Never travel with anything you can't replace, always keep personals such as purses, etc. with you at all times.

    It is possible that even a guest lifted it. And actually the manager is right, it could have been taken from the cart by a guest, it could have been taken by someone that works for valet, and it could have been taken by someone that works for Disney before they brought it to your room.

    Actually all the valets are subcontracted and have for years, most of us know that as it has been discussed here before.

    I am glad you were compensated and hope you enjoy the rest of your trip. Sadly many people make these things up that Disney has been more hard nosed about it. A case of that the many pay for the sins of a few.
  5. Kaspar Houser

    Kaspar Houser Member

    You have no reason for accusing anyone.
    The luggage carts are just a "free pick up" for everyone.
    Often we see them in the resort and while the employee puts luggage in a room I could have taken many suitcase or lap top.
    The thief could be a guest from the resort or even someone that specializes in this kind of business.
  6. twooley2

    twooley2 Mouseketeer

    you lucked out with the hotel manager giving compensation as they had no requirement to do so. I would never leave gift cards unlocked or unattended as they are the same as cash. I would hope others think the same
  7. fla4fun

    fla4fun DIS Veteran

    I am sorry that this happened to you OP. You appear to be taking responsibility for your part in the incident, and I know that hindsight sometimes hurts a lot.

    I have one small carry on bag that I put all my important or fragile items in, such as electronics, cosmetics that are heat sensitive, medications, etc. I never allow bell services to have control of that bag. They get the bags with clothes, and the flats of water and soda (which by far are the heavier bags to deal with). They don't even bat an eye when I say I'm keeping the small bag with me. Yes, sometimes it's a pain to have to keep it with me if my room isn't ready, but online check in has helped a lot with that. I just don't trust anyone these days, sorry to say.
  8. maxiesmom

    maxiesmom <font color=darkorchid>The Mean Squinty Eye Works

    I'm sorry you had this happen. However, you have know way of knowing who took your bag. I'm not sure why you seem to think Disney should have done anything more for you. You left your valuables unattended, and someone took them. Even though you are on Disney property there are still crooks around. As you say, even though you made a mistake with the bag, thank God you had grabbed your purse.

    Please try and be grateful that Disney replaced some of your things. They didn't need to. They truly did go out of their way for you.
  9. Schmeck

    Schmeck <font color=blue>Funny thing is now my 17 year old

    Yes, sometimes we learn lessons the hard way - thank you for the reminder to not leave valuables unattended. Did you check to see if it had been turned in at lost and found? It may have just fallen off the hook and no one would have known which cart it came off of.
  10. RMulieri

    RMulieri DIS Veteran

    Sorry this happened to you.It really does stink, but it can happen anywhere even at Disney.Management reimbursed you, which was very nice and technically more than most places would have done.I have seen luggage carts left unattended in hotels in many destinations , not just Disney.It would be easy for ANYONE to take something that didn't belong to them.It doesn't even neccessarly mean an employee .Also .....just because Disney contracts out valet service, does not mean that they are automatically the guilty party.Just like it doesn't mean that Disney employees automatically = Honest..People are People, some honest ,some dishonest.
  11. mousermerf

    mousermerf Mouseketeer

    Also, it is possible they lost the bad and it's in a heap somewhere between two other suitcases down in their luggage storage.

    Two stories..

    Most recently I was at Paradise Pier at Disneyland and the room wasn't ready. The valet people are like "we'll take your bags! go enjoy the parks!" We gave them the bags.. they sat on a cart in the middle of the lobby. My friends were like "Let's go to Disneyland!" and I was like..


    And I stood there and death-glared at the little person at the luggage desk for a good 20 mins while my friends shopped in the store and got a bite to eat from the quick-service place. Then, after about 20mins or so, the little person at the desk took my bag and locked it in a numbered cage in the luggage room. He had left the podium several times, gotten other people's luggage, and left our bags entirely unattended. I had stayed within eyeshot though and was giving him the death glare at every chance.

    We did receive all of our packages, but it goes to show just how unattended your luggage becomes on one of those carts. I knew this going in, because at WDW I've witnessed luggage lined up and sitting on the curb to be "processed" by the resort in areas openly accessible by other guests or anyone who happens by.

    And as for the possibility of it sitting in a heap somewhere, not stolen just misplaced.. I stayed with friends at the Polynesian once and we had a split stay that ended at Wilderness Lodge. One girl was a friend of a friend and had a bit of an attitude issue with service people.. to say the least. Well, the baggage guy comes to take our bags to be transferred to the Wilderness Lodge. She isn't packed full, needs this from her bag for makeup, etc.. and it's checkout time so it's not like she was getting more time to get things done in the room. Anyway, she takes this out on the guy trying to load up our bags. Me and my friends are all like "Honey, you can kiss your bag goodbye..."

    And that's what happened. We get to Wilderness Lodge and everyone else's bags are there and promptly brought up.. but hers is nowhere to be found. She files a claim, spends half a day on the phone complaining and trying to get the bag back, and stressing out because she doesn't have lipstick for the night's event.

    Next morning, bag shows up. To quote the CM from Wilderness Lodge - it had been thrown in the corner of the luggage room at Polynesian by itself without a tag and it wasn't until Wilderness Lodge demanded they look for it that it was found.

    Now i'm not suggesting some CM you made angry somehow threw your luggage into the corner, but it may have fallen off the hook and still be sitting somewhere in the luggage room. It happens.
  12. GovieMom

    GovieMom Mouseketeer

    When we use valet, the person loading our cart counts each item placed on the cart (including plastic bags hanging on the side) and notes in on the receipt. Then when the luggage is brought to our room, the person delivering it again counts each item as he unloads it, which should tally what's showing on the receipt. So I have to wonder what happened in your case.
  13. ftballfan7

    ftballfan7 Mouseketeer

    I guess it's "like" a good thing that I don't work in the service industry, because if you "like" stood there giving me a death stare like you did that "little person", your crap would still be sitting in the middle of the lobby.
  14. jade1

    jade1 If your lucky enough to live on the lake, your luc


    I think we always have an "item" count on our bell ticket, and have had to be there when they bring the bags to the room or when we pick them up we would always count the number. Has it changed where they can just drop them off in your room while you are out? I know ME does that but I didn't think bell did.
  15. mjkacmom

    mjkacmom DIS Veteran

    I thought that was odd, as well. We travel to dance competitions several times a year, and stay at large hotels (Marriott, Sheraton, Hilton). Everyone is coming at the same time, and leaving at the same time, and it's chaos. I keep my valuables with us, because who knows how long our stuff will be sitting in the lobby on the cart. If our room isn't ready, someone puts the luggage in the back. Never thought to stare someone down until it was done.
  16. MomiTo2SwtGuys

    MomiTo2SwtGuys Mouseketeer

    So sorry some of your items went missing. I hate that it ruined your trip.
  17. Baliezer

    Baliezer Mouseketeer

    Most of the time, if you simply just ask nicely that the things be moved in a timely manner, it will get done. My guess is that it would get done faster than by giving "death-glares." ;)
  18. rutgers1

    rutgers1 Mouseketeer

    This definitely seems like one of those "depends how you look at it" situations. The bright side is that you were compensated.

    I tend to be wary of these services, as luggage is often left unattended for a bit during busy times. We always make sure we carry our valuables, and we wait around until the luggage is moved to a secure place.

    I assume you are still in Disney. There is still time for your faith to be restored!!!
  19. Iforgetmypassword

    Iforgetmypassword "I am Mrs. Nesbit!!"

    So, you really think the dreaded "death glare" worked? :rotfl2: You spent 20 minutes GLARING at someone?? Trust me, the death glare never works. If anything, it will get you worse service.
  20. mousermerf

    mousermerf Mouseketeer

    The point was to imply that it's your stuff, your responsibility, and the people who work there don't necessarily give two craps about what happens to your luggage.

    Heck, we have some admitting they'd give worse service intentionally - you know, things that would get them terminated if their employer found out. :groom:

    So no, I don't think my death glare was even noticed, but my luggage also wasn't just left sitting alone in the middle of the busy lobby for a long time because I watched it until the "little person" did their job the way they were supposed to a full 20 minutes prior.
  21. mousermerf

    mousermerf Mouseketeer

    And the same folks who say not to take it so seriously are the same ones who'd post here all up in arms the moment something goes missing from their luggage.

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