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Recreating Memories- Surprise Mother & daughter trip

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by princess&her4princes, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. Hi Joel!
    Thanks for joining along and thanks for all of your GREAT ideas!!!!:thumbsup2 You made some great points and had some nice suggestions, all of which I'm seriously considering. I will let you know what we decide. When do you think they will have the schedules out for the parks? We can make ADR's in June so before then probably, right?:confused3 Looks like our paths will cross again!!!:laughing:

    Hi!! Thanks for joining us and for all the GREAT ideas! I think I need to come up with a spreadsheet and add in these great suggestions you're giving me!!:thumbsup2

    I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom, and I'm so happy to hear she's doing so well now. I can't even imagine. She sounds like a very strong woman!!:hug: And thanks for the motivation with my running...I've never done anything like this before but I'm excited about it. Although my shins aren't today...this mornings run killed me!:headache:

    I've never done Crystal palace before, do you think it' something just adults would have fun with? And that way we're in MK early right? :confused3

    Congrats on your 10 year anniversary!:lovestruc Todd & I will be married 9 years in September ourselves and Disneymooned. We're actually planning an island trip next year to just relax and celebrate (my Mom is watching the boys!!:banana:). Are you doing a PTR?

    And yes, Todd gets that he looks like Bill Resnick (spelling??) all of the time!! You guys are too funny.....Of course, I think Todd is much cuter!!;)
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  3. Hi guys,

    Happy Monday!:cutie:I hope you all had a great weekend!

    Ours was super busy....Saturday morning we picked up the boys their first real pets, we have a cat named, Kalie, but according to the boys she is "our" pet, not "theirs" so we decided they were ready and got them some goldfish. We got a 10 gallon tank and 2 goldfish that we named "Buzz & Woody" and an algea eater fish names "Slinky"-- you should see the boys, they are mesmerized by these fish!! It's been a huge source of entertainment around here, why didn't I think of this sooner? LOL!!:rotfl: That afternoon we headed to RI and went to see the Paw Sox play, I got free tickets to the ball game and it was a lot of fun for us all. We only made it to the 6th inning but that's okay, the tickets were free and that was a lot of time for Cole to sit still for a baseball game! The weather was perfect being outdoors all day, it was a nice family day for us.:cloud9:

    Yesterday we spent the day in our yard...with all the tree work,fencing, etal we've been doing, we havent had time to get out and try to make something of our yard. So we spent the day treating the "lawn" and planting seed and pulling out bushes and that sort. We made a big difference out there and hope that the seed works so we'll someday have a lawn! Wish us luck!!:thumbsup2

    Not too much new with my Disney plans...you guys have all given me SO many good ideas recently that I'm thinking of making a spreadsheet (too OCD like??) and seeing what I can come up with. I appreciate all the suggestions, comments and ideas, keep them coming!!:goodvibes I can't wait for the hours of the parks to come out, EMH so we can make more definate plans.

    I hope everyone is having a good day so far and I hope everyone has a great week!
  4. Dylan_&_Blake's_mom

    Dylan_&_Blake's_mom New Member

    Hey Kristen! Sounds like you did have a busy weekend. Family time outdoors is always the best. I love nice days where you can spend the whole day outside. We have a LOT of yard work to do this year also. Someday maybe it will be done and we'll just get to enjoy it,lol.

    Nope, no disney store around here. :sad2: I did head over to disneyshopping but I'm waiting for my credit to appear on there before I order anything (bought a shirt for Dylan and Blake and neither one fit) I also checked on the crocs and couldn't find them yet. I did look on the croc website and they want $50 for them:eek:Looks like you really got a steal on those. I will have to keep looking I guess and hopefully I will find something soon.

    I am with you on waiting for the park hours. It would be nice to know for sure.
  5. Gabrielsbigtrip

    Gabrielsbigtrip New Member

    For your running - make sure you have good shoes. That is one point that is very important - it made a huge difference for me. I don't like spending $100 bucks on shoes but really good ones that fit well is the key.

    I have never done a trip report but I may try to do one this time.

    This board made our first trip as a family in 2007 absolutely perfect. I learned so much from reading and of course my husband finally understood what it was I was doing with my nose stuck in my laptop everyday all day.:rotfl: He was very thankful I did my research, although he kept saying "are you sure we aren't going to get a bill for these meals"....he just couldn't believe the dining deals. That was before they took off apps and gratuity. It's still a good deal but wow was it a deal before!

    As for Crystal Palace - it's a Character Breakfast but it's sooooo good I would definitly do it without kids. We saw just adults there all 3 times we have been. I can't vouch for dinner but breakfast is yummy! Especially, breakfast lasagne - not what you thiink and Pooh Bear Puffs:cloud9:
    Really suggesting it to get your crew into the MK early for you. Kona for breakfast is supposed to be very good too.

    When do they realease the park hours for September?
  6. julezdisney

    julezdisney Boo to the b!

    Hey Kristen! Sounds like you had a great weekend! We had awesome weather here last week and nothing but rain for the weekend! :laughing:

    Tonight we're getting snow flurries and it's dipping down to the 30s! yikes! :eek

    But starting Wed. we'll be sailing into the upper 70s so I think it's all downhill from here! WOoo HOoo! to the summer beginning!
  7. joelp

    joelp New Member

    Spreadsheets are not OCD (but what do I know - I'm NDD#2) ... and I have two of them in "draft" stage at the moment!!

    Someone gave you good advice about the shoes - BUT - don't buy a new pair of shoes and then run in them for the first or second time in the race: you need to "break" them in a bit and make sure they "work" for you, don't give you blisters, etc.

    You can order shoes on-line from Road Runner sports if you can't find anything you like at your local running store (don't go to the mall, Target, etc. to buy running shoes!!) - they have lots of good advice and good prices ...
  8. tinkerbells mum

    tinkerbells mum New Member

    a spreadsheet sounds like a brilliant idea. i might have to join you on that one there is no way i'm going to remember all the fantastic advice from here over the next two years before we go, it could be colour cordinated and have different pages for different parks, shows, resturants..................:rotfl::rotfl:
  9. I couldn't agree with you more...family time outside is the best!! Especially with boys..I don't know about yours, but if mine are inside too much, they fight, wrestle and get themselves into trouble!:scared1: So being outside is a win/win for all of us!! LOL!!:rotfl:

    Hope you get your Disney credit sooner than later....so you can shop some more!!! ;) And I know..I got a HUGE bargain on those Crocs, didn't I?!! LL hooked me up!:banana: When I came home and did a search on them I couldn't believe how much they were selling for.....for that price, I love them!!;) Have you checed Ebay at all? I have a lot of luck there....good luck!!:goodvibes

    Thanks for your tips on running....I did 'splurge' and got some nice Asics for running and they got good reviews. They usually sell for about $90 and I got them at Kohl's for like $45 with a coupon! Do you think they could be causing my shin splints?:confused3 Here are the ones I got....

    Let me know your thoughts. I thought they would work for me...

    Not sure when they will release September hours...I'd like to assume in the next month or so? Joel?? Just because we can book dining in June, so would think it would come out before then, but not 100% sure.

    Isn't the DIS the best! I'm with you, I had a great 2007 trip with my family and immediately got hooked here.....it's the best thing! I've learned so much and have SO much more to learn that my friends come to me with questions cause they think I know so much!!! :laughing:

    Flurries!!!!!!:scared1: Oh no!!! It's suppose to be SPRING!!!! It's cloudy and overcast here, but I'll take that over snow threats, anyday!!;) Although the rest of your week sounds wonderful...this is the time of year when everyone starts getting colds because it's 40 one day and 70 the next!:headache: Speaking of which, I woke up with one this a.m and just got off antibiotics about 5 days ago for a sinus infection...this weather needs to stay nice now!!:flower3:

    Hi Joel,
    Thanks for the running advice....I was wearing my old Nike running shoes and once we decided to do the 5K, decided to "splurge" and got a pair of Asics GEL-Frantic 3 for woman, they got good reviews and I've been wearing them for about 5 weeks on the treadmill only but now have shin splints....wonder if I shoudl try my old Nikes tomorrow morning during my run? Any suggestions? Checked out Road Runners, thanks for the tip!!:thumbsup2

    Btw, do you plan on sharing your spreadsheet all mightly NDD #2? LOL!!:worship: I could use a good one!!:goodvibes

    Spreadsheets are our friends!! LOL!!:rotfl: I've got to draft something up, eveyrone has been giving me such great ideas and suggestions, so I have to spend sometime creating something...I've only got about 2 mos. before I have to book dining so I need to be prepared!!;) And I love the color coding...you're getting into it now!!:worship:
  10. Gabrielsbigtrip

    Gabrielsbigtrip New Member


    I tried on a bunch of pairs and picked the brand you picked but a different style.

    I did put my treadmill on a 2% incline and it seemed to help:confused3

    I ran one time at the beach and it was quite different than the treadmill. First of all I wore my cool UA gear (runner shorts and shirt). Well, as soon as one foot hit the pavement it was like a Jello Wave running up my leg. I felt like a giant Jello Jiggler! (Mental note to wear capris for outside running until I get into better shape!) BUT I told myself who can make fun of me - I am least trying - instead of sitting on the bench eating Thrasher's Fries and Fried Dough:rotfl:

    Also, a coworker, who has been running for 20 years (DVC member who just stayed in Hawaii on points for a marathon(so envious), said he replaces his shoes every 6 months:scared1:

    Anyway, back to Disney, it looks like they release park hours along the same schedule as ADR's 90 days. At least that is what it says on the sticky in the Theme Parks thread. That's a bummer. I sure hope we can all get in where we want but spreadsheets are awesome!!!

    There was one spreadsheet that showed the pricing breakdown with all the restaurants and snacks. That was a huge help in maximizing our DDP.

    Love the DIS:thumbsup2
  11. A's Princess

    A's Princess New Member

    Don't forget to stretch your heel cords - sometimes your calf muscle overpowers the smaller muscle in the front of your leg. And yes replacing your running shoes more often can prevent problems. Hope you are shin-splint free!

    Looking forward to reading more of your PTR! BTW I think the spreadsheet is a good idea. You can never be too organized right?! :confused3
  12. Hi Everyone,

    While I don't have a lot to report, I do have some exciting news to share.......

    We're paid in FULL for our trip!!!

    Even though we had until July to pay, Jodi & I had the money now so we thought it was best to have one less thing to worry about. I just got off the phone and we're all set. :thumbsup2 I love that feeling. I also added Mom & my flight info for ME so that is taken care of, too.

    I also inquired about when the EMH hours would be out. As of now they have July's hours so he figured by the 90 day mark (6/14) they would be out so we can plan accordingly. Although that seems like a tight squeeze that I have to figure it all out in one day, so we'll hope it comes out early June so I have time to play with our schedule some before commiting to dining.

    In other news, I'm sick AGAIN with a nasty head cold....ears blocked, swollen glands, fever yesterday so I haven't run now in two days....it's making me very nervous for my upcoming race.:sad2: I hope this is the end of the illness in my house, it's been a long Winter here. They are saying we're suppose to get Summer like weather this weekend (like in the 70-80's!), so hopefully I can open up our windows and get rid of these germs!!

    Mom is starting to do a bit of shopping for Disney, as well. She has a bad back so she worries about walking for a long time and I promised her lots of little breaks when she needs them (especially in the heat of September!). She picked up some cute sneaker/sandels from LL Bean today for only $14.98!! Way to go Mom!!:) They are pretty cute and seem like they should be comfy for walking. And I'm just excited she's thinking that far ahead!:cheer2:

    The things I ordered from Disneyshopping.com came yesterday. The shirts for we girls are very cute, I think everyone will really like them. Ethan (my oldest) got the package and usually asks who it is for but is now starting to read and he saw my name and thankfully didn't ask what was inside since I had ordered those Mickey sweatshirts for them. So they are all safely stashed away for September now.....

    That's all for now. I hope you're all well and hope I have more to report on sooner than later!!

    Take care,
  13. SoonerGirl

    SoonerGirl New Member

    I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well! I hope you get better soon.

    On the park hours thing, I think WDW has started releasing their hours like DL does - not soon enough! :laughing: Seriously, when I was planning our DL trip for last year, having to wait so long for information drove me crazy! I think though, with my experience from that, it's safe to say that WDWs September hours will be out the 1st of June. That's how DL was, 3 months prior to the month of your departure. So, you should have a couple of weeks to finalize what ADRs you want to make before your actual 90 day mark.
  14. tinkerbells mum

    tinkerbells mum New Member

    i love it when a trip is all paid for it makes it seem so much more real xx
  15. Lady Lallie

    Lady Lallie New Member

    Yayayaya! It's such a great feeling when your trip is paid off! :woohoo:
  16. Dylan_&_Blake's_mom

    Dylan_&_Blake's_mom New Member

    Congrats on getting the trip paid off.:cool1:I know what a relief that is. We were going to have ours paid off the other day and then 'life' happened. Soon, I hope. Anyway, glad to hear you got your things and you like them. That's neat that your mom is thinking that far ahead. You can tell she is excited about it that way.

    Sorry to hear you are sick. I hope you get to feeling better soon. I'm sure you will be fine with your race. You are a strong woman, you can do it.

    We are predicted to get the same weather this weekend. They are talking 80:cool1::cool1: I am VERY excited about that.

    Oh, and about the park hours....that is driving me crazy. I finally figured it all out on where we want to go when and I'm desperately hoping they give us a little time in between the hours release and the 90 day mark or I'll never figure it out in time.

    Talk to you soon.
  17. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    I resisted on heading over to disneyshopping.com in attempts to save the gift card for our trip. So far so good - but the good deals I keep hearing about make it harder! :laughing:

    YAY for having the trip paid off!!!! That always makes it seem more real, doesn't it? Feels good too, one less thing to worry about. :thumbsup2

    I'm sorry to hear you got hit with another cold. It was in the 80s here in Minnesota yesterday, but today is supposed to go down to 57 and in the 40s tomorrow! :sad2: We took advantage yesterday though, got outside, aired out the house, took a long walk....and didn't get my TR updated! :rolleyes1
  18. LaurenMic

    LaurenMic LaurenMic

    Kyle loves to go to Paw Sox games! I've been to the stadium, we went to see the Drop Kick Murphys play there and it was a lot of fun :goodvibes Glad you guys had fun!!

    Congrats on getting paid off! That is wonderful, now you can fully enjoy your planning without worrying about the money :)
    I'm so sorry you are sick again :( I hope you are feeling better and the warm weather cleared everything up a bit! It was a VERY long winter lol I hear ya on that one!

    I hope you can get running again soon! Good for you with doing that race that is awesome!!
  19. Thanks...feeling better....hoping that's it for the season....enough if enough, right? With all the great weather and window being open, it's been nice to air out the house and get rid of those Winter germs!:banana:

    I hope you're right that the EMH hours come out earlier than my ADR's need to be made.....maybe early June? If that's the case, it will be here before I know it!!!!:thumbsup2

    It sure does....there is no turning back now!!!:dance3:


    Hi Tracy..thanks for your confidence on my race....I'm just feeling better, haven't run again in 10 days..but back to reality tomorrow morning.....less thn 3 weeks now!!!:scared1: Not sure I can really do this, but will do the best I can.....I just want to finish so that's my number one goal. Keep your fingers crossed for me!!!:hug:

    Hi Brook,
    I hear you with trying to save money, I've been good about not looking at all the extra sales they keep saving me since then!!! It's tough though!!! Such will power you have!!!:thumbsup2

    Love that the trip is paid off....it makes it that much more real and like you said, one more thing I don't have to worry about....just look forward to. Yay!!!:woohoo:

    We got your weather here these last few days..today it was almost 90 here in MA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:scared1: That's never heard of in MA in April, it was crazy!! But tomorrow it's only going to be in the 60's....but it was nice to air out the house and take advantage of a nice couple of days.

    Hope you're well!!!:cutie:
    HI Lauren,
    Back to reality tomorrow with my running....less than 3 weeks to go...and I'm freaking!!!:headache: Wish me luck, I need it...it's been a rough month for my training...oh well, I'm trying.

    Hope you got to enjoy the nice weather these last couple of days in New England....today's weather was crazy, wasn't it? Almost 90!!!!

  20. Roxychica7

    Roxychica7 New Member

    Great snag on the purchases! And congratulations on paying off the trip!! :woohoo::woohoo::woohoo:
  21. Hi!! Thanks, I did pretty well for myself!!! They were great buys and I have a few less gifts to get, yay!!:banana: Thanks.....soooo exited to have the trip paid off, it's such a good feeling!!!!:cheer2:

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