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Recreating Memories- Surprise Mother & daughter trip

Discussion in 'Pre-Trip Reports and Plans' started by princess&her4princes, Mar 30, 2009.

  1. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep DIS Veteran

    Hi Kristen! I think your plans look great! :yay: I'm so excited for you! I think I would probably do it the exact same way that you already have it laid out. I know what you mean about MK -- and what says Disney better than the castle? But for an adult trip, I say nothing beats an adult beverage and poking around World Showcase- shopping, snacking, watching the concerts etc. :cloud9:

    Your last day plans should work fine and I think you will :lovestruc Brown Derby.
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  3. brookelizabeth

    brookelizabeth <font color=red>Jambo Wildbunch Gang<br><font colo

    I think your plans look really great! For back-up plans, maybe Tutto or Chefs de France for your Epcot days? They both seem to get really good reviews.

    We had a later flight, around 6:30 pm, back this past trip and we did hit a park in the morning-it was GREAT. I think hitting DHS on your departure day will work out just fine!

    I second the idea of 50s for a back-up at DHS, good food and silly fun!
  4. If U Had Wings

    If U Had Wings Mouseketeer

    The plans are sounding great. I know what you mean about the MK. I always intend to spend the majority of my time somewhere else, but in the end most of my time is spent at the MK. If you plan well, and using a touring plan I would think that you'd get to see the majority of the stuff there. The big stuff at any rate.

    I have never actually gone to a park on my last day. I was supposed to my last trip, but then Air Tran went and cancelled our evening flight and changed us to one at 8:30 am. I had to call and make a stink and get them to put us on one at about 1:30pm. Still not late enough to do anything, but at least I got to sleep to a normal hour. I would think that you'd have enough time to see HS in the morning and eat. I might plan to take a cab back to your resort though. I have always found that the buses seem to come less often in the afternoon than the evenings. By getting a cab you wouldn't have to worry about waiting around.
  5. Dylan_&_Blake's_mom

    Dylan_&_Blake's_mom Mouseketeer

    I think you're plans look great. Being that it's just adults I think you'll have time to do most if not all of what you have planned to do in those parks. I've never been without kiddos so I can't help ya much. I'm sure you will have a wonderful time though and I'm looking forward to hearing about it.

    I have to go catch up as well and post an update on my preTR, I've really been slacking on the dis....life just seems to get crazier and crazier.
  6. SoonerGirl

    SoonerGirl Mouseketeer

    I think your plans sound great!

    I agree with a PP who said to maybe add an extra day to your passes and hit MK for a little while on your arrival day. You could still do dinner at The Wave (We haven't been there, but I've heard great things about it), and then maybe head over to the Poly for a Lapu Lapu! You could get your MK fix, ride the monorail and tour a couple of the resorts.

    I don't think you'll have a problem going to DHS on your last day at all, we've always gone to a park the morning of our departure and never had a problem getting back to the resort in time to catch ME. Your flight is late enough that you'll get plenty in before you have to head back. I think you'll like the Brown Derby, DH and I went there once for lunch, although it's been years, and we enjoyed it. :thumbsup2
  7. shordiebecka

    shordiebecka Mouseketeer

    Just caught up on your PTR- everything sounds great so far! Foodwise at DHS, you'll hear mixed reviews on most things. I think Brown Derby is the best "adult"place..the rest are more family oriented.

    I love the way you surprised your mom! how cute.... can't wait to hear more!
  8. Dylan_&_Blake's_mom

    Dylan_&_Blake's_mom Mouseketeer

    Hi Kristen, not trying to hijack but I have a question for you. Once again we are thinking of completely changing our vacation. It started because we wanted to check on flights(have never flown before:eek:) and if we did that it would probably be easier/about the same cost to just stay on site at disney. If we did that then I would consider the dining plan. Since we have never stayed on site or done the dining plan I was wondering if you could give some insight. Is the dp too confusing to use, good with 3 children, it says for 3 and up does that mean Cole could still get his own but it would be free, are character breakfasts an extra charge or just use one of you ts meals?????? I know I have too many questions. If you don't have the time or want to answer I completely understand. I am going to post this in a general post just in case but since I know you and you have 3 kids I was just wondering what you thought. Thanks
  9. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    Hey Tracy...just sent you a PM..check it out and let me know if you have any more questions!!:goodvibes
  10. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    20 years!!:scared1: You need to plan a trip...we can help you!!;)

    DIS is so distracting, isn't it?:confused3 Who has time for house cleaning when you've got kids and DIS? lol!!:rotfl:

    Haven't been to 50's Prime Time...will check it out. I think I may be scared to eat there though...I've heard that "Mom" can be mean!! LOL!! How is the food? Thanks for the idea!!:goodvibes

    Hey LL!
    I thought about popping into MK our 1st afternoon but Mom thinks it would be too much with us traveling all morning and getting up super early. We do have a 5 day pass (our whole trip) so the option is there, but I'm afraid if they get me in there, I will want to stay all night!!:lmao: But it's a good idea...maybe just the monorail ride there and to see it will be enough for me? I'm just so nervous one day won't be enough for me...but then again, is even 5 days ever enough? LOL!!:rotfl:

    Thanks for your input on Brown Derby, I think it sounds great. Glad you think that 1/2 day will be enough at DHS. We usually move at such a slow pace (with all three boys!) that it's hard for me to judge!!

    Hi!! Welcome aboard, thank for joining me!! Hope you stick around!!!:goodvibes

    Hi Christine...thanks for your input!! After reading your TR and all the wonderful things (and drinks!!;)) you did in Epcot, I think I'll really love that down time there. :cloud9: I have to keep reminding myself that maybe I won't want a million pics with the characters and will want to do adult things....you can tell I've been a Mom for awhile....lol!:rotfl: Thanks for reinforcing the points. :hug:
  11. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    Hi Brook!
    I marked down your ideas as back ups for Epcot, thank you for those. With FD, you never know what your options may be, but you know I will be on the phone at 6:58 a.m waiting to get what we are hoping for!!;)

    Oh good, glad to hear you did a 1/2 day in a park in the a.m of your departure day and it worked for you guys. I wasn't so sure but wanted to fit that in for sure. So thanks!!:goodvibes

    Hmm....50's....seems to be a trend....will keep it in mind, thank you!!:goodvibes

    Oh no!! Never thought about them changing my flight!! I will freak! That happened last time for us, too!!:scared1: Here's hoping for a full 5 days with no hiccups.....I can dream, can't I? LOL!!:cloud9:

    Thanks Tracy, glad you guys think my plans should work....I can't wait for an all adult trip! I won't believe it til it gets here!!!:banana: 5 more months!!!:banana:

    Oooh.....what a GREAT idea! Heading to Poly for a Lapu lapu!!!:thumbsup2 Now you're onto something!! I like the way you think...lol!!:rotfl:

    Hi!!! Thanks for your input and for joining me!!:goodvibes Sounds like a toss up between BD and 50's....will keep both on the list just in case since it's FD and you never know where there is openings or not.

    Hopeing to update more now...stay tuned!!:yay:
  12. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    Hi Everyone!

    Hope everyone is having a nice day so far! I'm having a busy day...today is Todd's 34th birthday so the boys and I have been busy baking a cake, picking up a few extra gifts and wrapping presents. We're going to have his favorite meal (hot roast beef sandwiches and bbq chips-- it's a good thing he's sooo easy to please!!!) for dinner tonight along with a homemade marble chocolate cake. Yum!!:cloud9: Great for the diet!!;)

    On another note, I've been very busy training for my first 5K race, my friend (who also has 3 little boys) and I have to decided to get off our hiney's and get our bodies (or what is left of them!! LOL!:rotfl:) in shape and I've always wanted to run, so here goes nothing. I'm not a runner (ran in early HS, but it's been 20 years!:eek:) so this is a big deal and I'm not one to exercise, other than walking, so I'm proud to say I've been training for a month now and sticking to it. My legs already feel stronger and so far, I'm enjoying it. Our race is 5/17, so I've got just over a month to get to where I need to be....say a prayer I can do it!!:thumbsup2

    I just noticed my ticker now says less that 5 months until my trip!! :dance3: It's going to fly by these next few months...between planning, school getting out and summer, it will be here before I know it. I can't wait!! Thanks for reading along!!:goodvibes
  13. julezdisney

    julezdisney Boo to the b!

    Hi Kristen! :wave2: I followed you over from LL's report and I just love your plans so far! Such a great time together with your mother. Judging from her answers, she seems to be diving right into planning mode and appears very excited!

    I will just be missing you- arriving on the 23rd to Pop. I look forward to hearing about your plans! :goodvibes:
  14. SoonerGirl

    SoonerGirl Mouseketeer

    Happy Birthday to your DH! Today is my oldest DSs birthday too, he's 13 today. Aggggggg! I have a teenager! :scared1:
  15. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    Hi!!! Thanks for coming over and joining us!!!:goodvibes Mom is really into this....which makes me even more excited about our trip, knowing she's just as into it (well, maybe not as much as I am, but getting there!!;)), we're going to have such a wonderful memorable trip, I'm sure of it!:thumbsup2

    Yay for your September trip, too!!:banana: You're going on our 9 year anniversary....Todd and I married on 9/23 and Disneymooned on 9/24!!:lovestruc It's a nice time of year to visit....are you doing a PTR? Would love to follow, if so.....

    Thanks again for coming by!!:cutie:

  16. princess&her4princes

    princess&her4princes Mouseketeer

    Hi!!! Thanks for coming over and joining us!!!:goodvibes Mom is really into this....which makes me even more excited about our trip, knowing she's just as into it (well, maybe not as much as I am, but getting there!!;)), we're going to have such a wonderful memorable trip, I'm sure of it!:thumbsup2

    Yay for your September trip, too!!:banana: You're going on our 9 year anniversary....Todd and I married on 9/23 and Disneymooned on 9/24!!:lovestruc It's a nice time of year to visit....are you doing a PTR? Would love to follow, if so.....

    Thanks again for coming by!!:cutie:

    Aww, thanks, I will tell Todd you said happy birthday!!:cutie: And Happy 13th to your little man!! WOW....a teenager....I can't even imagine (although I'm SURE it snuck up on you!!!), enjoy your birthday celebration tonight, doing anything special?:confused3
  17. 2xcited2sleep

    2xcited2sleep DIS Veteran

    Happy birthday, Todd!!! :)

    Good for you, training for the race! That is awesome!!! :cheer2:

    Less than five months?? Yippee!! :banana:
  18. SoonerGirl

    SoonerGirl Mouseketeer

    Nope, nothing special tonight, both boys had baseball practice, so we were split, DH being with DS13 and me with DS8. We had a dinner for family on Friday. DS got to pick the menu and open gifts from grandparents & aunts and uncles. In lieu of a big party with his friends this year, he opted for new bedroom furniture instead. He graduated from bunk beds to a queen, so he's in heaven!

    I hope Todd's birthday celebration went well!
  19. tinkerbells mum

    tinkerbells mum Mouseketeer

    I am planning!!!! if i've got my dates right we leave 2 years today :banana::cool1::banana::cool1: i'm going with my dd (she'll be 10) my mum and dad, my sister, BIL, nephew and neice. i'll turn 40 on the trip and my neice will turn 13. i've got 2 years to read every post on here and get all the inside info!! thanks for the offer of helping me plan, really appreciate that and will defiantely take you up on the offer :rotfl: i've been to DLRP 3 times recently (last trip March 2009) and just love it there xx
  20. julezdisney

    julezdisney Boo to the b!

    Yup, I'm doing a PTR/TR- the link's in my siggie. And you got married on my birthday!! 9/24! :lovestruc
  21. Lcaemom

    Lcaemom Mouseketeer

    Hope your DH had a great Bday!!! It seems like you all have alot of bdays...they must all be between December and April...they must all be over with til next year?!?
    That is so amazing about the 5K...I'm so proud of you!!! You'll have to tell me your secret for sticking with it! I've started doing that so many times and just can't seem to stick to it.
    Your trip WILL be here before you know...summer is right around the corner!:cheer2:...that always goes by sooooo fast...and then it will be September!!! Better start packing! Actually, I better start packing...we're leaving in 13 hours...and I haven't started yet!:scared1:

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