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Question about appetizers for two!

Discussion in 'Disney Dining Plan' started by melissarose, Jan 14, 2013.

  1. melissarose

    melissarose New Member

    So as I'm reading the menus I'm seeing a lot of appetizers for two. I am on the deluxe dining plan so myself and my boyfriend both get an appetizer, entree, and dessert. I am wondering if we can each get an "app for two" as our own appetizer, because a lot of them look really awesome! I am just wondering if we can each get an "app for two" as our individual appetizer portion of the meal?!
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  3. CalSea12

    CalSea12 Desperately needs a dose of the magic!

    It really just depends on what restaurant, some do and some make you share. When me and DH went there was many times when we order a for two app and then another app. An example is Kona's sticky wings.
  4. Hopefully

    Hopefully New Member

    You should not expect to order 2 "Apps for 2". An "App for 2" is meant to be the total app for 2 people. If some servers allow you to order an additional appetizer, it is a bonus. But don't expect to.
    Have a Great Trip.
  5. mom2of2

    mom2of2 <font color=blue>Let the good times strolllllll!<b

    Kona no longer has the wings for 2. It's a single order now
  6. figment_jii

    figment_jii New Member

    I know that Yak & Yeti, Raglan Road, and Via Napoli do not let you order an appetizer for two plus another appetizer when there are only two people using DxDP credits (unless you're paying OOP for the second appetizer). My experience is that the non-Disney venues are pretty strict about this, while the Disney-owned venues may be more flexible.
  7. melissarose

    melissarose New Member

    well that sucks. i don't even mind not being able to do that i just wish they made an appetizer option for one, because a lot of the apps i like are in the stupid "for two" format!! lol oh well.
  8. purple figment

    purple figment New Member

    Tutto, Via Napoli, Yak & Yeti and Raglan Road are all third party restaurants. They are very strict with the dining plan guidelines because their reimbursement from Disney is based on those guidelines so any app for 2 will require both of your credits.

    The first 3 have an "app for 2" but they are sampler platters with at least 3 different items on them. Most of the items can be ordered separately, but I liked getting a sample. Raglan Road has some appetizers described as "It's for sharing" and used to be for one person, but when we went last October our server said it now requires 2 DxDDP credits.

    Not apps, but a couple of other things that required both credits was the pressed pot Kona coffee at Kona and the Dessert Sampler at Grand Floridian Cafe.
  9. nkereina

    nkereina Wendy Darling

    When we did DxDP, any app that was "for 2" that we ordered counted as the app for both of us. It was really more than enough... you don't realize how huge those meals are until you're there!
  10. melissarose

    melissarose New Member

    thanks for the info everyone!
  11. catne

    catne New Member

    Just a word of caution...Disney really feeds you well. We have done the deluxe dining many, many times...when we were much larger people...and have to say there is NO WAY we could each eat all of an appetizer for 2 AND entree AND dessert at Disney World. The apps for 2 at most of the restaurants are more like apps for 3-4: LARGE servings. And most restaurants will also bring you bread or rolls too. Then the entree comes with a starch & .a veg (like chicken with pasta or rice...and green beans or whatever. Then a dessert that is often large enough for 2 people to share, but each of you gets one. Seriously, there is no way you could eat all that food. We left sooo much food on our plates meal after meal.

    Mama Melrose was the one place they always told us on the dining plan that we could get the calamari for 2 plus another appetizer...bad idea, lol...the calamari for two is a huge heaping plate...we could barely eat our entrees, much less even try the desserts.
  12. brertoad

    brertoad New Member

    So if it says appetizer for 2, or "serves 2", then we should expect that counts as both of our appetizers on the DxDP.

    Does a salad or soup count as an appetizer, or would you only be able to select from a section labeled "appetizers"?
  13. figment_jii

    figment_jii New Member

    Yes, if it says "serves 2" or "for 2" it will count as both of your appetizers.

    Regarding soup and salad, in most cases those are separate menu items, so you can only order one as part of the DxDP. In general, soups and salads are counted as appetizers. I know Via Napoli has a salad that is treated as a side, so you cannot order it as an appetizer, but that one of the only ones I can think of. Also, you cannot order entree salads (like the Colony Salad at LTT) as an appetizer.

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