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Premium Plan for One Night Just for the Tours, LaNouba, etc.??

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by clkelley, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. arilvdc

    arilvdc New Member

    I have a very high energy job where I'm on the go constantly, so this schedule doesn't scare me in the least! In fact, two weeks before we leave I'm volunteering as a camp counselor for a week. The schedule is very similar to this (go go go!), except no massages and 5 star dinners!
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  3. arilvdc

    arilvdc New Member

    If you have the IPO book for you, they do need a CC # to guarantee your spot.
  4. beautifultomorrow

    beautifultomorrow New Member

    I think I know what you mean! I want to try and upgrade to the chef's table at V&A (pay the difference oop) and I am already worried that the IPO will forget or something and I won't get it! I am tempted to make the reservations myself but I know there is no reason not to let the IPO do it! :)
  5. NWgoofyfamily

    NWgoofyfamily New Member

    this sounds fabulous. I'm wondering if I could take my child's massage time, for example and have one massage each day? Or is it just one massage per person?
  6. beansmom

    beansmom <font color=blue>Your dream eludes you? Don't you

    Ok, I called back to upgrade tickets for DSis and was asked for an additional $70 deposit on the one package I was changing. That was np, of course, as the package price is the same either way. I was only charged the $130 on my package and have received my initial package info in the mail.

    Not like it makes much difference...but just to let know the website asks for less than $200. Well, it DID...I dunno about today.
  7. disneyfan55

    disneyfan55 New Member

    thanks. I was more concerned about paying for it when we booked than just giving the CC number. I know HDDR and a few others charge the card when the res. is made as well as tours. Thanks.
  8. Mom21

    Mom21 New Member

    I never come to this board, so I am very happy I happened upon this thread. I have been planning my trip for a week. How does this sound:

    Nov 28 Check into AKL Savannah view for 2 nights with Platinum Plan
    Lunch in room dining
    Epcot fireworks cruise YC marina

    Nov 29
    Breakfast in room
    Richard Petty (this is just a maybe--long story but not sure if I'm going with my dd or my hopefully by then fiance)
    mini golf
    sea raycers

    If going with dd then no Richard and will do Aqua Seas instead
    Victoria and Alberts
    carriage ride at POR

    Nov 30- send over luggage to Poly for a 5 night stay MK view with DXDP--run over and pick up keys so we have enough credits for lunch--also will use monorail to get to Epcot from Poly
    Breakfast in room before departing AKL
    Dolphins in Depth 9:45
    Coral Reef for lunch using dining credit off Poly reservation
    Cirque 6pm
    Fultons 8pm
    Flights of Wonder (I know not included but I never get around to doing it)--OOPS editing-I think it is Flights of Adventure but whatever----the balloon--LOL

    I'm open to any suggestions. I have until 6/1 to work this out to start making ADR. Thanks
  9. Symans3honeybees

    Symans3honeybees New Member

    your itinerary looks amazing!!
  10. hstrickland

    hstrickland New Member

    My husband and I were considering this plan, then we thought about something.....if you are only doing 1 night and it rains....are you just out of luck? For example, we would be doing fishing, boats, Richard Petty, Fantasmic, parasailing, golf, Segway, etc. Many of the things the Platinum Package offers are outside. We have been to Disney several times when it has poured down rain for hours. Just wondering how this might work since you basically only have 2 days to get everything done.
  11. disneyfan55

    disneyfan55 New Member

    I guess that's just the luck of the draw. I would plan a few things that aren't weather dependant. (meals and a few indoor activities) I doubt they let you change dates due to rain.
  12. Symans3honeybees

    Symans3honeybees New Member

    We planned most outdoor activities during the morning hours. I was told that we could still golf when it rains(except thunderstorm threatens)
    I believe in the Disney Magic...:beach:
  13. dclfun

    dclfun New Member

    Sounds great! My only concern is your Day 1 lunch- this presumes your room is ready early. If not, I'm sure you can grab lunch elsewhere. Where are you doing your massage? ---Kathy
  14. Mom21

    Mom21 New Member

    True, but I am sure if it isn't we can get something somewhere easily. That is just my preference. As far as the massage I was just thinking stay at AKL so I can go back and take a shower before dinner to get any oils off and change. Much quicker. I really am a lazy person:lmao: I want to get the most for my money but not have to work for it. Oh got my room today .....AKL Jambo house-Deluxe studio--should I spring for the 1 bedroom? I'm thinking not since we will be very busy.
  15. breick

    breick New Member

    A quick question about the meals...on the Disney site PDF file, it states 1 breakfast, lunch and dinner and 2 snacks for each night of my stay. Do they have to be used as those meals or can I do 1 dinner on the first day and 1 lunch and 1 dinner on the second day?
  16. KBazzel

    KBazzel New Member

    The meals can be used in any order that you'd like but you only have 3 for the 2 days.
  17. breick

    breick New Member

    I thought so. I just wasn't sure by the way it was worded. Thanks.
  18. ScottOKW2K

    ScottOKW2K Wishing I was working for a REAL Mickey Mouse oper

    Finished all my planning to our "single night" on the premier plan. In no particular order my wife m daughter and myself will over two days do the following :

    Fort Wilderness Segway
    Epcot Segway
    Fort Wilderness horseback riding - wife and daughter
    Deluxe parasailing both afternoons
    breakfast at Boma
    Supper at Hoop-Dee-Doo
    supper at Jiko
    viewing area for both Wishes and Illuminations

    Wanted to do La Nouba but it is dark both days. :sad1:

    We are going to be sooo tired when that second day is done - I am already looking forward to that king bed at Kidani !
  19. arilvdc

    arilvdc New Member

    When are you going? I ask because I was told that it's better to parasail in the mornings in case of bad weather in the afternoons. They said it was especially true in the summer, when there are usually thunderstorms every afternoon.
  20. beautifultomorrow

    beautifultomorrow New Member

    Has anyone who is doing the platinum plan run into any issues using it to dine at Victoria and Albert's?

    The reason I ask is because on this page: http://disneyworld.disney.go.com/vacation-packages/2010/platinum/
    about half way down it talks about the plan including signature dining experiences but excludes Victoria and Albert's.

    I am assuming this is a mistake (like they copied the info from Premium but forgot to change it), since the pdf linked on this very same page says Platinum plan does include V&A. Any thoughts?
  21. Mom21

    Mom21 New Member

    yes we chatted about this a few pages ago. I'm calling Vic and Alberts tomorrow before I make my final decision. I'll let you know.

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