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Post Your Royal Pacific Room Assignment Here!

Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by ClanHarrison, Aug 1, 2004.

  1. ClanHarrison

    ClanHarrison Member

    Ryguy and Motherfletcher (& others) gave me the idea to start another post where past & current visitors of RPR can report what their assigned room numbers were for their stay.

    What was your Tower #, Room #, Room Type and description of the view from your room...etc. ?

    I think this information would be helpful for those of us staying in the future. Our trip isn't until August 2005 and I've been researching since about March 2004. You can bet that I am approaching "information overload" but that's O.K. I plan on having a BLAST on this trip and doing it as economical as possible with the highest quality possible, thanks to the great people of these boards !!!!!

    I'd just like to give Ryguy the biggest THANK YOU there is for the information shared and the time it took you to get room location/information to us all. :wave: :Pinkbounc :bounce: :wave2:
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  3. gschmerl

    gschmerl <font color=red>Not ignored by the Tag Fairy any l

    We were at the RPR last month in room 1633. We requested that room because it is at the end of the hall--far away from the elevator and very quiet. The stairway leading to the walking path to City Walk was right outside our door. I was at Margaritaville in five minutes.
    We had a view of the waterway, the walking path, The Hulk, Dr. Doom, many other sights at IOA, the Universal globe,City Walk, and a WONDERFUL view of the fireworks at Universal Studios.
  4. Disbug

    Disbug <font color=CC99FF>WL Vet<br><font color=teal>Has

    We stayed in a King Parlor Suite. Room #2100. This was in Tower 2 on the Ground level. We were close to the elevators (for getting to the Lobby), right on the end near the front end of the building so access was VERY convenient. This is a handicap accessible room and does NOT have a tub, but it was very spacious. We are a family of 5... 2 adults, one teen, one elementary age, and one 3 yr. old. We had plenty of space and storage. A crib and a refrigerator. I was very pleased with the friendliness of the staff at the Royal Pacific. Although the table in the parlor was not clean when we arrived, (it had a glass top so it was easy to see it had not been wiped off...) the housekeeping for our stay was very prompt and satisfactory.

    I thought the room was beautiful, had a view of the front entrance bridge to the lobby... a definite tropical garden view!

    Thank you again to the Royal Pacific for a wonderful stay!
  5. dinks

    dinks A Disney Planaholic!

    gschmerl, did you have a standard room?

    Also, if we ask ahead of time for a room assignment, and then we get there and the nice man or woman will allow us to use Lowes perks (looks to be dependent on the person), what are the chances of getting an upgraded room?
  6. Motherfletcher

    Motherfletcher <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=peach

    It would be nice if someone could make this a "stuck" thread.

    Room numbers:
    The first number is the Tower. There are 3 Towers all in the shape of a "Y". The elevators are at the bottom of the main "leg" of the Y. When the Y splits you can go the the right leg or the left leg. There are rooms on both sides of these legs.
    Tower 3 is the closest to the boat dock and bus stop. Tower 1 is closest for the walk and Tower 2 is the farthest from everything.
    The second number is the floor. The 3rd floor is the lobby level. The 7th floor is the top.
    The last 2 numbers are the room number. Odd numbers are on one side of the hall and even are on the other.

    Tower 1
    Room number 1705 is a standard 2 queen handicap access room on the right side (from the elevator) of the main leg. The view is of the park from Nicktoons building to the RPR bamboo lined entryway and front parking lot.
    Room 1712 is a pool view 2 queen on the left side of the main leg.
    Room 1729 is a standard 2 queen on the right side of the left leg.
    This is my favorite room to date. The view stretchs from Ripsaw Falls to CityWalk with the Hulk in the center. You can see the Hulk lying in bed.

    For the sake of those lost with the Y/leg thing, let me explain it for Tower 1. As you exit the tower's elevator the hallway is the main leg of the Y. On the right you have rooms 1701 through 1717 odd numbers which have a view of the entrance , CityWalk and the parking garages. The on other side of this main leg hall are rooms 1702 through 1716 even numbers that are all pool view rooms. Beyond 1716 the hallway splits and to the left or "left leg" on the left side are rooms 1718 - 1732 even which are pool view. The right side has rooms 1719 - 1733 odd numbers which are standards and have very good park views. Back at the split if you turn right down the right leg on the right side of the hall you
    have rooms 1741 - 1755 odd which are standard with views of the front parking lot and parking garage. Rooms 1740 through 1754 even are on the left side of the right leg and are standard with very good park views.

    Tower 2
    Room 2704 is a standard 2 queen on the left side of the main leg and has views of the Hulk and CityWalk.

    Tower 3
    Room 3315 is a standard 2 queen with a view of the Palm Garden Lawn and the embankment of the interstate exchange. Worst view we have ever had.
  7. RyGuy

    RyGuy Universal On-Site Hotel Expert

    Your welcome! I'm glad I could help you with your planning.

    Motherfletcher's explanation of room numbers and views for tower 1 is 100% accurate and should be very helpful for those of you wanting standard view rooms with themepark views.

    Something else I wanted to pass on is that any room with 00 as the last two digits is a king suite ex.) 3500 or 2500. They are the first rooms located off the elevators. Rooms ending in 01 may also be king suites but I am not sure. Does anybody know for sure?
  8. ClanHarrison

    ClanHarrison Member

    Thank you guys!! You are selfless, generous and kind. I feel so "armed" with information during this planning stage of our trip and I owe so many of you in these boards!

    We have committed to the first important decision of this vacation (8/2005): the gorgeous home that we will be staying in. It's a 5 br/4.5 ba pool home with 3 king masters, 54 in. t.v. in l/r and an 8 seat theatre room :Pinkbounc :bounce: plus every other amenity you could need/want.
    This place is just gorgeous! I'm soooo excited!!!:Pinkbounc :bounce:
  9. gschmerl

    gschmerl <font color=red>Not ignored by the Tag Fairy any l

    Yes, we had a standard room. We LOVED the location. It was so quiet at the end of the hall, and we loved the convenience of the stairway leading right to the walking path. If you want to take the water taxi or the bus, then tower 3 would be better.
  10. brooke1

    brooke1 Mouseketeer

    We stayed in May 2004 and stayed in room 1652 . Tower1 Great view of the Hulk, Dr. Doom and the water way where the taxi's runs.
    But the only problem is the walk from the water taxi to Tower 1 then the room was all the way at the end of the hall way.

    I am also hoping to back in May 2005

  11. tnelson0119

    tnelson0119 Earning My Ears

    From 8/2 to 8/8, we had room 1725, which as indicated, is in tower 1, seventh floor, down the left hall about 3/4 of the way, on the right side of the hall. Our view was incredible. We could see part of the lake below, the Hulk was right in the middle of the window, with DD also. The fireworks were cake to see laying in bed with lights off. This is our new home.
  12. TNelson, how far away were you from the elevator? Was your room far from the pool?
  13. tnelson0119

    tnelson0119 Earning My Ears

    It was almost all the way down the hall from the elevator, but that was ok with us. It made it quieter. It's only about a minute walk to the elevator. The pool is right out the elevator door on the first floor (not 3 where the lobby is)


  14. CDisney

    CDisney DIS Addict

    3722 - Standard Club Level (Tower 3, 7th floor).

    The room is near the center of the Y, a great location for enjoying the offerings of the Club Lounge. The view of the pool and IoA was spectacular.
  15. barreloflaughs

    barreloflaughs "Everything is cheaper than it looks........"

    Room 1454....Tower 1...Fourth Floor with an IOA view at the very end of the hall in the wing which extends towards City Walk.

    Here is the view of IOA from 1454 (apologies for the rain soaked windows!):


    Great location but not for you if you wish to be near the elevators!

  16. Eclpz314

    Eclpz314 <font color=red>ADDICOMNIAC<br><font color=teal>I

    July 17-24 '03, Club #3727 2 qns--sounds like right across hall from where CDisney stayed. Our room was next to the club lounge (ideal for 2 teenage sons!) and overlooked a palm-lined pond w/ lilies....in the distance we could see Wet n' Wild (and big storms coming ;) ) Did join Loew's and rec'vd cookies. Used Universal Vacations w/No special rate because I didn't find these boards until AFTER everything was in place! Learned a lot about "qualifed stays" (did finally count and am Loew's Gold)

    July 18-28th '04, Club #3755 2 qns--off to the left of the "Y" and one door from emerg. stairs. Ok, but some nights seemed like a long, long way away. Overlooked dogwalk area w/luau pavillion just beyond....got to watch the dancers practicing a couple of times. Would've preferred a poolview or at least closer to club lounge again this time, but evidently a mixup in our ressie canceled the "club level" part and we got the last available.
    Did get AAA rate @ $256 plus tax per night....and Loew's goodies. Waiting to get my Loew's Platinum card......any day now.

    July 19-21st, #3422 standard King room, beautiful poolview and angled view of other towers....had my mom join us for 2 night and SHE got the poolview!! lol This room is the 2nd in past ice machine to the right side of the "Y"

    Probably doing it all again next year too!
  17. Eclpz314

    Eclpz314 <font color=red>ADDICOMNIAC<br><font color=teal>I

    oops! logged twice!
  18. Eclpz314

    Eclpz314 <font color=red>ADDICOMNIAC<br><font color=teal>I

    sorry, duplicate again! this post is giving me as much trouble as our vacation did! lol
  19. skiervt

    skiervt Earning My Ears

    With all of your great help I have my room request ready. What is the best way you have found to inform RPR of your request?
  20. ClanHarrison

    ClanHarrison Member

    I'd like to thank everyone for participating in this thread. This just gives us one more tool to use in planning the perfect trip. I am so greatful to all of you who shares information on these boards.


  21. Motherfletcher

    Motherfletcher <font color=red>Proud Redhead<br><font color=peach

    I have had success by faxing the request about 3 days before arrival. I usually just ask for the tower and floor and not a specific room, but it might work.

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