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Discussion in 'Universal Orlando Resorts & Hotels' started by mcefalo, Oct 25, 2004.


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    Jan 30, 2010
    Ok, I have been rading HRH info all night and making lots of notes, but I am still unsure of how to get the room requests correct.

    Pls let me know if this is correct-
    first, call the general res number and put a request for room location. We are CL, I just want to be close to lounge, ool view would be ok if poss
    Next, a few days out, I call the hotel directly and ask for the room assigner(?) and again ck on my request?

    I see some people called months ahead to see if certain types of room, even the deluxes on cl, were avail for their future trips? Is this recommended? I do not understand how some people gt a guarantee of a room, or put down for a specific room number.

    Can anyone help me understand?
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  3. DrewAlmighty

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    May 9, 2004
    Sorry to bump an older thread... but wow it seems like everyone gets upgraded to a pool view!

    We booked a standard view room for next week... 7 nights. 2 of us are traveling on our birthdays. Seems to be off season with the exception of HHN. Any easy way going about potentially being upgraded?

    I was just going to ask if our room had a nice view and take it from there. Haha.

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