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Positive thoughts and Prayers for the 4 year old who almost drowned

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Forum' started by SigalTchelet, Mar 31, 2013.

  1. tinkerbellybutton

    tinkerbellybutton New Member

    I know someone with a similar story. He was injured in a car accident and was told he'd never walk or talk again. He doesn't hold a job, he got an extremely generous settlement from the accident. However, he has a great life and a beautiful family. He is now married has 3 beautiful children. He will never be the same, he walks with a limp and has very slurred speech, and lots of stuttering, but over all he's had a wonderful, fulfilling life.

    I wish Chase the same great future despite the odds stacked against him at this time. Continued prayers for him and his family, and safe travels home!
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  3. Kittylover513

    Kittylover513 New Member

    Unfortunately anoxic brain injuries (like chase has) have less chance of recovery than a traumatic brain injury from an accident. In those cases there is a lot of swelling and once the swelling is reduced there can be increased function as the brain heals. In an anoxic brain injury there wouldn't be swelling, nothing really to heal, just dead brain tissue. Very sad...
  4. jlemieu1

    jlemieu1 New Member

    Sadly that could be true but my buddy truely has 40% of his brain completely inactive to this day. I've seen the MRI/CT(not being a doctor know which one it was) video. His might have been an odd case he lost the majority of inner brain function via the scan. His body somehow rerouted that function to the outer brain which is the part I thought would have been more injured.

    God bless the little fighter.
  5. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    I would not want to give people false hope. What these parents received today was a grave report. It would take a true miracle to bring this little boy back. Do I believe in miracles, you bet I do. But barring that, I do believe this boy has a very rocky, uncertain future. So very sad for his family :sad1:.
  6. LimoFam5

    LimoFam5 New Member

    So sad... This family will remain in my heart and prayers. Can not imagine going from a happy time like a family Disney cruise to this.... So sad and just goes to show that you have to love and appreciate your family and your health everyday cause u r never promised tomorrow:(
  7. mom of a lil pirate

    mom of a lil pirate New Member

    I have been following as well and praying daily for little Chase.

    No one really knows what happened. But lets face it. Chase managed to slip away unnoticed for a brief time, he went into the pool and from what it sounds like the pool was crowded and time passed before someone noticed him. How long he was under the water is unknown. While it does appear he has extensive brain damage, he has a lot of support and a lot of people rooting for him. His parents seem very loving and will do anything and everything they can for him. That is what is important.

    I can tell you from expeirence things happen fast. I watched my son fall into our backyard pool several years ago. I ran and scooped him out expecting him to cry, cling to me, etc. He was unresponsive. I can tell you, I got to him fast too. We were very fortunate that I was able to get him breathing again before the paramedics arrived. We were taken to a local hospital and then transfered to the children's hospital after that. My son is 100% okay. He has been doing swimming lessons ever since and is pretty darn good for his age :)

    With this said, I would still let him go in the pools on ship. We avoid the pools on sea days and usually go early in the morning or during dinner times. Often we were the only ones in the mickey pool. On our last trip he went in the donald pool and wore his puddle jumper life vest, even though I knew he could swim.

    What we all need to learn and take away from this is that this could happen to anyone. Have regular discussions with your kids about water safety. Explain to them that when a pool is crowded it is not safe to go in and find a better time to take them. Take them to swimming lessons. Bring a life jacket or puddle jumper if they don't know how to swim and put it on the second you get off the pool deck elevator or near another body of water. As adults, we should know the signs of drowning. As we sit and watch our kids swim, we just might see another child next to ours stuggling. Drowning doesn't always look like drowning. In my opinion, it is everyone's responsibilty to keep the kids safe. Sure Disney can add more pool presence and step up on safety, but so can we.

    Bottom line is to teach our kids, teach ourselves, and keep praying Chase.
  8. You know if you look at the Facebook page what jumped out at me was these parents did seem to practice water safety. He has on a life preserver when on a dock, on s boat etc.

    To me that indicates they were probably people who do the right thing and something happened. Who knows what? Nor does it matter.

    It does serve to remind us of the importance of water safety.
  9. DesertGal

    DesertGal New Member

    Well said!

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  10. TLSnell1981

    TLSnell1981 <marquee><img src=http://photopost.wdwinfo.com/dat

    My heart aches for this family. :sad: Chase and his loved ones need our prayers and positive thoughts, more than ever. They have a long, difficult road ahead.
  11. I keep thinking if I were his parents the guilt, the what if etc would kill me.

    Even if there was nothing you could have done..,,you would think there was
  12. DesertGal

    DesertGal New Member

    This was my thought exactly. They appeared to always be cautious around water and this is just a tragic accident. I have a 4 year old and even thought I tell her to so certain things, I know she doesn't always listen and I look back in hindsight. For instance, they are never allowed to ride bikes in the street in front of our house unless a parent is outside with them. I had to go inside to the bathroom and told my son and daughter they could ride in the driveway while I was inside but not the street. I came out and my daughter was across the street on her bike. Had she gotten hurt I would have felt awful and people would wonder why a 4 year old was riding alone in the street. I learned a lesson that day even though there was no accident.

    The excitement and rush of activity on embarkation day is crazy. I've only been on the smaller ships so I can only imagine being on a larger ship. I could picture our family sitting by the pool at a table having lunch in our suits (which we do on every cruise) and I get my kids situated with their lunch and may go grab a napkin or something nearby (while they are still in sight). Our kids don't go in the cruise ship pools (or any pool) without us, and since we have a pool, it isn't a huge attraction for them on a cruise. If it were I could see a child deciding to take that opportunity to maybe explore the water (perhaps siblings were swimming) and if unable to swim unassisted, quickly being overtaken by the crowds, water, etc.

    Accidents are accidents. There isn't always someone to blame. I can't imagine how this family feels that their whole lives changed in the blink of an eye, while on a vacation of a lifetime. We have felt that exhilaration and anticipation of a cruise many times, and then their worst nightmare happens. I pray not only for Chase, but his parents, family and friends. One can only guess the feelings they are experiencing "what if we had stayed home, what if we ---fill in the blank". They will have that forever, and I pray that a miracle happens and their son regains something.

    We as parents, and as humans should not be saying anything other than feeling sad for this family. Accidents can happen in any family, no matter how vigilant and careful you are. My husband is a paramedic/firefighter and when we first got our pool, he had both kids sitting on the step (DS was 4, DD 2). Hey hasn't had lessons yet. He told them to stay put, turned around and took three steps to grab a towel, and when he turned around, DD was under the water. No splash, no cries for help, DS didn't really see it. He quickly lifted her out, flipped her upside down, and water came out. Scared him to death. Enough that if we ever got out of the pool, we would take them out and shut the pool fence gate, even if we were just getting a towel. But it could have been a tragic accident and he is as vigilant as anyone because do what he has seen. He was within an arms reach and our pool is quite small, there was no noise, no music, etc. she just decided she was going to take a look!

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  13. Melissa R

    Melissa R Jamz

    Very, very, very well said! I think you summed everything up very nicely!
  14. blu

    blu New Member

    I hesitate to even post this for fear that someone misread it and think it is a fact but we never know what happened. I for one have asked my 9 yr old to keep and eye on my little one and help him. If something happened while someone else was watching Chase I would hate for that person to hear all the accusations, especially if it was a young person. I worked with someone who saw his younger brother get hit by a car and he carries that forever.
    That said just very sad that not only will this family no longer have the joy of watching this young boy grow up but this will forever define the lives of those involved.
  15. Itinkso

    Itinkso Faith.Trust.Pixie Dust

    Thy made it home; there is a new post on CaringBridge!
  16. ktb2002

    ktb2002 New Member

    I was so happy to read that a little while ago, being near the family will help them. And the older kids now have their parents closer, we have to remember they are hurting too and probably very confused.
  17. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    I would love to know the logistics of how far away they live from the hospital. This will be such a trying time for them, I sure hope they live close by and not hours away. I'm so glad they're home together as a family now.
  18. Itinkso

    Itinkso Faith.Trust.Pixie Dust

    They live in Prior Lake which is a suburb of Minneapolis. Not sure where St. Paul is in relation to that area.
  19. alexandlillie

    alexandlillie New Member

    Not sure at all if this is right but google maps says about 30 minutes from hospital to prior lake.

    So happy to hear they are home. I imagine the next few days will be very difficult. I wish them peace and health.
  20. Jillpie

    Jillpie Can you package some Main St. music and send it to

    Ok thanks, just googled that and it's 38 minutes away. That's not so bad. It could get grueling on a daily basis.
  21. PizzieDuster

    PizzieDuster New Member

    I'm praying for the family tonight. It is the first time they are walking into their home since leaving for their Disney Cruise. It will be very hard for them. Although I'm sure they are surrounded by family, it will be very difficult them. My heart aches for them.

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