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Port Orleans Riverside FAQ thread --- 2012, Part Three --- NOW FULL / CLOSED

Discussion in 'Disney Resorts' started by andrewilley, Sep 27, 2012.

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  1. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    Yesterday was long-time server Hollie Poynor's last night at Port Orleans Riverside's River Roost Lounge. Hollie was a really lively character at the Lounge and her infectious fun will be missed by regular Riversiders.

    She is moving over to work at Kouzzina at the Boardwalk, and will now be working day shifts.

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  3. LisaTC

    LisaTC Mouseketeer

    We had her just recently, she was all decked out in her Christmas glory! She was so sweet to my DD9 when she asked what she wanted Santa to bring her and my DD replied that kids make fun of her when she talks about Santa. Deep inside she knows, but loves the idea of Santa and Hollie told her that they do not know the true magic of Christmas and that she should always believe, just like she does! She was soooo sweet!

    ALSO: A quick recap of our recent visit, we were in 9240 in Oak Manor. It was awesome. Our view was straight across to the MILL. We had excellent, stellar mousekeeping and she did a very speedy, efficient job and often left her little towel creations. We never exactly saw her, but she was so quick and sometimes our room was done before we got back from breakfast! The food court was crowded, but that was expected. I thought there were times when they were a bit understaffed, but it all worked out. The oatmeal is an awesome deal. They have a snack size and you can get any toppings you want..raspberries, craisins, pecans, etc. Front desk was efficient and check in quick. The boats to DTD seem to need some engine work, I don't recall them being so noisy and smelly. I got a headache on that thing! The slide closed the day after DD swam, so she did get to go once. We only went to the pool once. Surprisingly a lot of people there, undoubtedly, from the NORTH! LOL

    Bob was as good as ever, too, as were the Bloody Mary's!
  4. waitingfordisney

    waitingfordisney Earning My Ears

    Thanks for the great information! I hope to get help with two questions. Forgive me if they have been asked before:

    1) If a room # is in a red font but is not followed by a red bullet (wheelchair) or red diamond (roll-in shower), what kind of room is it? An example is 1837. Or perhaps it is a problem with my iPad display...

    2) My family of five requested a preferred room, and a relative requested a connecting room (wheelchair-accessible, roll-in shower, queen beds). Our TA told me that she couldn't get that setup in preferred but was able to get it with a river view, so we went with that option. And I know we would still be in AB because there are five of us. But when I look at the maps, I can't figure out where we might be. Even if my family's room was RV and the accessible room was not connecting but simply nearby, I cannot figure out where that would be. So am I am getting a bit nervous that the TA didn't request the roll-in. Unless I am misreading the map. (See question#1.)

    Thank you so much!
  5. lucifie

    lucifie Mouseketeer

    That's encouraging. From the picture it looks like things will be tight to add a pack n play and I was worried about how crammed in we'll be, but if a twin sized inflatable mattress will fit, I'm sure the pack n play will be fine.
  6. lucifie

    lucifie Mouseketeer

    We leave in 2 weeks! I can't wait!
  7. ShesAPirate

    ShesAPirate Mouseketeer

    Awesome! Have a great trip!

    We're just under a month and I'm going crazy already :rotfl:
  8. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    It's a room that has other more 'minor' disability modifications - such as a visual strobe indicator linked to the fire alarm system (to help deaf guests) or extra support handrails next to the bathtub, etc. But otherwise these rooms have the standard room layout with the curtained-off washroom area, twin sinks, separate tub/toilet room, etc. You probably wouldn't even notice the differences if you were assigned to one.

    Hmm, you may be right to be nervous, I think the queen bed Accessible rooms generally don't have connecting doors due to the necessary reconfiguration of the bed positions. I do know that there is one King Bed accessible room that connects to a next-door room, in building 15.

    If you don't mind, could you maybe PM me with your lead guest names, booking info/dates and email address, and I'll see if I can find anything out for you.

  9. SRUAlmn

    SRUAlmn DIS Veteran

    We just booked last night for an early June trip! I'm a teacher, so summer is normally our only option. In all our trips we've never stayed at POR, but POFQ wasn't included in the current promotion, and I've been itching to try the new Royal rooms! We're booked in a Royal Room - Garden View. I've been looking over the building layouts on http://www.portorleans.org/room-requests.php and I had a few questions about requests.

    I see that our room will either be in Oak Manor or Parterre Place. Do we want to request one over the other? I thought we'd want to request Oak Manor due to location (although they are right beside each other,) however, I noticed on the building layout that Oak Manor has a large number of garden view rooms on the parking lot side, whereas the Parterre Place garden view rooms are mostly on the river side. Any suggestions?
  10. mkleinbe

    mkleinbe Mouseketeer

    I've been looking at your awesome room maps Andre. Thank you so much for your hard work. I have a question though. We are a family of 5 so we'll be in Alligator Bayou. Right now I have a garden view booked, but I'm thinking about seeing if river view is available. If I'm looking at the maps correctly, unless I pay for preferred river view, it looks like we'll be in building 38. So my question is, which bus stop would we use? We were in 35 last time, and while it was a hike to everything else, we loved the West Depot and how close it was. 38 looks nice and close to Old Man Island, but I just can't picture which bus stop to use. Decisions, decisions.....
  11. cjsm&d

    cjsm&d Mouseketeer

    Andre knows alot more than me! ;)

    But he already explained it to me earlier that if you book river view in AB, the ones in preferred are included! :cool1:

    So the 3 buildings with river view are 14, 27, and 38. You can request whichever one you'd like! This is what we did for our trip in April. All 3 buildings look fine to me!

    If this doesn't cover it i'm sure Andre can tell you more. Check out his Port Orleans site http://www.portorleans.org/

    It's terrific!
  12. mkleinbe

    mkleinbe Mouseketeer

    I've been trying to wade through all of the information. Thanks for that info. That's rather exciting. Off to call the reservation line to book river view. :)

    Would 38 use the Main Depot?
  13. cjsm&d

    cjsm&d Mouseketeer

    I think you could walk it out and decide. It might be a bit shorter to the back bus stop? I will probably take a stroll the night we check in to see. I love walking around this resort, it is beautiful IMO.
  14. Posted this on the theme park section, but thought you all may know the answer :)

    If I order the Photopass+ - can I have it shipped directly to the resort? Seems to make sense intuitively that it would be easier than shipping all the way up here?
  15. mkleinbe

    mkleinbe Mouseketeer

    I found the info I needed on Andre's awesome website under Transportation. :thumbsup2 He suggests the North Depot.

    Holding to upgrade......
  16. andrewilley

    andrewilley Port Orleans Addict

    There's no such thing as a "Preferred River View". The dark blue rooms are all River View category, whatever building they happen to be in. So with 5 people in a River View room you could be in AB 14, 27 or 38.

  17. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    It would be a good walk maybe 5-6 minutes give or take. It is closer to another depot up there but I always prefer to use the south depot. That's a good choice for buildings not preferred with river view.
  18. Well I just booked a royal guest room standard view for the upcoming trip my daughter and I will be taking in May.:cool1:

    I have looked at maps on here and it looks like both buildings that have Royal rooms are pretty close the center. I just want to make sure with those on here that know much more than I do.:worship: I ask as my daughter is 6yrs and this will be the first time for her without her stroller.

    Also is it safe to assume that the only difference between a garden veiw room and a standard veiw is just that, the view.
  19. Venomhatch

    Venomhatch <font color=red>DisDads #708<br><font color=royalb

    Standard ones typically are on the backside facing the parking lot. Where ther gardens typically are near beautiful gardens or facing the fountains in the mansions. I would probably at least do a garden view and ask to be close to the fountain in the oak building. PM me if you need any other help.
  20. waitingfordisney

    waitingfordisney Earning My Ears

    Oh my goodness, thank you so much! This will be my first PM here...let me give it a try...
  21. SRUAlmn

    SRUAlmn DIS Veteran

    I asked a similar question on the last page, but it got caught in the middle of a 'conversation' ;) We booked a Royal Room with a garden view and I'm trying to decide if we should request Oak Manor or Parterre Place based on the building layout differences. Oak Manor looks closer to things, but it also has more garden view rooms on the parking lot side of the building, whereas Parterre Place is a little further, but has most of it's garden view rooms on the river side.
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