Please help me with these pin codes...

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by lenshanem, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. lenshanem

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    Jul 9, 2002
    I'm really trying to find a deal to add on two nights to our DVC trip. I thought I'd use my AP eventually, but it looks as if they are no longer offering Friday and Saturday nights discounts.

    I need 5/29 and 5/30.

    Should I wait and see what comes out for May? And should this be soon?

    What are these pin codes? Can I call and ask if anything is available for either my house or my parents ' house? Is that what I do?

    Thanks for any advice.
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  3. guelde96

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    Mar 20, 2007
    I have called to find if there was a code attached to my name before. You can only use the code for your name not your parents. I have received 3 codes in the past 4 to 5 months. Make sure you are signed up at the Disney website. I got all of my codes by email. I am not sure if discounts are generally offered for the time of year you are planning to go. You can look up past history of discounts on mousesavers. I doubt the specials would be released yet. They generally only offer 1 special at a time. Sorry I kind of rambled. I hope this helps you.

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