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Pin code. Received

Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by PoohBearFriends, Nov 19, 2012.

  1. PoohBearFriends

    PoohBearFriends Mouseketeer

    We received a free dining pin code. Debating taking a spontaneous Jan trip. Do you agree that this a good deal?
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  3. DizCaptain

    DizCaptain °o° Disney Enthusiast

    Is this news, or a rumor? If its news, its a good deal, if its a rumor, then should it come to fruition its still a good deal. Either way Disney has your bank account in a noose, so why not go, right?
  4. ccgirl

    ccgirl DIS Veteran

    For my family, free dining is very rarely the better deal. We prefer staying deluxe with room discount. We are not big eaters and would rather order an appetizer and a dessert.

    So the answer is...depends. ;)
  5. shyeyes

    shyeyes Earning My Ears

    we are definitely using the free dining package. we're staying in a moderate resort (port orleans - french quarters) so we will automatically get the dining plus package.

    there are three of us - i worked out the math and it is definitely worth it for us because we enjoy the character dining experience and some of the other restaurants. for us, we would be saving a little over 1K for sure!
  6. nuge67

    nuge67 Member

    What is the free dinning pin code as we are about to book for the last week in Jan?
  7. mm1971

    mm1971 DIS Veteran

    Awesome savings if it at $1K. That's all it would take to get us to book a last minute trip! I say go for it and enjoy life.:thumbsup2

    Pin codes are sent out randomly (or kind of) and are for room discounts, FD or other discounts. They can only be used by the individual assigned the code. Some believe if you go into the site and save a vacation or two that you have a good chance to get one. We have done that, ordered the CD and had several inquiries and never got a code. We go a lot so maybe they they figure they already get my $$.
  8. nuge67

    nuge67 Member

    Could it work to just call and ask if the CM can actually throw you a code? I mean, why does one get a code over another, is it visits to the park, site, etc?
  9. shyeyes

    shyeyes Earning My Ears

    i am not positively sure but it looks like they are offering it to the public with min. stay and on select dates.

    i am not allowed to post links yet but if you go to the disneyworld site and at the bottom click on Specials than on the Play! Stay! and Dine! link, you will see this:

    if you don't want to stay at a moderate resort but want the dining plus package (which has the 1 table service per day), you can still stay at the value added resort and pay for an upgrade. for us, a family of 3, it worked out to be just under $300. but then staying at the port orleans resort for the week, was also about $300 more. so for us, it worked out that we would get more if we just went with the moderate resort.

    but if you do go with the dining plus package, make sure you make reservations first before booking. a lot of the really popular restaurants are now booked for that time of the year. i actually started making reservations late this summer on the weeks i assumed we would be going (had to wait for my husband - firefighter - to see what dates he could get off and didn't know until early november).

    i went back to see if i could make some changes - wanted to try the new restaurant in MK - Be Our Guest - but it is completely booked.

    and you potentially can save more if you end up selecting more character dining or fine dining options. that's what we did in order to save around 1K.
  10. jmccreery

    jmccreery Earning My Ears

    I want a pin code :(
  11. shyeyes

    shyeyes Earning My Ears

    don't think you need one anymore - read my above post. it should guide you to a link on DW's site for what appears to now be a dining plan offer for everyone.

    i think the pincode was just to give returning customers first dibs on dates. they're now selling off dates where there's still available space for the dining plan.
  12. jmccreery

    jmccreery Earning My Ears

    The deal is not available during my dates....I'm still hoping something will come along!
  13. ABDisneykid

    ABDisneykid Earning My Ears

    Does anybody have any suggestions, My last trip to Diisney I took my grandaughters. I had a vacation video sent to them. Now when I get my pin offer it is emailed me with their name and address. So I called Disney travel for them to change it from a 7 & 8 y/o's name and address to mine. They really helped,they could not put my name on it so he just cancelled the emailing!!!!! So I don't get any offers at all now. Wow, that's real service .
  14. shyeyes

    shyeyes Earning My Ears

    wow - that's surprising! did you check out the special offers, though?


    it seems like they are offering to the public. but also with whatever dates are now available. maybe it can still match your schedule?

    i would also definitely call them back and explain your situation (or email in about your situation).

    good luck!
  15. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    Play/Stay/Dine is not the same as free dining. it allows you to pay children prices for adults, but you're still paying. Free dining allows you to get it for free. It's obviously better than paying in full, but definitely NOT the same. For Example, we saved about $1000 with the S/P/D but Free Dining would save me another $600 or so. It's been rumored that S/P/D will be the new dining discount available for the public and Free Dining will only be available via pin offer.

    To the person that asked about calling - no. The CM can check and see if a pin code is attached to your name, but they don't give them out. They can't. The pin codes come from Disney Destinations and you are calling the Walt Disney World Travel Company. Two different entities, if you will.
  16. mdinme

    mdinme Mouseketeer

    Superbly put Columbus.
  17. shyeyes

    shyeyes Earning My Ears

    really??? well, that would suck. will hope they keep the free dining promo at least during the fall. i have a friend who's hoping to go then, with her family.
  18. aaarcher86

    aaarcher86 DIS Veteran

    I hope it stays as well... but I'm not hopeful. It will depend on how well S/P/D fill the rooms - Maybe in December they'll be a FD release for the beginning of the year if the bookings are down :thumbsup2
  19. mixitup1979

    mixitup1979 Earning My Ears

    Got my pin today lets see what they offer me... would love to go
  20. KimBeano

    KimBeano Member

    Keep us posted. How did you get the pin? What does the mailer look like. I'm always worried ill miss it.
  21. npstudent2012

    npstudent2012 Earning My Ears

    Can you ask the Disney Chat Specialist if you have a pin attached to your name?

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