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Our "Dreamy" anniversary cruise....with pics 5/30/13-6/02/13 UPDATED W/ALL NAVIGATORS

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by tweis, Jun 4, 2013.

  1. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    After leaving Mixology, DH and I made our way back to the future cruise desk. We were slightly tipsy, but we needed to get this taken care of. We parked ourselves in front of the same CM that we had met with the day before and proceeded to ask him if he had included the gratuities in the quotes he had given us the day before. He told us "yes" and stated that it was now DCL policy to do so but that he could remove them if we would like. I told him that would not be necessary but could he give me a new quote for May 2014 on the Fantasy. The price was very close to what I had found on the DCL website the day before so we transferred our deposit from the Magic to the Fantasy. With the onboard discount, I am paying $35 more than the price I got on opening day but I am gaining $200 more in OBC so it was worth it to us. We still plan on booking a cruise on the Magic, but they are moving it to PC and my understanding is that it will be doing Caribbean itineraries instead of Bahamian so we may not get to sail on her December 2014 as we had hoped. It's not that we just want to go to the Bahamas again, but we were looking for a short trip before Christmas so that we could see the ship decorated for the holidays and we were hoping to experience the "new" Magic. We may have to book a short trip on the Dream December 2014. :rolleyes1

    I should mention that after contacting DCL, I have since learned that including gratuities in the quotes is NOT their new policy.

    DH and I headed back to our room for a bit. We just sat out on our verandah and were able to watch the Carnival Victory pull out of port. My DH found this very interesting. I can't tell you how much we enjoyed having a verandah. I don't know how we will sail without one next time.

    Since we had decided to skip the shows on this trip and had the late dining, we decided to order room service. DH had the steak sandwich and I had the BLT. They were both good. The steak sandwich is actually a ribeye on a hoagie style bun. DH really enjoyed it. Honestly, I didn't find alot of things on the room service menu very appealing. I guess since some of the items are available on the pool deck, I just wasn't interested in ordering them from room service also. If you like cheese, you can't go wrong with the all hands on deck cheese platter though.
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  3. MinnieMommy2381

    MinnieMommy2381 Earning My Ears

    Oh how I wished I listened to my gut and signed up for that class. My table mate also got very sick the first night. The seas were really rough. Surprisingly we did well.
  4. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    Mixology was a blast! You should definitely try it next time. ;)

    The first night was horrible for us. :crazy2: We didn't have any problems last year or when we would go out on our own boats, but I will always make sure I take Bonine before cruising from now on. We were also all the way forward so I don't think that helped. I'm glad you all did not have any problems. :)
  5. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    After our "snack" we decided to go back to the adult pool area for a bit. I am normally not a "lay by the pool" kind of girl but we had did so much walking at the beginning of our trip in Savannah and St. Augustine that I was actually enjoying all of our "relaxing".

    We found one of the round seats available and just chilled for a while as we pulled out of Nassau. It started raining harder and the rain was coming in so we got a little wet but it was just so relaxing lazing about and being able to see the light house and Atlantis from the comfort of our seat. We covered up with pool towels so that helped with the rain. ;) Before we headed back to our room we decided to give the hot tub a try. We had wanted to try it earlier but it had been "people soup" so we passed. The hot tub is neat because you can see everything below you but you can also look out at the ocean while you in the hot tub. The only problem is that there is only one hot tub for the entire adult area. :confused3 It was almost empty so we decided to give it a try. It was HOTTTT!!!! So hot in fact that my DH chose to sit on the side with only his feet in the water. I think the sign said the temp was 104F and they give you a 10 or 15 minute time limit. I honestly don't know how anyone could stay in longer than that. We met a nice couple and chatted with them for a bit. I finally eased all the way in and had a great view of the ocean.


    DH never did get in all the way. It was really hot and I was ready to get out after 15 minutes. There was no worries about us hogging the hot tub. Wasn't gonna happen. ;)

    I read alot about "chair hogging" on the boards and I have to say that we never really had a problem with this. A time or two we did find seats that had towels left on them with no one in sight so we would give it a few minutes and ask people in the area about it and generally we found out that the people had left and had not taken the towels with them. This was for the round seats that we were so fond of. Never had a problem with loungers because we would just go on up to the next deck if the pool deck was full. We aren't picky. :)

    After the HOT tub we decided to head back to our room to get ready for dinner. But not before a stop at the Cove Cafe for a couple of the mocha filled eclairs my DH is so fond of. ;) The CMs in the Cove Cafe were so sweet and had no problem getting you anything that you wanted from the snack display. This would be a great place just to sit and relax and cool off in the A/C a little. Their coffee prices were very reasonable and tasty. We never tried the regular coffee offered on the ship.

    Sorry guys but I have discovered photobucket and all of its editing features. But this helps make alot of the pics I took usable. :rotfl:

  6. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    We had Animator's Palate for dinner and I was so glad that I was feeling well enough to be able to sit through dinner and to properly meet our serving team. Animator's has the least appealing menu of all the MDRs so I thought we should skip it in favor of Palo but DH loved the menu so we compromised and skipped Enchanted Garden. I chose my least "dressy" dress and DH wore khakis and a polo. Last year in AP, I met Murr from the show Impractical Jokers and I had my pic taken with him. I would post it but it was not a very flattering photo of me :(

    I have to say there were tons of people with shorts on in Animator's. Both cruises we have stuck to the dress code and not worn shorts but next time I may indulge my boys and let them wear shorts once or twice. We shall see.

    Our wonderful servers Angel and Flavio took such good care of us. Angel told me he knew that he was to give me french onion soup but that I could mix and match from any of the other MDRs if I would like and that he would get me the menus. I know the Royal Palace menu by heart because I pored over the menus before our cruise. I told him a menu wasn't necessary and that was so sweet of him and that I really appreciated it. He was great and said he was there to serve me and help make my cruise wonderful :) DH and I both had the pasta pursettes. I don't really know why I chose these because I got them last year and ended up giving them to DH. This time DH wasn't getting them. They were wonderful! Flavio presented me with a lovely bowl of Belle's french onion soup and I think DH had the baked potato soup or something. I got the beef tenderloin that I had missed in RP and DH got the marinated angus beef tenderloin and since he was "starving" the grain fed sirloin!!! Needless to say he ended up barely touching the sirloin. At the end of our meal Angel came over and asked about dessert. DH got the cookies and cream sundae and Angel asked if I would still like to have the grand marnier souffle since I didn't get to enjoy it last night. I very much wanted the souflee. The meal was absolutely wonderful and we were so stuffed. Our servers last year were great but Angel and Flavio were outstanding. We never felt rushed but they were able to get us in and out in about an hour which I thought was very good.

  7. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    After leaving AP we took a stroll around the deck then headed back to our room. Our stateroom hostess had left our pirate bandana earlier along with our chocolates. We knew we weren't interested in going to the deck party but talked about going up to see the fireworks. There was also trivia going on in one of the lounges that I thought would be fun. In the end we wound up sitting on our verandah and having a couple of drinks and just enjoying our time together.

    Here are some pics that we took during the pirate party last year for anyone interested.




  8. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer


    I was afraid we would wake up to rain and an overcast sky again but we didn't. It LOOKED like the weather was going to be cooperative today. DH and I got dressed and headed down to Cabanas for breakfast. The food in Cabanas was very tasty again this morning. More people were up and having breakfast this morning but we didn't have any real problems finding a table. This was our view.


    After breakfast we ran back to our room to get our sunscreen on and get our backpack loaded with everything we needed. I'm glad I didn't pack a beach bag because the backpack was so much easier to deal with. We brought a tote with us on the ship that is actually like a cooler but looks like a bag. I use it to carry my lunch to work in sometimes. I know you aren't supposed to bring them. :rolleyes1 I thought about putting a couple of beers in it and carrying it onto Castaway but then I realized it was 10 am. :p

    We head off the ship ready to enjoy our day at Serenity Bay. We got to visit Serenity Bay for maybe 30 minutes last year before getting a text from the kids club, so we were really looking forward to today. We grabbed a couple of towels and headed to the tram stop.

    The post office


  9. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    We took the tram to the first stop where we had to get off and wait for the next tram that would actually take us to Serenity Bay. There were lots of people getting off the first tram and waiting for the next one. I was worried that the tram was going to fill up and we wouldn't get to take the next one that came. There was no reason to worry, everyone plus some fit nicely. Immediately after getting off the tram, DH and I made our way to a hammock. DH got in the hammock and almost fell back out because he wasn't in the center. Lol I took my cover-up off and untied the string on my swimsuit bottoms by accident :scared1: We were so giddy just to be here. I got my suit tied back and got in the hammock with DH. A CM came by and introduced herself and said that if we needed any drinks just to let her know. I managed to lay in the hammock for all of 5 minutes before I started getting hot so we decided to move to a couple of loungers with an umbrella.

    I do not know the people that ended up in our pics :)


    I don't have a picture, but there was a sand bar a couple of hundred yards out that DH and I decided to go visit. The water was pretty chilly and there are alot of rocks on the ocean floor. Next time I will bring water shoes. We finally made it out there and it was so neat to be out in the ocean standing on a little "island" with just a few other people. There were lots of pretty shells washed up on it and another couple found a star fish. We played out here for a little while before heading back to our lounge chairs.
  10. MinnieMommy2381

    MinnieMommy2381 Earning My Ears

    Yes truly thought the same about the Castaway Day....Although we did enjoy the beach and water for the entire time spent there. Also the dance party was pretty fun...
  11. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    After getting back to our loungers, the CM that had introduced herself earlier inquired about a drink. Well ever since I had learned there was a drink called the Konk Kooler, I had wanted to try it. I had read all the posts describing it as "wonderful", "amazing", "best drink ever" so I had to try it. I knew this was going to be a great drink. Behold, the Konk Kooler.


    While the Konk Kooler was pretty good, I didn't find it to be the "best drink ever", or "amazing" or even "wonderful". I thought it was pretty good. It was sweet and heavy whereas the Paradise had been light and refreshing. I would probably drink one on our next cruise but it isn't my drink of choice.

    The drink of the day today was the Bahama Mama. We tried them and found them to be pretty tasty but we decided that the Paradise was our favorite.


    I had reserved bikes online and we decided we would go for a ride before it got too hot out. We gave our tickets to the CM and he got us the bikes we needed. I was really starting to doubt the wisdom of this. I nor my DH had ridden a bike in probably 20 years AND we had been drinking and neither of us had gotten a helmet! :rotfl:

    We started off a little wobbly but the old saying is true. "Its like riding a bike, you never forget." DH was "suppose" to know where we were going however, we ended up on the path behind the massage cabanas. Lol We turned around and headed down the right path.


    They have little rest stop areas where you can park and get a cup of water. This path takes you to a little look out area. You can see what the beach looks like where it is not maintained for guests. It was still beautiful. Sorry, I don't have a pic. From here we headed to the other path which takes you to the observation tower. You have to ride down the old air strip to get there and it a much longer route than the first. I have to say, we were sweating quite a bit by the time we finally got there but the view was worth it.

    Here you can see the Dream from the tower

    and this was our view when looking to the right

    We were pouring sweat by the time we decided to head back. The ride seemed to take forever going back and I was more than ready to turn the bicycle over to the CM. I LOVED our bike ride but next time we will do it immediately after getting off the ship. It just gets too hot.

    We went over to the BBQ area and cooled off with some water. A dark cloud was moving in so we decided to go ahead and grab some lunch. We were really looking forward to lunch and Serenity Bay and we were not disappointed. They offered hamburger, hotdogs, mahi mahi, ribs, ribeyes, chicken, potato salad, cous cous, fresh fruit, chips, desserts, etc. The ribeyes are very thin and I thought mine would be tough but it was great. We really enjoyed lunch.

    It looked as though it was going to storm and I wanted to go back in the water before it started. We went back to the beach and secured the same loungers that we had been using earlier and headed into the water. The water at Castaway is chilly to us but we live in Georgia and normally vacation in the Florida Panhandle so we are used to "bathwater". Lol We stayed in for a little while but then decided we would head back to the ship because it looked like the rain was moving in. We took the tram back to the first stop and waited for the next tram. The next tram came but no one got off because they were all going back to the ship. :( DH and I decided to just walk back. Of course it starts pouring!! That's ok, we don't mind.

    These are some of the pics we took last year of the family beach and Pelican Plunge.


    My sweet boys

    A family pic at Mt. Rustmore

    The Dream
  12. Jenntx

    Jenntx Member

    I am loving your trip report & learning a lot. We will be first time ever cruisers in Dec. 2013. We too are taking an adults only trip for our anniversary on the Dream (4 nights). Thanks for sharing & looking forward to the rest of the report! :)
  13. disneyfreakliveshere

    disneyfreakliveshere Earning My Ears

    Thanks so much for the trip report. We are heading out on our first 3day cruise in Aug, so I love all your info.
  14. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    We had a blast before heading back to the ship. Glad your family was able to enjoy it.

    Happy anniversary! I'm sure you all will have a great time. :thumbsup2 Thanks for reading along.

    Thanks. I'm glad I can help. Have a great cruise and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
  15. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    We were soaked but we finally made it back to the ship. The CMs were handing out towels so that you could dry off a bit. I thought that was really nice. We headed back to our room for a bit and spent some time on our verandah and had a drink. The rain didn't seem to be letting up so we decided to head up to the pool area to lounge for a bit. The hot tub was pretty empty so we decided to give it another try. Still VERY hot! I didn't get in all the way this time either. We couldn't stand it for very long and moved on to one of the round seats that we are so fond of. I think DH could have taken a nap but I wasn't about to let that happen. :rotfl: It was our last day and I didn't want to spend it napping on deck. Although there were tons of people sleeping. Lol We wanted to get a ride in on the Aqua duck but the lines was very LONG and there was no loungers in the covered area and I didn't want to leave my cover-up and towels to get soaked in the rain. We never did get to ride. :sad2: We rode it several times last year and if you've never ridden it then it's a must in my opinion. Word of caution: the stairs for the line get very hot. Make sure you wear shoes of some kind.

    Since the Aquaduck was out we decided to get in the pool even with it raining. We splashed around for a bit and decided it was time for a snack. I didn't want very much because we would be dining in Palo at 6:00. I opted for chicken tenders while DH decided to try the grilled chicken sandwich. He didn't care for it and wound up going back for chicken tenders also. Their chicken tenders are so yummy and convenient. I also really enjoyed their wrap options. They also have a very tasty bacon and brie Panini. Lots of choices and lots of opportunities to try them.

    DH hit up Cove Café for a couple of eclairs while I decided to order the drink we had our first day, the Paradise. It didn't taste the same as it had on the first day. It was too sweet and tasted too much like coconut. I commented on this to DH so he took it back to the bartender and told him that it tasted different. The bartender commented on the Malibu Coconut Rum and said maybe he had put too much. DH brought me a new drink and it tasted the exact same. The bartender watched me take a sip and seemed to be gauging my reaction. He could tell that I still did not care for it and took it back. I asked if he could maybe just add more pineapple juice to cover the coconut rum taste and he did so. It was much better. I honestly don't remember Craig saying that the drink had coconut rum in it and I never tasted it on the first day so I'm not sure what happened.

    It was starting to get late so DH and I decided that we had better head back to our room to get ready for our dinner in Palo.
  16. amityisland

    amityisland Member

    Love the drink pictures!
  17. tdunaway

    tdunaway Member

    Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! I am learning a lot about the adult only perks! Our last trip was 3 years ago on the Wonder when my daughter turned 18. Her birthday wasn't until the day we left and no amount of begging and pleading could get her to the adult pool! She just turned 21 and we sail on the Dream in August. We are taking notes from your tips! Thanks again!
  18. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer


    So glad I could help. I hope you all have a great trip and if you have any questions feel free to ask. :goodvibes
  19. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    double post
  20. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer


    We went back to our room to get ready for dinner in Palo and to get things in order since this was our last night. We had did a really good job of packing away things we no longer needed and putting dirty laundry in one of our suitcases so we really didn't have a whole lot of packing to do. Our gratuity vouchers had been left in our room so we still had to hand those out after going to Palo. DH tracked Leliy down and gave her her voucher.

    We had never dined in Palo before but I knew that the dress code was more strict than the MDRs and that men were supposed to wear dress pants and dress shirt with or without a tie. Well DH had packed dress pants and dress shirt for our evening HOWEVER, with all the eating we had did while on vacation, his pants no longer fit like they did before we left which meant he could no longer wear his long sleeve button down shirt because the pants would barely button!!! :scared1: I panicked because the only other shirt he had was a polo and I didn't think it was acceptable due to what I had heard on the DIS. I found our card that had our reservation on it and was very surprised when it said men's dress code was dress pants and a shirt. It didn't say "dress" shirt and it didn't list any restrictions. I wasn't happy about it BUT I wanted to eat in Palo so DH wore dress pants and a polo shirt. I had a lovely dress with a belt (mistake) that I had purchased a few weeks earlier and it was a little snugger than I had remembered. We made our way to deck 12. There was a couple in front of us that was not dressed anything like I had heard you had to dress and nothing like the DCL website states, they were given a reservation for the same time as ours and their attire was not mentioned so I felt a little better. We were asked to wait in Meridian and I felt really underdressed and a little out of my element. It is a very lovely and classy bar. There was a lady in a lovely gown who I think was dining in Remy and a gentlemen in his dress blues waiting in Meridian also. We were given drink menus but DH and I do not drink wine so we didn't order anything. After maybe a 5 minute wait we were introduced to our server Berny and were lead back to a table with one of the round cushioned seats directly facing the ocean.
    After being seated Berny asked how our cruise had been so far, asked about our children, and just seemed to show genuine interest in the things we were telling her. We learned that she was from Australia and how long she had been a server on the Dream. She told us the history behind how the restaurant got its name and what it meant.

    Berny brought us out some bread that included grissini sticks, olive & ciababtta rolls and focaccia bread. My DH LOVED the focaccia bread. It was all very tasty. Next Berny rolled over a cart and begin to prepare our antipasta. It included olives, marinated artichokes, sundried tomatoes, prosciutto, bresaola, and delicious aged parmesan. She then had us choose from 3 different olive oils. I can't remember the options but we chose rosemary. She then proceeded to sprinkle it on our antipasta plate along with balsamic. DH was a little worried because he is not a balsamic fan but everything was wonderful. We especially loved the parmesan. Berny explained that it was aged 5 years I think. It could have been less but I'm thinking it was 5 years. It was the best cheese EVER!!!
    Keep in mind, this is not your appetizer and you do not have to order this. Your server automatically brings it out to you.

    From DCL's website:

    Pane Casalingo
    "Freshly Baked Bread in Our Pizza Oven
    Grissini Sticks, Olive and Ciabatta Rolls and Focaccia Bread "Palo's Cold Antipasti Specialties presented from our Antipasti Carrello
    Prosciutto, Bresaola, Parmesan Reggiano, Marinated Olives and Sun-Dried Tomatoes served with Palo's famous Dips and Olive Oil

    I told you all earlier that I had not taken many photos on this trip and that I had not taken any in Palo so I have been searching the internet for days trying to find pics of the dishes we tried. I was mostly successful.

    These are all from the internet
    [​IMG] The antipasta plate

    After allowing us to nibble on the antipasta plate for a few minutes, Berny came back and went over the menu with us. I had originally thought I would have the tomato and mozzarella dish but after going over the menu I decided on the Tuscan White Bean Soup. DH decided he was going to have this also. Berny asked if there was anything else that we had been thinking about trying and we mentioned the calamari. She said she would get this for us to try also.

    Keep in mind, we still have the antipasta plate as well as the bread. Its all there in front of you and its all so good and so difficult to stop picking at it. When Berny brought out the soup and calamari we had her take the "temptations" away so that maybe we would have room for our entrees. ;)

    From the internet
    [​IMG]Tuscan white bean soup

    I cannot tell you how good this soup is. It had a beautiful velvet texture with just a little crunch from the tiny pieces of cabbage and prosciutto. DH does not like cabbage and still loved this soup. I could have licked the bowl.:tongue: It was seriously that good. One of the best dishes I have ever eaten.

    Berny jokingly (maybe) said that if a guest claims not to like the soup that they have to lying. It's that good. :thumbsup2

    Berny also brought us the calamari. DH and I aren't really huge seafood fans so we went out on a limb with this. DH likes no fish only shrimp. I do enjoy salmon among other fish, crab legs, shrimp and some lobster dishes. We both agreed that we do not like calamari. The taste wasn't bad it was more of a texture issue and the way it "snapped" when you pulled it away after taking a bite. I'm sure if you enjoy calamari then you will like this.

    From the internet
    [​IMG] It was served with a sauce but we never used it.

    Here are the menu options from DCL's website:

    Antipasti, Insalantine & Zuppa
    "Tuna Carpaccio and Lemon Oil Dressing Thin Slices of Tuna Brushed with our Chef's Special Lemon Olive Oil
    "Mozzarella and Plum Tomatoes with Balsamic Dressing Our Modern Interpretation of a Traditional dish
    "Sicilian Pesto Marinated Grilled Shrimp On a Mussel, Crab and Cherry Tomato Ragu
    "Grilled Portobello Mushroom and Polenta With a Roasted Shallot Sauce and a Parmesan Crisp
    "Fritto Misto di Pesce con Olive all' Ascolana Deep-fried Calamari, Scallops, Mussels with Lemon and Deep-Fried Green Olives
    "Melanzane Funghetto Lightly Salted Eggplant sautéed with Garlic and Parsley, served warm with a Balsamic Dressing drizzle "Fresh Arugula Salad with choice of Palo's Dressings
    "Tuscan White Bean Soup with Prosciutto and Parmesan Cheese Garnished with Shredded Cabbage and Red Radishes
    "Cioppino" Italian Tomato Fish Stew with Calamari, Clams, Shrimp, and Halibut, scented with Garlic and Basil

    "Fritto Misto di Pesce con Olive all' Ascolana Deep-fried Calamari, Scallops, Mussels with Lemon and Deep-Fried Green Olives-We did not have this. I don't recall this being an option but it could have been but we had only the fried calamari.
  21. tweis

    tweis Mouseketeer

    Next Berny encourage us to have a sample of a pasta dish as well as our entree. I decided to try the Chianti Braised Beef Ravioli while DH had the Lobster and Mascarpone Ravioli. DH, as you all know, is not a seafood fan but he enjoyed the lobster ravioli in Enchanted Garden last year and thought he would give it a try in Palo.

    From the internet
    [​IMG] Chianti Braised Beef Ravioli

    The dish Berny brought out had 2 ravioli(s) in it and was the perfect amount. This dish was so rich and delicious.

    From the internet
    [​IMG]Lobster mascarpone ravioli

    DH really enjoyed part of his ravioli. He liked the edges where it wasn't very thick and the sauce but the centers were really packed with lobster so he didn't eat the middle. :lmao: If you enjoy lobster you will probably really like these. I enjoyed one of my raviolis and gave the other to DH.

    I have to tell you that I was already getting really full by this point and we hadn't even gotten our entrees yet. Berny came by and asked about dessert. Souflees are individually cooked and take a bit of time to bake so they have to be ordered ahead of time. DH and I both ordered the souflee even though I knew there was no way that I was going to be able to eat it.

    From the DCL website:

    La Pasta
    "Risotto di Mare Saffron Risotto served with Fried Zucchini, Shrimp, Mussels and Clams
    "Wild Mushroom Risotto With Freshly-shaved Parmesan and a Chianti Reduction
    "Lobster and Mascarpone Ravioli With a light Truffle Burro Bianco
    "Chianti Braised Beef Ravioli Tossed in a rich Red Wine Reduction with oven-roasted Carrots and Celery
    "Gnocchi di patate con Gorgonzola e Asparagi Potato Gnocchi served with Gorgonzola Sauce with Asparagus
    "Rosemary Pappardelle con AragostaLobster, Parsley, and Fennel with Chili and fresh Tomato Sauce
    "Penne Arrabbiatta Lombardia With spicy fresh Tomato and Basil Sauce, topped with Grilled Shrimp

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