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OFFICIAL JULY 2009 THREAD!!! The wait is on!!!

Discussion in 'Doing the Happy Dance!' started by themudd4, Oct 16, 2008.

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  1. DisneyPoohBear

    DisneyPoohBear New Member

    Hi everyone. We will be there July 24-August 1st. I wish we could stay on property but this is a family trip with 18 of us. We have decided to rent a house so we can each have some space of our own.I am so excited to go!! My son will be turning 5 while we are there so I will be planning something piratey for him. Like the pirate adventure at the Grand Floridian. It will be his
    5th trip. :cool1:
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  3. NikkiLovesWDW!

    NikkiLovesWDW! "Are you seeing an increase in lateral forces?" "S

    Yay! We we be there that same time for our honeymoon, also checking in on the 19th but we'll be at the Poly. Isn't is so exciting when you book airfare and purchase tickets? Every step makes it seems more real. And now that it's going to be 2009 tomorrow, I can say I'm going to WDW THIS year!! I'll be waiting for the 90 days for ADRs as well...

    Turning 5 and 5th trip? Lucky kid! It must get more and more fun each time you bring him!
  4. mickeyholic

    mickeyholic New Member

    Finally made the ressies!!!! We will be at Pop July 11th -18th. I am so excited!!!
  5. DisneyPoohBear

    DisneyPoohBear New Member

    We love Disney and even spent our honeymoon there 6 years ago. For our 6th anniversary this year we got matching Disney tattoos. My son, Oren, talks about going all of the time and even gives me pennies he finds to put towards our trip. I have never been in July so I am looking forward to seeing what that is like. At least we will be able to take it slow and enjoy everything. :)
  6. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    I have attempted to update the Who's going list on page three post 39. Let me know if I got anything wrong. I did note that we are developing serveral groups that will be there together kinda. Here is a copy of the list:

    7/1 till 7/8 Suferchick WL
    7/1 till 7/11 LUVMICKEY (Michele) BCV
    7/2 till 7/5 Maxiesmom Dolphin

    7/8 till 7/17 Grandma4ever (Lois) All Star Music
    7/11 till 7/18 Mickeyholic Pop Century
    7/12 till 7/18 TSMAMI Pop Century

    7/19 till 7/24 LuvMySoldier07 (Lisa) Poly
    7/19 till 7/25 NikkiLovesWDW! Poly then DCL Disneynmoon
    7/19 till 8/2 PopArtGal CR 10th time at the World...however first time at the CR
    7/24 til 8/1 DisneyPoohBear Staying off property
    7/21 YenSid (Anniversay)

    Date not known mickeymyfavorite SSR & AKL
  7. PopArtGal

    PopArtGal Mushu's Best Gal Pal

    Just a correction... It's my 10th time at the World...however first time at the CR ;)
  8. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    Thanks for the correction. I have made it in Post 39 page 3 and the last post I made. I am far from perfect but it is what I work toward!!! Progress not perfection is a saying i attempt to live by. Lois
  9. PopArtGal

    PopArtGal Mushu's Best Gal Pal

    No one is perfect.

    Perfection is boring ;)

    I kinda wish it was my first time though. I'd like to rediscover it again. But i discovered it the first time at age 2 ;)
  10. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    Perfect would be very boring but I still try my best and believe that trying repeatly is what makes us all winners.

    I have found that if I watch the kids (everyone's kids) I can rediscover the parks each time I go. I see them through the awe of the little ones. I have also seen things that I have missed in the past. To see a kids face light up at first sight of a character just lights up my heart. I am traveling with kids this trip but they are 13 and 15 so you bet I will be watching the little ones as we go by or stand in line.

    Most important the parks allow me to feel like a kid again and let go of the stress of day to day life. I just wish we could be maling our ADR but alas we must wait not one, not two but three more months than we expected. Now back to trying to figure out what I can do to cut the cost to save more to spend at WDW!!!! Lois
  11. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    Grandma4ever 64
    LuvMySoldier07 44
    themudd4 20
    NikkiLovesWDW! 15
    PopArtGal 4
    TSMAMI 3
    suferchick 2
    maxiesmom 2
    DisneyPoohBear 2
    Yen Sid 1
    mickeymyfavorite 1
    mickeyholic 1

    This is our list of all who have posted on this thread.
  12. What time does MK typically open/close in the summer?
    If I make an ADR for 7 or 8pm at a resort restaurant do you think that gives me enough time to go back to MK and watch wishes?
    I wish I didn't have to wait another 3 months to make ADRs but now it gives me an excuse to plan even more.
  13. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    I found last years hours posted on the Dis web site nd it seems it is open until at least 11PM most nights but who know what they will do this year. If attendance is down they may close earlier to save money. If you fo to DIS Home and then click on hours. You will need to go down through the monthes until to see July 2008. Open that and look for the dates/days you will be there this year. That should give you some idea of when it will be open. The parks all four of them open at 9 AM unless they have EMH then they open at 8AM. But those parks tend to be busier than the others on those days. Lois
  14. NikkiLovesWDW!

    NikkiLovesWDW! "Are you seeing an increase in lateral forces?" "S

    The last 2 summers I was there, Wishes was at 10.
  15. Thanks!
    So, if the hours are the same as last summer, Wishes will be at 10 and the park closes at 11. I want to try and make ADR's for around 7 so that should give us enough time to get back to MK for wishes. Anyone have an idea to what time the spectromagic parade is? ( im not even sure if thats what its called lol) I think when i was there three years ago it was at 9 but i could be wrong.
  16. PopArtGal

    PopArtGal Mushu's Best Gal Pal

    It is normally one hour before wishes.

    And if I'm not mistaking..maybe I am...it does run 2 times on certain nights??
  17. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    FYI: Here is an idea of what the hours may be:

    Magic Kingdom: 9AM to 10PM
    Wishes: 10PM
    Dreams come true Parade: 3PM
    Spectromagic parade: 9PM

    Epcot - Future World 9AM to 7PM
    Epcot - World Showcase 11AM to 9PM
    Illumination 9PM

    Hollywood Studio: 9AM to 10PM
    Fantistmic 9PM nightly and 10:30PM some nights

    Animal Kingdom 9AM to 8PM
    Jammin Jungle Parade 4PM
  18. NikkiLovesWDW!

    NikkiLovesWDW! "Are you seeing an increase in lateral forces?" "S

    The MK may be open even later on the weekends. I specifically remember a Friday night was the MK was open until midnight, and EMH was until 3am!!!
  19. Grandma4ever

    Grandma4ever One day closer and still counting!!!

    The only nights it was recorded to be open later in 2008 was the 3rd, 4th & 6th of July. You will have EMH which will afford for a later night. You can use last years calender to get an idea but I trust it less for EMH than I do for an idea of what the park hours might be. I just hope that the hours from last year might help with the planning. The hours for the parks in July 2009 should be posted around April 1st. So for me the wait is on!!! Lois
  20. Thank you for posting this!
  21. :cool1: :cool1: :cool1:
    Disney annouced that they are offering 40% room rates for military and discounted park tickets!
    I would have to downgrade to basic dining to take advantage of this offer, but the price of my trip decreases dramatically! DBF had his heart set on deluxe dining so I have to see what he thinks.
    I'm just very happy Disney has finally offered something like this to the men and women in the military!
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