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  1. babydovesx2

    babydovesx2 Member

    What discounts are usually out in October?
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  3. krichards

    krichards Member

    Usually free dining and/or room only discount :) I know in the earlier part of October free dining is more possible usually.
  4. ColonelHathi

    ColonelHathi Member

    Last year FD was offered early in the month and then again starting the Friday after Columbus Day. Crowds are usually heavier Columbus Day wknd, so not as likely for discounts. We've booked Oct 18-27 and hoping for discounts, but looks like several rooms are already on hold/booked for that time period, so either conventions or maybe not a slow period this year? :S
  5. BearcatsFan

    BearcatsFan <font color=green>we finally had a minute to breat

  6. GaBelle

    GaBelle Active Member

    While you can't bank on FD or any specific discount, you can be confident that Disney will offer some type of discount for Oct. It is a "low season" and hurricane season, so they are going to try to fill as many rooms as possible.
  7. we are going to Disney Oct 25-Nov 1 hoping for a discount too....
  8. hgeisler

    hgeisler Active Member

    That's the exact time period we're going too:)
  9. lauradis

    lauradis Active Member

    Normally discounts roll out in July or August and the wait kills me every time .:crazy2:

    I book vacation i want hold it with 200 bucks make my adr start paying off the vacation in small amounts till i know the real total price..

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