October 2013 Code Watch?!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by Cierese, Jun 13, 2012.

  1. Thanks, again!
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  3. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    You're welcome! Happy to help. :goodvibes
  4. TarrahA

    TarrahA New Member

    Smitch425, do they happen to have the calendar for Sept available as well? My dates start 09/28 & the official Disney site cuts off the week before. =(
  5. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

  6. LikeSeriously

    LikeSeriously New Member

  7. smitch425

    smitch425 New Member

    Yep! :thumbsup2
  8. jodi413

    jodi413 New Member

  9. ColonelHathi

    ColonelHathi New Member

    Thank you! pixiedust:

    We already had most of our park dates set based on last year, but this has totally helped with the EMH - not to change plans but to prep for EMH crowd levels at some parks! I'm such an over-planner! :rolleyes2

    Just booked our flights today. They just kept creeping up and up (MSP to MCO) and wanted to just nail it down. NS outbound flights are ridiculous, so we option for an outbound with a layover, NS return. Originally we were going to wait for Sun Country to release their October fares, but sounds like that would be late April which makes me too nervous. Last year flight prices dropped when Sun Country released their fares...:worried:

    I had to book my flight separate from DH, DD, and DS because I am using Pay with Miles to shave off $300 on my flight, which has more restrictions if cancelled (didn't want that ALL on one itinerary just in case). But I messed it up of course and ended up booking a different connecting flight on our way to MCO. :scared: I called Delta, waited for a rep for about 40 minutes, but yay, she was able to void my reservation so I could start over with no penalty!!! totally made my day after the panic moment. Now we're all squared away, flights are booked, seats assigned so we know we are sitting next to each other. :faint: DH would have had a heart attack if I were to ditch the fam at DTW and have him flying from DTW to MCO with just the kiddos - not a good way to start a vacation!

    Anyway, Pay with Miles got us back down to a "comfortable" rate - wanted to share if any of y'all looking to book with Delta and have some miles and a Delta AmEx. Also gets you 1 free checked bag per passenger with the AmEx. A bit of a hassle, but if you are careful, it's a decent deal. :p
  10. LikeSeriously

    LikeSeriously New Member

  11. TarrahA

    TarrahA New Member

    woohoo!!! Thank you tons!!!! Now I can really annoy the bejeezus out of everyone with our daily plans a whole month before I planned to have dates, LOL. Happy Happy!!! :banana:
  12. traylorc

    traylorc New Member

  13. wintotty

    wintotty New Member

    We are planning to go at the end of Oct to early Nov....still waiting to get the airplane tickets....it seems like it is very high right now....and price hasn't changed for a month or so. I'm booking with Delta flight only, does anyone know if it is too early to book flights now, should we wait a little more for the price to drop? I saw several websites stating to not to book too early for domestic flights........
  14. tracydeech

    tracydeech New Member

    I'm noticing same trend with prices in flights. I'm watching 3 dif flights rt now for November and one of them just went up $100 within 24 hrs! I downloaded this free app called " on the fly" really helpful in keeping track of flights and price.
  15. ColonelHathi

    ColonelHathi New Member

    Prices on Delta went up about a month ago. Last year they went down mid-March so I was hoping they might do the same this year, but they didn't (I priced it out last year to get an idea and watched fares closely). Last year October fares were up for the holidays, dropped in mid-March for a few weeks, then went up again in April and didn't drop again... By the time the Fall sales hit, the deal with the sale was no better than the lower March fare really.

    I also did hear on the news that the major airlines have been raising their prices and seeing if other regional carriers will follow. Right now it's a gamble. In the past 3 weeks I have only seen them go up farther with the NS routes, caved and just went with a LO on the departing flights since those haven't gone up AS much. Crazy ridiculous fares though, but then gas prices have also been rising... Good luck.
  16. peteykirch

    peteykirch New Member

    Hell, Jet Blue hasn't even released fares for the last week of October when I'm going.
  17. tracydeech

    tracydeech New Member

    Southwest hasn't either for nov yet!
  18. emilymad

    emilymad New Member

    We booked on Southwest for October on the day the flights were released. Our flight home is sold out already. Crazy! Until Disney releases discounts we aren't even sure we are going.
  19. ColonelHathi

    ColonelHathi New Member

    Yeah, we were watching SWA too, and they actually had slightly better fares than Delta, but when we shaved off $300 on our Delta tickets we came out better - plus no baggage fees with the Amex and assigned seats... I was shocked as even SWA fares went up over the 1st week. Limited options in MN since it's a Delta hub unfortunately. :S Last year RT fares for Oct were never under $300, now that seems to have been bumped to $400!
  20. emilymad

    emilymad New Member

    We have a ton of SW miles so that paid for our flight and we can cancel them. We had to just pick random dates since Disney hasn't released anything yet. It is getting harder as the years go by to get everything to line up right. The think the flights we booked were around $300. Very few choices direct out of Philly these days.
  21. nat8199

    nat8199 New Member

    I am so excited that Easy WDW just put up their predicted schedule for October! It matches touring plans and now I am ready to make my ADRs! Yay!

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