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Oct.14 Wonder Day 1 (long)

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Line Trip Reports' started by DeltaDawn, Oct 23, 2001.

  1. DeltaDawn

    DeltaDawn New Member

    Cast of Characters:
    Me- Disney Mom - 41yo
    DH- 42yo
    DD16A (Disney daughter 16 Amanda)
    DD16 J (Disney daughter's friend, living with us, 16 Juliana)

    Sun.10/14- we left WL around 11:30 boarded a nice AC’d coach for Port Canaveral. Once we got there it was a smooth entry onto the ship. That seamless registration process from the resort to the cruise is pretty cool.
    They did announce our name, and we were directed to go to Beach Blanket for lunch (deck 9), but we wanted to drop off our carry ons in our staterooms first.
    This is where our one real problem came up. I had booked, what we understood to be “connecting rooms”. This was an important issue to us. Having three teens in one room, & DH, DD9 & me in the other room, we wanted to be able to leave the doors open in-between, so that the teens could watch their sister if we were out. It also keeps the family together more than if half the family is in another room & not easily accessible.
    Now, needless to say, we did not have connecting rooms! I was very upset about this. DH was unhappy with me because I made all the arrangements and when we had encountered this same situation at the Wilderness Lodge, 4days before, I had assured him the same thing would not be on the ship. The WL never gave us room #s ahead of time, but we had these stateroom #s for months and my TA told me they were connecting. You can guess we are not very happy with our TA at this point!
    At the WL it only took me requesting for connecting rooms, to get them. On the Wonder DH & I went to guest services. They told us they had to wait till 5:30, till boarding was complete, to see if they could change us.
    We had sent our girls on to lunch before going to guest services. So DH & I decided to get some ourselves & wait to see what could be done. Lunch at Beach Blanket was good. The Mahi Mahi fish was very good, but after what I had just been through, the Bahama Mama was tasting mighty fine!
    With all that was going on with our staterooms, I completely missed my “window of opportunity” to book Palos! Boy did that add to my frustration, which was worthy of another Bahama Mama.
    After lunch, DD16A met us at the rooms and said guest services had called and they could move us. End of story, a very nice gentleman named John did what he could and got us two family suites, which was bigger than we needed but more importantly, connecting. This was an upgrade from our Cat6. I greatly appreciate DCL for fixing a problem that could have made that part of our vacation “not so great”.
    So, if nothing else, check that diagram of the ship & make sure the rooms are what you booked. I did, but apparently I wasn’t looking at the correct emblem for connecting rooms. That’s why we have a TA.
    The Bon Voyage party was a great way to start off our travel. I didn’t see anyone with bubbles, so I didn’t feel bad. Ours had leaked, so I threw them away back at the WL. The music was good & we all had fun.
    We had the early dinner seating. Our rotation was PTAP. Our servers were Prakash from India, and Ante from Croatia. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Besides being knowledgeable about the menu, they were funny, friendly, and made us feel very special. When the servers started doing their dance, Prakash got a hold of DD9 and she danced around with him. Every night they escorted us to our table by the last night the girls were fighting over whose turn it was to walk arm in arm!
    The food at Parrot Cay was not our style. It is Caribbean style & I guess you have to have a taste for that. The coconut shrimp appy was very good. But dinner was fun just the same.
    Towards the end of dinner DH wasn’t feeling well. He went to lie down. The girls and I went to see Hercules, which we all enjoyed.
    After the show, the teens went to common ground, DD9 & I went to sign her up for Oceaneer Lab. She didn’t want to stay that night so we checked it out and went exploring the ship before turning in.
    Our stateroom server was Jessy, she was very good to us. With three teens in one room, she had her work cut out for her. She made towel animals with DD’s sunglasses, and left chocolates.
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  3. princess crazy

    princess crazy <font color=purple>Completely blown away by the lo

    Thanks for the Great report on the Wonder Delta Dawn!!

    We'll be on the Wonder in mid December and I appreciate your report as there does'nt seem to be too many for the Wonder.

    We also have connectiing rooms one for us and our 4 yr old DD and one for my parents Category 6. I booked ours through DU and am sure they are connecting. It can be a little confusing by looking at them on the map. Sorry that you had that problem but I think I would have been extatic about an upgrade like you got!

    We have early seating too and have heard similiar comments about Parrot Cay like you said. I'm hoping we don't get that one repeated. Did they serve the same kind of food on your second night there??

    Was wondering if you could tell me if they had a princess party when you were on board? If so did your youngest attend it and what did they offer? I'm assuming it's probably something simple like just a character signing. Our DD wants to dress up in her Cinderella costume from Halloween and get her picture taken with Cinderella. Was she there-- actually our DD would love to get her picture taken with a group of princesses. Do you know if they were doing this or if it was just the standard one character photo op??

    Thanks again for your report and I can't wait to hear the rest of your trip!!!;) ;)
  4. SnowByte

    SnowByte New Member

    We also had Prakash and Ante as servers AND had the same dining rotation! We were probably sitting at a table next to you somewhere. We thought Prakash and Ante were great, too. We're actually sorry that we went to Palos on our last night. We wish we just went to our 'regular' restaurant.

    My DH also wasn't feeling well that first night and had to leave in the middle of 'Hercules' (which I thought was hilarious). By the way did you see the Gary Delena show the following night? That was awesome!

    Looking forward to the rest of your report.
  5. DeltaDawn

    DeltaDawn New Member

    Princess Crazy,
    I'm sure you will have a wonderful time on the Wonder!
    I don't know anything about a princess party? My DD was in the oceaneers lab maybe they had that for the younger kids in the oceaneers club??? I saw alot of characters on deck3 in the atrium from about 5:15 to 5:45 every night for pictures & autographs. I saw snow white on night, but not cinderella. Sorry.

    I can't believe we were right near each other!!! Were you at the table that had the little boy that got popped in the eye at Animators Palate? My DD9 had a crush on Prakash since he danced with her!:) The older girls were drooling over Ante!
    Prakash told us on the last day that this was a good cruise for him and Ante all the families were very nice to them. So, that's you too!
  6. pavlarusso

    pavlarusso New Member

    hello DeltaDawn

    it's pavla again I will be staying at the WL too in April/02 how is the hotel, did you like your room? did disney provide your transportation to the ship if they did what time do they pick you up from the hotel and how many trips do they make to the hotel for pick up.

    thanks pavla
  7. SnowByte

    SnowByte New Member

    DeltaDawn - Yes, we did see the boy get hit in Animator's Palate. His father seemed very upset. I saw Rita (Head Server) give him a stack of collectors cards. I wonder if that made up for it. The whole staff did seem very concerned. We were the table behind theirs. It was just me, my DH and 2 DS.
  8. DeltaDawn

    DeltaDawn New Member

    I absolutely adorored the WL!!! I don't think my girls & I appreciated the beauty of it until the night we went looking for the hidden mickeys. Go up to the sixth floor on the lobby side, look down & around, and you will be amazed at the intricate beauty spread throughout the resort. Now, my DD16 wanted something more exotic (she better make alot of money,cause it sounds like she has the Grand Floridian taste). Nothing to me at the WL lacked for comfort. My only beef, was the food prices were outrageous! But that was just about everywhere in Disney. Have a great time!

    I remember you guys!!! You had a table for just the four of you right? What a bummer that we didn't get to meet and chat! We, DH & I are thinking of doing the 4day again in June for our 20th anniv. What did you think of Disney dreams?
  9. DeltaDawn

    DeltaDawn New Member

    Sorry, I didn't answer your other questions. We had the transfers included in our package. I am assuming you do too, if your doing the land/sea. All the resorts have a DCL rep located there. On the day before you leave they will slip a note under your door, telling you what to do with your luggare & what time to meet in the lobby. Have everyone's key to the world cards ready to board the bus. There was a sweet older woman named Mary getting us boarded. She was real cute, wishing everyone a good trip. Let me know how you do.
  10. Meg

    Meg The Hair Nazi

    <font color=blueviolet size=3>OMG!! I was on this cruise too, & I met Amanda, Heather & Juliana @ Common Grounds!!! What a small world! :)
  11. DeltaDawn

    DeltaDawn New Member

    My girls all say Hi!! Heather wants to write to you. I gave her your instant messanger name (for aol) listed on your profile. Sounds like you all had a good time.
  12. SnowByte

    SnowByte New Member

    DeltaDawn - Yes, we had a table for just us four. That's neat that you remembered us. Too bad we didn't know that we were both from the DIS boards. I thought Disney Dreams was great! I wish we were going on another cruise but unfortunately my DH did not take too well to cruising. He felt pretty sick the first and last nights and did not enjoy the movement of the ship. We went to WDW after the cruise and he said he wished we just went there for the whole week. Oh well. I had a great time and a lot of pictures yet to be developed. I'd sure like to go again, though.
  13. DeltaDawn

    DeltaDawn New Member

    I'm sorry to hear your DH didn't enjoy cruising much. I thought it was a blast! We did the parks first (thank God) and had a great time(we had never been there, either) but I want so much to go back on another cruise. I am checking prices for me & DH for our 20th anniv in June. We'll see. Where did you stay At the parks? Did you find it hard doing the cruise first, then the parks. Maybe not, if DH was so miserable on the cruise part.

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