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November 2012 Trip planners #4~almost Disney time! Everyone welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by mommyof3princess27, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. nmills

    nmills Member

    Just left our first MVMCP and we loved it! The short ride lines were awesome, we didn't get too many characters in but we saw Scrooge mcduck and my DS loved him. The fireworks were awesome. My son slept through the parade but my daughter woke up for it and was so happy the entire time. She was so glad that we woke her up for it. She was sad when it was over and wanted to see it again, good thing we filmed it all and can watch it tomorrow. Tomorrow is her actual birthday and she said she wants to go back to disney, unfortunately we can't but I think we will definitely be planning our next trip soon and make sure we can hit MVMCP again. We hit up a ton of pressed penny machines so the kids should have fun putting them in their book tomorrow. We had a ton of great photos taken with photopass and cannot wait to get our CD. i had heard some mixed reviews of the shots people had received not being that great but we had a ton of great ones I would say well over 200 and we were only in the parks for 2 days. I hope everyone had a great thanksgiving, and great trips, I know my family made some incredible memories that will always be in our hearts. I could not have planned this trip without the DISboards and I am so glad I found this thread! My husband even can't wait to come back now!!!
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  3. disneychic2

    disneychic2 DIS Veteran

    We leave at 8 am on the 28th. :banana: Looking forward to dinner at BOG the day we arrive!

    Love the Christmas fireworks at the party!! And the parade. Glad you were able to catch both of them!:goodvibes

    Yes, it becomes addicting for sure. Glad hubby got the bug, cause that makes it a lot easier to get back!;) Sounds like you had a great time and made out real well with the photo pass. That really helps with jogging the memory for the little ones. You cannot put a price on the memories you've made, that's for sure! ::yes:: Thanks for checking in.:thumbsup2
  4. nmills

    nmills Member

    I should have added that BOG was amazing and my daughter got to try the grey stuff for her birthday. She didn't want to share, it was really fantastic I wanted a huge bowl of it.
  5. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    So happy for you! Have a safe trip!!!!!!

    So we just got back from Hollywood Studios! Kids are napping and we are eating lunch! What a beautiful day today!!!!! The lines were amazing! No waits for us, not even Toy Story. Will go back after kids wake up! Can't wait to see Osborne lights! Anyone else there today??
  6. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Mouseketeer

    We are home and back to "normal" as we can be. DD1 went to school and I am back at work. The trip was great and we're already thinking about our next trip(s). We couldn't take advantage of the bounce back offers because it would run into school time for DD1. They start school in mid August here so we wouldn't be able to use the offer they had. Plus who wants to come in that heat?

    We really enjoyed coming at this time of year with the holiday decorations up and the crowds weren't bad, although there was a noticeable increase on Thanksgiving Day. It was a bit too cool to really enjoy the water rides, water parks or the pools at the resorts though, so a summer trip might be in the works as well. I'm thinking the first week of June (when school is out for DD1) which shows lighter crowd levels than this week was.

    The Art of Animation resort was awesome. The decor all around was pretty sweet. The Little Mermaid room was a bit small, but with our kids at their current age it was ok. Next time we may have to upgrade to a suite or get 2 rooms. 1 bathroom for 3 girls plus me is a little tight. Plus, as the girls get older I'm sure they'll want more privacy from Dad. The walk from LM to the dining hall was long, (20 minutes round trip) but we negated a lot of that by using our car to get to and from the resorts and having coffee in our room with our own coffee maker. The walk was the only downside though, as the pools were awesome and the landscaping of the property was incredible. You really felt like you were in the movie of the area you were in.

    I told my wife we may want to consider a split stay next time as well. Start our trip with 3 days at The Contemporary and make those days our MK days, then switch to a smaller resort elsewhere on property. The reason being is that getting to and from MK was a bit of a bear. If we drove it was 15 minutes to get to the parking lot, then walk to the monorail (or take the tram if we were further out), wait for the monorail, then finally get to MK. The first time we went it took us 50 minutes from AoA to MK and about the same getting back at the end of the day. One day we had a breakfast at Poly and just left our car parked there. That turned out to be a great choice because when we left we were able to take the resort monorail to the Poly instead of the express monorail to the parking lot. One day we tried taking the bus and while that was a faster ride, we had to wait for two buses to pick people up coming and going, which added to the time. Getting to the rest of the parks by car was a piece of cake though.

    One other advantage to coming in June versus the Thanksgiving week would be it may be possible to fly instead of drive. The drive wasn't too bad, but I think it contributed to the girls crankiness on our first day. In this case though we couldn't really argue with it, as the cost to fly was around $1300-1500 and driving was only about $350.

    Some of the highlights of our trip included being able to see the New Fantasyland area including eating lunch at BOG, Enchanted Tales with Belle right after DD2 had her BBB makeover, walking on to Under the Sea late in the evening and having the pork shank and LeFou's brew at Gaston's Tavern. I also can't say enough about the Cast Members throughout the trip. From the person who checked us in to the girl that helped me sort out my Photopass issue to Guest Services helping reunite me with my car keys and especially all of the characters! OMG the characters at each stop were simply fabulous. We must've seen Pluto at 5 or more different places and each time he connected with DD2 and really made the magic come alive for her. We had slipped little gifts to the girls under their pillows each night and told them that Ariel had given the gifts to the girls. When the girls meet Ariel at CRT they thanked her for the gifts and letting us stay in her house and she didn't miss a beat, saying she was glad they got them and we were welcome to visit her house any time. The two meetings with had with Belle also made the trip even more special. I can't even really say just how much it meant to me for my girls to have those experiences.

    We've got over 700 pictures on our Photopass to go through and embellish for our PhotoCD as well as about 2000 pictures taken with our cell phones and DSLR. I think we did our best to capture the experience in pictures! :thumbsup2
  7. uscgmouse

    uscgmouse Member

    We are here at DW now and loving it! Today we spent the day at Magic Kingdom and we were so tired we left around 5pm. So I didn't get to see the castle and all the park lit up. I am really bummed.:sad2: With that said we are thinking about canceling our Boma dinner reservations to go back to Magic Kingdom on Thursday night to see the lights and all. Are we really missing out if we cancel Boma? It is the only night we can do it. Tomorrow Grandma and grandpa will be with us at Epcot and I want to see the fireworks then Wednesday we are going to see the lights at DHS.

    I feel like we didn't see a lot of photopass people today. We didn't stand in line for characters but did get a few pics near the castle. Is there a map or list of where they are in each park. I already bought the cd and we only have 10 pictures....
  8. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Mouseketeer

    Bummer that you didn't get to see the Castle lit up. We got lucky and happened to catch it just as it was being lit on our last day there. It's really quite beautiful. I've never eaten at Boma but it may be hard to get another TS restaurant if you cancel it. I know that all of the restaurants were booked when we went last week.

    Here's the location of the Photopass Photographers in each park.


    There are a ton of them at the Osborne Lights display that probably aren't on these maps either. Ask the photographers there where they all are.

    Also, if you see a Photopass photographer during the day and they aren't using a tripod then ask them if they have Magic Shots. There are some neat effects they can put on pictures with you and your kids. We loved our PP+ on this trip. We've got over 700 pictures on ours from the past week.
  9. disneychic2

    disneychic2 DIS Veteran

    We didn't get our money's worth when we bought it either. But the good news is, you can cancel after you get back home and don't have to pay for it. Meanwhile, if it's important to you, keep on the look-out for the PP people. They really are everywhere. Use the site Squirrel4569 gave you and good luck to you!

    Boma is a fantastic place to eat, but if eating there means missing the castle lit up, I'd say skip it. Try Grand Floridian Cafe instead. I just got an ADR for there last week. Or you could try walking up to LTT or the Plaza in MK. Or just skip a table service meal and eat at Columbia Harbour House, which is more like TS than CS. Go upstairs to eat as that is usually overlooked and is a nice relaxing area. Good luck! Glad you're having fun!

    Squirrel4569 Thanks for the final update. You make me want to stay at LM more than ever! For sure the first week of June would be better crowd-wise than over Thanksgiving! Hope you go for it! It's just a whole different experience. It's hot, though, so come back on the boards to get lots of advice about beating the heat. It's been a pleasure to hang out with you these past months. We leave tomorrow morning and can't wait. You've certainly helped keeping my excitement going. Good luck to you!
  10. uscgmouse

    uscgmouse Member

    Thanks!!! I think we will skip Boma. I really want to get some shots of the castle lit up. We were able to ride almost everything we wanted to at MK yesterday with the exception of Peter Pan and the Belle thing in Fantasyland. We are doing those tomorrow morning with Mimi.
    I would rather eat cs and see MK lit up than have a ts.

    Have a great week!
  11. So who has their next trip planned already? If so, what do you have planned so far?

    Originally we were going to do a trip to Paris next year to celebrate my 30th birthday, but we decided to push that back until our youngest is a little older. We will always take vacation in the 2nd week of November because our schools are closed 3 days for Election Day & the NJ Teacher's Convention, so we're going to try an All-Inclusive Beaches Resort in Jamaica next November and do another big Disney vacation in November 2014... BUT, I can't wait that long to go back!!!!:rotfl2:

    So, I emailed our travel agent to get prices for a 3-night stay in January 2014 for my middle daughter's 5th birthday. It will be a MK-only trip... maybe one day in HS, but mostly MK, and because of that my H is insisting on a monorail resort. I'm having the trip priced 2 ways - one in a value suite at ASMu and one at the cheapest monorail resort (which I think is the Contemporary).

    I'm so excited at the prospect of planning another Disney vacation!!!:banana::cool1:
  12. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Mouseketeer

    Also, FYI, if you go to Gaston's Tavern you can get a Pork Shank and LeFou's Brew as a CS meal. There are no sides for it but don't worry about that, it's plenty of food to fill you up and very yummy. We asked around with the CM's quite a bit on if they preferred the Pork Shank or the Turkey Leg and unanimously they preferred the Pork Shank. :thumbsup2 If you have little ones you may just want to share yours with them, as it is a lot of food. Juicy and fork tender though!
  13. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Mouseketeer

    We're having a similar debate actually. We had originally planned on going once every two years, since we go to Europe to visit my family every two years we would alternate years. We had considered going to DLP on the Europe trip, but we may not make it to France this time at all and we'll be going next Christmas so that might not be the best time to go either.

    So moving on to 2014 the question becomes do we go in the summer in early June or go at Thanksgiving again? Price wise it seems to be the same. I'm with DH on staying at a monorail resort if you are only visiting MK. So much faster to get in and out that way. We're considering doing a suite next time and in pricing it out a room at the Contemporary is only slightly more expensive than a suite at AoA. I loved AoA don't get me wrong but to be that close to MK and Chef Mickey's it might be worth the extra money. Again though, it's like driving vs flying. Flying is more expensive but gets you there faster. Driving is much cheaper but you have to factor in travel time and recovery time to your trip.

    One thing we are absolutely factoring in next time will be a rest/break day. From the time we arrived until the time we left we were blowing and going the entire time. Up at 6am to get everyone showered and ready and usually not back to the room until at least 10pm or later. After about 3 days of that we were starting to get burnt out a bit. We wanted to maximize our time and tickets that we had bought already though, so we kept it going until we left. Adding in that break day will also affect if we fly or drive and what resort we stay at as well. If we fly we can see the parks on the days we travel, vs if we drive we can't. All things to contemplate for the next trip.

    We learned a lot about how to do Disney on our trip in 2010. We learned even more on this trip. I think each trip will just keep getting better as we go on. :)
  14. KSBelle77

    KSBelle77 Member

    We head back in 42 day. We ran the wine and dine November 10 and are heading back for the marathon. Should be getting Mickey mail the last day of finals
  15. GMU MOM

    GMU MOM Member

    We booked the BB offer for FD next August before we left Disney. We've done that time of year before and although it is hot, it's not so bad if we take a mid-day break and the crowd levels are so much better. Also, it looks like some of our extended family will be joining us. We always go to Disney just the 4 of us so this next trip will def be different.
    Right now we are booked at POR and i have an idea which restaurants i want to try.
    But before that i have to plan our trip to Disneyland which has moved to January. It's a surprise Christmas present to the kids. I can't wait to see their faces when they find out they're going to carsland.
  16. peachygreen

    peachygreen Mouseketeer

    We are home and starting to get back to reality.

    We had a perfect trip. Honestly I don't think we could have asked for anything better. we were able to do everything we wanted. The kids had a blast. We didn't have any melt downs. We saw fireworks and Christmas lights and parades and storytellers. We got to explore new Fantasyland. We got lots of pictures. Lots of smilies, lots of videos. We rode rides, we watched shows. We even held alligators. We ate turkey, we ate Mickey Bars. We rode Roller Coasters, we played on play grounds. We saw animals and acted like animals LOL.

    I hate being back in reality already. I am already counting down to our next vacation. 100 days and counting until we are on the Fantasy.
  17. disneychic2

    disneychic2 DIS Veteran

    We're on ME right now!! I'm so excited!!
  18. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 Mouseketeer

    Have fun! :goodvibes
  19. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    At MK now! Watching the parade! Lines are great, beautiful weather! Anyone else here?!
  20. cajacobi

    cajacobi Earning My Ears

    We just left! We were the first ones on pirates and walked straight on Thunder Mountain. This was our first time doing an early bfast ressie- and I think we are sold! Might change our dining plans for the next trip!! We are planning it already using the Bounce back offer!!
  21. aroundtheriverbend

    aroundtheriverbend Mouseketeer

    We've got our next one planned for spring break at Disneyland California! We bought into Dvc about 2 years ago, and are hoping to fully use our points in Hawaii, Hilton head, etc for years to come. I've learned I don't get as depressed leaving vacation when I have the next one planned :)

    Day 5 here - did HS. We'll hit AK and MCMCP tomorrow, Universal Friday. Wish it was a little bit warmer, but having a fantastic time!!!!

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