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November 2012 Trip planners #4~almost Disney time! Everyone welcome!

Discussion in 'Disney Discount Codes and Rates' started by mommyof3princess27, Aug 13, 2012.

  1. Tulles

    Tulles New Member

    Forgot to say I'll be writing a re-cap of our trip soon. Still catching up on all I missed on here.
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  3. disney mom of 6

    disney mom of 6 New Member

    We've been busy around here. We bought an artificial tree and put it up today. We don't usually do this til after the holidays but I'm trying to get some decorating done before we leave. I also ran to the bank and picked up rolls of quaters for doing laundry while away. Tomorrow is pie baking day. Yum.

    So glad you got some pixie dust!

    Sounds like you did a lot of things. I can't believe you rode TSMM 4x thats great!

    Oh no! But at least she is on medication and will feel better shortly.

    We were allowed with dd's insulin a few yrs ago. I say go for it and if they won't let you just throw it out and get some ice once your past security.

    Oh my! So glad he has the meds and will feel better shortly.

    :cool1::banana::woohoo::dance3::cheer2: 4000th post!

    Sorry to hear about your DMIL and DM I'll send up a prayer. God's hands are best. Have fun and try to relax.

    I really haven't played that game I just want Monday to get here so I can go! Ha Ha!

    Happy Birthday to your DH and yay for the grey stuff! I'm so excited to be eating there in 8 days! Enjoy the rest of your trip!
  4. disney mom of 6

    disney mom of 6 New Member

    Welcome home! I have heard of them mailing things home. If you don't find it I would give them a call. I hope it turns up.
  5. mrsap

    mrsap Disney World '86, '04, '05, '06, '10, '12, '13, st

    Thanks! Enjoy decorating your tree!!!

    Quick update: DS was a little better today. Fever went away! guess antibiotic is really helping!
    We were able to go to Downtown Disney for a couple hours which the kids enjoyed. My DS is allergic to eggs and peanuts, so he truly enjoyed his cupcake at Baby Cakes! Went to the main Disney store where he freaked out when he saw all the Mickey stuff! It was really cute! DD enjoyed the train and carousel. We were going to have dinner at T-Rex until the dinosaur when you first walked it came pretty far down and scared the crap out of DD. needless to say, she just wanted to high tail it out of there!! Tomorrow is breakfast at Chef Mickeys! It's a surprise so I can't wait to see how the kids react! Hope they enjoy it and aren't afraid!! Lol Hope you all have a good night!!
  6. peachygreen

    peachygreen New Member

    I was underwhelmed by Pirates. The effects were cool and could be a great addition on a ride. The "interactive" part was corny. You spent the whole time watching a show standing in a crowded room. In many ways it reminded me of a preshow ride room without a ride at the end.
    I would not d it again.
  7. peachygreen

    peachygreen New Member

    Monday we went to Epcot. It was cold all day Monday. It never managed to get out of the 50's even though the forecast was 74. We did Future World from RD to about 2. We did the Seas, Land, and Imagination pavillions as well as Spaceship Earth. Then we went to downtown Disney for Dinner.

    Yesterday we went to AK. It was a perfect day. We were there from 7:45 to 5. We saw all the shows, rode all the rides, had lunch at Tusker House, looked at the animals, met a couple characters and saw the parade. The only things we skipped were the train and Flights of wonder. It warmed up nicely yesterday and was a beautiful day. The paths felt crowded at times, but the longest we waited for anything all day was 10 minutes.
  8. mommyof3princess27

    mommyof3princess27 What we've got here is failure to communicate

    We are 4 days out. This time next week we will be getting ready for our Ohana breakfast then Epcoy!

    Im gonna try to get the grey stuff for my DD :)

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  9. nmills

    nmills New Member

    Well today is the day! We leave at 1 for the airport, and of course my DH is not packed at all yet. I hope everyone has a very happy thanksgiving tomorrow!
  10. KSBelle77

    KSBelle77 New Member

    Well after being hom 2 weeks I just paid off our next trip in 48 day!!!:cool1::cool1:
    Walt Disney World Marathon here we come!!!!
    What did I get myself into
  11. dillydilly

    dillydilly New Member

    My neighbor left a denim shirt on a ride and the park mailed it to her. She thought she'd never see it again and was quite surprised to see it in the mail.

    Glad your DS is feeling better! Hope you have a great breakfast at CM!

    Thanks for the info about the weather...I have been worried about it. I'm pretty sure we will go to the parks in long pants with short sleeved shirts. I am wondering, though, if it will seem warm to us being from cold weather Colorado. Sounds like you are having a good trip!
  12. dillydilly

    dillydilly New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving to you too! Wishing you a magical trip!
  13. mommyof3princess27

    mommyof3princess27 What we've got here is failure to communicate

    Cant wait!!! 4 days and only 1.5 hours of work left til im on a 12 day vacation!!!!

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  14. jcieutat

    jcieutat New Member

    2 days folks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Putting up the Christmas decorations tonight, eating a huge Thanksgiving meal with the family tomorrow, and then waking up Friday morning and flying to DISNEYWORLD!!!!!!!! I just hope we remember to put the elf on the shelf out tomorrow night (just joking as we will not forget)..
  15. uscgmouse

    uscgmouse New Member

    We are in FL now! Disney on Monday. The weather is amazing! 74 today and all sun!
  16. bartleyosu

    bartleyosu Ohio State Mouse Fan

    Wonderful day at Magic Kingdom. Ate lunch at be our guest, it was beautiful. 4 of us, got steak sandwiches, ham, and pork, french onion soup, potato soup, chocolate cream puff. All was good but steak was just OK. Got brew at Gaston, too sweet for me, but got Belle cup. Saw under the sea, great. Lots of people, but waits were OK if using fast passes. Left at seven, ascooled off and DD and Dm done. Tomorrow we move into royal rooms, and do Fastasmic lunch at MM. Warm during day and cool at night.
  17. disney mom of 6

    disney mom of 6 New Member

    Just wanted to say Have a Great Thanksgiving tomorrow everyone!!!!!! I made all my pies, got the stuffing ready and made a casserole. I can't wait for tomorrow. Family will be here and it will be a wonderful time.

    We had fun decorating. I love they way little ones want to put all of the ornaments on one branch at the bottom of the tree. When I saw my dd3 doing this it reminded me that dd2 had done the same thing. She had about 8on one branch she just kept pushing them back. My mom told me she would let us decorate however and then when we went to bed she would redecorate. Ha Ha!

    So glad your little one is better and the fever is gone. Have a blast at Chef Mickey's. We are eating dinner there on Monday!

    Sounds like you are having a great time. Don't tell my DH about temps being in the 50's. Ha Ha! I have so many different outfits packed its crazy.

    Have a blast!

    Lucky you!:cool1:

    12 days of vacation sounds wonderful!

    Have fun!

    Sounds like a great day!
  18. squirrel4569

    squirrel4569 New Member

    Quick catch up from our trip since we've been busy!

    Sorry to hear so many have had sick kiddos. I know that is never part of the plan.

    Our first day at MK was pretty awesome. DD2 got done up at BBB as Belle and was completely adorable. After that we had lunch at BOG, which was awesome. Then we did Enchanted Tales with Belle and I was one of the knights, DD1 was the Beast and DD2 was silverware. DD2 stole the show when she got to meet Belle. Not a dry eye in the house during that it was so cute.

    We have a lot more to do since we pretty much only did Fantasyland while we were there. Going back tomorrow for more.

    Tuesday we did DHS. DD1 got to ride ToT with me twice and she loved it. We did TSM, met P & F and took a gazillion pictures of the Osborne lights.

    Today was AK. Took it slow and spent most of the day in Dinoland but DD1 did get to ride Everest twice with me.

    We had a mishap at DHS. I got to the car to leave and my key fob to start my car had fallen off of my keyring! I panicked but thankfully someone had turned it into Guest Services and I was able to get back to the resort without a problem. Scary stuff though.

    All in all it's a good time. The kids are fighting over the stroller of all things. DD1 (7) wants to ride in it and DD2 (4) only wants to ride in it so DD1 doesn't. Other than that its going well.

    Off to O'Hana breakfast then MK again!
  19. mickeye

    mickeye New Member

    Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! Three days to go and I will be in WDW! :yay: Can't wait to see it for the first time at Christmas! Everyone else who is going after Turkey day: Have A Wonderful Trip! :wave2:
  20. aroundtheriverbend

    aroundtheriverbend New Member

    Happy thanksgiving everyone!!!
  21. bartleyosu

    bartleyosu Ohio State Mouse Fan

    Checked into royal room at riverside, beautiful!

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