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Not Single Any More! READ ME!

Discussion in 'Disney for Adults and Solo Travelers' started by MaterializedHaunt, Oct 13, 2012.

  1. MaterializedHaunt

    MaterializedHaunt New Member

    I am so thrilled to finally announce this! And there is an amazing story behind it!:goodvibes

    So I met a girl online who used to work for WDW. I Booked my trip down to see her for 4 days, but 2 days before I was supposed to fly down she backed out.:eek: So after a little hesitation I decided to solo it in Disney! I ended up resort hopping and trying different foods and didnt go into the parks because 2 weeks from then I had my family vacation down there for 9 more days.

    On day 3 of my 4 day solo trip I decided to go find my family brick at MK, when I found it it was behind some ropes. I asked a CM if he would let me in to take a picture of it and of course I was allowed. I then decided to hop on a monorail to head over to the Polynesian to try a Dole Whip. As I was about to walk up the ramp to catch the monorail I just happened to notice a boat at the dock! I love the boat ride and decided to do it.pirate:

    On my approach to the boat I notice that captain was very pretty. :sail: The boat was fairly empty so I pushed myself to sit up in the front of the boat close to this captain lady. We drove without a word to be spoken to the Floridian. After dropping off those people she said "Hi, how's it going?" and that blossomed into a great conversation on our way to the Poly. As we are pulling up to the dock I am dredding having to get off the boat. The other passengers get off and I hesitantly get off as well behind her. As I am walking she puts the rope back over and turns around to see me standing there. I asked her if she is locking me out and she asked me if Im getting off... I told her I dont want to and that I was enjoying our conversation. She replied with "..well then get back on the boat!" :upsidedow


    We ended up driving that boat route 2 times around talking and upon the 3rd arrival to the MK dock another CM was there to let her go on break. So here is the moment where I found the guts to ask her for her number before we go to the dock. She whispered me it and I was totally on :cloud9:!

    (I know my story is super long but I love it!):cool1:

    I txt messaged her and recieved a message later that day. Then it went 4 days without recieving any more messages. So I gave up... and then amazingly I get a response then replied only to go longer without another response!:scared: By this time I am obviously home getting ready for my next trip to go down with my family and I wasn't thinking much about this girl since I just didnt think she was interested in me due to lack of any conversations.


    So I end up flying down with my family and on my 2nd day I message her again and this time I get timely responses, so I end up asking if she wants to go to lunch before she has to go to work. I get the OK and we meet up and I am blown away by her personality and beauty! Needless to say we hung out alot from then on during that trip. She came with me to a few dinners and lunches with my family and to Mickeys Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. I fell completely head over heels for her.:love:

    She ended up feeling the same way and asked if I wanted to spend more time down there. Long story short (kinda too late for this, I know...):blush: I pushed my air flight back 5 days. We spent the next 2 days at Pop Century and 3 at her house. We had the most amazing time!

    I always tell her that that was THE BEST BOAT RIDE EVER!!! No cruise will ever compare to my little ride to the Polynesian.

    I feel as though my life has finally started a new chapter and I am so thrilled that it is with her. :lovestrucShe is my Minnie Mouse! ::MinnieMo

    EDIT: So my girlfriend was looking at my other posts and came across this. It was written that morning that I met her! It talks about how my solo trip is lonely and I wish I could meet someone special. Little did I know 7 hours from then I would find the love of my life! LonelyPost
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  3. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    Congrats bro. Really awesome story. Now, if I can only find my Princess.. Lol
  4. stindall

    stindall Congress Tart

    hey that's really awesome! So glad you found such a wonderful person! You're a cute couple :) Love that Epcot photo!
  5. yarlin

    yarlin New Member

    such a sweet story <3 congrats to both of you,
  6. LyndsayJ

    LyndsayJ New Member

    What a wonderful story!!
  7. ToddyLu

    ToddyLu Welcome aboard explorers- I love Mr. Ray

    :) The only thing better than meeting the love of your life at Disney...is meeting him/her outside of Disney and discovering a mutual love for it together ...one trip at a time. DH and I have been discovering our love for Disney the last 13 trips...he took me for my first trip on our 8th anniversary. We celebrated 18 years last Monday and leave for WDW in 2 weeks. :cool1:

    Wishing you the very best !!
  8. saturdaygirl

    saturdaygirl New Member

    awwww, I want a story like that! so cute
  9. kate_wdw

    kate_wdw New Member

    How sweet - congratulations!
  10. goofy_joe

    goofy_joe New Member

    Great story! Congratulations on finding someone special at WDW. You really never know where something like that could happen.

    I often go down with my family, but there are plenty of "solo" moments where I sometimes wonder whether I should have continued the conversation. Possible "missed connections" abound. (Side note: If the CM who had a conversation with me about a rainy MNSSHP in the gift shop at DHS during a terrible thunderstorm on Friday the 5th sees this, then she should PM me :))
  11. MaterializedHaunt

    MaterializedHaunt New Member

    Thank everyone for the kind words! My girlfriend just flew in yesterday for a week and half!

    Good luck Joe! Hope she sees it! Would be terrific! Maybe you should head back to MGM for a follow up! :thumbsup2
  12. Icecoldpenguin

    Icecoldpenguin May the Force Be With You

    I am very super excited for you! Something similar happened to me and my now husband when we actually met in this board on the DIS and then in real life at disney. If you want to check it out go to my wedding planning journal and trip report link in my signature the first few posts introduce us then I tell our story and our proposal story. I hope you like it. It is truly wonderful finding the love of your life at disney.

  13. MrsDuck

    MrsDuck New Member

    Such a sweet story! Sending much pixiedust: your way!
  14. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    Reading this convinced me that I will meet my Princess because of Disney.
  15. disneypryncess

    disneypryncess New Member

    That is fantastic! Congrats!!!!
    Now throw some of that pixie dust my way...
    so I can find my prince (Or pirate,lol)!!!!
  16. N365PA

    N365PA First rule of the bayou: never take directions fro


  17. melbellex3

    melbellex3 New Member

    Loved reading this =) Congrats!
  18. ortholablady

    ortholablady New Member

    Great story! Congratulations!
  19. ortholablady

    ortholablady New Member

    After meeting you, I have no doubt that you will find that princess! All the best to you Josh!
  20. jagfanjosh3252

    jagfanjosh3252 #1 fan of the Jacksonville Jaguars

    Thanks! Hope it's soon!! Lol
  21. Steakgoddess

    Steakgoddess New Member

    That is truly a GREAT story!:love:

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