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    Mar 9, 2001
    I have called four times now and got four different answers to questions..

    First call: I was told I could cancel vacation insurance within 14 days
    also told if we decided to get annual passes we could take the tickets off the room key card and trade in for tickets to use later for family members

    Second call: wanted to cancel room and stay offsite and also cancel insurance
    I was then told I could not cancel insurance because we had put the flight on the package (did because we could put it on Dis visa for points and 0% interest)
    they were firm on this. Let it go and didn't change anything

    third call: Decided to change to room only and drop tickets and get annual passes....had to cancel entire package and start over...went room only...flight stayed the same since it was paid for...

    fourth call: checking rates it seemed we would save around $45.00 on the tickets if we kept them on the room...but this CM told me we could not transfer the tickets off the room key kept room only...lo and behold the insurance disappeared on our reservation when they changed it...Yay for that..

    What happened to the day when changing your reservation was easy and no know they just updated it and done..add free dining no problem...change tickets no they have to cancel and start all over...

    so now we have room only at Pop resort for 8 nights...$938.70 and the flight is secure, checked on that we have seats already...guess we will buy annual passes for later trip this year (or hopefully we will have a retirement place to go to by then)

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