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No wbta 2013

Discussion in 'Disney Cruise Meets' started by Pinky166, Jan 2, 2012.

  1. annichan

    annichan There's a platypus controlling me, he's underneath

    Wow, I have a reader on this thread! :cheer2: Thank you for the compliment! :flower3:
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  3. thedonduck

    thedonduck New Member

    Thanks for posting the link to the Navigators. DH and I were talking yesterday about what the weather would be like on the EBTA and WBTA. He is a "cruise is supposed to be warm/sunny/sit outside with my DotD" type (which is why we somewhat refuses an Alaskan cruise:rolleyes::confused3), so I tried to find some old TR's from either. Let me tell you it was tough and I really didn't find any with good pictures. Anyone know any that are floating out there??

    At least the Nav's gave me a good idea of temps to tell him.
  4. ThePhantomsGirl

    ThePhantomsGirl I was born to cruise!

    I know people did trip reports - and since I love reading good trip reports - if anyone on here did them on the WBTA, or knows links to ones on here, please post! I did a search myself some time back and found a couple.

    Good question - since this WBTA will be a bit later - how WAS the weather? I believe one had been done in December before? Or that could have been another line I was looking at? My thinking is that most of it should be decent as it's heading south.

    Annichan, just found your foodie posts and am enjoying them! What hotel did you stay in at the DLP one in the 2011 link? I'd love to go to DLP someday. Not sure if I could swing it as part of the WBTA trip, but its a thought.
  5. poohs4me

    poohs4me New Member

    This is something I am concerned about as well. I don't mind cool with some warm days, but I am worried it will be down right cold.
  6. MagicMe

    MagicMe New Member

    We were a month earlier on the 2010 WBTA but the weather was absolutely gorgeous most of the time. We had a little bit of rain in Gibraltar but not the entire day and there was some weather related issue (I believe fog) that kept us from getting to the top of Gibraltar but otherwise a wonderful day. The Caribbean was fairly hot and all of our sea days were great. I think we had one other rain shower late on our last sea day. Definitely could not complain at all about our weather or our crossing!!
  7. annichan

    annichan There's a platypus controlling me, he's underneath

    Thank you for reading them! We stayed at the Sequoia Lodge on both our DLP visits and really liked it there. I have read that these DLP "deluxe" category hotels are more comparable to WDW "moderate" category ones so I'd bear that in mind, but it was really very nice overall, staff were friendly, our room was great and it was only about a ten minute walk to either Disneyland Park or Hollywood Studios.
    (The hotel breakfast was admittedly awful, but there's a Starbucks directly en route to the parks! ;))

    Actually, as you said you will be travelling alone on the WBTA, I can highly recommend the very room we had! It was a recently refurbished corner room with windows on two sides, but it only sleeps two, so not a valid choice for a family. I posted some pictures of it right here. If you're interested, I could look up what room number it was.
  8. hazelandannie

    hazelandannie Magic here we come

    The WBTA 2011 there weren't many days that we couldn't sit out on deck, if it rained it was usually at night.
    It got much warmer as we got nearer to the Caribbean and by the time we got to Tortola and Castaway Cay it was scorching ! :beach:

    If its a month later than last year then Europe leg will obviously be much much cooler but the last part will be warmer.
  9. ThePhantomsGirl

    ThePhantomsGirl I was born to cruise!

    Yes, please! I saw the photos and it just looked so lovely. Once they actually announce the WBTA, I'll do some more research and check my options. I know for sure I'd go across the pond for several days ahead of the cruise. It would be nice to go to DLP, and then a few days in Barcelona. It only depends upon money. :rotfl2:
  10. annichan

    annichan There's a platypus controlling me, he's underneath

    Yes, it was a lovely room! It did have a connecting door to the next room (as you can see on the left of the bed in the photo), but we never heard anything through it.

    The room no. was 2130, and this was Sequoia Lodge, South wing, first floor (same floor as the lobby).

    Hope you get to go to DLP! Who cares about money when it comes to vacationing with Disney! :thumbsup2
  11. ThePhantomsGirl

    ThePhantomsGirl I was born to cruise!

    It might be doable. I just looked and there is a train from Paris to Barcelona - and it will end up being a high speed one during this year (2012) So in 2013, it should be completed for sure.

    There are just so many things I'd like to see and do....
  12. Skylarr29

    Skylarr29 <font color=blue>Oh Darn it, I was 'forced' to buy

  13. valbob89

    valbob89 New Member

    The DCL "find a cruise" website says it is down for maintenance, not usual during the day. Could it be possible they are going to post the rest of the 2013 schedule?
  14. thedonduck

    thedonduck New Member

    That is excellent to know. I'm not real concerned with the Europe portion, walking around is fine if it's not too warm. But he will refuse to go if we can't sit out on the pool deck during the Sea Days! We will be staying at my sister's in Dusseldorf before the cruise for a few days and I have been warned already about rain/cool temps!
  15. thedonduck

    thedonduck New Member

  16. MagicMe

    MagicMe New Member

    Unfortunately it looks like it's all the same. As soon as I hit October 2013 it only shows the Dream and Fantasy!! :mad:
  17. ThePhantomsGirl

    ThePhantomsGirl I was born to cruise!

    Its working for me. It'd be odd for them to post it on a weekend? But I wouldn't complain...

    I have the feeling they may post it with no advance warning....
  18. valbob89

    valbob89 New Member

    Funny, I have been getting the following screen all morning when I try to pull up the cruise scheduling:

    "DisneyCruiseLine.com is currently undergoing maintenance.
    On deck, onshore and online, Disney Cruise Line is committed to providing you and your family with the most magical vacation on the high seas. Currently, we're making things even better at DisneyCruiseLine.com, so please be sure to check back here soon. We appreciate your patience and look forward to sailing with you soon.

    In the meantime, if you need to plan and prepare for an upcoming Disney cruise, please visit the Planning Center. We also invite you to explore all of the magic that awaits you onboard our entire fleet of Disney Cruise Line ships, in addition to the cruises and destinations we currently offer."
  19. ThePhantomsGirl

    ThePhantomsGirl I was born to cruise!

    It is definitely working for me. I'm hoping beyond hope though, that this is a sign that soon they will be adding the rest of 2013...

    BTW, loved those shirts you did for Hawaii!!
  20. ThePhantomsGirl

    ThePhantomsGirl I was born to cruise!

    As I just posted on our FB page, it worked for me yesterday. But today I cannot get on - it only shows part of the screen, the rest is completely white. Either IT is just having problems, or maybe they are gearing up for some changes? They'll probably never open stuff up on a weekend, but wouldn't it be great if it were going to be this week?

    Again, it's true - DCL will do it when they are ready. Just wish it were soon.
  21. Dizneyholic

    Dizneyholic WBTA Bound 2014

    Just requested to join the Facebook group.

    Also, I think Gus and I got missed on the rollcall as I didn't see us listed.

    Can you please add us: Chasity (DW) & Gus (DH). Not sure if we're doing ages but we're 35 & 36 or 37 & 38 at the time of cruise. Ugh. When did that happen. :eek:


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