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No more room keys or park tickets to keep up with - enter Magicband

Discussion in 'Theme Parks Attractions and Strategies' started by AndyFL, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. xbonnie38

    xbonnie38 Member

    With MyMagic+, Disney said guests will be able to schedule times for rides and other attractions before they even get to the theme park.

    this is from the article , and I have to say if I have to be on a set schedule to ride rides instead of just going and either having the option of a fp or not I will end my trips to Disney, I am on vacation and am one of those people that just go and do and and prefer not to schedule and if this is the new wave of Disney's future I am not all in!
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  3. jcemom

    jcemom <font color=66FF99>Official Tag Fairy Assistant<br

    :thumbsup2 I agree!

    I meant the band itself was what I might like. I definitely would not like scheduling FP in advance. Blech.
  4. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    From what I understand there would be no physical annual pass. The pass would be part of your Disney account and the chip your bracelet would access the Disney computer when you touch it to a park gate and acknowledge that you have a valid annual pass. None of this would actually be stored on the bracelet. The bracelet is just a means of access to a larger data bank.

    Of course, who knows what happens when the computer goes down, if this is how it's supposed to work.

    The bands are said to be rubber, which would indicate waterproof, but nothing about that is certain at this point.
  5. Sunnywho

    Sunnywho Mouseketeer

    ok this is the first I heard that a card with rfid in it would still be an option.
    I am getting less worried about the changes. Definitely prefer a card to wearing a bracelet. I don't even wear my wedding ring or a watch. Sensitive skin!!
  6. Abharmagic

    Abharmagic Mouseketeer

    Nope, been twice with an under 3 year old and never had any count on him in any way that I know of. We stayed offsite and had no ticket for him.
  7. linzbear

    linzbear Flirts with Chip

    Not for capacity, but we have always got a kttw for under 3's for use during EMH. I do hope I can get a bracelet for my "infant" this trip, or there may be a bit of a jealousy issue.
  8. skater

    skater <font color=blue>Change sometimes stinks.. doesn't

    Last time I went, they wouldn't even let me use my KTTW card for park entry. After I added park hoppers, I had to use paper tickets. I guess if everything can be linked even with last minute changes - that alone would be an improvement :rotfl:.
  9. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    They are reported to be waterproof.

    Under three is free. As the father of a 2yo and a 3yo, this is becoming an important distinction.

    That's how I felt at first blush. Now I'm thinking that the bands might be a nice keepsake, especially for kids.
  10. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    I imagine that you could always buy an 'upgrade' magic band in the gift shop and not activate it or buy an upgrade for an older child and let the younger one have the deactivated standard magic band.
  11. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    I'm kind of with you.

    We love WDW, but our idea of planning (with the exception of my hurrying to get TSMM FPs) is deciding to go clockwise or counterclockwise around a park. That being said, if the rule is three 'in advance' FPs and then possibly some 'same day' FPs, then I'm in. I'll schedule the in advance FPs to ensure that we ride/see our favorite attractions and then fill in the remainder of the day in our regular visitation style.

    It might be a very good thing for us. Time will tell.
  12. bytheblood

    bytheblood DIS Veteran

    I am in the group of people that are not impressed with this change. I get why it is happening, but this is a change I DO NOT like. Oh well - nothing I can do it, so I will have to go with the flow.
  13. tiggspring

    tiggspring DIS Veteran: When I stop talking you'll know I'm d

    This is so COOL!

    only one thing makes me sad. My family loves to find a tired, crazed family of 5 and give them our unused FP. Its our way of spreading some pixie dust.:)
  14. kmarie99

    kmarie99 Member

    I love your attitude about this, although it is not something you really like you are willing to go with the flow. :thumbsup2
    I find it funny how people say they will stop going to Disney if they change the FP to not allow them to use it like they currently do. Just like people said that they would stop going if they were made to go back in the 1 hour time frame on the FP.
    While I really enjoy the FP like it currently is and would rather not see the change it is not going to stop me from loving Disney and returning as often as I can. And if it does stop people from going then it will be less crowded for me :goodvibes
  15. jcemom

    jcemom <font color=66FF99>Official Tag Fairy Assistant<br

    If we can get some same day FP in addition to the advance FP, then I'd be okay with it. We usually know which park we're going to each morning (for most of the trip -- I like to have flexible mornings at the end). I also generally know which attractions we hope to do, and in which part of the park we want to start. We don't usually plan afternoons so much, just wait to see how much we get done and then decide after lunch what we want to do for the rest of the day.
  16. PHLtoMCO

    PHLtoMCO Disboards helps me cut back on Facebook.

    I met a CM that works at Team Disney in one of the parks last week. He said they are working on all annual passes moving to a plastic card rather than the paper card that just looks like a normal park pass that we have now. Now I'm confused to hear an AP would possibly be linked to this bracelet. :confused3
  17. dadddio

    dadddio Mouseketeer

    I suspect that the 'plastic card' that they are working on has an RFID chip.
  18. PHLtoMCO

    PHLtoMCO Disboards helps me cut back on Facebook.

    Perhaps. He didn't say, he just said regular annual passes would be plastic cards like how the annual premier passports are.
  19. TDC Nala

    TDC Nala <font color=red>1937, what a year that was<br><fon Moderator

    They are also talking about AP holders having bracelets.

    Nothing is stored on the card itself or the bracelet. The chip will use a specific code to access your account with Disney which knows exactly what type of ticket you have and when it expires, etc. No doubt until EVERYTHING is wired to read the chips we will also need a card to provide proof that we are AP holders for special events, etc. Whatever they end up issuing would doubtless have a RFID chip in it.
  20. G719

    G719 Member

    I am not really a fan of the wristband. I just don't like wearing a watch or anything on my wrist. My children are the same way if not worse. We have visited parks where they use those papery wristbands and they want to remove them after about 10 minutes. Hopefully someone will DISign a handy, creative way to keep track of the bracelets. Perhaps you will be given an option of still having a card.


    Now they will not only know what park you're in but everywhere you visit and for how long. It seems to take very little incentive from companies to get us to give up our privacy! A rewards card, a convenient wrist band, etc

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